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Map: splatdm2
Players: 2 / 24
JockeTF:30-Mar-2018 11:12:33

SnooSnoo:02-Jan-2018 11:40:19
Happy same shit! :D

PopeJo:01-Jan-2018 15:01:28
Happy New YEAR !! :D (also: alpacas)

dbX7:19-Dec-2017 18:23:26
Same shit, another year :D

SnooSnoo:18-Dec-2017 14:12:36

dbX7:14-Dec-2017 14:56:20

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2017 12:09:18

STALKER:13-Dec-2017 21:35:35
hello guys , long time no see !

Delucia:02-Oct-2017 20:26:16
luv u guys:)

JockeTF:02-Jul-2017 11:26:41
I like alpacas!

SnooSnoo:19-Jun-2017 12:12:36

kernel_panic:09-Jun-2017 22:53:27
happyt birthday! :D

PopeJo:31-May-2017 08:30:01
happy birthday Joki!

JockeTF:19-Apr-2017 01:32:28
Thank you!

PopeJo:18-Apr-2017 10:23:20
Happy Paca-Birthday JockeTF!! =D

jackthompson:12-Feb-2017 15:25:11
http://tv.furver.s e

jackthompson:12-Feb-2017 15:24:30

jackthompson:12-Feb-2017 15:24:27

Delucia:29-Jan-2017 12:13:48
Keep on rollin

PopeJo:25-Nov-2016 09:38:02

SnooSnoo:22-Nov-2016 09:21:01

JockeTF:19-Nov-2016 22:32:53

SnooSnoo:07-Nov-2016 15:56:22
Are awesome?

JockeTF:31-Oct-2016 18:44:26

SnooSnoo:19-Oct-2016 09:45:30
Ho! :)

PopeJo:13-Oct-2016 07:40:25
hiiiii :D

Toxicity:12-Oct-2016 21:31:46
Hey guys :D

SnooSnoo:29-Jul-2016 15:45:17

Delucia:20-Jul-2016 21:01:35
hi guys

PopeJo:31-May-2016 06:49:14
Happy Birthday Joki \o/

JockeTF:04-Mar-2016 13:07:37

MONAK:26-Feb-2016 18:09:15

jackthompson:07-Feb-2016 20:55:33
Joooookiiiiiiii? :O

JockeTF:26-Jan-2016 20:20:07
Paca paca!

PopeJo:06-Jan-2016 09:24:13
happy happy!

SnooSnoo:04-Jan-2016 11:11:22
Happy New year everyone!

JockeTF:03-Jan-2016 02:54:05
Happy New Year!

Delucia:28-Dec-2015 22:36:18
xmas baby one more time...

JockeTF:08-Dec-2015 19:16:21
I like alpacas!

SnooSnoo:02-Nov-2015 11:50:38

JockeTF:17-Oct-2015 19:36:24

SnooSnoo:16-Oct-2015 22:08:43
Look, I am a father! :D

JockeTF:14-Oct-2015 15:29:31
I like alpacas.

Delucia:05-Jul-2015 10:56:29 of legend?

STALKER:28-Jun-2015 14:57:50
del do u play lol?

STALKER:28-Jun-2015 14:54:13
no =( u in germany?

Delucia:18-Jun-2015 21:46:47
anyone from dusseldorf?

HeadCrash:10-Jun-2015 17:22:21
super-bots.enjin.c om registrations for the event have started :D hope to see you in

JockeTF:10-Jun-2015 09:38:58

SnooSnoo:10-Jun-2015 08:21:07
Boo! :D

Strzelba:13-Apr-2015 13:17:19

PopeJo:08-Apr-2015 09:43:31
hi kernel & streze. nice easter visits in the chat =D

JockeTF:25-Feb-2015 10:19:15

STALKER:02-Feb-2015 00:45:49
Did u know? http://www.intrepi _funny.htm

STALKER:20-Jan-2015 14:21:03
Denied , I will ! :)

SnooSnoo:19-Jan-2015 16:49:25
I say: YES! :P

Delucia:17-Jan-2015 12:18:11
x-mas marry me :)

Toxicity:05-Jan-2015 11:47:05
Belated Happy New Year ^^

PopeJo:03-Jan-2015 10:16:50
Happy new year!! =D

SnooSnoo:02-Jan-2015 15:46:36
Happy New year everyone!

STALKER:01-Jan-2015 22:02:06
stalker-mirai is the newest :)

STALKER:01-Jan-2015 22:01:48
Happy new year =)

STALKER:01-Jan-2015 22:01:07
HNY all <3

JockeTF:31-Dec-2014 17:52:34
Happy New Year!

Delucia:31-Dec-2014 17:20:06
the name of the map is?

STALKER:28-Dec-2014 01:52:32
im about to release my new map tommorrow , lets play it together :)

STALKER:28-Dec-2014 01:51:58
ur welcome :)

Delucia:27-Dec-2014 20:25:46
ty stalker i am in

STALKER:26-Dec-2014 02:18:23
del cant connect to the server site

STALKER:26-Dec-2014 02:17:41
Btw delucia asked for kinda deleting ip`s for turkey or something like that

STALKER:26-Dec-2014 02:16:52
Merry xmas all :)

JockeTF:25-Dec-2014 21:47:59
Merry Christmas!

SnooSnoo:20-Nov-2014 15:31:41
Yes, yes ofcourse!

JockeTF:18-Nov-2014 20:09:45
You like alpaca!

JockeTF:04-Nov-2014 18:39:53
I like alpacas!

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2014 07:57:20
...when I'm watching it safe and cozy inside.

JockeTF:28-Sep-2014 14:53:40
Rain is nice.

STALKER:08-Sep-2014 12:16:02
Idk why but i dont like those hot summer days..

SnooSnoo:17-Aug-2014 21:52:40

JockeTF:15-Aug-2014 09:28:33
Happy 7:th Birthday, Rainbow!

Delucia:31-Jul-2014 20:57:52
im a banana...Happy summer..F***n hot in here

JockeTF:25-Jul-2014 22:44:30
Yes, SnooSnoo. I like alpacas.

SnooSnoo:24-Jul-2014 08:20:36
Do you do you do you do you

JockeTF:23-Jul-2014 20:26:06
Paca paca paca!

Delucia:12-Jul-2014 17:34:41
ruby ruby ruby

jackthompson:13-Jun-2014 00:45:23

JockeTF:31-May-2014 18:43:11

SnooSnoo:28-May-2014 15:27:50

Strzelba:28-May-2014 01:14:11
Heyoha rainbowers! Ps. Wrrrr

JockeTF:27-May-2014 09:08:10
I like alpacas.

STALKER:22-May-2014 03:48:56
huuhuu del =)

Delucia:21-May-2014 22:09:09
yep...nice to see you pope...Hello all..

PopeJo:21-May-2014 08:14:56
I meet delucia in QL \:D/

STALKER:14-May-2014 23:10:18

STALKER:14-May-2014 23:10:12
https://www.youtub V7jT9ho

Joki:13-May-2014 21:16:28
The forums forfeit, when the ponies arrive!

JockeTF:01-Apr-2014 09:50:07
The more the merrier!

PopeJo:01-Apr-2014 09:27:23
olol, happyhappy SnooSnoo :D

SnooSnoo:01-Apr-2014 08:53:58
OMG! It's full of Dash's!

JockeTF:16-Mar-2014 14:46:50
Hellopaca, kernel_paca!

kernel_panic:15-Mar-2014 16:24:52
and hello : D

kernel_panic:15-Mar-2014 16:24:40
He should definitely make a minecraft piet port!

JockeTF:20-Feb-2014 10:22:53
I like alpacas.

STALKER:20-Feb-2014 00:08:28
itz got a new cap!!!

SnooSnoo:06-Feb-2014 09:02:27

SnooSnoo:06-Feb-2014 09:02:03
Poopin' man! It's freaking POOPING RAINBOWZ!!!!111

STALKER:05-Feb-2014 15:39:42
aaaawww that little pony is flyin with rainbows behind *_*

SnooSnoo:05-Feb-2014 08:59:21

STALKER:04-Feb-2014 11:45:06
huuhuu ;)

PopeJo:04-Feb-2014 11:34:28
yaaay, delucia \o/

Delucia:02-Feb-2014 09:55:49
hey guys wassup?

JockeTF:02-Feb-2014 02:36:20

PopeJo:01-Feb-2014 12:45:45
hellopaca jocke!

SnooSnoo:05-Jan-2014 12:07:14
happy happy joy joy !

PopeJo:03-Jan-2014 16:11:26
merry SnooSnoo!!!

SnooSnoo:27-Dec-2013 09:09:11
Merry -.-

JockeTF:26-Dec-2013 22:15:34
Merry Christmas! =)

Strzelba:25-Dec-2013 16:07:04
merry christmas :)

dbX7:20-Dec-2013 13:52:58

JockeTF:25-Nov-2013 09:14:42
Alpacas are awesome!

PopeJo:25-Nov-2013 09:06:23
wb rn <3 (fyi) j/k

SnooSnoo:25-Nov-2013 08:56:49
And Assses!

dbX7:07-Nov-2013 14:31:34

Delucia:16-Oct-2013 20:44:40
tapas rulez paas foolz love u guys n:)

PopeJo:01-Oct-2013 10:47:26

JockeTF:07-Sep-2013 22:17:29

TMM:30-Aug-2013 13:29:17

SnooSnoo:14-Aug-2013 08:04:05
Pretty, I need aplacasure!

PopeJo:14-Aug-2013 07:42:21
I'M pretty alpaca, you need sure.

JockeTF:25-Jul-2013 18:53:23
I'm pretty sure you need alpacas.

SnooSnoo:23-Jul-2013 08:06:54
I need a change of pace.

JockeTF:20-Jul-2013 17:14:38

Toxicity:19-Jul-2013 01:50:01

SnooSnoo:20-Jun-2013 08:00:12
Not even at night! :ops:

JockeTF:19-Jun-2013 14:43:39
Don't you mean 16°C?

SnooSnoo:19-Jun-2013 07:57:58
Fight the power! Even at 35°C

Delucia:18-Jun-2013 18:03:13
greetings from resistance in turkey

PopeJo:13-Jun-2013 11:51:22
Greetings zurück!

Joki:21-May-2013 23:38:56
Greetings from rainy bavaria! The volksfest and trachtensaison has eröffnet! :)

SnooSnoo:16-May-2013 08:02:22
Same as our xmas decorashuns are still up.

PopeJo:13-May-2013 11:34:37
Is Frosty the Snowman in London?

SnooSnoo:09-May-2013 08:24:36
Not now :P

kernel_panic:08-May-2013 19:56:27
London isn't frosty!

STALKER:12-Apr-2013 17:10:01
yeah at those days it was sunny like a happy alpaca

Joki:09-Apr-2013 08:09:30
sunny - wtf are u talking 'bout?! Dark & rainy greetings from bavaria! ("¬¬)/

STALKER:04-Apr-2013 22:39:52
:D greets from sunny germany ! :D

SnooSnoo:04-Apr-2013 19:22:20
Greets from frosty London!

STALKER:29-Mar-2013 15:28:42
we are playing mostly in the evening , but we are there every evening between 20.00 and 3.00

STALKER:29-Mar-2013 15:26:03
invader , z0rn and me everyday on server , drakkar sometimes at weekeend

Delucia:28-Mar-2013 22:45:25
whre u play and when in a routiny way?

STALKER:28-Mar-2013 20:47:29
Doesnt matter , z0rn , invader , drakkar and me would be very happy to meet ya !

Delucia:28-Mar-2013 20:28:02
i just plkayed a few hours in open arena last day and i am rusty peace of shit :):)):

STALKER:28-Mar-2013 15:32:09
Delucia lets play some defrag !

SnooSnoo:27-Mar-2013 08:58:02

JockeTF:26-Mar-2013 18:35:59 /IRooVE4.jpg

Toxicity:25-Mar-2013 12:08:19
Hello Del :* Yer I should play some defrag again too! But I'm stuck at QL :p

STALKER:25-Mar-2013 08:31:59
And nice to see a wild delucia appeard out of the wild grass !

STALKER:25-Mar-2013 08:31:13
But fuck yeah , im fine thx !

STALKER:25-Mar-2013 08:30:52
Hurted my hands after grinding 930 minutes a map in defrag (no break)

Delucia:24-Mar-2013 14:26:53
hello toxi-stalker pacas!!:)

Toxicity:23-Mar-2013 01:30:20
I'm fine and u Stalkyyy? Hellopaca Jockepaca and wrrrrr Strz :D

JockeTF:22-Mar-2013 20:18:56
Toxipaca! STALKERPACA! Strzpaca!

STALKER:21-Mar-2013 20:35:34
Wazaaa Toxi <3 How are you? I

Toxicity:20-Mar-2013 22:00:00
Stalkyyyy <3

STALKER:19-Mar-2013 19:45:17
You hurted my feelings :(

Strzelba:19-Mar-2013 03:23:50
bastard was 40 secs faster!

Strzelba:19-Mar-2013 03:22:42
blaaah that link doesnt work even after deleting spaces

STALKER:19-Mar-2013 03:22:02
Indeed ! I enjoy it everytime when they are showed in some zoo-series on german tv :cool:

Toxicity:16-Mar-2013 00:50:27
Alpacas are still awesome!

Joki:14-Mar-2013 23:44:47 j @

JockeTF:14-Mar-2013 15:09:34

JockeTF:14-Mar-2013 15:09:29

PopeJo:07-Mar-2013 14:53:48
lol, well, that was a quick IRC visit =D

JockeTF:05-Mar-2013 09:33:27
I like alpacas!

STALKER:21-Feb-2013 15:19:29
New haircut ! Like a fresh shored alpaca ! :sexy:

SnooSnoo:12-Feb-2013 09:57:20

SnooSnoo:12-Feb-2013 09:57:05
Off wif da decorashuns allreadyz!

SnooSnoo:12-Feb-2013 09:56:44

JockeTF:07-Jan-2013 16:14:11
Of course we are! The IRC channel is as active as ever!

STALKER:06-Jan-2013 22:30:13
You guys alive? how are you?

JockeTF:05-Jan-2013 09:38:05

STALKER:05-Jan-2013 06:24:47
Hellopaca :)

JockeTF:01-Jan-2013 05:55:39
Happy new year!

SnooSnoo:26-Dec-2012 15:54:50

JockeTF:25-Dec-2012 19:14:09
Merry Christmas and Hearth's Warming!

Strzelba:24-Dec-2012 19:16:13
Merry Christmas dear rnians. :asg:

Toxicity:24-Dec-2012 15:04:07
Merry Xmas <3

Joki:22-Dec-2012 01:55:43 /kt6OSye8 - fractalpaca from above

Delucia:18-Dec-2012 17:22:43
you like to pacaaa

PopeJo:18-Dec-2012 09:05:07
I like to paca paca, I like to paca paca

Joki:13-Dec-2012 21:59:54
are belong to us!

Delucia:11-Dec-2012 19:08:45
all paca are paca?

JockeTF:29-Nov-2012 11:02:24
That too!

SnooSnoo:29-Nov-2012 08:59:24
Thought the Alpacas were shining on the sun... :O

JockeTF:27-Nov-2012 23:28:24
The sun is shining on the alpacas!

Delucia:27-Nov-2012 19:34:46
bored bored bored ok silence needed..

Delucia:27-Nov-2012 14:40:04
foggy for 5 days but sunny today in ankara

SnooSnoo:25-Nov-2012 11:43:43
Its cloudy in Vienna :P

HoaX:22-Nov-2012 14:35:10

PopeJo:21-Nov-2012 14:59:20

SnooSnoo:20-Nov-2012 08:55:03

Delucia:18-Nov-2012 19:15:55
sorry 4 the shitty word o bullshit fun of mine :( :) :s

Delucia:18-Nov-2012 19:15:05
son they

Delucia:18-Nov-2012 19:14:39
say tour day

Delucia:15-Nov-2012 19:53:19
fried day:?

Delucia:14-Nov-2012 23:41:12

Delucia:13-Nov-2012 23:18:07
when is day?:O

Joki:13-Nov-2012 22:38:31
Bleed black tu'es'da ys. :|

Delucia:12-Nov-2012 12:59:30
Blue Monday;)

JockeTF:24-Oct-2012 19:22:47
More like alpacas are awesome!

SnooSnoo:23-Oct-2012 07:53:09
More like everyday blues....

aanti:22-Oct-2012 08:49:51
monday blues

JockeTF:20-Sep-2012 19:07:28
I'm certain that I do!

Joki:18-Sep-2012 19:59:23
You dont mean it!

JockeTF:18-Sep-2012 18:54:45
I just did!

Joki:17-Sep-2012 11:05:29
You dont say!

JockeTF:11-Sep-2012 15:01:10
I like alpacas.

SnooSnoo:20-Aug-2012 08:00:02
Wow! Dash has some new tricks up it's sleve!

PopeJo:13-Aug-2012 08:08:48
most agreededly :'[

SnooSnoo:06-Aug-2012 00:13:08
Aaaand over! :'(

JockeTF:26-Jul-2012 20:50:04
Most indeedly.

SnooSnoo:25-Jul-2012 13:40:56
Aah, it's nice to be on vacation every now and then... :)

STALKER:20-Jul-2012 14:41:35
Alpacas are awesome <3 fuckn bad rainy day =(

SnooSnoo:12-Jul-2012 07:55:01
Waaay out in the water, see you swimming!

HoaX:11-Jul-2012 22:29:52
Where am I ?

JockeTF:11-Jul-2012 19:49:15

Strzelba:07-Jul-2012 21:36:54
well wrrr or something heyaa :D

SnooSnoo:04-Jul-2012 07:58:54
Alpaca approved!

Delucia:23-Jun-2012 16:15:55
Alpaca DeLUcia do you like me?

SnooSnoo:22-Jun-2012 09:33:15
And Alpacas like me! :)

STALKER:11-Jun-2012 16:58:59
I like alpacas too <3

JockeTF:08-Jun-2012 21:02:30
I like alpacas.

aanti:08-Jun-2012 06:34:38
were kicking it again

SnooSnoo:15-May-2012 20:31:18
Jose where art thou?!?!?!?!?!?!

Joki:30-Apr-2012 23:37:12
Random fact: 'Conquers bad fur day' is the actual title of a game.

PopeJo:03-Apr-2012 12:03:39
you've been done.

JockeTF:02-Apr-2012 02:18:46
Yes, you do.

SnooSnoo:23-Mar-2012 22:03:47
Yes, but do I?

JockeTF:22-Mar-2012 21:09:25
I like alpacas.

TheDoctor:26-Feb-2012 03:52:58
\connect t

SnooSnoo:25-Feb-2012 22:51:32

aanti:25-Feb-2012 22:16:14
wow thanks for sharing, also lol @ minecraft world in this flash

SnooSnoo:24-Feb-2012 16:14:11 scale2/

Delucia:19-Feb-2012 19:42:27
maniac maniac on the floor

PopeJo:10-Feb-2012 19:45:27
icon dish in - dishwashermachine. jpg

JockeTF:24-Jan-2012 02:14:37
Your condition looks alpacish.

gunnarbot:20-Jan-2012 11:10:31
just checked in to see what condition my condition was in

jackthompson:20-Jan-2012 05:14:28
http://tv.pwnoogle .com/?c=live mah shit has live tv too now... only for you PopeJob xD

Delucia:11-Jan-2012 22:16:11
11 days and still no purpose /Depressed mode on

PopeJo:11-Jan-2012 13:36:22
11 days, and still no day without rain in 2012...

PopeJo:03-Jan-2012 16:18:16
wb \o/

JockeTF:03-Jan-2012 16:13:50
Welcome to Takiri!

SnooSnoo:02-Jan-2012 09:01:03
Happy new Year!

pulchr:02-Jan-2012 00:41:08
first 2012 post, happy alpaca!

Delucia:31-Dec-2011 08:24:36
yeni yılınız kutlu olsun

JockeTF:28-Dec-2011 18:30:06
Alpaca power!

HoaX:25-Dec-2011 13:32:45
Merry Christiansmess and a WHoopeee New Year, I wish you all the Best! \o

Joki:25-Dec-2011 12:12:13
Mrrry Рождество !

SnooSnoo:25-Dec-2011 10:28:44
Meriii Krisumasu!!!

Strzelba:24-Dec-2011 16:14:59
merry christmas little rainbowish booobsies

PopeJo:23-Dec-2011 22:24:31
happy happy ewrywan!

Joki:20-Dec-2011 23:38:43
strizzlebaa \o/ :wacko:

Strzelba:18-Dec-2011 13:00:18
strezlelele dude says hey! :asg:

Delucia:14-Dec-2011 22:25:27
om mani padme hum

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2011 13:36:31
Hare Krishna!

Delucia:08-Dec-2011 19:21:04
give me hallelujah

SnooSnoo:06-Dec-2011 09:01:03
Uh, al sam se pokakio. :)

Joki:05-Dec-2011 21:56:57

pulchr:05-Dec-2011 21:29:58
ausgezeichnet! bitte för faen!

PopeJo:05-Dec-2011 17:50:37
ja servus

SnooSnoo:02-Dec-2011 08:59:04

pulchr:02-Dec-2011 00:50:38
good morning!

Derity:29-Nov-2011 08:49:43
good morning dear rainbowers

PopeJo:25-Nov-2011 12:52:26
welcome back =D

SnooSnoo:21-Nov-2011 09:07:33
Hai :)/

Sascha:19-Nov-2011 22:27:37
Hello to all. I was offline for long time. I hope you guys are fine =) Nice greetz by THdBlaky

Joki:12-Nov-2011 18:53:21
Thou glorious gibees of thy roseately bowels, revealed by my utter inexorable... quadrocket.

PopeJo:12-Nov-2011 14:42:13
Dawn of the Dead

Delucia:07-Nov-2011 20:12:26
h0use of the rising sun

JockeTF:24-Oct-2011 01:06:05

Delucia:22-Oct-2011 16:39:42
"free connotation"

Delucia:22-Oct-2011 16:38:34
long live ronnie james DIO

SnooSnoo:14-Oct-2011 22:20:11
Long live dmr's memory!

SnooSnoo:14-Oct-2011 20:10:17
Or was it december?

Delucia:14-Oct-2011 18:46:45
remember remember the 5th of november

SnooSnoo:29-Sep-2011 07:56:31
well, well, well, of fears!

Delucia:28-Sep-2011 22:02:01
alive and well

PopeJo:27-Sep-2011 22:47:57
its alive!

PopeJo:26-Sep-2011 09:15:00
welcomebackinesses !

SnooSnoo:18-Sep-2011 22:16:29
Hopefuly with the new provider.

Joki:17-Sep-2011 13:42:04
yay, interwebs after 23 days of offlinenessissness . :D

PopeJo:13-Sep-2011 14:33:30
Most indeededly

JockeTF:11-Sep-2011 01:36:01

SnooSnoo:08-Sep-2011 21:03:38
Yes, they are awesome!

JockeTF:05-Sep-2011 13:29:29

SnooSnoo:15-Aug-2011 22:05:19
from* :P

SnooSnoo:15-Aug-2011 22:05:06
Back frim vacation!!! :( \:D/

Delucia:20-Jul-2011 15:52:35
http://www.weebls- te+Explosion/

Delucia:20-Jul-2011 15:49:17

SnooSnoo:19-Jul-2011 14:14:49
Urt? blah!

Strzelba:18-Jul-2011 23:22:17
let me know when! i have to dowload it again didnt play in ages

Delucia:09-Jul-2011 15:01:40
i play often lets make a meeting

jackthompson:09-Jul-2011 01:10:42
u hang out in urt now? i'll find you.. :)

Delucia:08-Jul-2011 18:46:11
lets play urt may we?(bad phrasing intentionally)

Strzelba:07-Jul-2011 20:48:48
Hmmmm wake up ppl! Wrrrrrrr

Joki:04-Jul-2011 13:31:29
I keep checking the RN-page during times of low activity :)

jackthompson:01-Jul-2011 03:11:55
hey!!! :D

Derity:30-Jun-2011 17:38:37
alive and kickin'

Derity:30-Jun-2011 17:38:25

Delucia:28-Jun-2011 07:52:35
Rainbow in the dark...

SnooSnoo:15-Jun-2011 06:30:08
Sunspots are due off.

Joki:14-Jun-2011 18:52:57
Outside there is something impressive happening with the light and its not aurora borealis. I like it.

Toxicity:14-Jun-2011 14:37:12
Alpacas are so awesome!

JockeTF:12-Jun-2011 21:56:25
I wish the shoutbox was an alpaca!

PopeJo:12-Jun-2011 17:08:57
still which the shoutbox where a searchbox =(

Delucia:10-Jun-2011 18:28:48
its friday...again...

SnooSnoo:09-Jun-2011 18:57:33
It's everywhere!? :O

Joki:09-Jun-2011 16:02:52
Exactly. No beergardening today, due to omnipresent grayness. :c

PopeJo:08-Jun-2011 19:47:01
some days, it is.

Joki:08-Jun-2011 07:49:08
It's june.

Wine:24-May-2011 01:04:07
Im impressed too :D Joki FTW!

kernel_panic:23-May-2011 18:47:03
Only Toxi and I are impressed though :(

kernel_panic:21-May-2011 20:23:40
hey, that's a neat trick

Toxicity:21-May-2011 11:00:25
lol Joki :D

Joki:20-May-2011 21:22:25
/o\ ¡sɐɔɐdoɔl∀

JockeTF:19-May-2011 02:47:10

kernel_panic:18-May-2011 18:32:47

Toxicity:18-May-2011 17:22:31
kernel <3

SnooSnoo:18-May-2011 10:03:09
I can eat an airplane.

kernel_panic:18-May-2011 09:37:40
Can we still be friends after this?

kernel_panic:18-May-2011 09:37:20

jackthompson:18-May-2011 04:53:00
i am misunderstood :(

kernel_panic:14-May-2011 23:28:24
It's your fault. Don't participate. Play only OA, not QL.

jackthompson:12-May-2011 20:07:39
if QL had only as many PRO servers as OA has servers... one game has the players.. another game has the good servers...

STALKER:12-May-2011 19:55:25
no internet last time =((((((

kernel_panic:12-May-2011 10:56:34
Hah, true.

Toxicity:11-May-2011 22:03:16
Would only these 340 people play OA ... :P

kernel_panic:09-May-2011 15:27:56
There are 340 members in RN. Where are the 330 I've never heard about?

PopeJo:09-May-2011 13:16:02
cummers are summing again!

kernel_panic:06-May-2011 17:55:57
Summer's coming again!

JockeTF:05-May-2011 18:16:57
Alpaca power! ^_^

SnooSnoo:04-May-2011 08:38:26
Lol, me 2 :D

Joki:03-May-2011 03:27:17
Too bad, i read this on monday :(

Delucia:01-May-2011 23:14:37
I don't care if monday's blue Tuesday's grey and wednesday too Thursday I don't care about you It's friday I'm in love

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2011 15:17:34
Friday day!!!! Weeeeeeee

Joki:27-Apr-2011 19:03:53
Baka Paca-day! :p

Toxicity:23-Apr-2011 16:49:19
Happy alpaca easter :)

PopeJo:22-Apr-2011 20:18:44
happy easter =D

kernel_panic:19-Apr-2011 18:30:12
Happy Birthday!

SnooSnoo:05-Apr-2011 21:17:36
Jackies! :grin:

JockeTF:05-Apr-2011 12:50:46

Delucia:03-Apr-2011 11:45:50

PopeJo:26-Mar-2011 11:25:32
Popeies sounds like the spinach man :(

PopeJo:26-Mar-2011 11:25:08
Popies yeah! \o/

SnooSnoo:25-Mar-2011 21:01:39

Toxicity:25-Mar-2011 17:35:14

Strzelba:25-Mar-2011 15:35:53
i see that someone mentioned booobies! WHOOOOOOPIE! :rotfl:

JockeTF:23-Mar-2011 14:40:13
Yay! Alpacas! :)

Toxicity:21-Mar-2011 23:06:19
Alpacas ♥

SnooSnoo:19-Mar-2011 12:39:19

SnooSnoo:16-Mar-2011 18:29:22
:O The f word!

STALKER:12-Mar-2011 00:07:42
delucia where to the fuck are you?

Joki:09-Mar-2011 18:19:30
...but not in the pejorative way, Strzelba talks about people being boobies of course... :D

Joki:09-Mar-2011 18:18:02
Hooray for boobi... i mean JACK BOOPSONS! \:E/

jackthompson:03-Mar-2011 19:01:50
uploading backup - restoring servers

jackthompson:28-Feb-2011 12:47:53
the servers will be back.. i had to switch hosts since the old one seems to be too small to be reliable.. i was probably his last customer

Joki:27-Feb-2011 20:28:46
Server list is voided, me sad, even while i am not playing currently. :i

jackthompson:25-Feb-2011 19:26:00
problems @ server host... back shortly..

PopeJo:25-Feb-2011 12:43:57
fart + lighter = poor mans flamethrower

Delucia:17-Feb-2011 10:38:29
lol+ita(italian smile)

Toxicity:06-Feb-2011 00:24:29

Strzelba:28-Jan-2011 14:19:52
drunk wrrrrrrrrrrr shouts!

jackthompson:27-Jan-2011 15:08:26
problem? :s

jackthompson:27-Jan-2011 15:07:42
fucking emoticons...

jackthompson:27-Jan-2011 15:07:30
problem? :O

Joki:26-Jan-2011 23:55:40
hello there, zingy bluish webpage.

Wine:04-Jan-2011 00:41:13
Happy new year ,hope you have a lot of rainbows!

HoaX:01-Jan-2011 17:59:27
eppee nw Jeeaar people under the rainbow

Toxicity:01-Jan-2011 17:34:48
Happy New Year :)

SnooSnoo:01-Jan-2011 13:02:02
Happy New Year everyone!! =D

SnooSnoo:27-Dec-2010 08:58:24

HoaX:26-Dec-2010 16:07:02
Thank you. The database is greatful. Please come again. Have a nice day

SnooSnoo:26-Dec-2010 15:36:29

HoaX:25-Dec-2010 14:24:54
Please supply a shout to enter into the database. ok

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2010 08:59:02
Ah you finaly got off the puter! XD

PopeJo:13-Dec-2010 19:10:14
get well soon ... !!!!

jackthompson:13-Dec-2010 17:29:00
my back hurts... i started to draw pictures of dm6 with pencils that i will post later because it hurts too much to sit in front of a computer :/

JockeTF:30-Nov-2010 01:08:35
Alpaca power! ^_^

aanti:29-Nov-2010 10:37:44

jackthompson:30-Oct-2010 17:09:17
the hoster is moving servers to another location.. says that it will be done on sunday

jackthompson:25-Oct-2010 15:35:03
unbelieveable... i'll go and shoot some pixels...

jackthompson:25-Oct-2010 15:34:34
some alpacaphile is trampling on my scarce motivation for reasons i have never heard or laughed about... before.. "work to do" it said...

Toxicity:24-Oct-2010 16:30:38
Yay Alpacas! <3

JockeTF:24-Oct-2010 15:08:23
Alpaca power! :D

chiquita:24-Oct-2010 04:28:03

SnooSnoo:23-Oct-2010 21:41:04

Strzelba:23-Oct-2010 15:59:02
hi from Strezeleledude

PopeJo:21-Oct-2010 16:42:46
hi from PopeJo

SnooSnoo:20-Oct-2010 07:54:28
Hi from Croatia! :)

Delucia:19-Oct-2010 11:34:30
hello from lionel richie :P

aanti:19-Oct-2010 10:32:21
hi from office

aanti:18-Oct-2010 20:33:08
hi from hotel-lobby

jackthompson:18-Oct-2010 06:43:47

jackthompson:18-Oct-2010 06:43:21
i played q3a yesterday.. was nice

aantipop:12-Oct-2010 09:44:40

HoaX:06-Oct-2010 19:08:29

STALKER:25-Sep-2010 01:05:35
you are late ! <3

JockeTF:24-Sep-2010 13:20:45
Yay! Deluciapaca!

aantipop:24-Sep-2010 08:38:10

Delucia:24-Sep-2010 08:24:58
hello im back :)))

aantipop:24-Sep-2010 06:33:42
hi derity! wb

kernel_panic:23-Sep-2010 20:22:51
Bullfighting banned, horn burning protected by law.

PopeJo:23-Sep-2010 17:09:46
wb again

Derity:23-Sep-2010 16:42:55
installing oa again ...

Derity:23-Sep-2010 16:02:27
hello again

kernel_panic:23-Sep-2010 10:55:23
but our hearts are

jackthompson:22-Sep-2010 19:23:41
the games aint won in the forum

kernel_panic:22-Sep-2010 18:16:56
Each day with no new forum posts a little bit of me dies

jackthompson:22-Sep-2010 16:57:51
double teeworlds omg... double teeworlds.. so intense

pulchr:17-Sep-2010 18:08:59

kernel_panic:11-Sep-2010 14:53:02
But, but, it was Arthur C. Clarke's!

PopeJo:11-Sep-2010 00:13:30
a pink floyd reference, I don't need that education!!!

PopeJo:11-Sep-2010 00:12:39

kernel_panic:10-Sep-2010 16:12:08
You'll be the 1st against the wall when the revolution comes, Pope.

Joki:10-Sep-2010 01:38:55
pirate ships, dood!! pirate. ships.

PopeJo:09-Sep-2010 21:57:07
you won't live to see it, kernel

Falkland:09-Sep-2010 17:22:58
Naa .. I do not agree ... we are very very small in space and time in comparison with nature forces , but we are able to make BIG (bad and good) things too

SnooSnoo:09-Sep-2010 13:34:09
Yeah, we're nothing special.

kernel_panic:09-Sep-2010 12:10:49
Hey, idiots, shove your anthropic principle up your ass: http://physicsworl news/43657

chiquita:07-Sep-2010 11:18:06
I imagined it.. so it must be true xD

kernel_panic:06-Sep-2010 23:24:12
Where did you hear this?

chiquita:06-Sep-2010 20:37:04
I heard TV section is going to contain loads of daily bzz

Joki:06-Sep-2010 18:48:03
??? it has 21 posts with the best frag-, celebrity-, alpaca- and techtips i've ever seen in my LIFE!!11 if you can't see them, it's because your spamcount is not high enogh :p

SnooSnoo:06-Sep-2010 16:44:39
Safe bet jack put it, locked and forgot bout it :D

kernel_panic:06-Sep-2010 13:36:30
What's the TV section?

JockeTF:02-Sep-2010 15:34:16
You're welcome!

Joki:01-Sep-2010 21:40:23
This is really weird. When i see a deer, or even a camel i start thinking about alpacas now, thanks to Jocke. x_x)

JockeTF:01-Sep-2010 20:58:31
I like alpacas!

kernel_panic:01-Sep-2010 19:29:53
When everything else fails, try Alpacas.

Toxicity:31-Aug-2010 16:37:35
I saw today Alpacas and it was awesome! n_n

jackthompson:21-Aug-2010 20:37:17
5005 posts... all the way... so intense

kernel_panic:19-Aug-2010 01:58:14
Try with your bed book, then : O

PopeJo:18-Aug-2010 23:07:51
I dont even get google hits on that, kernel .. :/

kernel_panic:18-Aug-2010 22:39:58
But Popejo, B.S' "The future of mankind" sucks a lot.

SnooSnoo:16-Aug-2010 14:25:12
/back to work :(

JockeTF:14-Aug-2010 22:24:49

Strzelba:14-Aug-2010 13:45:32
yeaaa where have u been!!

Delucia:14-Aug-2010 11:57:09
hey guys hope to see u soon

Toxicity:14-Aug-2010 11:00:39
Hey Del <3

Delucia:14-Aug-2010 09:44:01
dont look back in anger

JockeTF:11-Aug-2010 00:03:25
I like alpacas!

Joki:06-Aug-2010 21:32:10
*Methamphetamine Blues

PopeJo:05-Aug-2010 17:19:49

PopeJo:05-Aug-2010 17:19:39

PopeJo:01-Aug-2010 11:54:29
*hormones aktivated*

PopeJo:01-Aug-2010 11:54:13
hmmmmm, ale

jackthompson:31-Jul-2010 13:07:34

jackthompson:31-Jul-2010 13:04:08
ale hormone rage on #rainbow has stopped

kernel_panic:22-Jul-2010 13:51:17
Nono, I mean some of them are super-cool!

Falkland:21-Jul-2010 23:30:55
Is it a nice way to say that videos are worse than fresh and still hot shit ?

kernel_panic:21-Jul-2010 12:26:16
I have to admit this last edition of bzzz is of the utmost quality.

jackthompson:20-Jul-2010 22:04:14
aanti is lurks much :D

Strzelba:17-Jul-2010 18:34:03
heya aanti join ird dude:D

SnooSnoo:14-Jul-2010 11:02:31
Yeah, it a marketing disease spread by people who want power over cattle

kernel_panic:14-Jul-2010 10:57:36
Nah, too simple. There's more going on. It's a disease, I'm telling you.

SnooSnoo:14-Jul-2010 08:19:41
kernel, its life, people without nothing need something

kernel_panic:14-Jul-2010 01:15:39
I'll tell you what, I hate nationalists. God, I do.

chiquita:13-Jul-2010 02:09:02

Strzelba:12-Jul-2010 21:30:13
next football tournament in Poland that will be madness WHOOOOPIE!

HoaX:12-Jul-2010 18:07:21
well,... gg spain =)

HoaX:12-Jul-2010 17:49:23
:ops: :( :down: :s

chiquita:12-Jul-2010 15:33:07
i'm glad scotland never qualified. xD not heard any noise except for german support when they were playing england

chiquita:12-Jul-2010 15:32:14
but .de were out long ago :O are vuvuzelas in circulation in europe? i hope not

Joki:12-Jul-2010 09:39:32
:i glad the worldcup is over at last, couldnt sleep with all that noise. and i like sleeping. a lot.

SnooSnoo:12-Jul-2010 08:19:51
Everybody was kung-fu fightin'

kernel_panic:12-Jul-2010 01:28:43
Well played, Holland, though it was football, not kung-fu.

Wine:11-Jul-2010 16:03:30
Very fluffy haired farm animals, always have a place in people heart

Joki:11-Jul-2010 13:04:43
joki predicts, there will be a lot less posts about sports you can do on lawn, and a lot more about very fluffy haired farm animals from the south-american highlands.

chiquita:11-Jul-2010 12:20:36
no time to read popes stuff.. too busy chatting xD

chiquita:11-Jul-2010 11:40:43
hoax you nervous ? xD

PopeJo:11-Jul-2010 11:40:31
pope predicts, chiquita will be fragged while chatting

chiquita:10-Jul-2010 21:30:27
Octopus predicts Germany third place in World Cup

HoaX:09-Jul-2010 17:52:31

HoaX:09-Jul-2010 17:52:14
argh he sat on the spanish flag,..i bet 1000 euro he is wrong :cool:

HoaX:08-Jul-2010 20:35:10

HoaX:08-Jul-2010 20:26:29
That octopussie better sit on the box with the dutch flag on friday, OR ELSE :grr:

Strzelba:08-Jul-2010 17:35:24

SnooSnoo:08-Jul-2010 08:03:02
Cheers Jose!

kernel_panic:07-Jul-2010 23:25:02

chiquita:07-Jul-2010 22:45:04
dunno :(

SnooSnoo:07-Jul-2010 22:21:06
How does that octopus do it? :O

kernel_panic:06-Jul-2010 11:50:50
I played OA after MONTHS! That was fun!

SnooSnoo:06-Jul-2010 07:54:18

jackthompson:05-Jul-2010 19:43:43
UrT and teeworlds servers back online tonight

kernel_panic:05-Jul-2010 12:23:07
That...remains to be seen. MUHAHAHAHAAA!

chiquita:04-Jul-2010 22:56:50

Strzelba:04-Jul-2010 22:24:57
i hate this WC the worst i seen

Joki:04-Jul-2010 18:58:30
it'll be holland vs germany, spain did horrible so far they'll never make it. :P

HoaX:04-Jul-2010 17:52:58
Final: Holland v Germany,.. and THIS time WE win :hihi:

HoaX:04-Jul-2010 17:52:02
HOLLAND HOLLAND HOLLAND! xD bye brasil thanks :blarg:

Wine:04-Jul-2010 14:14:11
Spain vs Germany :) gl hf

kernel_panic:04-Jul-2010 13:35:39
So long for south american football.

Joki:03-Jul-2010 22:55:51

kernel_panic:03-Jul-2010 15:32:16
gg? Those cheaters should be impaled...

SnooSnoo:02-Jul-2010 23:19:20
Shame for Ghana, gg Uru

kernel_panic:02-Jul-2010 20:28:54

chiquita:02-Jul-2010 19:08:29
were now gonna get a dose of NL drunks.. if hoax can still manage to type xD

SnooSnoo:02-Jul-2010 18:56:38
gg holland

kernel_panic:02-Jul-2010 11:15:27
The real WC starts nao!!

chiquita:01-Jul-2010 21:47:18
when maradona is more fun to watch than players.. kinda sums it up

SnooSnoo:01-Jul-2010 14:31:56
E V E R Y O N E :D cept for a few players.. kinda feel like the champions league is better if you want the best football

kernel_panic:01-Jul-2010 13:57:29

SnooSnoo:01-Jul-2010 13:25:21
Because they all kinda play lame...

kernel_panic:01-Jul-2010 10:32:40
Why, Snoo?

SnooSnoo:01-Jul-2010 08:04:59
kernel, I feel kinda dissapointed

chiquita:30-Jun-2010 22:14:59
the ball going over englands line was an optical illusion... BELIEVE

chiquita:30-Jun-2010 22:00:12
come to the uk for instant replay.. tons of them.. from 1966 onwards

chiquita:30-Jun-2010 21:58:40
i support recognition of scotland and wales as nations

Wine:30-Jun-2010 20:26:18
Go Spain!

Wine:30-Jun-2010 20:26:05
I support the instant replay for the next championship.

chiquita:30-Jun-2010 20:14:06
uk vs germany... hmph.. grrr

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2010 18:28:32
Oh, and actually, it wasn't offside.

Joki:30-Jun-2010 18:02:03
1) PopeJo doesnt care much about that 2) JockeTF likes Alpacas 3) Joki feels commited in stating facts, everyone knew about already 4) You can shout quiet a long blabber in here

Falkland:30-Jun-2010 16:31:21
Blatter should be sorry also for Ireland which lost its qualification thanksfully to the "Hand of Henry"

Falkland:30-Jun-2010 16:29:45
It was outside of 45 cm ... the goal of the 2-2 for Italy against Slovakia wasn't outside

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2010 15:19:10
Rubbish.There r mistakes in all matches.Some in favour some against.A deserved victory.

SnooSnoo:30-Jun-2010 13:27:24
kernel, I wouldnt be "that" proud of a goal scored offside...

JockeTF:30-Jun-2010 12:32:29
I like alpacas.

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2010 00:21:39
France & Italy out & last of their groups, England humiliated, Spain to 1/ WC ever? Discuss

Strzelba:29-Jun-2010 22:16:37

chiquita:29-Jun-2010 21:14:54

HoaX:28-Jun-2010 19:51:31

chiquita:27-Jun-2010 19:19:52
joki.. i find it difficult to restrain myself.. but i'll try.. :B

kernel_panic:27-Jun-2010 18:35:12
My friend bought an England hat to walk safely today

kernel_panic:27-Jun-2010 18:34:35
4-1 LOL

Joki:27-Jun-2010 18:26:43
i guess, it woulnd't be a good idea to talk about recent sport events with chiquita right now. :d

chiquita:27-Jun-2010 17:57:46
kernel.. its safe to come out now

chiquita:27-Jun-2010 17:23:25
a goal has just been scored :O

chiquita:27-Jun-2010 17:23:02

kernel_panic:24-Jun-2010 22:22:08
This is very sad. Now days will get shorter...again.

HoaX:23-Jun-2010 22:41:30
and a warm plastic toy

HoaX:23-Jun-2010 22:41:06
I want to participate!

chiquita:20-Jun-2010 18:02:39
id rather have the cold plastic toy than read falklands poo from start to end.. two senteces is usually my max xD

SnooSnoo:20-Jun-2010 12:35:06
at least you didnt say I should be shafted XD

kernel_panic:20-Jun-2010 12:05:11
Is that one of Falkland's laws or something?

Falkland:19-Jun-2010 23:11:55
LOL ... usually women don't talk about others' flirt if they are not play with "cold plastic toys" ... XD

kernel_panic:19-Jun-2010 07:20:33
You should be rail gunned.

kernel_panic:18-Jun-2010 16:56:48

SnooSnoo:18-Jun-2010 15:45:07
Im not a cold plastic toy, allways... XD

Falkland:18-Jun-2010 13:14:35
You should flirt with human people too rather than flirting with a cold plastic toy instead.

Strzelba:18-Jun-2010 08:22:32

kernel_panic:18-Jun-2010 07:52:43

chiquita:17-Jun-2010 04:46:11
Falkland and kernel_panic are flirting

chiquita:15-Jun-2010 19:45:24
it was under the bed and her partner found it and brought it out.. big arguments followed. they destroy families

chiquita:15-Jun-2010 19:44:43
my friends daughter got one in barcelone.. she had to hide it from her because it was deafining

Joki:15-Jun-2010 16:52:26
Are you Nutz?? FIDDLER ON THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!111 11111

SnooSnoo:15-Jun-2010 15:56:51
I hate them too, I mean tradition? Whatever good has ever come from tradition?

chiquita:15-Jun-2010 06:55:34
i hate that noise.. tv and radio has become intolerable!! I will wrap one of these trumpets round someones neck before i explode!

SnooSnoo:15-Jun-2010 05:07:29
I just saw chiqs head esplode, kaboom boom

chiquita:15-Jun-2010 00:54:41

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 18:45:55
but.. WHY?

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 18:44:59
I think VUVUZELA has to be the biggest WTF of 2010, if not the decade.

jackthompson:14-Jun-2010 18:42:56

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 11:31:18
if scotland won a point in the world cup we would be so delighted, a national holiday would be announced

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 11:29:01
who's to say the score wouldnt have changed either way if it hadnt happened. Yet its now a fact, he cost the game

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 11:26:52
joki.. yes its terrible, it's all HIS fault.. it's more devastating and important than the recession.

chiquita:14-Jun-2010 11:25:13
hehe.. i share some of my sypathetic sour grapes with snoo :)

SnooSnoo:14-Jun-2010 08:15:02
Thank gods Cro aint in the cup

Joki:14-Jun-2010 01:07:04
englands keeper didnt get incinerated by his folksmen after the last match yet? :P

chiquita:13-Jun-2010 23:29:04
ffs.. how many times do they show that england game.. on every channel!!!

chiquita:13-Jun-2010 21:22:40
and spoke to dado prso at a curry house xD .. ofc he tried to ignore me politely

chiquita:13-Jun-2010 20:39:39
my claim to fame.. cutting pierre van hooijdonks hair xD he got a bone head

chiquita:13-Jun-2010 20:38:30
are croatia in it?

HoaX:13-Jun-2010 19:49:53
GO HOLLAND!!!!!!! :rotfl:

SnooSnoo:13-Jun-2010 11:17:43

chiquita:13-Jun-2010 09:49:24
when will the world cup end :(

JockeTF:10-Jun-2010 23:32:40
Paca paca!

chiquita:10-Jun-2010 17:15:15
remove first or last somehow xD

chiquita:10-Jun-2010 17:14:42
somehow i dont think you could force yourself to do that somehow xD

kernel_panic:10-Jun-2010 16:43:10
Oh, you can't escape. If needed, we'll post videos in the forum.

chiquita:10-Jun-2010 14:43:09
ive hardly heard that england where in the world cup.. the tv and radio are all turned off at the mains

chiquita:10-Jun-2010 14:42:10

kernel_panic:10-Jun-2010 12:32:51
For being the perfect team to play against just before the World Cup.

Strzelba:10-Jun-2010 08:34:01
Eh why did u mention that?

kernel_panic:09-Jun-2010 21:19:21
Thanks, Poland.

SnooSnoo:08-Jun-2010 12:51:26
bada-bim bada-boom Betty Boop

Joki:07-Jun-2010 23:57:35
beerdardaninig-sea son has started today!! \o/ good day even for a monday :)

SnooSnoo:07-Jun-2010 20:38:08
Bot here thou, we love YOU!

jackthompson:07-Jun-2010 15:57:37
i get banned everywhere as soon as they know me better :down:

chiquita:07-Jun-2010 14:43:02

SnooSnoo:07-Jun-2010 13:07:00

chiquita:07-Jun-2010 12:15:16
did you get banned? :P

chiquita:07-Jun-2010 10:55:58
is that irc poo?

jackthompson:07-Jun-2010 10:27:42
i have spend too much time on 4chan recently... at least i don't get modded down there like it has been on slashdot xD

jackthompson:06-Jun-2010 18:33:25
i participate \:D/

Joki:06-Jun-2010 13:39:37
And for that matter, you know where else RAILGUNS exist? In skulltag!!

PopeJo:06-Jun-2010 10:59:17
/me attacks SnooSnoos politics (with a railgun!!)

Falkland:05-Jun-2010 19:10:14
oh yes , i am a hippie ... in the hell ... :grin:

chiquita:05-Jun-2010 13:38:54
Nid wyf yn y swyddfa ar hyn o bryd xxD

chiquita:05-Jun-2010 13:28:23
aah.. all makes sense xD i loved that road sign the english put up.. i laughed so bad xD

kernel_panic:05-Jun-2010 12:14:04
Wye aye!

chiquita:05-Jun-2010 11:27:58
is kernel_panic welsh?

chiquita:05-Jun-2010 11:25:22
falkland is now a hippie :O

kernel_panic:05-Jun-2010 11:23:56

SnooSnoo:05-Jun-2010 10:26:39
Please no politics, missunderstandings are inevitable in that field.

kernel_panic:05-Jun-2010 00:46:31
Good thing I never go any further than the corner shop then. They still bother me by phone.

chiquita:05-Jun-2010 00:12:10
and sky and virgin are now parked in almost every town center.. and brochures every second day come thro the door!

kernel_panic:04-Jun-2010 16:55:22
I started seeing the flags in the cars...bad sign, I'm telling you.

chiquita:04-Jun-2010 13:23:51
in scotland they bet how long the commentators take to mention 1966

chiquita:04-Jun-2010 13:21:58
...but only if they lose in final by an own goal.. ball bounces off some players arse into the net while he ties shoelace

chiquita:04-Jun-2010 13:20:23
i would accept england in the final, and even support them openly....

kernel_panic:04-Jun-2010 12:28:53
I hell...England makes it to the next round in the World Cup.

chiquita:29-May-2010 22:26:27
in hell... there is no bakery

kernel_panic:28-May-2010 10:05:47
"And everything is organised by Italians" XD

chiquita:27-May-2010 22:00:26

JockeTF:27-May-2010 20:26:17
Indeed! And they always will be! :)

Toxicity:27-May-2010 07:50:47
Alpacas are still awesome!

Strzelba:26-May-2010 10:11:24
ok gtg see ya toxi ;P

Toxicity:26-May-2010 09:52:54
Baka baka baka :(

JockeTF:25-May-2010 23:40:59
Paca paca!

Strzelba:25-May-2010 23:14:39

ZerO:25-May-2010 22:29:06
burn like a hamburger! :/

HoaX:25-May-2010 19:41:24
burn like a phoenix oO

Delucia:23-May-2010 13:23:05
Fly like an eagle

SnooSnoo:22-May-2010 22:07:28

Wine:22-May-2010 21:13:01
dont click the pacman image - too late

Joki:21-May-2010 19:25:12
dont click the pacman image on :(

PopeJo:21-May-2010 12:01:14
yay, good work Jocke!

PopeJo:16-May-2010 15:35:39
Quod licet Iovi, non licet David Bowie!

kernel_panic:16-May-2010 13:00:19
And he should be yours too, infidels!

kernel_panic:11-May-2010 00:09:41
Ah, man, David Bowie is my fucking god...

HoaX:04-May-2010 19:26:39
twente enschede olé olé ! xD

HoaX:04-May-2010 19:25:03
FC TWENTE!! soccer champions!!! xD

SnooSnoo:03-May-2010 08:21:43

Strzelba:02-May-2010 02:32:15
hey hoooooo hey hoo

jackthompson:01-May-2010 07:49:35
1st of may... \:D/

HoaX:26-Apr-2010 20:22:23
hello,..ver dit yu goo?

JockeTF:26-Apr-2010 15:50:17
Paca paca!

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2010 13:14:19

Strzelba:26-Apr-2010 08:46:41
jes ju

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2010 08:35:18

Strzelba:24-Apr-2010 10:38:00

SnooSnoo:20-Apr-2010 20:36:04

HoaX:19-Apr-2010 19:00:30
hello? ver ar yu?

HoaX:14-Apr-2010 18:02:42

JockeTF:11-Apr-2010 13:28:27

kernel_panic:10-Apr-2010 15:07:56
I live in a world of light and peace. But summer's almost gone.

Joki:08-Apr-2010 18:52:38

Wine:07-Apr-2010 20:14:27
Summer's almost gone? Where are you living?

Joki:07-Apr-2010 19:07:26

kernel_panic:07-Apr-2010 16:01:58
Summer's almost gone.

Toxicity:06-Apr-2010 12:09:39
Woho \o/ Alpacas!

STALKER:06-Apr-2010 00:59:53
333 members on RN \o/

StrikerFred:04-Apr-2010 20:13:42
Yay! to you too ^^

Toxicity:02-Apr-2010 12:14:36
Happy eastern!

PopeJo:01-Apr-2010 12:24:51
1st Aprilacas!

JockeTF:29-Mar-2010 12:06:03

HoaX:26-Mar-2010 18:59:28
g'day mate!

SnooSnoo:23-Mar-2010 18:37:14

Derity:23-Mar-2010 18:26:26

chiquita:23-Mar-2010 04:49:31
11 guests but none are me. not guilty

chiquita:23-Mar-2010 04:47:36
jacks q3 server is alive but not listed either

chiquita:23-Mar-2010 04:36:42
looks like mine and mr alpacas are the only ones. i love f-rail but noone is ever gonna play it. even that mod on q3 is ghost town :(

Joki:22-Mar-2010 22:10:45

chiquita:22-Mar-2010 15:08:36
yes.. sigh.. i seen the pic :/ i disabled cache when the site was taking ages to load at weekend.. forgot to enable it

SnooSnoo:22-Mar-2010 14:56:33
cookiemonster ftw!

chiquita:22-Mar-2010 14:36:42
i had cache disabled.. not cookies.. lemme back in

chiquita:22-Mar-2010 14:33:17
ffs it was me :O

kernel_panic:22-Mar-2010 13:50:30
NO. They were 40 real visitors. We are getting important.

jackthompson:22-Mar-2010 11:00:54
new registrars add numbers to their names now.. :sexy:

chiquita:22-Mar-2010 01:42:21
someone surfing without cookies enabled prob

Falkland:22-Mar-2010 01:40:28
they are 41 now : I think it's a fu**ing bot or a grabber or someone that is trying to launch a DDoS attack.

kernel_panic:22-Mar-2010 01:27:53
Wow, 34 visitors...

Falkland:21-Mar-2010 22:58:02
The strange thing is that also WinXP with the latest service pack has problem with entering inC3 state after plugging an USB device.

kernel_panic:20-Mar-2010 12:53:13
Ah, too old. There's a problem since 2.6.26 or so...apparently not fixed. Thanks.

Falkland:20-Mar-2010 02:20:53
I have still hardy on the laptop , anyway ... latest update of the 2.6.24 kernel family + powertop compiled from git sources ... it goes on C3 state ; it remains for a short time but it goes.

kernel_panic:20-Mar-2010 02:05:44
And from the Ubuntu machine? Jocke, is yours an intel CPU? Any chance to check this?

Falkland:20-Mar-2010 00:36:08
Ehm ... I can't check it .... I don't have SID on the laptop and anyway I've removed the power stats support from the kernel running over SID on the other PC

kernel_panic:19-Mar-2010 21:15:28
Falkland, does you CPU go to state C3 with latest kernels? (check it with PowerTOP)

Joki:18-Mar-2010 14:18:42

chiquita:17-Mar-2010 12:53:04
is *clank* a beer glass sound?

Joki:17-Mar-2010 00:58:20
Happy St. Patrick's Day! *clank*

chiquita:14-Mar-2010 22:30:07
omg tee worlds too? :(

chiquita:14-Mar-2010 21:25:11
aah.. maybe that will cause a delay but earlier it was timing out so it was mega-slow but seems ok now xD

Falkland:14-Mar-2010 20:57:08
the site is slow because it waits until timeout for the status of TMM servers which are all offline

afrosamurai:14-Mar-2010 19:58:44
Does anybody know why the corkscrew server is offline ?

chiquita:14-Mar-2010 19:35:32
ouch.. is the site slow today

JockeTF:13-Mar-2010 16:34:51
Alpaca power!

chiquita:13-Mar-2010 05:34:15
Great to see the OA shit has gone xD Bring on q3.. not q3 with a shit on top :/

HoaX:12-Mar-2010 19:39:50
This isnt my comp,..but u may send me some of YOUR cookies xD

chiquita:12-Mar-2010 10:57:49
someone appears to be browsing without cookies enabled. bet it's HoaXy :)

Strzelba:12-Mar-2010 02:37:28
wowowowowowow no snow here but fucking cold but when u are drunk u dont care try it

HoaX:11-Mar-2010 19:18:29
I like snow but enough is enough damn it!

Joki:11-Mar-2010 13:52:00
on monday, i was tasting some early sunrays and now its constantly snowing again for 4 days. FUCK u winter, NOONE likes you!

kernel_panic:07-Mar-2010 19:40:40
There's no reason why welfare state should fail: we can always rise the taxes, bitches.

Strzelba:07-Mar-2010 12:47:51
aaaaaa corky stats are gone?

jackthompson:04-Mar-2010 22:33:49
it does? :O ...lemme check

Joki:04-Mar-2010 18:41:25
dont bother grabbing the latest family guy episodes, the seriues sucks now. :o(

Falkland:26-Feb-2010 17:34:22
@jack : it uses jni interface ... I think it can be used to port also OA ; but an ARM native VM is lacking anyway

jackthompson:25-Feb-2010 17:31:47
q3a 4 android: .com/p/kwaak3/

Sascha:25-Feb-2010 03:04:33
video?wth for a video? =), yes chiquita only for you a direct link ;)

kernel_panic:25-Feb-2010 01:50:32
I shouldn't say it, but that video is awesome 8D

chiquita:25-Feb-2010 01:18:30
wow.. a direct link :O

Sascha:24-Feb-2010 23:24:47
Guys the work is finished. You can download the best Map of *THd* url

Falkland:24-Feb-2010 19:47:17
less pressure = less oxygen

chiquita:24-Feb-2010 10:44:00
bakery opens in one hour

Joki:24-Feb-2010 04:22:28
come to think about it... wouldnt corn pop EASIER, when you climb up on a mountain? cause with the less pressure and more hunger for popcorn because of all the fresh mountain-air.

Joki:24-Feb-2010 04:19:18
forget about your crazy dream of popping corn over sea-level! anyone ever been to denver?

chiquita:24-Feb-2010 02:21:54
finish it.. then talk about it.

chiquita:24-Feb-2010 01:46:48
why would i want to read all that shite? i have no idea about maps

chiquita:24-Feb-2010 01:45:53
ffs.. im a noob... mate

Sascha:24-Feb-2010 01:32:05
:asg: rofl mate, the map is in work.You can´t download it =) If you have read my Thread then you would know that it need a littlebit to finish the work on this map =)

chiquita:23-Feb-2010 23:12:30
I did! and i looked through the threads and couldnt find a link. all i seen was dead animals hanging and stuff :/

Sascha:23-Feb-2010 17:23:20
anyway you could easyli klick on my name and see the last post ;P

Sascha:23-Feb-2010 17:21:20
if you meen the map with my posts, it on mapping and modelling>Map in work.

chiquita:23-Feb-2010 10:38:33
so where is this map then.. that site is a nightmare to find stuff

chiquita:23-Feb-2010 10:03:32
no workie :B

chiquita:23-Feb-2010 10:02:44

chiquita:23-Feb-2010 10:01:48
cp /dev/null jackthompson

Sascha:23-Feb-2010 04:46:01
Problem fixed :grin:

chiquita:22-Feb-2010 22:38:38
we'll play it on 1.16 xD

Sascha:22-Feb-2010 05:23:04
i need tips from mappers. Problem with my map to play it in cpm or q3, freestyle works fine. Watch mapping

Sascha:18-Feb-2010 04:33:54
Guys a new map is in work, it will be the best one of our clan. Next time i will post 2-3 screenshots ;-) started work at 8.2.2010

kernel_panic:11-Feb-2010 13:23:49
Excellent, Strz, now I'll hide in the midst of confusion!

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:59:09
put it on the pro cpma list.. although thats kinda deserted with tumble weeds starting to fly by :/

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:57:51
one day you will see the list of server scroll and notice "Strzelbas 1v1 CTF"

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:52:59
.. but note how i didnt mention it here to not embarrass you :)

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:51:26
yes.. Strz challenged me to a 1v1 ctf match but meant to say tourney xD i asked him to send me an IP of such a server xD

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:48:57

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 11:48:20
you need to fight me!

Strzelba:11-Feb-2010 11:46:20
1v1 ctf and her attention will be on me:P

kernel_panic:11-Feb-2010 11:35:00
Damn, you were, uhm...(how to escape this situation without losing too much face?)

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 10:51:17
teasin... shhhh

SnooSnoo:11-Feb-2010 09:48:28

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 03:32:30
but the good players of of OA are q3 failures.. or tards :/

chiquita:11-Feb-2010 02:46:23
i want a good fight :(

Sascha:10-Feb-2010 19:29:56
A small new site for maps <a href="http:// ot;>!HERE!</ a> :wacko:

kernel_panic:10-Feb-2010 12:18:23
Is that a challenge?

chiquita:10-Feb-2010 02:59:54
you'll have - score playing me

chiquita:10-Feb-2010 02:59:24
try play q3.. see how noob you are

kernel_panic:09-Feb-2010 12:44:11
I'm scared of the Minus-fraggers...I don't play at nights.

jackthompson:02-Feb-2010 03:40:40
DeFrag and dev are now public

jackthompson:02-Feb-2010 03:40:25
fixed the forum permissions

Falkland:01-Feb-2010 19:06:43
No , the man of which his wife posted his photos on Facebook ... :grin: ( IDK if it was a true fact , but it passed on italian TV as true )

kernel_panic:01-Feb-2010 18:04:12
Who, the guys who fucked up about Saddam's WMDs, aren't they? :P

Falkland:01-Feb-2010 04:00:55
cortex has a secret : ask MI6 for details ... XD

kernel_panic:01-Feb-2010 00:26:21
Woa...I was winning 30-8 or so in DM...then Cortex came and won 30-8 against us poor bastards.

Joki:31-Jan-2010 14:28:41
43 days holidays ahead!!!!!!1111111 111111111111111111 111111111111111111 111111112333332432 ,5_"_§%;&quo t;§

jackthompson:27-Jan-2010 22:51:31

kernel_panic:27-Jan-2010 19:10:56

Falkland:25-Jan-2010 23:55:17
@jack ... try this m/passwords.htm :grin:

jackthompson:25-Jan-2010 20:03:41
nah.. it was a password i didn't like xD

Joki:24-Jan-2010 23:30:19
is this your q3-CDkey, jack? mine starts with grad7. :>

Falkland:24-Jan-2010 21:41:54
jack , I understood only PAE ( Page Address Extension ) .. :grin:

PopeJo:23-Jan-2010 19:58:50
http://asset.soup. io/asset/0653/8967 _bf1f.jpeg

jackthompson:23-Jan-2010 18:27:17

jackthompson:23-Jan-2010 18:27:12

Falkland:23-Jan-2010 01:53:28
ave caesar ... morituri te salutant !!!

Delucia:21-Jan-2010 11:38:04
Veni Vidi Vici

JockeTF:18-Jan-2010 20:14:34
I like alpacas. :)

kernel_panic:18-Jan-2010 12:27:28
I die for a game...

PopeJo:18-Jan-2010 10:30:04
yaw, rn !! \o/

Joki:18-Jan-2010 06:41:48

Joki:15-Jan-2010 08:47:03
skipping a night-to-sleep, to overcome the old must-not-oversleep -problem is not healthy nor recommended, if done in 2 consecutive nights. :( good morning.

Falkland:13-Jan-2010 19:08:19
Doh ... I've got it ... Street '' SnooSnoo' 9; Hawk

Falkland:13-Jan-2010 18:23:04
lol .. right , but I was focusing on Tangerien Dream because I've realized I watched SH only because I liked their music :D

kernel_panic:12-Jan-2010 23:26:34
Hahah, the question should be how did I come to "Street Hawk"

Falkland:12-Jan-2010 17:36:02
@kernel : true but how did you come to Tangerine Dream ?

STALKER:12-Jan-2010 00:00:09
under the white ;D

SnooSnoo:11-Jan-2010 23:16:59
where's the green? :O

kernel_panic:11-Jan-2010 20:34:47
The music of Street Hawk was made buy Tangerine Dream.

JockeTF:08-Jan-2010 22:13:36
Back to hugging alpacas!

Falkland:08-Jan-2010 19:55:41
back to future ( or not ? )

Delucia:08-Jan-2010 08:41:34
"we have to go back" from lost tv series

jackthompson:08-Jan-2010 04:43:40
they always come back

kernel_panic:07-Jan-2010 23:33:33

JockeTF:07-Jan-2010 16:51:25
Yay! Alpacas!

Delucia:06-Jan-2010 07:09:11
ice jokey

zinya:05-Jan-2010 16:04:02

SnooSnoo:02-Jan-2010 13:05:05
Yappy nu ya

Delucia:02-Jan-2010 11:46:56
goodyear ---good tyres :)

Strzelba:01-Jan-2010 12:52:47
Happy Happy :)

STALKER:01-Jan-2010 12:36:30
happy new year :D

Derity:01-Jan-2010 08:07:03
yeah happy nwe year goiyse and gieurlx

W1ZrD:31-Dec-2009 20:04:49
happy new year goys and gorls!

Derity:28-Dec-2009 06:06:25
oh i missed xmas here, sry guys! ... girls!

Derity:28-Dec-2009 06:05:46

W1ZrD:26-Dec-2009 18:42:20
snoo, dude...! m-xmas!!

SnooSnoo:26-Dec-2009 10:21:46
Yay! Merriu Chrisumasu W1zzy!

W1ZrD:26-Dec-2009 03:31:53
you won't believe it, I am here again...

Joki:25-Dec-2009 19:02:02
Merry xmas chumps and chumpettes! \:E/

kernel_panic:25-Dec-2009 17:46:48
Happy Xmas!!! :D

chiquita:25-Dec-2009 10:58:52
have a happy and fun festive time everyone x

Delucia:24-Dec-2009 23:58:53
jungle boy jungle boys jungle all the way

STALKER:23-Dec-2009 19:07:46
jingle bombs , jingle bombs ;;D

SnooSnoo:23-Dec-2009 16:33:25
Jiggle balls? o.O

StrikerFred:23-Dec-2009 00:13:37
xD i tried to sing this.. sounds awsome \o/

Toxicity:22-Dec-2009 17:41:01
Jingle wrrr jingle wrrr jingle all the wrrr ... xDD

Strzelba:22-Dec-2009 17:40:19
Graphics rock! Yay!

Strzelba:22-Dec-2009 17:39:25
Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride! Christmas Mooooood!:D

Toxicity:22-Dec-2009 17:38:24
awww cute xD

SnooSnoo:22-Dec-2009 16:02:49
Yay for cool xmas graphix!!! \:D/

Toxicity:17-Dec-2009 09:41:49
nom nom nom nom!

SnooSnoo:17-Dec-2009 09:18:49

Delucia:17-Dec-2009 09:00:34
coco jambo :)

Strzelba:12-Dec-2009 21:50:53

PopeJo:12-Dec-2009 21:13:14
Streze! don't let your stuff lie around carlessly!! /yheeol7

Strzelba:12-Dec-2009 18:51:27

Delucia:12-Dec-2009 18:39:29

PopeJo:12-Dec-2009 16:21:42

Unrealized:11-Dec-2009 22:30:00

kernel_panic:10-Dec-2009 23:43:54
hi, aanti o/

Toxicity:09-Dec-2009 23:55:14

jackthompson:09-Dec-2009 10:59:04
it's still early :O

SnooSnoo:09-Dec-2009 09:19:20

kernel_panic:08-Dec-2009 22:30:23

Strzelba:08-Dec-2009 22:01:49
kernel and aanti!!!

aantipop:08-Dec-2009 21:31:06

kernel_panic:08-Dec-2009 20:15:37

Derity:04-Dec-2009 19:41:38
wlan is teh suck

kernel_panic:04-Dec-2009 13:29:59
http://theoatmeal. com/comics/design_ hell

jackthompson:03-Dec-2009 13:11:48
IE can open Linux shell s cripts in the browser while Seamonkey refuses... \:O/

kernel_panic:30-Nov-2009 16:43:11
Uhm...too convoluted. I prefer the hacker's version.

Falkland:30-Nov-2009 16:32:56
Is that a reasonable explanation , kernel ? :grin:

Falkland:30-Nov-2009 16:31:56
... then it was renewed for 1 year ...

Falkland:30-Nov-2009 16:30:29
... it stayed in the Limbo for 3 days ...

Falkland:30-Nov-2009 16:30:00
oa domain has expired on the 26-11-2009 ...

Joki:30-Nov-2009 13:40:44
its back up :O

kernel_panic:30-Nov-2009 01:20:50
Somebody must've hacked my comp...The OA forum bookmark doesn't work anymore.

jackthompson:29-Nov-2009 03:45:08
yea :)

kernel_panic:28-Nov-2009 20:05:18
Who's this, the youtube religious fundamentalist?

jackthompson:28-Nov-2009 05:16:18
GEERUP blocked me for being the superior troll \D:/

STALKER:27-Nov-2009 00:37:30
quake III defrag :D

Toxicity:26-Nov-2009 13:29:57
OpenArena <3 *_* :*

STALKER:26-Nov-2009 12:48:34

Joki:26-Nov-2009 11:17:15
QuakeLyfe :D

SnooSnoo:26-Nov-2009 11:13:43
They generaly poo kakas. :D

PopeJo:26-Nov-2009 09:55:41
Do Chewbacas chew alpacas? Or do they chew "baka"s?

SnooSnoo:26-Nov-2009 09:15:11
I mean the whole family, doh. :P

STALKER:25-Nov-2009 15:05:12
chewbacas? they are called WOOKIES :D

SnooSnoo:25-Nov-2009 13:25:25

JockeTF:21-Nov-2009 14:13:14

RAZ3R:21-Nov-2009 03:39:58
raz3r raz3r

Delucia:20-Nov-2009 12:15:22
bond james bond

jackthompson:20-Nov-2009 05:19:47
jack thompson

Unrealized:19-Nov-2009 19:21:23
Heyaa :))

Delucia:17-Nov-2009 23:00:34
noobies? :)

Strzelba:17-Nov-2009 13:27:19
heya boobies :hihi:

baer:16-Nov-2009 14:32:22
corky is back thx a lot, cu on weekend :-)

Toxicity:14-Nov-2009 12:24:01
*klaut dem umheimlichen Clown die Schuhe* und jetzt? xD

Joki:14-Nov-2009 01:17:16
Alles Gute, Toxi! Und wenn du einen unheimlichen Clown siehst: klau ihm die Schuhe!!

Joki:14-Nov-2009 01:15:59
this is not a race.

a_clown:14-Nov-2009 01:13:56
happy birthday TOXICITY!

Joki:13-Nov-2009 20:08:24
wow, now n00kie's faking c58|polosatiy (pretty famous q3 player in the old days) when doing is start-instant-disc onnect-routine on RN|3server. thats really a lot more creative than "UnnamedPlaye r". :D

STALKER:12-Nov-2009 13:14:21
*no one XD

STALKER:12-Nov-2009 12:50:56
who wanna play corky server today? nobodys therer =(

MONAK:11-Nov-2009 23:05:31
Yeee!!! Corky!!! THX!!! =)

RAZ3R:11-Nov-2009 20:21:42
Where'd all the cake go? :<

SnooSnoo:11-Nov-2009 15:33:00
you cakes love and

PopeJo:11-Nov-2009 15:29:57
And love cakes you

SnooSnoo:10-Nov-2009 09:03:30
And cake loves you!

STALKER:08-Nov-2009 21:50:19
i love cake <3

StrikerFred:08-Nov-2009 13:54:52
Yay! Cake! <3

JockeTF:08-Nov-2009 13:52:52
I'm going to eat cake now! Yay! Cake!

chiquita:07-Nov-2009 02:25:32
i made cakes

Joki:06-Nov-2009 05:08:30
OA 0.8.5 RC1... hnnnng

Toxicity:04-Nov-2009 21:41:52

Joki:04-Nov-2009 16:17:53
Ahhh, i havent build on my config generator in ages. Why noone reminded me? ;f

Delucia:04-Nov-2009 11:41:51
pump up the jam

Toxicity:02-Nov-2009 10:49:32
Aww I love to read old threads when I'm at school <3 x)

hyp3rfocus:31-Oct-2009 20:45:42
strzelba killed corky? O_O

Strzelba:31-Oct-2009 11:12:19
NOOOO I DIDN'T!!!!!! I love corky how could i do such thing. bad chicky bad:D

jackthompson:30-Oct-2009 19:56:12
all game server admins can send rcon's from the detailed server view now

jackthompson:27-Oct-2009 17:23:06
QL instagib killed it

chiquita:23-Oct-2009 06:27:19
wrrr broke it

MONAK:22-Oct-2009 13:12:05
Hello all!!!! :F Where Corky???!

Toxicity:20-Oct-2009 19:29:31
lol pope

kernel_panic:20-Oct-2009 18:39:45
He'll be back.

PopeJo:20-Oct-2009 17:48:35
Joki baka, Joka baki, Jaka boki, Baka Joki !!

Joki:20-Oct-2009 16:04:19
omg, these menus are closeable!! *closes the totally abused shoutblock*

PopeJo:20-Oct-2009 08:54:05

Delucia:20-Oct-2009 00:17:21
the monkey's uncle

kernel_panic:19-Oct-2009 22:22:54

SnooSnoo:19-Oct-2009 08:13:03
Lemur! o_o 0_0 O_O :D

Toxicity:18-Oct-2009 22:59:15

JockeTF:18-Oct-2009 22:51:52

adriano:17-Oct-2009 17:56:58

Unrealized:17-Oct-2009 10:41:57
Just kidding lol :)

Unrealized:17-Oct-2009 10:41:37
I wanna in the RNuts Clan :<

hyp3rfocus:17-Oct-2009 09:03:04

chiquita:17-Oct-2009 00:00:08
yoo hoo!

jackthompson:16-Oct-2009 19:05:21
hey!!!! \:D/

Unrealized:16-Oct-2009 15:02:06
Helloz! :D

Delucia:16-Oct-2009 11:22:00
pair'o'd ice

zinya:15-Oct-2009 23:07:43
i'm thinking Main RNuts|Clan section needs a bzzz...

hyp3rfocus:15-Oct-2009 19:54:54
i'm pretty sure i've never posted in a bzzz. better get that sorted so i can be a member of this forum. :)

Unrealized:15-Oct-2009 19:51:43
Too scared to post anything there ;)

hyp3rfocus:15-Oct-2009 13:36:31
hi unrealized

kernel_panic:15-Oct-2009 13:08:04
You are not officially a member of the forum until you post something in 'bzz'. Thank you.

kernel_panic:15-Oct-2009 13:07:36

Unrealized:15-Oct-2009 12:07:46

chiquita:14-Oct-2009 22:10:34
i have pins and needles on my scroll wheel finger :/

zinya:14-Oct-2009 18:19:33
successful troll is successful...

hyp3rfocus:14-Oct-2009 17:04:32
was trolling :D

zinya:14-Oct-2009 15:56:18
*is offended*

hyp3rfocus:14-Oct-2009 14:02:37 /sites/default/fil es/images/girlgame rs.jpg

chiquita:13-Oct-2009 21:29:34
a bzz attack happens when you least expect it

zinya:13-Oct-2009 17:41:35
*attempts to fix things*

kernel_panic:13-Oct-2009 17:28:59
Yes...and we destroyed it...

zinya:13-Oct-2009 17:06:51
bzzz had a way?

kernel_panic:13-Oct-2009 14:20:26

jackthompson:13-Oct-2009 12:32:39
bzzz has lost its way xD

Delucia:12-Oct-2009 23:49:54
Long Live Rnuts

zinya:12-Oct-2009 18:26:41
RNuts, UrT soon?

JockeTF:12-Oct-2009 15:50:35
Me too!

StrikerFred:12-Oct-2009 12:55:19
I did !!

SnooSnoo:11-Oct-2009 17:45:34
we didnt miss you :P

Strzelba:11-Oct-2009 14:45:02

Joki:11-Oct-2009 02:17:52
Girlie scenes and gasoline

PopeJo:10-Oct-2009 11:32:41
<- reads up kernel_panics conversation with himself

JockeTF:09-Oct-2009 06:57:59
Alpacas! ^_^

kernel_panic:08-Oct-2009 18:51:27
No...he's staying...he doesn't give a fuck.

Delucia:08-Oct-2009 18:09:51
paca delucia :pft:

Toxicity:08-Oct-2009 08:56:32
paca paca ^_^

chiquita:08-Oct-2009 01:38:44
really? oO

kernel_panic:07-Oct-2009 20:16:34
Ooooh, Berlusconi's just got axed!!!

hyp3rfocus:06-Oct-2009 19:11:58
I'm driving up to brum. might be a bit late for tonights urt game. :(

STALKER:05-Oct-2009 12:03:52
heellooooo :þ

jackthompson:05-Oct-2009 06:30:27
moin! :D

hyp3rfocus:03-Oct-2009 18:57:31
Phurl rocks. He's attempting to fix q3map2's broken code. =D

Toxicity:03-Oct-2009 17:52:39
poor snoo =/

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2009 17:39:42

Toxicity:03-Oct-2009 17:27:27

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2009 16:58:39
I cant connect to irc :O

kernel_panic:03-Oct-2009 11:17:29
Nah, UK is no worse off than the rest of Europe...check the unemployment rate there...http://new usiness/ m

chiquita:03-Oct-2009 03:31:47
.. i regret not doing it when i had the chance

hyp3rfocus:02-Oct-2009 23:09:52
i'm seriously thinking about getting out of the uk. it's a mess.

chiquita:02-Oct-2009 21:13:59
when it cant get much worse a sharp decline and a tiny increase in the economy means that things are all rosy again :D

chiquita:02-Oct-2009 21:08:53
yes.. and it will be for a long time. most UK is going to rest of EU or Asia.

hyp3rfocus:02-Oct-2009 19:11:06
is england worse off than the rest of europe?

Falkland:02-Oct-2009 18:11:32
At the Ecofin they said that unemployment rate will be over 10 per cent for the next years in all Europe ...

chiquita:02-Oct-2009 17:01:50
tsk tsk.. you should be attending job seekers :D

hyp3rfocus:02-Oct-2009 16:38:06
Being unemployed is doing wonders for my post count. =D

hyp3rfocus:02-Oct-2009 10:29:23
I used to go to the monsters of rock festivals back when i was younger. saw some great stuff. :)

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2009 08:27:00
I wish. I was only 12 when Donnington live 1992 happened.

hyp3rfocus:01-Oct-2009 15:47:35
Donnington? You been going to festivals in england snoo?

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2009 14:48:20
Scream for me Donnington! SCREAM for me DONNINGTON!!!!! \m/

hyp3rfocus:30-Sep-2009 16:31:51
say_team "^3 Avenge my death!"

chiquita:30-Sep-2009 15:32:31
say_team "^3 Help! They got me!"

STALKER:29-Sep-2009 15:59:55

PopeJo:28-Sep-2009 20:29:42 m/

Falkland:28-Sep-2009 18:58:13

STALKER:27-Sep-2009 23:15:52

chiquita:26-Sep-2009 23:33:34
clatty teeth ya wee minger xD

Strzelba:26-Sep-2009 23:29:37
Hoy Hoy Hoy! :asg:

Joki:26-Sep-2009 13:15:03
hyijiah. yea, thats why you shouldnt use a h next to a y. it looks messy.

SnooSnoo:25-Sep-2009 22:16:30
o, hai

chiquita:25-Sep-2009 16:52:36
ello Derity \:D/

Derity:25-Sep-2009 16:46:51

SnooSnoo:25-Sep-2009 08:12:26
His family.

chiquita:25-Sep-2009 02:04:55
oh.. you live near there?

SnooSnoo:24-Sep-2009 22:35:08
have fun!

hyp3rfocus:24-Sep-2009 20:11:34
I'm off to birmingham for a couple of days. o/

kernel_panic:23-Sep-2009 14:54:55
That if you take the right pill. Otherwise they give you an an abacus.

RAZ3R:23-Sep-2009 11:11:56
They plug you in to the matrix

chiquita:23-Sep-2009 04:09:12
do they still have blackboards at school or is it some plasma screen with a lazer pen?

hyp3rfocus:22-Sep-2009 23:52:38
Damn, I just wrote post 420 and I don't have the right stuff to celebrate the fact. :)

kernel_panic:22-Sep-2009 21:54:11
Genius! A paperball fight with the paper in flames!

a_clown:22-Sep-2009 12:22:59
whats that?

Toxicity:21-Sep-2009 21:54:49
*bombarding kernel with a paperball*

kernel_panic:21-Sep-2009 21:44:32
Start a fire?! You guys knew how to avoid boredom...

StrikerFred:21-Sep-2009 17:22:32
Hi from school too ! And it's boring as well =D Haha i'd like some paperball fight right now =(

SnooSnoo:21-Sep-2009 15:31:22
Yeah, we old folk had to start a fire or a paperball fight to make it through the day. :)

chiquita:21-Sep-2009 14:15:06
at least you have the internet. you dont know how lucky you are :D

Toxicity:21-Sep-2009 12:48:26
Hellopaca from school! It's so boring xD

zinya:20-Sep-2009 00:34:21
also, falkland it's -.--

zinya:20-Sep-2009 00:31:25

jackthompson:18-Sep-2009 16:22:03

hyp3rfocus:18-Sep-2009 00:39:01

chiquita:18-Sep-2009 00:19:35
it says jack thompson is a noob oO

hyp3rfocus:17-Sep-2009 22:19:23
(that's real morse code btw)

hyp3rfocus:17-Sep-2009 22:18:43
... -. --- --- ... -. --- ---

SnooSnoo:17-Sep-2009 17:04:22
lol @ morse

Falkland:17-Sep-2009 17:01:05
__._ ___ .._ ... .._ _._. _._

SnooSnoo:16-Sep-2009 23:30:43

Toxicity:16-Sep-2009 22:00:49

Falkland:16-Sep-2009 16:52:45
!kcus lla uoy

SnooSnoo:16-Sep-2009 15:08:09
Not in the least.

jackthompson:16-Sep-2009 14:19:06
you all suck!

Strzelba:16-Sep-2009 14:02:56

SnooSnoo:16-Sep-2009 13:25:25
▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬

Toxicity:16-Sep-2009 12:47:52

STALKER:16-Sep-2009 11:41:53

Strzelba:15-Sep-2009 20:09:34

SnooSnoo:15-Sep-2009 18:00:24

Toxicity:15-Sep-2009 13:12:17

STALKER:15-Sep-2009 12:50:44
alpacas ☺☺☺

chiquita:15-Sep-2009 12:07:40

Falkland:15-Sep-2009 00:28:20
... **beeep** ...

kernel_panic:14-Sep-2009 20:52:42
Alpacas...they go through bone like...butter!

SnooSnoo:14-Sep-2009 12:09:21

JockeTF:13-Sep-2009 19:18:09

jackthompson:13-Sep-2009 05:20:42

hyp3rfocus:11-Sep-2009 16:41:23
not to worry kernel, i'll survive. :)

kernel_panic:11-Sep-2009 08:39:39
Agh, sorry to hear that, man.

SnooSnoo:11-Sep-2009 06:22:36
Oh, good. Hope you wont just sit on your a** and wait for the money to dwindle!? :)

hyp3rfocus:10-Sep-2009 10:26:26
I'm just glad I bought the pc before I got sacked. Not to worry though, I''ve got no debts and a a shit load of savings. :)

SnooSnoo:10-Sep-2009 10:20:10
O god, thats awfull. I'm sorry. Specialy with butning that money for a new pc. I feel horrible. :(

chiquita:10-Sep-2009 09:05:32
aww :(

hyp3rfocus:10-Sep-2009 08:46:49
I lost my job. :(

Toxicity:08-Sep-2009 19:26:43
kernel \o/

SnooSnoo:08-Sep-2009 19:21:33
Good for youuuuuuu

kernel_panic:08-Sep-2009 19:09:51
Holidays are over. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

jackthompson:08-Sep-2009 04:09:44

Strzelba:07-Sep-2009 20:06:49
what happend to irc? only 4 ppl on channel

Toxicity:04-Sep-2009 17:39:17
had he now anything won?^^

SnooSnoo:04-Sep-2009 13:11:43
amp1 is our 300th registered user! yay! \:D/

Toxicity:03-Sep-2009 09:06:40
kernel /o\ =p

jackthompson:03-Sep-2009 04:27:33
it is holidays again? :O

kernel_panic:03-Sep-2009 00:12:30
I'm at holidays, losers! Bakaaaaabakaaa

Toxicity:02-Sep-2009 10:28:20
Hellopaca from school ^_^

STALKER:31-Aug-2009 00:51:01
LOL jocketf :DD Alpacas :D :asg:

Toxicity:30-Aug-2009 16:38:41

JockeTF:30-Aug-2009 21:41:56
Alpacas! ^_^

zinya:27-Aug-2009 14:00:21

Toxicity:27-Aug-2009 12:49:53
lol chiquita xD

chiquita:27-Aug-2009 11:40:56

chiquita:27-Aug-2009 11:40:12

jackthompson:27-Aug-2009 11:10:16
awww... come on.. they wrote it everytime in lower-case :>

kernel_panic:27-Aug-2009 08:55:21
XD wtf?

chiquita:27-Aug-2009 00:38:31
but very un-original

chiquita:27-Aug-2009 00:35:49
see it often anytime i post :/

chiquita:27-Aug-2009 00:35:19
baka baka means im retarded

Falkland:25-Aug-2009 22:11:31
maybe because it started to display Teeworld icon just on every server ...

zinya:25-Aug-2009 18:00:49
why has the Rainbow Servers sidebar been 'temporarily disabled'?

Toxicity:25-Aug-2009 17:53:27
:eh: << baka

Dave:25-Aug-2009 13:36:29

Toxicity:25-Aug-2009 05:30:12

hyp3rfocus:25-Aug-2009 04:31:08 /lfc8k7

hyp3rfocus:25-Aug-2009 04:29:04
http://www.urbandi e.php?term=Baka%20 baka

Toxicity:24-Aug-2009 21:45:52
beep beep beep

HoaX:24-Aug-2009 21:13:07
wacka wacka wackaaa :blarg:

hyp3rfocus:24-Aug-2009 20:27:09
what's this "baka baka" business about? :)

Toxicity:24-Aug-2009 14:35:08
Hellobaka Dave

Dave:24-Aug-2009 13:38:46

chiquita:23-Aug-2009 22:22:57
Players (5 / 16): RN|clown, RN|Baka, Evil|Baka*, unconsidered implication, /V/Alma

chiquita:23-Aug-2009 22:21:02
i try clanbase and nothing

chiquita:23-Aug-2009 22:20:35
whats the password for the clanserver?

AllegedlyDead:22-Aug-2009 14:14:28
Jack, get your sorry ass back to the channel. Stop being so damn angry about Quake Live. We're here for each other.

hyp3rfocus:22-Aug-2009 10:11:27
I'm downloading q3min now. :)

Toxicity:21-Aug-2009 15:02:48
baka baka baka

jackthompson:21-Aug-2009 14:32:32

Joki:21-Aug-2009 14:13:51
can someone restart the RN|tourney3? :3

HoaX:21-Aug-2009 12:45:59
dumdeedumdeedumb xD

chiquita:19-Aug-2009 16:26:38
thats a very good comment Falkland. :D

Falkland:19-Aug-2009 14:30:26
As now Mr. Berlusconi does not make the clown ... he is a clown ... but not a type of clown that makes children smiling.

jackthompson:19-Aug-2009 09:58:26

chiquita:17-Aug-2009 20:09:48

kernel_panic:17-Aug-2009 19:04:23
Hehhe, I guess there're grades of incompetence. Seriously, Berlusconi is not even funny at this point.

jackthompson:17-Aug-2009 16:26:58
i wish angela merkel would do that with someone from the ordnungsamt

jackthompson:17-Aug-2009 16:25:35
nah.. that's what all politicans do.. i meant being a clown on TV..

chiquita:17-Aug-2009 15:07:03
search on youtube for "berlusconi police woman"

kernel_panic:17-Aug-2009 12:43:53
You mean mismanaging a country, gang with the mafia and ensure the whole system is as corrupt as it may get...?

jackthompson:17-Aug-2009 10:57:40
berlusconi is the only one who realized what role politicans should play in this world

chiquita:15-Aug-2009 23:03:17
like silvio berlusconi? :D

Falkland:15-Aug-2009 20:29:35
boss (EN) = capo (IT) -> details on XD

chiquita:15-Aug-2009 20:07:10
the latest bzz i was referring to D:

kernel_panic:15-Aug-2009 18:18:15
Like a 'capo', chiquita.

chiquita:15-Aug-2009 17:04:06
like a boss :D

Falkland:15-Aug-2009 14:23:42
they can use linux client to aim better over their asses ( strictly a personal opinion )

oOJINxOo:15-Aug-2009 13:45:43

Toxicity:15-Aug-2009 09:42:00
baka baka baka !

jackthompson:14-Aug-2009 14:27:21
so did i several times..

PopeJo:14-Aug-2009 13:57:14
well the QL homeoage announces them since day 1 =(

SnooSnoo:14-Aug-2009 10:08:18
aaaaaaa!!!!! nti!

jackthompson:14-Aug-2009 02:19:23

pulchr:13-Aug-2009 22:59:10
quakecon announces mac and linux clients for quake live :)

jackthompson:13-Aug-2009 14:10:44
jack thompson!!!! \:O/

Falkland:13-Aug-2009 13:48:28
seroius online bank services use "valid once" codes and certified e-mail for communications with their own clients.

Falkland:13-Aug-2009 13:45:54
... but the same anonymous UnnamedPlayer has the same problem sometimes after switching team (color) in bomb mode :ops:

Falkland:13-Aug-2009 13:40:36
LOL ... jack killed an anonymous UnnamedPlayer playing with siilenced AK 103 ... XD

zinya:13-Aug-2009 09:08:50
My bank doesn't use captcha, 'cause it's not stupid...

SnooSnoo:13-Aug-2009 09:06:14
Thought it was that later, but it was allready too late. xD

kernel_panic:13-Aug-2009 08:39:08
Maybe Q3min's captcha was precisely to defend the project from AD so it doesn't evolve into a MMORPG?

kernel_panic:13-Aug-2009 08:37:24
THAT was a nice explanation.

PopeJo:13-Aug-2009 07:59:52
usualy by identifying deformed symbols on jpgs, when registering in a forum, or accesing your online-banking

PopeJo:13-Aug-2009 07:58:50
snoosnoo: a captcha is a reverse turing-test, where the human has to proof he is not a bot

SnooSnoo:13-Aug-2009 07:53:02
At least you're not angry at me. :)

AllegedlyDead:13-Aug-2009 07:26:55
*facepalms to SnooSnoo's post*

nmddlgrs:13-Aug-2009 05:58:41
shocking behaviour. :)

zinya:13-Aug-2009 05:28:11
I watches Jack do it! He had no remorse, said something like 'Mwahahahaa!! !!!ONEONEONEELEVEN !' then left the server!

hyp3rfocus:12-Aug-2009 20:55:44
i have a bad tendency to shoot my teammates in urbanterror when the teams swap colours. takes me a while to adjust.

kernel_panic:12-Aug-2009 19:54:53
Those are the funniest actions

chiquita:12-Aug-2009 18:28:30
hahah.. in the back of the head i bet xD

jackthompson:12-Aug-2009 18:12:33
i shot one of my own team... :down:

chiquita:12-Aug-2009 17:12:47
just got a popejo ass kicking :(

jackthompson:12-Aug-2009 15:18:23
both CPM RUNS have been downgraded to 1.91.17 again

Delucia:10-Aug-2009 07:49:06
annie are u ok?

7PLL:09-Aug-2009 19:30:11

7PLL:09-Aug-2009 17:58:40

jackthompson:09-Aug-2009 12:50:36
hach... \:D/

zinya:09-Aug-2009 12:47:05
jackthompson, can i just say that I love what you've done with the server info, map list and now map uploads.

zinya:09-Aug-2009 12:45:59

jackthompson:09-Aug-2009 10:52:36
UrT maps can be uploaded now

jackthompson:08-Aug-2009 16:53:45
voting on teeworlds to be disabled within the next minutes

jackthompson:08-Aug-2009 15:12:36
uploading maps works again

jackthompson:08-Aug-2009 14:46:48
missing textures pack works again

kernel_panic:07-Aug-2009 09:03:08
You're not rick-rolling me again...

Falkland:07-Aug-2009 00:18:08
the revenge of the music star ... after the well known "Video killed the radio star"

JockeTF:06-Aug-2009 23:37:48
The bzz I posted was very nice though.

kernel_panic:06-Aug-2009 23:30:54
Since I discovered the "mark all topics read" I'm inmune to bzz. Muhahaha!

chiquita:06-Aug-2009 22:43:22
no but bzz killed the video star

zinya:06-Aug-2009 21:03:43
did i kill the shoutbox?

zinya:02-Aug-2009 12:31:01 .com/watch?v=IyQYK 9S3WBQ

Delucia:02-Aug-2009 09:45:28
rate my poo

SnooSnoo:01-Aug-2009 20:44:23
peek a poo

aantipop:01-Aug-2009 15:38:55

chiquita:31-Jul-2009 22:33:06
i beat pro wrrrr \:D/

kernel_panic:30-Jul-2009 10:10:32
Oh, mamma...IE 6 is SLOW...

jackthompson:30-Jul-2009 07:26:02

SnooSnoo:30-Jul-2009 06:23:04

jackthompson:29-Jul-2009 20:38:23

SnooSnoo:29-Jul-2009 20:33:49
Im on irc :)

Naruto:29-Jul-2009 18:28:31

jackthompson:29-Jul-2009 15:47:04
frag beauty, the call of the wild \:D/

jackthompson:29-Jul-2009 15:46:49
it'll burn their eyes away, i swear

Falkland:29-Jul-2009 14:32:08
make 'em happy , make a superbrighthitbox. pk3 and upload it

jackthompson:29-Jul-2009 08:21:20
the new ones being not bright enough

jackthompson:29-Jul-2009 08:21:03
i received complaints...

Falkland:29-Jul-2009 00:13:19
and old ones are back again ... :/

jackthompson:28-Jul-2009 22:25:19
heh.. that was quick... new brightskins are gone again.. :D

STALKER:28-Jul-2009 13:45:57
i hate school !

Toxicity:28-Jul-2009 08:09:59
\o/ school is boring :/

kernel_panic:27-Jul-2009 17:18:26

jackthompson:25-Jul-2009 13:23:26
seamonkey2.0b1 works for me

SnooSnoo:24-Jul-2009 12:32:58
Sssssecret squirrel!!!!!

chiquita:24-Jul-2009 11:33:39
one nearly attacked me but just stopped and stared

chiquita:24-Jul-2009 11:22:26
squirrels are fearless.. you wont scare them easily if your near their nest

kernel_panic:24-Jul-2009 09:06:14
This morning I've been shouted by a squirrel...

Strzelba:23-Jul-2009 18:36:51

Joki:23-Jul-2009 16:49:45
NOTE: this is not the search-box!

Joki:23-Jul-2009 16:49:28

jackthompson:23-Jul-2009 15:39:43
1000 posts \:D/

jackthompson:23-Jul-2009 06:54:58
CPM RUNS stats are back

jackthompson:22-Jul-2009 15:00:55

jessicaRA:22-Jul-2009 12:59:31
random meow to all

Strzelba:22-Jul-2009 11:07:53
Blueberry pie!

chiquita:22-Jul-2009 06:37:23

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2009 06:33:41

chiquita:21-Jul-2009 17:53:48
no i just post the same way everytime.. ofc

Falkland:21-Jul-2009 17:01:01
chiquita : did u checked the "Disable Smilies in this post" option before posting ?

pulchr:21-Jul-2009 16:10:37
angus podgorny - what dooo you mean?

chiquita:21-Jul-2009 15:28:08
i will consider doing the award voices in a sscottish accent. although if ppl complain it might hurt my feelings :(

chiquita:21-Jul-2009 11:45:24

Strzelba:21-Jul-2009 11:37:54
cause your smiles was fake:D

chiquita:21-Jul-2009 11:33:41
why do smilies not show in my posts.. hax?

SnooSnoo:21-Jul-2009 10:51:32
Puppies of poopoo

chiquita:21-Jul-2009 09:58:08
ancients of mumu

kernel_panic:21-Jul-2009 09:26:48
Aanti! Get your ass back to training, we've got work to do! :D

aantipop:21-Jul-2009 06:40:51

SnooSnoo:21-Jul-2009 06:26:32
aaaaaaaaaaantiiiii iiiiii

Club:17-Jul-2009 15:32:35

Joki:17-Jul-2009 14:42:42
here we dont eat stuff, thats smarter than ourselves. 'nutria' sounds quiet edible thou. :O

PopeJo:17-Jul-2009 14:38:55
joki, here in leipzig, people eat nutrias. you can buy it in the butchers shop

pulchr:17-Jul-2009 14:30:58

SnooSnoo:17-Jul-2009 11:46:18

jackthompson:17-Jul-2009 08:07:06
Köter and Töle xD

Strzelba:17-Jul-2009 08:02:56
Hund means dog in germany but sabaka in russian i like that pies :asg:

jackthompson:17-Jul-2009 01:06:19

Joki:17-Jul-2009 01:01:21
fact: "nutria" means "fischotter&q uot; in spanish. i like that. nutria.

jackthompson:16-Jul-2009 23:41:54
no more map_restart kicks on the clan server

kernel_panic:15-Jul-2009 18:00:08
'Booyakasha&# 039;? That, in spanish, sounds pretty much like 'I go home'.

SnooSnoo:15-Jul-2009 17:27:55
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann nnnnnnnntiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii

aantipop:15-Jul-2009 17:24:25

Strzelba:15-Jul-2009 11:58:15
WOWOWOWOWOWO! Congratulations Jack. Well done man!!

jackthompson:15-Jul-2009 10:13:47
omfg... i got DSL again :O

SnooSnoo:13-Jul-2009 06:12:00
Does it mean "you're a mofo"? :D

chiquita:13-Jul-2009 05:59:27
I'll never forget you - that word means something in scottish

Derity:13-Jul-2009 00:16:00
yo dude

Piddy:13-Jul-2009 00:09:40
Hey guys. I left a little topic in the main forum. Check it out. :)

Joki:12-Jul-2009 16:04:46
<3 other lynchmovies soundtracks by angelo badalamenti! :D

kernel_panic:12-Jul-2009 11:19:42
You're right, I thought B. Eno had done all of it.

pulchr:12-Jul-2009 08:55:20
toto did the music for david lynch's dune movie, if that was the one you meant

kernel_panic:12-Jul-2009 07:21:10

pulchr:11-Jul-2009 21:36:49
i just loved the music in the dune 2 game. i almost thought it was better than the toto version from the movie =)

kernel_panic:11-Jul-2009 09:49:57
Dune's soundtrack rocks!

SnooSnoo:10-Jul-2009 09:26:57
That would be awesome.. sigh

chiquita:10-Jul-2009 07:38:02
there's a little hill where ppl sit outside the slam tent.. i'll be there.. just shout CHICKENS THE BEST.. and you wont miss me cos i'll laugh like hell

chiquita:10-Jul-2009 07:35:34
long shot.. but anyone going to t in the park that wanna hook up for a cup of tea... or crate of beer?

chiquita:10-Jul-2009 06:39:41
how do we know a_clown isnt leilol :D the name suits xD

chiquita:10-Jul-2009 02:12:24
havent seen vo0 for about a month though

chiquita:10-Jul-2009 02:11:47
fatal1ty was on handbags yesterday.. but his name was all CAPS.. :D

Joki:09-Jul-2009 21:28:45
escalation management. this really does exist. Lets out-migrate our economy professors.

SnooSnoo:09-Jul-2009 18:17:13
chiquita :P

Strzelba:09-Jul-2009 17:23:00

kernel_panic:09-Jul-2009 16:57:05
I'm at work :D

Falkland:09-Jul-2009 16:24:24
back and forth to RN

jackthompson:09-Jul-2009 16:11:57
wb :>

PopeJo:09-Jul-2009 08:25:58
welcome back blak dragon =D

chiquita:09-Jul-2009 05:56:13
ello and wb :9 \:D/

SnooSnoo:09-Jul-2009 05:39:50
Hi! :9

Sascha:08-Jul-2009 22:31:04
hey everybody im back from my trip ;) Greetz to all by *THd*BlakDragon =)

Falkland:08-Jul-2009 18:50:01
my brain usually starts to give random numbers/non-sense- equation if subjected to a room-temp of 38 ° C

hyp3rfocus:08-Jul-2009 18:08:17
de is often used to denote when something has been removed, like when a cat is de-clawed or an engine is de-restricted.

Falkland:08-Jul-2009 14:14:48
de - no = frag - frag = 0

Delucia:08-Jul-2009 11:05:29
de+frag=no frag?

Joki:07-Jul-2009 22:42:22

Falkland:07-Jul-2009 20:19:22
no q4 ... vq3

Falkland:07-Jul-2009 14:06:23
everybody forward to vpn

kernel_panic:07-Jul-2009 08:34:19
Shit, everybody back to telnet.

chiquita:07-Jul-2009 07:38:45
OpenSSH has been exploited

chiquita:07-Jul-2009 03:45:23
still.. good to see q4 players return :D

Falkland:06-Jul-2009 09:04:24
Maybe VoO needs to train himself at vq3 , since it seems that cpm was not choosen for official competitions. .:LOL:.

SnooSnoo:06-Jul-2009 06:14:59
You just post, Ill catch up :D

chiquita:06-Jul-2009 06:12:02
ok try and give me advance notice if its not too important and i can post at the same time

SnooSnoo:06-Jul-2009 01:24:38
lets just post togheter Chiq?

SnooSnoo:06-Jul-2009 01:23:37
Lol, Vo0 playing oa. hah!

Strzelba:06-Jul-2009 01:17:36
who is voo?

chiquita:05-Jul-2009 20:14:50
people think VoO is playing OA \:D/

chiquita:05-Jul-2009 17:38:07
i cant post.. or i'll make popejo's post look stupid :/

jackthompson:05-Jul-2009 12:06:16

jackthompson:05-Jul-2009 12:06:02
dunno if the plugin is a installer or the game

jackthompson:05-Jul-2009 12:05:12

kernel_panic:05-Jul-2009 11:05:47
ArenaLive? WTF is ArenaLive?

jackthompson:05-Jul-2009 08:54:38
there are several maps that look like churches... but non is pretty enough for my Q3A wedding..

Strzelba:05-Jul-2009 07:56:49
what is church? new map? or what? maybe mod?

chiquita:05-Jul-2009 07:09:43
morning \:D/ - all ready for church? :D

kernel_panic:04-Jul-2009 12:47:28
We don't want to do this, Popejo. :D

SnooSnoo:01-Jul-2009 10:22:00
I'm allways by the sea :P. Have a good time though.

hyp3rfocus:01-Jul-2009 09:44:59
I'm off to spend a couple of days in wales, by the sea. :D

SnooSnoo:30-Jun-2009 20:51:12

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2009 19:41:21
But, but...of all people...I thought you would understand!

jackthompson:30-Jun-2009 18:50:23
too late.. i ripped the whole page out of my book of cool people..

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2009 18:33:02
That...was...a joke...:(

kernel_panic:27-Jun-2009 12:10:13
We'll miss you, Jacko. (RIP from oabases)

Delucia:27-Jun-2009 10:59:04

SnooSnoo:26-Jun-2009 06:21:17
Well, MJ and Farrah are dead.

Delucia:25-Jun-2009 12:52:29
god is dead (signature:delucia ) delucia is dead(signature:god )

PopeJo:25-Jun-2009 10:18:12
no, god forgott. he said he can't remember...

Delucia:25-Jun-2009 08:55:04
only god knows

Joki:24-Jun-2009 08:59:06
Must. Obtain. Scuba Gear.

chiquita:24-Jun-2009 00:00:50
Falkland is on OA forums \D/ good luck..

chiquita:23-Jun-2009 23:58:19
One way or another

chiquita:23-Jun-2009 21:07:55
i cant control myself :/

SnooSnoo:23-Jun-2009 06:28:30

hyp3rfocus:23-Jun-2009 05:51:54
Don't leave me hanging on the telephone

chiquita:22-Jun-2009 22:06:35
I know he's there but I just had to call

hyp3rfocus:22-Jun-2009 21:37:14
If you don't answer, I'll just ring it off the wall

PopeJo:22-Jun-2009 20:44:32
but it looks like autum here

chiquita:22-Jun-2009 11:09:30
thanks snoo

Strzelba:21-Jun-2009 10:20:57

Joki:21-Jun-2009 09:49:04
Today is "summer begin" :O)

chiquita:21-Jun-2009 06:12:33
I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall..

chiquita:21-Jun-2009 06:01:40
morning people - all up early for church I hope \:D/

baer:20-Jun-2009 17:11:24
great job! it's okay again, hopefully longer than last time... ;) have a nice weekend!

baer:20-Jun-2009 14:37:41
i know until around 1:00 tonight, then the map changed and "urgh!" :(

Strzelba:20-Jun-2009 14:31:29
nooooooooooo FFS NOOOOOOOOOOO it was ok yesterday WRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Strzelba:20-Jun-2009 14:30:55

baer:20-Jun-2009 14:12:16
sorry, guys, I hate to write this, but corkscrew is in a download loop again with some pk3-files :s

Phantasm:20-Jun-2009 11:21:34
When FTP server will be enabled again? Wanna to upload my newest map ;P

HoaX:19-Jun-2009 12:48:20
btw i steal birthdays,...if you think you have one,..its mine mine mine all mine muahahahahahaha

HoaX:19-Jun-2009 12:22:05
:O) :zip: :asg:

jackthompson:19-Jun-2009 09:25:24
it's everyones birthday :O

jackthompson:19-Jun-2009 09:21:14
hypah, hypah!!!! \:D/

SnooSnoo:19-Jun-2009 08:06:25

hyp3rfocus:18-Jun-2009 22:01:36
i'm back :D

W1ZrD:18-Jun-2009 15:58:57
that OA mint video posts was awesome!

chicken:18-Jun-2009 12:50:35

Strzelba:18-Jun-2009 11:54:14
oj roznie najczesciej ctf :D and speak english pls :D

Phantasm:18-Jun-2009 08:21:45
Strzelba, na jakich serwerach najczesciej grasz? Bo na defragu cie nie widuje ;P

jackthompson:15-Jun-2009 10:34:48

hyp3rfocus:15-Jun-2009 05:34:51
i'm off to work on site for a week. :)

Strzelba:13-Jun-2009 18:40:07
hehehe nothing forget about it :P

kernel_panic:13-Jun-2009 18:30:16

Strzelba:13-Jun-2009 13:06:22
u should tell it to lini :D

kernel_panic:13-Jun-2009 08:02:32
Pull yourself together NOW. We need you for the matches. Whatever issues you have in rl they can't interfere with your virtual duties.

aantipop:13-Jun-2009 06:39:44
all good now i forgot about it, the hoole rainbow stuffs

jackthompson:12-Jun-2009 23:13:50
awww... :>

aantipop:12-Jun-2009 20:16:53
this was the badest day in my hole life _( im so sick of it

SnooSnoo:12-Jun-2009 06:44:49

chicken:12-Jun-2009 05:30:53

aantipop:12-Jun-2009 05:06:48
:D moin

chicken:11-Jun-2009 17:07:31
i hate openoffice too for that.. same with photoshop.. it seems faster now but maybe before it was cos i had like 800 fonts or something

Joki:11-Jun-2009 13:40:05
I found my 100 yr old P1 notebook. I shall use it for studies, since my primary notebook has still broken graphic card. Starting openoffice takes like... 3 minutes. :D

chicken:11-Jun-2009 10:00:53
i done an aanti too.. must be a pro thing to do :D

chicken:11-Jun-2009 06:55:46
.. soon turned out, to be a pain in the arse

kernel_panic:10-Jun-2009 22:10:03
The build quality of Macs is impressive...I dissasembled an iBook G4 and I've got 14 screws more than initially...

HoaX:10-Jun-2009 19:09:43
I Like icecream,whipped-c ream, chocolate, coffee, chocolate-icecream ,,choco-coffee,whi pped-cream in my coffee, chocolate whipped-cream, whipped-cream on my icecream, coffee after an icecream with choco-whipped cream, woman with whipped cream :sexy:

SnooSnoo:10-Jun-2009 12:54:53
I like likings.

JockeTF:09-Jun-2009 18:40:57
I like alpacas.

aanti:09-Jun-2009 18:26:49
no it was a mistake, but i dont use the pop part anyway these days

chiquita:09-Jun-2009 18:23:27
but its not the real one.. i only know pro-aanti :/

SnooSnoo:09-Jun-2009 17:31:24
aanti why the total split form pop that you even need a new user for the forum? :O

aanti:09-Jun-2009 16:19:25

W1ZrD:09-Jun-2009 13:51:54
Confirmation is confirmed until resignation of notification is confirmed

jackthompson:08-Jun-2009 23:01:43

hyp3rfocus:07-Jun-2009 11:46:09
i dunno. jockeTF kinda quiet about this kind of stuff. :wacko:

chiquita:07-Jun-2009 11:25:07
only a matter of time before he confirms it :/

hyp3rfocus:07-Jun-2009 04:48:50
he does? O_O

chiquita:06-Jun-2009 16:00:32

jackthompson:06-Jun-2009 14:30:17

kernel_panic:06-Jun-2009 09:22:39

chiquita:06-Jun-2009 01:51:42
i will never suggest anything again

zinya:05-Jun-2009 22:41:46

jackthompson:05-Jun-2009 22:40:41
counter complaints made me restore the full name of the UrT server...

chiquita:01-Jun-2009 00:28:35
yep thats better

jackthompson:01-Jun-2009 00:16:10
i'm sorry \:D/

jackthompson:01-Jun-2009 00:00:42

chiquita:31-May-2009 23:43:54
i said that before i seen your stupid comment in the script.. fu

chiquita:31-May-2009 23:42:50
thank you :D

chiquita:31-May-2009 23:40:22
for = your

chiquita:31-May-2009 23:40:09
just read for f*****g pm.. instead of sending me replies laughing at me

jackthompson:31-May-2009 23:32:50
women? and how many?

SnooSnoo:31-May-2009 21:09:16
<--- just got snu-snued :sexy:

HoaX:31-May-2009 14:53:04
lml (-_-) lml

hyp3rfocus:31-May-2009 09:52:07
hyp3rfocus <-- likes pointing at himself

aantipop:31-May-2009 09:44:38
<- clubbing :cool:

Derity:31-May-2009 01:08:58
<- sleeping

JockeTF:31-May-2009 00:07:58
<-- Likes alpacas.

W1ZrD:30-May-2009 07:59:20
<-- likes to tease chiq

baer:29-May-2009 20:30:08
corkscrew has a download loop in map scorpion, cu, have a nice weekend!

chiquita:26-May-2009 07:41:48
stop teasing

aantipop:25-May-2009 22:10:15
enjoy !!

hyp3rfocus:25-May-2009 08:56:08
Love is so confusing. There's no peace of mind

SnooSnoo:25-May-2009 06:14:46
I hate mondays.

chiquita:24-May-2009 23:17:06
\:D/ In between What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine

hyp3rfocus:24-May-2009 22:48:56
hmm. you're probably right about mutual mistrust chiq

Joki:24-May-2009 22:32:34
Writing savage Heikus is something you should do on sundays only. FRAGGIN is something you can do allday thou! \:D/

chiquita:24-May-2009 19:22:15
hmm i thought it was mutual mistrust :/

chiquita:24-May-2009 19:20:14
Once I had a love and it was divine Soon found out I was losing my mind

SnooSnoo:24-May-2009 18:15:08
O, hai, mr I dont visit. :)

W1ZrD:24-May-2009 16:30:33

hyp3rfocus:24-May-2009 15:12:37
Seemed like the real thing, only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind?

jackthompson:24-May-2009 10:55:34
then you might combust spontaneously (south park 3x2)

PopeJo:24-May-2009 08:08:34
I'd never had gas'ed :wacko:

SnooSnoo:24-May-2009 07:57:40
o.O Must be some Scotch thing :/

chiquita:24-May-2009 00:46:06
Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass

jackthompson:23-May-2009 22:36:26
this shoutbox gives me gas

chiquita:22-May-2009 11:17:26
my alpacas now have lag grass

Joki:21-May-2009 22:38:51
I like rain at night.

W1ZrD:20-May-2009 14:33:04
/me asks snoo

SnooSnoo:19-May-2009 11:39:56
Just ask Snoo :)

aantipop:19-May-2009 04:31:20
W1ZrD: build yourself a iso with drivers included http://winfuture.d e/XPIsoBuilder

W1ZrD:18-May-2009 18:34:41
how the fk can I get drivers for XP so that an Acer 5710Z reckognizes the HDD during installation? The piece of junk came with Vista and now nothing will install because it can't find the disk

hyp3rfocus:18-May-2009 03:10:27
i've upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 alpha and the intel driver problems have been fixed. :D

jackthompson:17-May-2009 23:35:07
http://www.celebli Kelly_LeBrock_got_ ugly.jpg

oOJINxOo:17-May-2009 16:07:17 .com/watch?v=EgKcz dKdnKM&feature =related

oOJINxOo:17-May-2009 15:54:16
W1ZrD maybe you need some Wierd Science, i know that was crap but hey =D

W1ZrD:17-May-2009 13:09:57
I need a any on e-bay?

jackthompson:17-May-2009 07:39:01
haha \xD/

jackthompson:17-May-2009 07:38:45
with crosshairsize 9000 you make big holes in the map

PopeJo:17-May-2009 07:26:51
crosshairsize 9000!!!!

jackthompson:17-May-2009 06:20:36
dot + crosshairsize 96... :C

JockeTF:16-May-2009 23:53:28

W1ZrD:16-May-2009 13:24:12'f f said

chiquita:12-May-2009 21:16:50
hmm.. are these plastic covers over the feet.. there is fabric material below it :O

chiquita:12-May-2009 20:15:46
im going to take my shoes off.. hold your noses :D

chiquita:13-May-2009 03:15:13
actually.. i like the everglide.. but the MX518 feet are too big and smooth.. its hard to control

Joki:12-May-2009 18:32:31
since i switched from my old expensive plastic thing to (fabric) everglide pad i dont use skates anymore \:D/

jackthompson:12-May-2009 17:52:44

jackthompson:12-May-2009 17:52:22
mice are the only thing from razer that don't totally suck...

jackthompson:12-May-2009 17:51:25
f*cking 2 sided exactmat... too small and it's feet destroy the skates of my mouse...

Strzelba:11-May-2009 13:59:54

SnooSnoo:11-May-2009 13:09:41
What do you mean what do I mean Doovde'?

chiquita:10-May-2009 14:36:27
you mean like.. eating python meat ? xD

JockeTF:10-May-2009 13:43:00
Everyone <3 Alpacas

W1ZrD:10-May-2009 13:39:27
ask chiq

hyp3rfocus:10-May-2009 07:55:42
women <3 python?

W1ZrD:10-May-2009 02:26:00
I <3 women

hyp3rfocus:09-May-2009 21:06:16
i <3 python

jackthompson:09-May-2009 08:31:00
it's an eye-catcher

chiquita:09-May-2009 01:53:21
css overlay needs attention on the server list :D

chiquita:07-May-2009 17:08:10
and im shit at painting

chiquita:07-May-2009 09:20:23
i wrote for luck

kernel_panic:06-May-2009 18:59:34
There's nothing set to stone, who knows what they'll come up with tomorrow...

chiquita:06-May-2009 18:43:11
but was it conclusive?

Joki:06-May-2009 14:10:46
You are wrong, razer. Scientists figured, the bird is bigger than or equal to the word.

chiquita:06-May-2009 02:03:46
ask the guy behind the counter

Falkland:05-May-2009 23:22:46
Does a bird fly ?

RAZ3R:05-May-2009 19:21:39
'A bird' is two words, but the more pressing matter is what THE word is.

SnooSnoo:05-May-2009 06:25:19
A bird is a word!

kernel_panic:04-May-2009 22:05:26
http://www.scribd. com/doc/11433875/P enguin-Poop-Trajec tory-Document-Mayb e There, learn something useful about those filthy avian things.

Joki:04-May-2009 19:23:43
I suppose chiquita was talking about an absence of a certain ornithological piece. Something regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety. Something totally not regarding the any form of pig of bird flu.

chiquita:04-May-2009 19:08:44
hmmm... it looks like we have a problem again with awareness :O

W1ZrD:04-May-2009 19:06:50
Birds (class Aves) are winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), vertebrate animals that lay eggs.

chiquita:04-May-2009 18:42:40
w1z are you aware of the true representation of what the bird is..? xD

chiquita:04-May-2009 18:40:07
ye.. it's true.. they are serious.. as i found out xD they exist

W1ZrD:04-May-2009 18:16:06

SnooSnoo:04-May-2009 18:10:08
Scientology? Are those ppl serious? rotfl

chiquita:04-May-2009 18:04:44
only the older people listened.. ofc, i heckled him

chiquita:04-May-2009 18:03:39
yesterday one of the neighbours had a bbq - after 1/2 hour he started talking about scientology! talk about a set up

Joki:03-May-2009 19:22:21
YAWRN!! time weirdness strikes again @ CTF KNockout Tournament topic :f

jackthompson:03-May-2009 16:55:27
i found

JockeTF:02-May-2009 01:21:49

Joki:29-Apr-2009 11:36:58
After 8 days i has inturwebs again \:D/

jackthompson:29-Apr-2009 06:02:22

jackthompson:28-Apr-2009 05:33:05
you're exaggerating now.. let's shoot each other on SCHMERZ later... :D

hyp3rfocus:28-Apr-2009 05:22:22
glad to hear your connection is sorted jack. musta been horrible.

jackthompson:27-Apr-2009 22:55:42
it's back

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2009 21:51:41
well, are you trying to break the laws of physics now?

jackthompson:27-Apr-2009 16:38:53
my internet is completely gone now... :ops:

jackthompson:26-Apr-2009 22:09:10
with a whip made of network cables

jackthompson:26-Apr-2009 20:50:30
i'll kill my isp

jackthompson:26-Apr-2009 20:50:14
damn reconnects :/

pulchr:26-Apr-2009 17:33:42
stop your snogging!

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2009 17:08:39

W1ZrD:26-Apr-2009 14:38:25

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2009 14:01:11
Great God allmighty!

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2009 14:00:52
Damn it come to irc!

W1ZrD:26-Apr-2009 01:28:25
Yeah Jack, I bloody miss you too!

Falkland:25-Apr-2009 23:02:02
but if u are a ghost , how can u be returned ? ... lol

hyp3rfocus:25-Apr-2009 21:56:36
welcome back w1z

jackthompson:25-Apr-2009 21:35:23

W1ZrD:25-Apr-2009 20:24:46
The ghost has returned, hopefully..

Falkland:25-Apr-2009 19:45:00
XSS -> Cross Site Scripting ... search for longer explanation on wikipedia

chiquita:25-Apr-2009 18:14:08
what is a xss man? :O

Falkland:25-Apr-2009 17:08:11
Club : a serial imbecil ... for first he tried to see if there's a limit in shoutout lenght content , for second to make a XSS .... man ... U SUCK !!! Give your 2 arms to agricolture !!!

chiquita:25-Apr-2009 15:48:19
well my mouse is still crap but the mouse pad definately makes a big difference for me :D i didnt expect it to tho

SnooSnoo:25-Apr-2009 11:58:38
good mouse yea, but pad depends

kernel_panic:25-Apr-2009 08:22:51
Does it make that much difference (good mouse+pad)?

chiquita:25-Apr-2009 00:39:00
i love my mousepad.. but i feel like im cheating using it :/

kernel_panic:24-Apr-2009 23:53:55
JODEEEEER!!! (they fragged me again)

jackthompson:24-Apr-2009 23:44:16
fail :sexy:

chiquita:24-Apr-2009 21:07:40
a serial spammer :O

Club:24-Apr-2009 19:19:11

Club:24-Apr-2009 19:18:58

Club:24-Apr-2009 19:13:25
it isnt what it looks like :p

Club:24-Apr-2009 18:30:58
javascript.redirec t(" quot;)

Club:24-Apr-2009 18:22:16
1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890

chiquita:24-Apr-2009 08:25:19

chiquita:24-Apr-2009 00:27:39
people are pulling my strings and i aint happy.. i wont fall for it anymore and report you to wrrr

chiquita:23-Apr-2009 18:24:29

RAZ3R:23-Apr-2009 12:53:49

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2009 12:35:19
Body Count, Body Motherf***** Count...

PopeJo:23-Apr-2009 08:39:56
BC, Body Count, Body Count, BC, BC, ...

PopeJo:23-Apr-2009 08:39:19

chiquita:23-Apr-2009 06:01:02

chiquita:23-Apr-2009 05:49:00

chiquita:23-Apr-2009 02:44:26

chiquita:22-Apr-2009 19:18:56

chiquita:22-Apr-2009 19:13:55
its not always a rewarding task.. sometimes you spend ages on something away up high you can hardly see :D

chiquita:22-Apr-2009 19:12:57
the one you done.. q3ctf1.. or goto the link i posted in the thread and search for the name of the file

aantipop:22-Apr-2009 18:56:24
tell me the name of a map which contains this texture please

chiquita:22-Apr-2009 18:24:36
aanti the current pak is uploading now. ill pm it to you and you can have a look around it

chiquita:22-Apr-2009 04:56:09

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2009 19:46:20

chiquita:21-Apr-2009 16:27:49
oh wow.. xD ive created unique special rainbow RN flames :D

chiquita:21-Apr-2009 11:00:18
sorry.. my scottish sarcasm came accross too strong again :D odigo = <3

jackthompson:21-Apr-2009 01:16:07
...and i answered with HIODIGO.. and we all shared a laugh

jackthompson:21-Apr-2009 01:11:24
nah.. the odigo i mean was always greeting me HIJACKTHOMPSON.. even on crappy days..

chiquita:21-Apr-2009 00:40:18
and his *friend* is hardly one of the most pleasent ppl.. at a time i was trying to help them

chiquita:21-Apr-2009 00:38:23
didnt odigo take my work and never thought to credit me on anything?

chiquita:21-Apr-2009 00:37:33

jackthompson:20-Apr-2009 23:33:38
i miss odigo.. (:(

Strzelba:20-Apr-2009 04:44:43

chiquita:20-Apr-2009 02:44:04

jackthompson:19-Apr-2009 21:51:38

chiquita:19-Apr-2009 08:55:47
welcome back \:D/

jackthompson:19-Apr-2009 03:31:23
i'm back... \:D/

chiquita:19-Apr-2009 00:27:47
i waited an hour and 10 mins.. noone came

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2009 21:33:37
I would, but just came home, and off to bed, sorry :/

chiquita:18-Apr-2009 21:31:49
someone play lazer with me

chiquita:18-Apr-2009 14:01:54
S.V.G. Episode 50 xD xD

kernel_panic:18-Apr-2009 02:33:25
Now you are banned from retiring.

kernel_panic:18-Apr-2009 02:33:03
You should've decided it before! You stole me precious frags I needed to crush Popejo!

chiquita:17-Apr-2009 22:57:46
i retire... i am too old :(

chiquita:17-Apr-2009 14:18:24
i think thats why they got sent to prison.. the judges got so pissed not being able to search for their warez

jackthompson:17-Apr-2009 13:49:31
their search was broken anyways... almost as bad as typing "inventory&qu ot; in a sierra adventure..

chiquita:17-Apr-2009 12:30:05
wtf.. just read that in :O thats harsh :(

kernel_panic:17-Apr-2009 09:56:01
Uh...the pirate bay guys have been jailed...

kernel_panic:16-Apr-2009 15:13:03
It's a monstrosity...and they throw it down your throat, like it (god forbid) or not.

hyp3rfocus:16-Apr-2009 13:53:27
kernel, you don't like anti-aliasing?

chiquita:16-Apr-2009 12:54:10
sorry derity.. my computer is shit.. and it reboots without notice :*(

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2009 12:50:16

kernel_panic:16-Apr-2009 12:17:52
The genius who invented the antialiased shit should be executed. Twice.

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2009 16:58:06
heh, no :P

Joki:14-Apr-2009 19:34:08
Maybe they noticed you were surfing "work-unrelat ed" sites at work and limited your network acces. >:D

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2009 17:17:53
it was just on my machine at work :/

chiquita:14-Apr-2009 14:23:36
i reinstalled my system.. my mouse wheel works better

chiquita:14-Apr-2009 14:23:05
2+ out of 10 ? :O

PopeJo:14-Apr-2009 14:10:24
I give it a 2+

chiquita:14-Apr-2009 08:33:56
ok for me

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2009 08:23:01
Takes 30 minutes to fully load o.O

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2009 08:11:35
The site is a slug here this morning, whats wrong?

jackthompson:13-Apr-2009 23:34:24

chiquita:13-Apr-2009 21:26:03
maybe you configured it like a noob ? xD

jackthompson:13-Apr-2009 15:50:11
the nexuiz ate 70% cpu.. so i took it temp. offline

jackthompson:13-Apr-2009 15:49:53
i'm back! :D

chiquita:12-Apr-2009 21:36:16
where is the nexuiz server ?????

hyp3rfocus:11-Apr-2009 17:56:06
feels good to be mapping again. :D

hyp3rfocus:11-Apr-2009 06:36:40
meh, shoutbox chewed up the link. :(

hyp3rfocus:11-Apr-2009 06:36:09
http://en.wikipedi stre :)

chiquita:10-Apr-2009 13:11:36
happy eastern xD

jackthompson:10-Apr-2009 11:30:25
eastern & bbq \:D/

Joki:10-Apr-2009 11:13:33

JockeTF:07-Apr-2009 09:01:16
I like alpacas!

SnooSnoo:03-Apr-2009 13:24:33
np! see ya! :D

chiquita:03-Apr-2009 11:14:03
ive packed more stuff.. will need some help at the airport \:D/

SnooSnoo:03-Apr-2009 06:17:57
Are you packing your bags and spending the holidays in Croatia chiq? :)

chiquita:03-Apr-2009 02:25:08

kernel_panic:02-Apr-2009 17:49:27
I've been called many things in my life, but 'charming 9; and 'attractive&# 039; were definitely AMONG them. XD

chiquita:02-Apr-2009 11:49:41

kernel_panic:02-Apr-2009 08:54:46
I recommend the rehashed version of Metropolis with Moroder's soundtrack. :D

jackthompson:02-Apr-2009 04:49:02
Giorgio Moroder!!!! \:D/

Joki:01-Apr-2009 15:44:00
today was first bveergarden day!! cheerts .D

jackthompson:01-Apr-2009 11:07:23
RN|Corkscrew is back

kernel_panic:01-Apr-2009 09:06:06
I love the daylight savings time!

Joki:01-Apr-2009 08:49:58
it was snowing here 3 days ago, now its almost summer! :D

jackthompson:31-Mar-2009 08:03:05
suuure.. thx :D

hyp3rfocus:30-Mar-2009 17:38:41
I hope you get well soon jack.

Strzelba:30-Mar-2009 17:37:06
running nose here :| wrrrrrrr

jackthompson:29-Mar-2009 16:24:13
so cold... :oO:

chiquita:29-Mar-2009 09:03:36
caught hanger

SnooSnoo:29-Mar-2009 08:35:08
c a u g h t * :D

jackthompson:29-Mar-2009 01:11:41
i've catched a cold :s

chiquita:28-Mar-2009 15:30:33
\:D/ <3 \:D/

Derity:28-Mar-2009 14:59:08
<3 you chicken :)

chiquita:25-Mar-2009 18:19:43
Auto Bzz :D

Strzelba:25-Mar-2009 17:14:45

SnooSnoo:25-Mar-2009 13:32:37

Derity:25-Mar-2009 12:55:48
lets see how good i am at railing :D

Derity:25-Mar-2009 12:55:32

chiquita:25-Mar-2009 06:11:06
mornin *groan*

chiquita:24-Mar-2009 18:16:28
:pft: you will never know about tc

Strzelba:24-Mar-2009 18:11:31
wrrrr i have corks because.... no fuck no i will not tell u that :grr:

chiquita:24-Mar-2009 16:46:56
why u have corks?

Strzelba:24-Mar-2009 12:52:11
what does it mean this tc?

SnooSnoo:24-Mar-2009 12:02:34

chiquita:24-Mar-2009 11:38:55

jackthompson:24-Mar-2009 03:46:58

Joki:24-Mar-2009 02:48:54

aantipop:22-Mar-2009 09:29:29
888.1 MiB

Falkland:21-Mar-2009 22:12:22
how many MB ( or GB ) for the entire Xreal svn tree ?

chiquita:21-Mar-2009 09:26:26

chiquita:21-Mar-2009 06:22:30

chiquita:21-Mar-2009 02:38:06
i am jealous.. these ppl playing teemonster should pause the game until ive dl'd it :(

chiquita:20-Mar-2009 23:10:08
try out the new servers :D i will once ive downloaded them

baer:20-Mar-2009 22:29:41
okay, looking forward to meet "him" again, have a nice weekend!

chiquita:20-Mar-2009 22:13:13
cs server was taken offline.. too many problems.

chiquita:20-Mar-2009 22:12:00
but we love him

chiquita:20-Mar-2009 22:11:41
dont laugh.. hes just an idiot :/

baer:20-Mar-2009 22:00:49

Strzelba:20-Mar-2009 21:59:22
damn not doesnt but dont

Strzelba:20-Mar-2009 21:58:52
ideas doesnt exist in my mind today :blarg: sorry

baer:20-Mar-2009 21:26:23
hi, guys! seems like corkscrew is offline...any idea??? :(

Strzelba:20-Mar-2009 19:59:21
hahaha jooovke doovde :rotfl:

SnooSnoo:20-Mar-2009 18:40:21
It play doovde'

Strzelba:20-Mar-2009 14:53:55
it work :)

chiquita:20-Mar-2009 12:05:12
that password doesnt work wrrr :D

chiquita:19-Mar-2009 17:51:01
also unread posts are showing as read :/

Falkland:19-Mar-2009 21:58:42
argh .... that's why MMORPG thread remains unreaded ... last post results published on Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:56 pm now it's _only_ 3.58 pm (GMT +1) ... sob

chiquita:19-Mar-2009 21:50:58
i get the same too :(

Falkland:19-Mar-2009 21:50:45
Alle..Dead : blame you? Are u crazy ? I was thinking of assembling XReal sice months ... now I have one more reason xD

chiquita:19-Mar-2009 15:41:59
thats the 5 euro rolex issue :/

SnooSnoo:19-Mar-2009 21:40:32
fixed after logging out/in :)

SnooSnoo:19-Mar-2009 21:39:54
Quake MMORPG thread keeps unread status :(

jackthompson:19-Mar-2009 11:15:00
server list updated... report missing servers please

AllegedlyDead:19-Mar-2009 04:29:51
Oh yeah, so much for trying to revive the forums with my little story thread.

AllegedlyDead:19-Mar-2009 04:21:28
Yeah, blame me for getting everyone started on Xreal. =p

jackthompson:18-Mar-2009 16:47:22
yes.. :] it's from svn... but only 1 map so far.. needs some more care...

chiquita:18-Mar-2009 16:09:57
oh new servers :O

Falkland:18-Mar-2009 16:08:03
uh ... jack ... did u checkout all the xreal tree to having that ?

jackthompson:18-Mar-2009 16:06:44
teeworlds ffa server online \:D/

jackthompson:18-Mar-2009 15:32:45
yea... the 2nd xreal server... :D

SnooSnoo:18-Mar-2009 15:20:35
oh, xreal server, nice :9

chiquita:17-Mar-2009 10:15:24
it took me ages to work out the morgans one.. but i knew it definately had a familiar smell :D

SnooSnoo:17-Mar-2009 10:14:30
ewww :)

chiquita:17-Mar-2009 09:44:06
gin n tonic = grapefruit (thanks snoo)

chiquita:17-Mar-2009 03:55:28
morgans spice + diet coke... smell = vanilla

JockeTF:17-Mar-2009 03:10:12
Ok! :)

chiquita:16-Mar-2009 23:10:39
prove it

JockeTF:16-Mar-2009 17:21:35
I like alpacas!

chiquita:15-Mar-2009 03:15:08
clock thing still fooked :/

hyp3rfocus:14-Mar-2009 12:27:09
snoo, i know you want to get an ssd just so you can defrag it to speed it up :)

chiquita:14-Mar-2009 08:53:06
everybody happy \:D/

AllegedlyDead:14-Mar-2009 06:58:19
Funny how things turn out.

chiquita:14-Mar-2009 05:11:08
i fixed derailer.. just didnt want to post and make ass of meself :O

chiquita:14-Mar-2009 05:04:19
Frys in Cali always have good deals. you could ask your friend :D

SnooSnoo:13-Mar-2009 22:56:11
you mean the one thats in the store that I havent bought yet? :)

hyp3rfocus:13-Mar-2009 15:00:11
hey snoo, you defragged your ssd yet?

chiquita:13-Mar-2009 14:21:17

kernel_panic:13-Mar-2009 13:37:45
The dough-faced ploughman, coughing and hiccoughing, walked through the streets of Loughborough.

SnooSnoo:12-Mar-2009 11:16:14
GeexBox pwns

chiquita:12-Mar-2009 10:59:16
California Love :D

chiquita:12-Mar-2009 10:40:18
whatever happened to the image gallery :/

chiquita:12-Mar-2009 10:38:28

SnooSnoo:12-Mar-2009 08:50:27
Not as much as some blokes comments on a IT geeks forum.

jackthompson:12-Mar-2009 08:34:18
yea... it starts pissing me off

SnooSnoo:12-Mar-2009 08:29:38
Clock's bwoke again :/

chiquita:11-Mar-2009 21:25:05

RAZ3R:11-Mar-2009 20:21:57
...4 now

RAZ3R:11-Mar-2009 19:56:56
link number 5!

chiquita:11-Mar-2009 19:20:19
search google for : quake 3 alpacas

chiquita:11-Mar-2009 19:14:57
cant wait for the next auto-bzz

chiquita:11-Mar-2009 10:19:09
aww so has the vid :(

jackthompson:11-Mar-2009 09:53:10
her laughter has scrolled out of view \:D/

SnooSnoo:10-Mar-2009 15:35:22
Speech!!!! :harr:

jackthompson:10-Mar-2009 07:35:29

chiquita:07-Mar-2009 17:48:44
hahahhahhah "Now I Need You" - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Donna Summer

rilessgar:07-Mar-2009 11:36:12
Thankyou JackThompson.

jackthompson:07-Mar-2009 09:36:26

jackthompson:07-Mar-2009 09:36:06
it said 'fragged' ; and not melted.. :/

chiquita:07-Mar-2009 00:49:58
jack thinks you melt ppl in freezetag by shooting them repeatedly

chiquita:06-Mar-2009 10:11:17
where are you guys playing?

chiquita:06-Mar-2009 10:08:26
in fact.. im one of the best players around... i just let people win because i enjoy making others happy

chiquita:06-Mar-2009 10:07:25
aantipop why didnt you let him win :( like i do

chiquita:06-Mar-2009 10:06:34
climb up to some overhead electrical cables and dance on the wires :D

chiquita:06-Mar-2009 10:05:38

jackthompson:06-Mar-2009 09:39:51
and get me a wrist slashing machine instead...

jackthompson:06-Mar-2009 09:39:22
aantipop did beat me... i sell my computer...

jackthompson:06-Mar-2009 08:55:42

jackthompson:06-Mar-2009 08:55:17
i am the worst player ever... i retire..

chiquita:05-Mar-2009 06:21:53

jackthompson:05-Mar-2009 06:01:32
time for bed |:|

jackthompson:05-Mar-2009 06:01:13
or so...

jackthompson:05-Mar-2009 05:59:57
when new distribution channels have caused the downfall of copyright holders with their restrictive business models our children will want to know how digital death could have happened..

chiquita:04-Mar-2009 12:32:40
i had someone helping me with stuff so i changed the hostname - i mentioned to others i was removing it from dpmaster lists but forgot bout this one

chiquita:04-Mar-2009 12:31:19
haha.. oh sorry. last night i was getting power cuts due to bad weather

Joki:04-Mar-2009 10:39:19
This is not the searchbox, I reckon. :D

Joki:04-Mar-2009 10:39:01

Joki:04-Mar-2009 08:07:49
Oh i figured its chiquitas server, not bad-mood-TMM. :p

Joki:04-Mar-2009 05:21:26

Joki:04-Mar-2009 05:21:12
/me is sensing TMMs presence like a cold breeze that tickles your neck, while walking through a graveyard on a cold autumn night to cut short on your way to get home quicker.

Joki:04-Mar-2009 05:18:18
RN|Waste of fucking time -- whats that server :O

chiquita:04-Mar-2009 03:16:54
i love creme eggs

jackthompson:03-Mar-2009 19:52:46
the only thing i'm in love with is 4chan /hc/ ... buckets of love..

RAZ3R:03-Mar-2009 19:33:38
that e-mail titles too subtle for me chiquita

AllegedlyDead:03-Mar-2009 09:32:44
I just updated the Quake MMORPG thread about and hour ago. Go check the new changes.

SnooSnoo:03-Mar-2009 09:27:16
Oh the lovebirds, how cute. ;P

jackthompson:03-Mar-2009 08:49:48
or we boil him alive.. like i've seen in shogun with richard chamberlain...

jackthompson:03-Mar-2009 08:41:59
i will kill that spammer with a sledgehammer if you wish...

chiquita:03-Mar-2009 08:18:52
sometimes i win a laptop :/

chiquita:03-Mar-2009 08:18:19
i woke up to new mail/spam titled "Enter her twat like a bull".. i go back to bed now

rilessgar:03-Mar-2009 07:25:45
you still beerless joki?

Joki:02-Mar-2009 23:54:15
god i'm thirsty :<

Joki:02-Mar-2009 23:54:04
ahhahah fukk i even understood the 2xsucks = blows

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 22:27:43
VORWERK!!!! \:D/

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 22:26:58
i mean suck * suck = blows... like -1 * -1 =... forget it... :s

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 22:26:13
ahhh shit... 2 x sucks = blows

Joki:02-Mar-2009 22:00:11
pfff. i have a Centrino Dirt Devil (with the power of 2 vacuums!!!!1)

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 21:22:56
because i like to show off my kick ass VORWERK vacuum cleaner..

chiquita:02-Mar-2009 21:21:38
put double sided sticky tape to your feet..

TMM:02-Mar-2009 21:05:46
jacky why don't you jus walk around barefoot for a while, then wash your feet? less work ;)

SnooSnoo:02-Mar-2009 20:37:07

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 19:16:05
i vacuum clean the floor when i find too much shit in my bed because it got stuck to my feet...

SnooSnoo:02-Mar-2009 17:46:13
Cleaning once every 6 months? :eh:

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 17:19:48

JockeTF:02-Mar-2009 16:36:50
Nah, I imagine that every day! ;)

chiquita:02-Mar-2009 15:07:15
jack with a feather duster and apron :O hard to imagine

jackthompson:02-Mar-2009 15:03:04
it's spring-cleaning time \:D/

chiquita:02-Mar-2009 14:16:20
haha.. your guess is as good as mine :D

RAZ3R:02-Mar-2009 13:43:25
...why were you banned chiquita, leilol going on a power trip? :/

JockeTF:02-Mar-2009 00:47:00

chiquita:01-Mar-2009 22:16:34
oh its fixed :D 5 stars for efficiency

JockeTF:01-Mar-2009 19:49:50
phpbb 3 looks more and more interesting every day. :P

JockeTF:01-Mar-2009 19:16:14
Chiquita: I'll fix it. -_-

chiquita:01-Mar-2009 18:58:34
.. my inbox here says .. Inbox New: -1

HoaX:01-Mar-2009 18:19:27
welcome to club "naughty naughty" ;)

jackthompson:01-Mar-2009 16:09:18
yea... i was banned too while they were moving that forum realier this month...

Falkland:01-Mar-2009 15:48:48
Sorry Guest , you are banned ... etc mex means that your IP or all your IPs range is banned

kernel_panic:01-Mar-2009 12:08:59
whoever wrote this:"If you are moving at high speed (or any speed) then if you let go of all directional keys, then keep pressing jump on land.. you will NOT lose any speed", is now banned in OA forums. And its name is now 'scum'. :(

chiquita:01-Mar-2009 10:07:33
is the oa forum down: Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! then get out of here emo kid

jackthompson:01-Mar-2009 05:10:14
bO:[Od <-- huge biceps with my face in the middle <3

jackthompson:01-Mar-2009 05:09:07

chiquita:25-Feb-2009 16:07:32
for a taunt.. why not make him do a moony then we can ass shoot him :D

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 16:01:19 hyp3rfocus/models/ snoossassin/ g :)

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 16:00:36
and posts are in the wrong order again. :(

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 15:51:45
ffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffff ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 15:44:35
gah, now the forum isn't letting me post. keeps telling me i can't post so soon after the last. even if i wait for a few minutes. :(

SnooSnoo:25-Feb-2009 15:17:23
hyp3r bwoke the casio again, Jocke repair it and get aclock from a chinese shop this time.

chiquita:25-Feb-2009 14:36:45
aw :( stupid kerb

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 14:36:30

SnooSnoo:25-Feb-2009 14:29:30
Sorry mate, why only now?

hyp3rfocus:25-Feb-2009 14:00:39
meh, failed my driving test. clipped the curve on my parallel park. :(

hyp3rfocus:24-Feb-2009 20:47:46
good point chiquita, snoo + hoodie = snoodie

SnooSnoo:24-Feb-2009 20:09:07
that sounds like strudel, mmmm

chiquita:24-Feb-2009 18:39:37
the bot should be called snoodie :D

hyp3rfocus:24-Feb-2009 17:34:56
kill the snoossassin!!!

SnooSnoo:24-Feb-2009 12:15:39
A Hora E a Vez Do Cabelo Nascer

aantipop:24-Feb-2009 10:50:57
hooraz for free interwebs in the hostel o/

chiquita:24-Feb-2009 07:38:48
morning wrr

chiquita:24-Feb-2009 04:22:26

chiquita:24-Feb-2009 04:22:01
ello pro-aanti

aantipop:24-Feb-2009 01:50:27
greetings from galway, where is rag week

Joki:23-Feb-2009 22:47:45
yay, for cg_enemymodel \o/

jackthompson:23-Feb-2009 21:30:30
we got a OSP tourney server now.. :]

chiquita:22-Feb-2009 13:06:48

Strzelba:22-Feb-2009 09:39:25
WOW completely correct, even with Ń. your polish making progress:)

hyp3rfocus:22-Feb-2009 08:53:03
Dzień dobry Strzelba

Strzelba:22-Feb-2009 08:31:05
morning people

SnooSnoo:18-Feb-2009 09:28:18
I used to ride throughout the whole winter last year.

chiquita:17-Feb-2009 23:51:16
i used to babysit alexander graham bell who stayed just up the road

hyp3rfocus:17-Feb-2009 23:30:41
i took my grandchildren to see charlie chaplin's first movie at the cinema.

jackthompson:17-Feb-2009 23:06:14
i cried when conan's girlfriend died..

chiquita:17-Feb-2009 19:21:49
i was too old to cry after watching ET at the cinema :D

hyp3rfocus:17-Feb-2009 19:16:41
razer, as soon as i read "no genie" i thought of the jawas from star wars. does that make me old?

chiquita:17-Feb-2009 19:15:21
ye.. i was at B&Q today.. no genie here :(

RAZ3R:17-Feb-2009 18:57:57
I tried that, just gets your third degree burns on your hand, no genie :(.

chiquita:17-Feb-2009 15:54:29
goto hardware store and rub all the lamps and see genie come out

SnooSnoo:17-Feb-2009 15:28:49
Sometimes, I wish I was a millionare.

chiquita:17-Feb-2009 11:30:21
sometimes when my game crashes it shows all the bsp's in one image.

jackthompson:17-Feb-2009 09:58:23
it's like one could merge many bsp's into one...

jackthompson:17-Feb-2009 05:00:53
cool.. :O

hyp3rfocus:16-Feb-2009 23:53:10
k3rn3l, http://en.wikibook Creating_an_.ase_m odel_out_of_brushw ork <-- does that help?

chiquita:16-Feb-2009 23:07:04

kernel_panic:16-Feb-2009 19:42:07
hyper, can you give me the command to decompile to .ase?

jackthompson:16-Feb-2009 12:41:26
morning! \:D/

SnooSnoo:16-Feb-2009 11:49:55
Whats with this Ireland stuff, I wann go too!!

SnooSnoo:16-Feb-2009 11:48:45
oooh, aww well, its casio nao :)

chiquita:16-Feb-2009 11:42:35
its the spray on shine that does it.. too bad it washes off in 2 days :@D

SnooSnoo:16-Feb-2009 09:49:03
But it looked real! ;P

chiquita:16-Feb-2009 09:27:46
i have the casio.. snoo bought the rolex :D

SnooSnoo:16-Feb-2009 08:25:51
It was a 5 euro rolex anyway XD

AllegedlyDead:16-Feb-2009 06:27:34
*crazily destroys the surroundings*

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 20:04:08
snoo broke it first.. he can pay for the repairs :D

jackthompson:15-Feb-2009 19:38:50
you broke Jocke's clock :(

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 18:42:48
over 1 hour is too short :D

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 18:42:21
You cannot make another post so soon after your last; please try again in a short while.

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 17:38:57
ye, i cant post at all now :D

jackthompson:15-Feb-2009 17:25:04
this server needs new batteries

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 17:05:49
Lenny was in jail

HoaX:15-Feb-2009 15:50:15
was lenny kidnapped? :waa:

kernel_panic:15-Feb-2009 13:21:11
Lenny released!!!!!!!

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 05:12:18
i kept doing that with my face when i was young.. my parents were right.. it did stay like that

chiquita:15-Feb-2009 05:11:23

jackthompson:15-Feb-2009 04:32:46

aantipop:15-Feb-2009 00:03:16

hyp3rfocus:14-Feb-2009 23:01:11

hyp3rfocus:14-Feb-2009 23:01:01

JockeTF:14-Feb-2009 22:59:43
5n005n00 too!

JockeTF:14-Feb-2009 22:57:29

SnooSnoo:14-Feb-2009 22:47:45

hyp3rfocus:15-Feb-2009 04:07:47
5n005n00 (zeroes)

hyp3rfocus:14-Feb-2009 21:07:44
5n005n00 (zeroes)

SnooSnoo:15-Feb-2009 03:50:03

chiquita:14-Feb-2009 20:44:24

Strzelba:14-Feb-2009 18:08:12

Strzelba:14-Feb-2009 18:07:57

Strzelba:14-Feb-2009 18:07:08

RiPp3r:14-Feb-2009 13:27:27
lol u should be kern3l ^^

chiquita:14-Feb-2009 12:39:00
dont believe kernel.. he meant that grumpy face xD

JockeTF:14-Feb-2009 12:27:19
Our smilies are confusing. :D

RAZ3R:14-Feb-2009 12:00:42

kernel_panic:14-Feb-2009 11:54:47
(that face was unintended)

kernel_panic:14-Feb-2009 11:54:02
hyp3r, raz3r, ripp3r...what' :s up, guys? should I be k3rn3l?

hyp3rfocus:14-Feb-2009 06:35:05
thanks guys. :D

chiquita:14-Feb-2009 03:50:39
best wishes \:D/

JockeTF:14-Feb-2009 01:01:54
Happy epoch and happy birthday hyp3rfocus! :)

RAZ3R:14-Feb-2009 00:53:57
...and happy birthday hyp3rfocus :)

RAZ3R:14-Feb-2009 00:51:17

PopeJo:13-Feb-2009 14:01:40
congratz =D

RAZ3R:13-Feb-2009 10:05:15

Strzelba:12-Feb-2009 19:55:10

cortex:12-Feb-2009 19:29:44

cortex:12-Feb-2009 16:14:31
~s text, Jack! (pressed shout too soon :P)

cortex:12-Feb-2009 16:14:08
thats Dr.Dre'

JockeTF:12-Feb-2009 15:49:11
(and alpacas...)

JockeTF:12-Feb-2009 15:49:00
Jack Thompson!!!

jackthompson:12-Feb-2009 13:05:58
i'm back!

Falkland:11-Feb-2009 19:27:24
cortex : try with Ubuntu64 ... try the LiveCD without installing anything and see if u'd like it

cortex:11-Feb-2009 17:54:57
**** VISTA(64)!! Zero compatibility, no internet, no drivers, no nothing!

SnooSnoo:11-Feb-2009 08:25:06

RAZ3R:11-Feb-2009 08:03:54
So, what's the word?

chiquita:10-Feb-2009 21:55:12
no confirmation as yet, waiting for official word

Joki:10-Feb-2009 21:14:08
Fo' real? :oO: Have the boys in the lab confirm this yet again!

chiquita:10-Feb-2009 19:52:09
according to recent studies, the bird could be greater than the word

cortex:10-Feb-2009 16:04:02
But eh snoo thats so right :(

cortex:10-Feb-2009 16:03:26

jackthompson:10-Feb-2009 15:59:27
hahaha... i was thinking about cortex and beastiality when i'd read that.. too much 4chan xD

SnooSnoo:10-Feb-2009 14:05:16
25 horses are nuff to get you killed, in fact all ya need is one asshole ;P

cortex:10-Feb-2009 13:09:53
Then im gonna B-KING. (no)

cortex:10-Feb-2009 13:07:21
lol jack&snoo. I'm limited to 25 horse power for two years though (which is a good thing I pressume)

Falkland:10-Feb-2009 02:07:47

Falkland:10-Feb-2009 02:07:29
Very good poll for showing the beauty of democracy

JockeTF:10-Feb-2009 00:00:58
Congratulations, Cortex! :)

aantipop:09-Feb-2009 18:47:50
cortex join #RN|clan on freenode. and yes, we use mumble

SnooSnoo:09-Feb-2009 17:42:38
Cortex, welcome to the club. :)

jackthompson:09-Feb-2009 17:23:27
omg... another crazy mofo on the A2 :D

cortex:09-Feb-2009 16:30:30
BTW: I just passed my motorcycle drivers licence!!!!! YAHOOOO :hoho:

cortex:09-Feb-2009 16:29:55
Falk I'd agree about the many items in the one area - never realy tought about it that way

kernel_panic:08-Feb-2009 22:50:53
nah...too much armour I agree, and the MH may be too much, but that's about it...

Falkland:08-Feb-2009 21:35:28
forgot to mention also pg ...

Falkland:08-Feb-2009 21:28:52
and main weapons all quite visible in the same area ( rl, lg, rg ) as well TWO armors as well the mh ... it lacks also of a second rl

cortex:08-Feb-2009 19:27:15
Very usefull poll about alpacas

cortex:08-Feb-2009 17:02:18
My CTF-itch is getting bigger and bigger. Do u use TEAMSPEAK btw?

cortex:08-Feb-2009 16:34:09
Kernel, I suppose he means the megahealth being to isolated, and THREE yellow armors..

kernel_panic:06-Feb-2009 23:04:54
what are you talking about, Falkland?

hyp3rfocus:06-Feb-2009 20:29:28
ah, i only play instagib on aggressor, so item placement doesn't affect me.

Falkland:06-Feb-2009 20:28:37
aggressor = classic example of bad items placement

cortex:06-Feb-2009 19:44:15
(anyone said camp?)

cortex:06-Feb-2009 19:44:02
aggressor = classic though controversial in winning gameplay :P

chiquita:06-Feb-2009 18:28:43
aggressor = poo

hyp3rfocus:06-Feb-2009 16:27:23
joki <3 aggressor

chiquita:04-Feb-2009 13:57:24
but no good if you dont have access to the rotation :(

chiquita:04-Feb-2009 12:29:29
i think with ng you can vote vstr's

Joki:04-Feb-2009 11:52:55
lol, sorry forgot to change it back, when we were done testing. xD but it seems its changed now....

Falkland:04-Feb-2009 02:25:25
Joki ... your map on TDM breaks default oa aspect and is not in rotation ... cannot vote for next map ....

Joki:04-Feb-2009 01:22:59
me likey

SnooSnoo:03-Feb-2009 21:24:28
not me

cortex:03-Feb-2009 16:57:12
Who of you guys still play 1v1?

jackthompson:03-Feb-2009 04:52:36
cortex!!!! \:D/

SnooSnoo:02-Feb-2009 17:41:23
am see...

cortex:02-Feb-2009 16:17:32
.. faaart

kernel_panic:02-Feb-2009 00:24:48
No matter how tempting it is, how beautiful it looks, or how easy it may NEVER fit data to a polynomial...EVER!

SnooSnoo:01-Feb-2009 20:16:54

cortex:01-Feb-2009 19:51:58
hi snoo

Joki:01-Feb-2009 14:19:12
too late... <:/

chiquita:01-Feb-2009 13:00:58
there will be revenge of bzz!

chiquita:01-Feb-2009 12:55:58
WARNING: DO NOT click on cos1 black2

cortex:31-Jan-2009 16:58:03
Is nookie banned?

chiquita:31-Jan-2009 12:42:22
a certain avian composition at high volume, with a strong latte, may be the perfect combination

Joki:31-Jan-2009 12:39:06
indeed. :/ bb muchlater cleaning the kitchen

chiquita:31-Jan-2009 12:35:20
sore head joki?

chiquita:31-Jan-2009 05:16:17
joki gownoglowy

Joki:31-Jan-2009 04:15:42
idmasde all tred topics goa way gybye puere posting :))))

Strzelba:31-Jan-2009 01:04:52
who want play?

SnooSnoo:30-Jan-2009 17:26:41
Excuses!! :ops:

cortex:30-Jan-2009 15:58:06
My internet is coming soon.

chiquita:30-Jan-2009 13:52:51
ba ba oh ma ma maow ba ba oh ma ma maow

SnooSnoo:30-Jan-2009 08:03:02
Strze XD

chiquita:30-Jan-2009 00:49:13
ask jack or TMM

Joki:30-Jan-2009 00:31:37
We were of course talking about an absence of a certain ornithological piece. Something regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety.

Strzelba:29-Jan-2009 23:58:30
i heard it but i still dont understand. Sorry

chiquita:29-Jan-2009 20:06:52
it would appear not everyone has heard

Falkland:29-Jan-2009 18:23:16
what ?

Joki:29-Jan-2009 18:03:13
It was my understanding that everybody has heard! com/watch?v=ZThquH 5t0ow

SnooSnoo:29-Jan-2009 17:44:43

Joki:29-Jan-2009 16:48:19
Well, haven't you heared?

Strzelba:29-Jan-2009 16:25:59
i dont understand. What he done?

chiquita:29-Jan-2009 12:08:39
naked? :O

SnooSnoo:29-Jan-2009 11:48:24
TMM!!!!!!!!!! :eh:

chiquita:29-Jan-2009 01:11:47

chiquita:27-Jan-2009 07:20:18
they will understand what you mean.. loads of people request it

chiquita:27-Jan-2009 07:19:39
a demo is just net traffic.. so just phone up the isp and ask them to suck some udp packets back to the router then release them again

kernel_panic:26-Jan-2009 23:48:11
Superman managed to reverse it by flying circles around the Earth bloody fast.

Joki:26-Jan-2009 21:19:33
you can not reverse the flow of time my son -- obiwan himself can only slow it down to infinum by using medical herbs, yet not stop it completly.

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 19:06:52
try /timescale -5 :D

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 19:06:37
to make it wrrrr backwards? :D

Strzelba:26-Jan-2009 19:03:30
how rewind a demo?

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 18:59:35
you can run faster with gaunt cos its lighter.. thats what the shitheads told me when i started

Strzelba:26-Jan-2009 16:46:54
The chicken has pneumatic bones, making its body lighter for flying, if it had not lost the ability to do so.

SnooSnoo:26-Jan-2009 12:51:34
flip the bird _|_:D

Joki:26-Jan-2009 10:14:26
I'm indeed totally aware, that the bird is the word!!!!!!!!!! :oO:

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 09:47:02
dont you know about the bird?

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 09:46:46
joki can i ask you something

Joki:26-Jan-2009 09:31:54
not anymore! <:/

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 09:09:05
spice :O

RAZ3R:26-Jan-2009 08:57:50

chiquita:26-Jan-2009 05:37:39

Strzelba:25-Jan-2009 11:59:18
Wow! This is morning for me :)

chiquita:25-Jan-2009 06:56:45
morning all

Strzelba:24-Jan-2009 12:08:03
who will play with me? WRRR!

hyp3rfocus:24-Jan-2009 01:36:04
i'm back. :)

Joki:23-Jan-2009 23:59:45
Where is my Leprechaun?!? :down:

chiquita:23-Jan-2009 06:06:06
i want big fat white spiders

chiquita:22-Jan-2009 13:28:32
watch some bzz.. better than the strongest coffee

Sascha:22-Jan-2009 07:49:38
*cry* Its to early for me.I want go back in my bed. F#%k Work and the weather is horrible...l8r m8s ;P

chiquita:21-Jan-2009 13:35:31
oh i used to love hobo song.. they played that at the students union on level 8 \:D/

chiquita:21-Jan-2009 13:27:19
jack is on a bzz frenzy :O

chiquita:21-Jan-2009 13:08:19

SnooSnoo:20-Jan-2009 08:57:26
bird and worm flu

SnooSnoo:20-Jan-2009 08:57:11 .com/watch?v=gtYwf U7BKq0

chiquita:20-Jan-2009 05:34:52
the bird is a word

jackthompson:20-Jan-2009 04:09:53
thank you

chiquita:19-Jan-2009 21:53:50
mines are exactly the same, just in a different order

Joki:19-Jan-2009 18:41:41
stats from displaying this page correctly: cache: |||| ||, error: |||| , malformed cache: ||

JockeTF:19-Jan-2009 17:56:56
Yeap. :)

Delucia:19-Jan-2009 17:36:49

Joki:19-Jan-2009 01:06:36
i'm hungry but too lazy to obtain food. :(

chiquita:18-Jan-2009 16:26:53

Strzelba:18-Jan-2009 16:04:18

chiquita:18-Jan-2009 14:04:12
ello :)

Sascha:18-Jan-2009 13:52:25
a quick HELLO to all =)

chiquita:16-Jan-2009 16:40:59
i got my fancy name on

chiquita:16-Jan-2009 16:20:59
i dont want my characters escaped either \:D/

chiquita:16-Jan-2009 15:57:27
my ass.. i dont have this problem. however i do have a fancy name too. so fix it!

SnooSnoo:16-Jan-2009 15:31:34

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 14:24:32
goddamn i'm right... it's the defraggers with their fancy names..

SnooSnoo:16-Jan-2009 12:53:51

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 12:19:57
it's a malformed name in XML struct issue... :/

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 01:18:18
JockeTF... maybe you server ran out of file descriptors.. or PHP is stupid

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 01:14:59
soo tired... i ran so much in the city... i must have looked like a sweating action star trying to look alarmed when there was no story..

chiquita:16-Jan-2009 01:12:41

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 00:59:09
and need sleep too... so tired.. :O

jackthompson:16-Jan-2009 00:56:56
yea... but need get used to it...

chiquita:15-Jan-2009 23:51:55
jacks back.. new moose?

chiquita:15-Jan-2009 21:10:15
oh wrr was playing ctc :D

Strzelba:15-Jan-2009 20:28:10
i mean chicken mod

Strzelba:15-Jan-2009 20:27:47

aantipop:15-Jan-2009 20:07:30
nice!! ill test ASAP

jackthompson:15-Jan-2009 15:47:44
we have rocket arena game mode and maps on RN|CPMA

chiquita:15-Jan-2009 10:57:00
warning: flash cat is back!

SnooSnoo:15-Jan-2009 09:08:36

SnooSnoo:15-Jan-2009 09:08:15

SnooSnoo:15-Jan-2009 09:05:18
Well, I was typing it in Croat dammnit! :P

jackthompson:15-Jan-2009 08:57:53
back to sleep

jackthompson:15-Jan-2009 08:18:52

jackthompson:14-Jan-2009 22:52:43

jackthompson:14-Jan-2009 22:52:25
That's Zdravstvuy, dammit!

SnooSnoo:14-Jan-2009 21:19:45

jackthompson:14-Jan-2009 20:54:45

chiquita:14-Jan-2009 20:05:15

jackthompson:14-Jan-2009 18:41:24

Strzelba:14-Jan-2009 18:41:02

chiquita:14-Jan-2009 15:48:40

jackthompson:14-Jan-2009 10:09:27
15h of sleep... makes me operate doors with my feet... \:D/

SnooSnoo:14-Jan-2009 08:23:32

jackthompson:13-Jan-2009 16:51:38
i need to sleep more... the poop is coming out of my fingers when i use the keyboard...

SnooSnoo:13-Jan-2009 15:34:34

jackthompson:13-Jan-2009 07:59:14

jackthompson:13-Jan-2009 06:11:52

chiquita:13-Jan-2009 00:44:47
no.. your looking in the mirror

jackthompson:12-Jan-2009 23:36:25
is that a photo?

chiquita:12-Jan-2009 22:09:10

SnooSnoo:12-Jan-2009 14:56:49

JockeTF:12-Jan-2009 13:16:54

jackthompson:12-Jan-2009 06:47:48

JockeTF:11-Jan-2009 18:39:31

chiquita:11-Jan-2009 06:21:05

chiquita:11-Jan-2009 06:08:59
is that a warning siren? :D

jackthompson:11-Jan-2009 04:56:12
chicken knows C

chiquita:08-Jan-2009 00:13:53
at least you came back. thats the main thing

jackthompson:07-Jan-2009 23:42:54
i was asleep :(

Joki:07-Jan-2009 18:26:45
alpacas barely legal

Joki:07-Jan-2009 18:26:16

JockeTF:07-Jan-2009 16:05:32

jackthompson:07-Jan-2009 13:40:04
it's losing needles already :C

jackthompson:07-Jan-2009 03:00:15
yea... time for you to get rid of the xmas decoration.. i've heard Swedes are pro at it... :p

JockeTF:06-Jan-2009 16:46:41
Thank you. :)

SnooSnoo:06-Jan-2009 15:07:45
WB Jockezuna!!!

JockeTF:06-Jan-2009 13:26:22

jackthompson:04-Jan-2009 01:48:17
no..i just have seen family guy and wont enter this competition!

chiquita:03-Jan-2009 05:32:52
well a-bird-bird-bird-b -b-b-bird..but ma ma ma but ma ma ma

chiquita:03-Jan-2009 05:30:33
jack is ill! :(

chiquita:03-Jan-2009 05:29:28
you cant compete? :O

jackthompson:03-Jan-2009 01:00:44
i have to work on my todolist

jackthompson:03-Jan-2009 00:58:58

chiquita:02-Jan-2009 16:31:02
joki's bird song rocks :O jack.. you must compete with an equally cool or better 45

SnooSnoo:02-Jan-2009 12:57:13
yeah, but its not due off till monday! :wink:

jackthompson:02-Jan-2009 00:46:12
the xmas decoration is losing needles... :O

aantipop:01-Jan-2009 16:35:53
happy new year \:O/

Joki:01-Jan-2009 15:24:46
happy new year everyone! =]

jackthompson:01-Jan-2009 05:52:15
happy new year :D

gummi:01-Jan-2009 03:24:14
Happy new year all \:D/

-ME-:31-Dec-2008 20:18:38
happy happy happy new year...!!!

Cocalik:31-Dec-2008 20:04:35
happy new year =-D

SnooSnoo:31-Dec-2008 17:02:12
Happy new year everyone! :D

Strzelba:31-Dec-2008 16:17:30
FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!! !

Joki:30-Dec-2008 23:02:56
new years eve in vegas!!!1 just need someone to pay for my flight, hotel, hoes and gambling addiction!!

kernel_panic:30-Dec-2008 13:42:08

kernel_panic:30-Dec-2008 13:40:56

jackthompson:30-Dec-2008 11:49:20
deckards gun creates a small black hole when sucking up energy short before it fires :D

jackthompson:30-Dec-2008 11:48:32
i just watched bladerunner with commentary

SnooSnoo:29-Dec-2008 21:48:22
hooray for boobies

aantipop:29-Dec-2008 20:40:23
2 days no posts ?

soder:25-Dec-2008 01:08:29
Merry christmas!!

SnooSnoo:24-Dec-2008 23:55:16
Merry christmas everyone!

Strzelba:24-Dec-2008 20:31:20
in polish we have christmas eve so christmas in poland already started heheh MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!!

SnooSnoo:24-Dec-2008 09:10:33
I dont get this one day early stuff, ain xmas till morrow o.O

aantipop:24-Dec-2008 08:39:30

aantipop:24-Dec-2008 08:39:03
merry christmasm fraggera

jackthompson:22-Dec-2008 16:33:31
i dont know... hrrrm

chiquita:22-Dec-2008 04:12:16
how many pixels does a particle of dust use on a mouse pad?

jackthompson:20-Dec-2008 19:56:54

chiquita:20-Dec-2008 18:37:11
wont be able to see them until next week :(

chiquita:20-Dec-2008 18:35:50
aah.. i thought they had posted about the old vids. didnt realise it was updated :O

chiquita:20-Dec-2008 18:34:33
i think he was trying to *bump* it ?

jackthompson:20-Dec-2008 18:19:14
http://rainbow.fur ame=Forums&fil e=viewtopic&p= 8145 \:D/

jackthompson:20-Dec-2008 18:18:43
or so... :s

jackthompson:20-Dec-2008 18:18:07
my mouse is broken.. so you'll all have a nice xmas..

jackthompson:19-Dec-2008 23:52:21
i haven't been on irc for 5 days :D

TMM:19-Dec-2008 22:24:44
i ok'd it here and on IRC... :)

baer:19-Dec-2008 20:05:07
corkscrew is offline! any reason?

jackthompson:19-Dec-2008 16:48:59

jackthompson:19-Dec-2008 16:47:34
TMM, you have to "ok" the shit.. or i'll bother you forever

TMM:19-Dec-2008 16:25:53
it's already taken care of... geez, your friendly ISP can't be in 3 places at once! ;)

chiquita:19-Dec-2008 15:42:13
he's probably too afraid :)

jackthompson:19-Dec-2008 05:52:39
TMM, read your PM's :D

Strzelba:18-Dec-2008 18:25:57
http://www.obrazky .pl/dywan-podkladk a-pod-mysz

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 11:46:20
that wouldnt work here.. noone would devalue blank sheets of paper to replace it with sterling :D

SnooSnoo:18-Dec-2008 08:20:02
cheap a** mofos

PopeJo:18-Dec-2008 08:17:52
I use sheets of 200€ notes for that

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 05:38:43

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 04:41:07
after a few games the mouse irons the paper down so theres less friction.. so its as simple as throwing the top bit of paper in the bin

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 04:40:01
dont use a mouse pad.. use A4 sheets of paper.. about 20

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 03:44:30
i wanted to put lube on my mousepad.. but that would have become a mess

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 03:43:34
you have to wrap the teflon tape around the corners then..

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 00:43:12
using heat sink paste with disposable contact lenses. so far so good.. but yet to try it out ingame :)

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 00:41:11
no ive tried that. it peels at the corners.. they last an extra day if i make em round

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 00:33:05
why not buy a teflon tape from the hardware store? :D

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 00:09:46
my download is almost done :) yay

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 00:08:41
my 16 million colors will be of the highest definition. can i get your spare mouse feet if the repair doesnt work? take it into any pc shop and say you lost the reciept. you bought it 364 days ago

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 00:04:00
my mouse is still broken :C maybe i can piece it back together with tape and glue :s

jackthompson:18-Dec-2008 00:03:01
if their screams would be colors it would be over 16 million... more than the eye can see..

chiquita:18-Dec-2008 00:02:42
game on... japenese music jihad.. pandas are great!

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 23:58:10
you should take pictures of your family as long as you can.. and your ass... before my awesome boot of kickass turns it into a bucket..

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 23:52:59
it will have glory written all over it... and jack thompson... it will crush everything that made reality real..

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 23:51:18
it will be an ambush from a world of pain.. men will defecate themselves.. women will be screaming hysterically.. facing the evil of this plot... but it will be to late

chiquita:17-Dec-2008 23:38:11
we should arrange a posting time.. then it'll also be an ambush :)

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 23:37:17
zeter und mordio

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 23:31:30
it will be the total destruction

chiquita:17-Dec-2008 23:28:02
ok ill look for some too

jackthompson:17-Dec-2008 22:39:04
when i'm back home

chiquita:17-Dec-2008 22:08:40
still no pandas :(

chiquita:15-Dec-2008 13:53:30
awesometropolis \:D/

jackthompson:14-Dec-2008 22:29:47
coming soon: japanese music videos with pandas

PopeJo:11-Dec-2008 10:32:19
\m/ °^_^° \m/

Strzelba:10-Dec-2008 15:23:52

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2008 09:36:50

jackthompson:09-Dec-2008 00:09:48
http://sauerbraten .org

Strzelba:08-Dec-2008 19:33:23
what is the RN|F F A

jackthompson:08-Dec-2008 00:02:00
you have to remove the spaces

Strzelba:07-Dec-2008 22:36:02
hmm wrong link it doesnt work

JockeTF:07-Dec-2008 20:35:27
Nice video, Sascha! :)

Sascha:07-Dec-2008 16:00:26
a little movie from THd com/watch?v=x0Ud1c VABaw

SnooSnoo:07-Dec-2008 00:35:06
My mother's my sister!

Joki:07-Dec-2008 00:34:25

Strzelba:06-Dec-2008 20:14:41

Strzelba:06-Dec-2008 20:14:23
http://en.wikipedi laus

aantipop:06-Dec-2008 11:44:27

Derity:05-Dec-2008 23:06:53

SnooSnoo:05-Dec-2008 20:25:12
Supercalifragilist icexpialidocious!

Strzelba:05-Dec-2008 18:59:24

SnooSnoo:04-Dec-2008 12:36:50

JockeTF:03-Dec-2008 15:29:01

Strzelba:02-Dec-2008 19:58:11

SnooSnoo:02-Dec-2008 08:37:18
oh, okay

SnooSnoo:02-Dec-2008 08:17:54
servers down or just the site???

jackthompson:29-Nov-2008 08:29:30

jackthompson:27-Nov-2008 08:11:10
cpm runs has reached the max maps limit.. updated in the Defrag forum

jackthompson:23-Nov-2008 04:05:06
tourney3 and cpm runs keep crashing... will be fixed this morning...

JockeTF:19-Nov-2008 00:49:21
Hellopaca. =)

SpliNg:18-Nov-2008 18:48:24
hi =)

SnooSnoo:14-Nov-2008 20:18:07

TMM:14-Nov-2008 18:34:55
euh... late happy birthday snoo :)

SnooSnoo:14-Nov-2008 08:17:12
Eh, thanx... only chiqui made it in time XD

JockeTF:14-Nov-2008 01:05:07
Happy birthday SnooSnooSnooSnooSn ooSnooSnooSnoo!!!! :D

chiquita:13-Nov-2008 23:17:22
happy birthday snoo :D

PopeJo:13-Nov-2008 14:15:05
he said "bah" to us!!!!

SnooSnoo:13-Nov-2008 08:23:34

-ME-:11-Nov-2008 19:31:23
ME's IceBag!!!

cortex:11-Nov-2008 16:51:09
lol TMM is from the netherlands - now i understand my 5-10 ping ^^

JockeTF:11-Nov-2008 15:55:59
Alpacas! ^_^

TMM:09-Nov-2008 04:21:16
My server down? Blasphamy!

SnooSnoo:07-Nov-2008 11:39:33
Why is only furver up? o_O

SnooSnoo:03-Nov-2008 22:16:38
Plus, your oa aim is gonna get seriously fcuked.

SnooSnoo:03-Nov-2008 22:15:59
Play Dead Space, you wont be scared of anything afterwards. ;)

kernel_panic:03-Nov-2008 19:28:41
yeah...I wonder who's next...we'll soon get used and ghosts won't be scary anymore...

jackthompson:03-Nov-2008 18:14:30
scary... first wiz.. then inso :O

Insomn1a:03-Nov-2008 16:48:40

jackthompson:02-Nov-2008 15:25:44

W1ZrD:02-Nov-2008 07:42:35
hi, i bring you pain...if only snoo would bend over...

RoLL:02-Nov-2008 03:19:15
ful bring the pain

JockeTF:02-Nov-2008 00:14:21
Alpacas. ^_^

jackthompson:01-Nov-2008 18:15:03
All 0.8.0 servers have been updated to 0.8.1

PopeJo:01-Nov-2008 12:16:35
my timezone is set for alpaka with pillowy daylight saving :s

chiquita:31-Oct-2008 07:15:11
my timezone is set for alaska with palestine daylight saving :s

chiquita:31-Oct-2008 07:13:58
eh? did you beat me?

aantipop:31-Oct-2008 06:38:41
sooooo early i have to be awake

jackthompson:31-Oct-2008 01:14:20
haha... n00b... you have to fucking kill that shit with your bare hands... the scars will be a warning for the next pc..

chiquita:31-Oct-2008 00:44:32
im shouting at the screen.. it don't think it helps much :/

Falkland:30-Oct-2008 20:14:16
eh ???

chiquita:30-Oct-2008 12:04:14
lets try removing this noscript thingy

chiquita:29-Oct-2008 23:58:09

SnooSnoo:29-Oct-2008 17:23:23

gummi:29-Oct-2008 06:24:50

jackthompson:28-Oct-2008 04:54:19

SnooSnoo:26-Oct-2008 16:45:01
hehe, you are a noob, sometimes :)

Joki:26-Oct-2008 15:45:21
ops, i thought this is the search-box...

Joki:26-Oct-2008 15:45:10

Joki:24-Oct-2008 13:54:07

JockeTF:23-Oct-2008 12:17:09
Indeed, that would be quite nice. :)

PopeJo:23-Oct-2008 06:13:13

AllegedlyDead:23-Oct-2008 01:59:39

JockeTF:22-Oct-2008 23:11:11
Yes, because we have cookies and alpacas! :D

jackthompson:22-Oct-2008 20:13:27

W1ZrD:22-Oct-2008 20:02:45
wooohooo!!! It is back, the thing behind the mask...or so..anyway, miss ya'll

jackthompson:19-Oct-2008 21:08:42
another map that caused problems

Delucia:19-Oct-2008 15:37:50
rn cpm is down

chiquita:17-Oct-2008 21:48:20
Falkland Elite Haxor! <-- congrats falky \:D./

chiquita:17-Oct-2008 14:40:32
just a heads up

chiquita:17-Oct-2008 14:40:10
02: jackthompson > Rainbow Media

SnooSnoo:17-Oct-2008 13:21:54

SnooSnoo:16-Oct-2008 18:07:43

Falkland:15-Oct-2008 22:17:32
asdfghdfgjfdlajf ... lol chiq :)

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 22:16:30

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 22:16:06
jack.. pin one please? it's not monday morning.. i can handle it!

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 22:02:43
since i'm a falkie[groupie] i'll see if i can dig it out :)

Falkland:15-Oct-2008 20:35:33
I miss chiq's old avatar ... "you sucks ... no , you sucks " ... more or less ...

SnooSnoo:15-Oct-2008 20:19:05
Bullseye! (.)

jackthompson:15-Oct-2008 16:56:59

SnooSnoo:15-Oct-2008 16:49:35
TMM asked to lock it :(

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 16:40:23
bzz is locked :(

kernel_panic:15-Oct-2008 09:13:43
Again! Snoo, you are obn0xious!

SnooSnoo:15-Oct-2008 06:24:43
Miss me , miss me now you gotta kiss me!

SnooSnoo:15-Oct-2008 06:24:22
there, you missed me :)

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 05:51:55
me's waitin for the first worm :) where is snoo I'm hungry and he's up about this time :D

chiquita:15-Oct-2008 05:28:50

TMM:14-Oct-2008 23:49:00
"The early worm gets eaten by the bird"

SnooSnoo:14-Oct-2008 06:35:54
true true

chiquita:14-Oct-2008 04:25:02
early bed = early bird

gummi:13-Oct-2008 15:24:08

chiquita:13-Oct-2008 07:41:03

SnooSnoo:13-Oct-2008 06:34:37

chiquita:12-Oct-2008 17:25:52
i kno :( was having a bad oa day

Derity:12-Oct-2008 14:40:33
hey chiq, the lazergun and saw server shows 404 on connect :(

gummi:12-Oct-2008 10:39:33
TMM: isn't 'black' with 'ck'?- i've heard of that, are they a q3 clan?

jackthompson:12-Oct-2008 09:45:58
let's meet in TDM later \:D/

TMM:12-Oct-2008 01:22:12
them be fightin' words!

Derity:12-Oct-2008 00:29:05
today you die!

chiquita:11-Oct-2008 20:49:23
sorry jack..

chiquita:11-Oct-2008 20:39:29

TMM:11-Oct-2008 20:09:55
isn't 'black' with 'ck'? ;)

jackthompson:11-Oct-2008 17:51:14
wb! :D

SnooSnoo:11-Oct-2008 15:33:58

Sascha:11-Oct-2008 13:57:47
I was a long time off. Greetz to all by *THd*BlakDragon :-)

kernel_panic:11-Oct-2008 02:00:35
well, next time :D

jackthompson:11-Oct-2008 01:46:06
i was tired... i would have kicked asses harder...

Derity:11-Oct-2008 01:41:21
dash, jack, kernel and me had some fun there ;D

Derity:11-Oct-2008 01:41:03
so now its time to promote the tdm server

PsiScythe:10-Oct-2008 20:50:56
I want the racing mod server back... it was cool!

SnooSnoo:09-Oct-2008 19:28:18
chicktime (c)Apple corp. :D

Derity:09-Oct-2008 15:43:55
chick time for some rail action

chiquita:08-Oct-2008 17:48:08
yes i was laughing at the typo :)

Falkland:08-Oct-2008 17:46:53
tell someone to check the logs and/or the stats ( if recorded ) ...

Falkland:08-Oct-2008 17:45:58
I hope u are laughing for typo mistake , 'cause there were a player named Fatal1ty on CPMA yesterday ...

chiquita:08-Oct-2008 17:45:06
I seen the pope on defrag runs

chiquita:08-Oct-2008 17:44:29

Falkland:08-Oct-2008 17:42:38
Fatal1ty .. damn keyboard ...

Falkland:08-Oct-2008 17:37:20
yesterday I've seen Falal1ty on RN|CPMA server ...

chiquita:07-Oct-2008 21:23:03
726... close enough.. but surely untrue

chiquita:07-Oct-2008 21:21:59
no way is my postcount 735.. JockeTF = main suspect :) Have you added 500 to make me look a post whore?

chiquita:07-Oct-2008 20:29:36
sorry.. had to quit :D my dl speed sux :D

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 20:08:57
bah.. back in a week

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 19:15:36
jack if your suggestion works ill be back in an hour :P your loss heheee

jackthompson:06-Oct-2008 17:35:48
what? :O

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 17:07:11
back in a week :)

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 17:06:47
ok i'll rewrite the stuff without xml.. pfft

jackthompson:06-Oct-2008 16:53:25

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 16:51:44
Now it says Hidden: 2 :)

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 16:48:14
Who Is Where: 02: jackthompson > reading shoutbox

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 16:47:28

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 16:45:49

chiquita:06-Oct-2008 16:45:21

SnooSnoo:06-Oct-2008 16:32:19
punk's not dead!!! oi oi! :P

gummi:06-Oct-2008 14:37:14

SnooSnoo:06-Oct-2008 08:52:54

jackthompson:06-Oct-2008 08:48:09
moin! :D/

SnooSnoo:06-Oct-2008 07:01:28
or common juniper

chiquita:05-Oct-2008 22:39:16
faster tumble weeds :/

TMM:05-Oct-2008 22:24:29
well, it was... and now: it's better and faster! :) load cut down to 1/4th of what it was!

chiquita:05-Oct-2008 20:24:08
i didnt notice it was down :D

SnooSnoo:05-Oct-2008 14:02:18

TMM:05-Oct-2008 13:10:03
happy server return day! :)

SnooSnoo:04-Oct-2008 13:46:41
hey I want a b-day fight with you! :)

aantipop:04-Oct-2008 13:37:06
best wishes from me too! enjoy life :)

chiquita:04-Oct-2008 13:35:15
ok ok nooo more mention of it. besides im getting on a bit. my wish is to change topic to fighting talk.

SnooSnoo:04-Oct-2008 12:46:36
Wish yyou all the best! :D

chiquita:04-Oct-2008 12:07:53
thank you.. kick my ass all you can.. but guess who eated all the cake hah! :)

JockeTF:04-Oct-2008 11:17:09
Yay! Happy Birthday!

TMM:04-Oct-2008 11:05:38
ow! happy birthday chiqa! ;) Many happy years, and all that. (We'll still kick your ass though)

chiquita:04-Oct-2008 09:38:26
on my birthday i woke up to an angry mob wantin to fight me :)

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 21:53:20
is it your b-day?

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 21:53:07
ofc chiq I was joking

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 20:25:31
Snoo wants a pissOcake :D

chiquita:03-Oct-2008 17:04:36
besides, im baking a cake :)

chiquita:03-Oct-2008 17:01:36
SnooSnoo is on corkscrew - i cant play with sv_fps 40

chiquita:03-Oct-2008 16:57:25
i know.. where the hell are you noobs!

TMM:03-Oct-2008 16:42:28
hey! am I missing the match?!

chiquita:03-Oct-2008 16:34:58

Derity:03-Oct-2008 15:41:27
chick prepare to fight!

TMM:03-Oct-2008 14:02:10
big badaboom!

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 13:03:05

chiquita:03-Oct-2008 12:50:00
wii? jack sat on wii on the subway \:D/ boom boom

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 09:52:54

TMM:03-Oct-2008 08:54:15
I don't care, in my mind; we won!

jackthompson:03-Oct-2008 08:19:50
europe rules!!!! \:D/

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 07:12:47
Everyone thought I was refering to wii :D

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 07:12:28
And the time I set at 20.00 CET was for me and kernel to have a lugh

SnooSnoo:03-Oct-2008 07:11:47
Haha! PopeJo just said lets go to the xbattle server in 10 minutes and I assumed it was on

PopeJo:03-Oct-2008 06:26:11
/me feels like a winner today!!

gummi:03-Oct-2008 03:43:25
that means make sure we know about the clan match before we fight -_-

gummi:03-Oct-2008 00:06:43
i think both parties have to agree first before they can dance :D

jackthompson:02-Oct-2008 21:48:56
i did...

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2008 19:08:13
nobody showed up

jackthompson:02-Oct-2008 18:54:24
we were on xbattle at 8pm CEST

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2008 13:42:20

jackthompson:02-Oct-2008 13:41:59
i was working on something xD

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2008 13:18:03
There was a hundred videos!

jackthompson:02-Oct-2008 12:52:51

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2008 07:59:14
jack wtf? o.O

SnooSnoo:02-Oct-2008 06:42:28

TMM:01-Oct-2008 21:34:46
can we all stop being touchy-feely? And, after you are done with that, get me the video in non-flash please so I can watch it? :)

gunnarbot:01-Oct-2008 21:33:34

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 19:11:31
I made an apology thread. I read your comments the wrong way.. if you really do like my videos thank you and I will be making more :D

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 15:20:11
tell you that in irc

kernel_panic:01-Oct-2008 14:44:25
Snoo! You are boring! What was the keyword in this case?

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 12:37:57
Very true TMM :)

TMM:01-Oct-2008 12:16:42
We are bags of impure carbon

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 09:43:56
We are not what outsiders want us to be but what we are.

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 09:43:29
stfu! :P

-ME-:01-Oct-2008 09:14:29
Is there an 'anti-kidos&# 039; spray or something?? RN needs one...

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 07:14:35
If only I wasent @ work :s

Derity:01-Oct-2008 07:13:44

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 07:12:39
Oh, it comes in wawes nao.

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 07:10:25
yes.. ill be removing that.. just testing through a dozen configs or so to make way for a new wave of servers :D

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 07:08:25
Mrmoo's Dairiy rail? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! !

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 07:05:58
nothing.. im just stirring :) never heard of em

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 07:04:05
222nd member :D

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 07:04:01
What is so silly about Brutal?

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 06:58:13
yea, that can be quite annoying :(

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:56:23
However I do not like you saying that OA players are noobs and such. The best of us do actually play q3a. And falkman I swear to God, I fyou come on a server again and start accusing us of hacking i will have you banned faster than you can hacker

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:56:06
ok doll.. but do send me demos if you can. I am short of OA demos and will encode and host them.

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:54:38
I added pavorati for humor. And slowed the film down.

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:53:47
And that is quite alright. But next time be careful what you type. That makes it sound as if you are bashing the efforts of myself and my friend.

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:53:18
brutal.. :D now this is getting silly \:D/

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:52:42
.. or i get out the taxi

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:52:34
anyone who knows me will tell u.. if im ever in a taxi and pavarotti comes on i tell the driver to switch it off

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:52:11
n00b @ sarcasm**** cannot be detected through typing. It is brought out from vocal changes in tone.

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:51:58
im so sorry :( I love the video but it pavarotti i dont like

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 06:50:27
n00b @ sarchasm?

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:49:47
as do i gummi. no one is a challenge to us besides brutal

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:49:15
not bashing? Explain those comments

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:48:43
"If the ULTIMATE FLAG RETURN ever appears there I'm quitting the internet.. permanently"

gummi:01-Oct-2008 06:47:45
well, can we organize matches with your best players joki, and whoever it doesn't matter who wins, but i too grow tired of the competion in oa.

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:47:15
"I thought action had to be taken before the sequeal of The Ultimate Flag Return Part II was submitted"

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:43:31
wiiyamoto!!!! \:D/ we're not bashing your flag return, I love it :D we are bashing the noob admin who spammed our right column :D

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:42:07
..although that is no excuse. I fully accept that I often play shit and not ashamed it

wiiyamoto:01-Oct-2008 06:41:12
I am dying to verse these bashers. So far they have sat in spec and done nothing but bash and accuse! Let us see you play some real players.

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 06:40:18
gummi - yes I am poo \:D/ - although sometimes I just don't have any motivation to try on some servers because I sometimes have a 400x300 screen

gummi:01-Oct-2008 06:22:20
chiquita: they were random before and mostly q3. Now they are just embarrassing noob shit from OA. I remember playing you, you werent the best player either.

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 06:17:54
+r :D

SnooSnoo:01-Oct-2008 06:17:27
O, hai gerbil and welcome to the world of toOomMmMmooOoOoroo oooOOOoWWwwwWw!!!!

chiquita:01-Oct-2008 05:57:54
they were random before and mostly q3. Now they are just embarrassing noob shit from OA.

gummi:01-Oct-2008 03:18:11

jackthompson:01-Oct-2008 00:14:02

jackthompson:01-Oct-2008 00:13:42
they were there before... it's only because of the pretty icons that you notice them now.. :/

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 22:03:17

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 19:38:30
oh sorry i didnt see the smiley.. i'll let you off this time :)

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 19:36:40
shut up snoo.. your not my doctor so dont diagnose symptons by my comments

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 19:26:29
i'm feared hehe \:D/

SnooSnoo:30-Sep-2008 18:11:15

SnooSnoo:30-Sep-2008 18:11:00
forget it jack, paranoia, not the first time either

jackthompson:30-Sep-2008 17:28:56
what? when? :O

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 17:27:36
when i went into irc i seen jacks name quickly change to jack_afk - but i seen it. Does that mean I pwn \:D/

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 16:23:31

SnooSnoo:30-Sep-2008 09:15:32

SnooSnoo:30-Sep-2008 07:56:03
I dont have a heart.

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 06:43:36
my heart has changed it's mind

chiquita:30-Sep-2008 05:43:23
thank you jaqueline \:D/

JockeTF:29-Sep-2008 19:22:00
Alpacas! ^_^

SnooSnoo:26-Sep-2008 06:33:35
Kisses and hugs mate!

SnooSnoo:26-Sep-2008 06:33:16

PopeJo:22-Sep-2008 21:57:51
e- +a will try tomorrow *prost*

PopeJo:22-Sep-2008 21:57:33
plz chenge it in 9J

TMM:22-Sep-2008 21:14:31
Map upload should be working again. Upload to username:map. password:map

chiquita:21-Sep-2008 12:24:37
it was acceptable in the 80's :D

chiquita:21-Sep-2008 11:31:57
so is hungry hippos

Agos:21-Sep-2008 09:26:04
OA is a real drug, funny game

Agos:21-Sep-2008 09:24:56

PopeJo:21-Sep-2008 08:42:33

SnooSnoo:21-Sep-2008 08:23:55

jackthompson:19-Sep-2008 18:44:12
jack thompson!!!!

Derity:19-Sep-2008 12:38:34

chiquita:18-Sep-2008 18:48:17

PopeJo:17-Sep-2008 15:04:06
Derity!! missed you in IRC today! :(

jackthompson:17-Sep-2008 14:22:43
no... stay... we need more germans in the irc channel... and next time in 1v1 i won't hold back..

Derity:17-Sep-2008 12:11:42

Derity:17-Sep-2008 12:11:28
yo suckers, i am back ...

chiquita:16-Sep-2008 18:28:47
better than a stick in the eye

JockeTF:16-Sep-2008 14:33:53
Alpacas are awesome!

chiquita:16-Sep-2008 07:09:55
qscore rox!

jackthompson:16-Sep-2008 06:21:43
it's a competition... xD

chiquita:15-Sep-2008 22:52:48
qscore no more?

SnooSnoo:15-Sep-2008 06:29:14
has been unseen

aantipop:14-Sep-2008 14:59:52
!seen SnooSnoo

PopeJo:13-Sep-2008 18:40:08
fraggin fun

JockeTF:13-Sep-2008 10:53:25

jackthompson:13-Sep-2008 03:34:21
Stats and Map index fixed... Upload of Maps soon online again :)

gummi:13-Sep-2008 03:16:29

PopeJo:12-Sep-2008 16:52:35
[size=40]what?[/si ze]

MIOW:10-Sep-2008 18:16:50
Alpacas are on my side! =)

JockeTF:10-Sep-2008 14:18:57
I like alpacas. ^_^

PopeJo:10-Sep-2008 10:22:42
alpaca creates all *.zipa, *.rara, *.tara and *.paca files

jackthompson:08-Sep-2008 02:26:07
recognize!!!! :cool:

jackthompson:08-Sep-2008 02:20:39
before... i was confident...

chiquita:08-Sep-2008 00:39:34
did you post that after or before the 10 - 2 result? :D

jackthompson:07-Sep-2008 19:32:35
my mouse is smooth bitches!

-ME-:04-Sep-2008 20:34:01
MEow..! :P

SnooSnoo:04-Sep-2008 11:41:11
good doggy

kernel_panic:03-Sep-2008 20:15:47
arf, arf

aantipop:03-Sep-2008 18:34:26

SnooSnoo:03-Sep-2008 17:44:33

jackthompson:03-Sep-2008 17:41:49

SnooSnoo:31-Aug-2008 10:25:21

gummi:31-Aug-2008 05:11:54
chiquita: hehe.. someone just disconnected on me. no need to be scared :D - :\

chiquita:30-Aug-2008 21:13:04
hehe.. someone just disconnected on me. no need to be scared :D

HoaX:30-Aug-2008 20:56:58
hmz 2 late,..*grmble grrrrrrrrrr*

HoaX:30-Aug-2008 20:55:36
yay 3 people on the cork,...*connect*

HoaX:30-Aug-2008 20:52:19
&* puts the sticker on forehead*

HoaX:30-Aug-2008 20:49:52
*eats a bananananannaaaaan a*

chiquita:29-Aug-2008 20:35:28
Team Falky and Hoax :D

SnooSnoo:28-Aug-2008 18:51:34
Luff man! \ /

TMM:28-Aug-2008 12:05:43
awww, you're in need of some lovin' too SnooSnoo?

SnooSnoo:28-Aug-2008 11:55:54
like I dont? :X

chiquita:28-Aug-2008 05:49:02
he wants love :D

chiquita:28-Aug-2008 05:48:25

chiquita:28-Aug-2008 05:47:59
have you seen ruds website :D he has thought through his design really well.. pure chancer :D

jackthompson:28-Aug-2008 00:39:41
ah found it... love that video xD

jackthompson:28-Aug-2008 00:28:19
where is that damn video where you're on sparth and rocketjump against the map box? i wanna post it on #defrag :D

chiquita:28-Aug-2008 00:10:13
i smell pee... ewww

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 20:03:42
ok i go home now and sit on the corck,..waiting for it to pop,....plopperdep loppop,...cya guys around,.and round and round and round and round, god im getn dizzy. me outa here

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 19:57:41

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 19:57:26
:blarg: ;P

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 19:56:25
Ok np,..when i see ya again ill scramble yours

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 19:54:52
nah, I lay my own, but thanx anyway.

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 19:54:35
its 21:54 here ,..Not 19:54:24

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 19:53:46
want an egg?

HoaX:27-Aug-2008 19:53:29

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 19:43:26
ostrige guy is here :O

chiquita:27-Aug-2008 16:56:26
hope your enjoying the drone popeJ

jackthompson:27-Aug-2008 14:00:18
we need a new server

jackthompson:27-Aug-2008 13:47:34

anarchypower:27-Aug-2008 13:25:38
They're offline I guess :s

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 12:49:47
Where is the resto of the servers? :O

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 12:10:20
I need a shrubbery!

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 12:09:32
AAAAAHHH! GG is on the move!!! :D

SnooSnoo:27-Aug-2008 06:15:58

PopeJo:27-Aug-2008 06:14:26
!monologue chiquita

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 22:23:18
the TMM server doesnt show for me on ingame browser

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 14:03:43
'server browser'

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 14:03:01
the server is working 1 person sighting on FFA. More rare than a UFO

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 13:40:28
ya, found it. but no matter :)

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 13:27:06
'just checked'

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 13:26:49
just check sent mail and cant see it.. hmm]

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 13:23:41
WTF!! I sent you a direct url. aargh

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 13:17:11
i never got such a zip..? :O

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:30:50
jack did you pick up the zip I sent you of all the image hosting scripts and transformation tools?

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:26:04
only thing missing is shadows.

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:22:57
woohoo.. amazing! :)

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:17:35
it works now!!! :s

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:16:33
want me ta help ya doll... you deal with clean hard?

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:14:03
try again.. :C

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:13:04
hahahhaha .252.227:27965/ima ge/default/blue2.p ng

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:13:01

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:12:54

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:12:09
i have two machines with debian installed... :D

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:12:04
<!-- are these supposed to be there?

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:11:20
You could make millions from that.. a domain without a TLD oO

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:10:16
Look.. Jack has the most expesive www domainname I ever seen http://debian2/

Derity:26-Aug-2008 12:07:29

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:04:48
broken links.. noob :)

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 12:04:05
i hate jack

jackthompson:26-Aug-2008 12:02:27 ainbow_banner/test .php a preview :D

anarchypower:26-Aug-2008 10:51:45
I meant "as"...G oddamnit!

anarchypower:26-Aug-2008 10:51:24
Male semen...ask makeup? :eek:

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 10:21:18
elloo leilol :) only joking, dont get mad with me :D

-ME-:26-Aug-2008 09:45:38
JessicaRA..!! =) Nice to see you around here dear friend... :)

chiquita:26-Aug-2008 08:27:41

SnooSnoo:26-Aug-2008 07:06:44
Try Mr. Pooper... ehm Popper

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 20:23:56
where the **** is CleanHard!! grrr

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 16:36:03
is that why its under examination? :s

jackthompson:25-Aug-2008 16:31:01
bukkake skill is when male semen is used as make-up without smudging

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 16:28:05

Falkland:25-Aug-2008 15:32:44 : This domain is under examination at the moment.

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 13:15:26

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 13:08:16
geek lang sucks big time

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 13:06:37
what are bukkake skills?

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 13:05:14

SnooSnoo:25-Aug-2008 12:56:54
yaaaaaaaaawwnn!!!! !!

Falkland:25-Aug-2008 11:57:09
Manic Monday - The Bangles

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 09:45:20
ah another shitty monday

SnooSnoo:25-Aug-2008 08:42:23
Im so tired.... destroying concrete walls is a hard job... :(

chiquita:25-Aug-2008 00:26:14
oh your fucking right I was laughing when i first seen it :D :D the forum is so cool for little suprises :D

-ME-:24-Aug-2008 23:52:04
How could that guy made such mistake!!! OMG... I kno ur laughing chiquita =p

chiquita:24-Aug-2008 22:45:40
http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=2145.0

HoaX:24-Aug-2008 20:44:52
ye ok i thought that it was only me,Whats new,

HoaX:24-Aug-2008 20:44:22
ye ok i thought that it was only me

jackthompson:24-Aug-2008 20:42:43
they should.. they do... :O

HoaX:24-Aug-2008 20:04:49
Forum pages dont load for me? <:/

chiquita:24-Aug-2008 20:03:29
why is it a laugh? :D

SnooSnoo:24-Aug-2008 18:34:21
oh, god, thanx chiqui for the laugh, realy neede it..

SnooSnoo:24-Aug-2008 18:33:52
your typos are legendary XD

SnooSnoo:24-Aug-2008 18:33:27

chiquita:24-Aug-2008 18:31:17
'not the only'

chiquita:24-Aug-2008 18:31:04
yaaay.. im not the idiot that cant get in :D

SnooSnoo:24-Aug-2008 18:12:19
I cant connect to the irc chan, is it me or?

chiquita:24-Aug-2008 17:23:33
maybe I should have just asked if it was default :)

JockeTF:24-Aug-2008 09:47:17
Looks correct to me. ^_^

chiquita:23-Aug-2008 23:40:12
i think railfreeze gravity is wrong value?

SnooSnoo:23-Aug-2008 15:55:45
chiquipooo!!! XD

chiquita:23-Aug-2008 14:56:38
wow kernel, you are right. Good to know!

HoaX:23-Aug-2008 13:48:31

HoaX:23-Aug-2008 13:47:57

cortex:23-Aug-2008 13:26:44
can i shout here XD

kernel_panic:23-Aug-2008 11:24:34
booktabs latex tables are beautiful...they truly are...

SnooSnoo:23-Aug-2008 09:46:52

Falkland:22-Aug-2008 22:49:03
u can use pidgin

chiquita:22-Aug-2008 16:44:41
truth is.. ive been unsuccesful at using mirc.. I removed chatzilla as my browser was bloated :(

chiquita:22-Aug-2008 16:40:43
yeye. :) it would be nice to have more girls play. Theres plenty of girls on the servers I play on.. I am trying to convince them defrags a ladies sport :)

anarchypower:22-Aug-2008 13:02:21
chiquita, why are you never on irc? A chick in the channel is always nice:P

chiquita:22-Aug-2008 05:53:53
gummi keep doing that and your face will stay like that :)

gummi:22-Aug-2008 04:43:38
:asg: :asg: :blarg: ;P

gummi:22-Aug-2008 02:15:59

HoaX:21-Aug-2008 22:26:08
MMmmmeeeeeOOooooWW ww to you 2 :P

Falkland:21-Aug-2008 21:30:45
if Me is me and me is ME , who am I :oO:

PopeJo:21-Aug-2008 14:30:16
WOW, Me saw a MEOW!

SnooSnoo:21-Aug-2008 06:39:02
Me wants snu-snu!

-ME-:21-Aug-2008 00:09:50
lol, ME is confused.. I mean ME...

SnooSnoo:20-Aug-2008 19:54:03
Me knows me.

JockeTF:20-Aug-2008 19:22:39
Me likes alpacas.

PopeJo:20-Aug-2008 05:18:10
Me don't know you

-ME-:19-Aug-2008 14:05:26
BS!! this is ME :P

SnooSnoo:19-Aug-2008 09:36:01
Me is who I am.

W1ZrD:19-Aug-2008 09:19:50
Hello I'm me...

chiquita:19-Aug-2008 06:39:26
it was acceptable in the eighties

jackthompson:18-Aug-2008 23:26:56

JockeTF:17-Aug-2008 13:40:21
Welcome! I like alpacas. :)

SnooSnoo:17-Aug-2008 12:25:01
Welcome! :D

Cocalik:17-Aug-2008 12:21:05
hello i'm new

kernel_panic:16-Aug-2008 20:26:55
I don't like to work.

haostun:16-Aug-2008 03:16:57
Happy Birthday!!!!!

0xdan:15-Aug-2008 23:28:45
1 year of alpaca powa! :) happy bithday :)

gummi:11-Aug-2008 09:54:17

JockeTF:10-Aug-2008 22:14:09
Yay! Alpacas!

0xdan:10-Aug-2008 21:24:34
alpacas rulez :))

gummi:10-Aug-2008 19:31:03

Falkland:09-Aug-2008 17:44:01

Falkland:09-Aug-2008 17:43:16
uh ... the message box :/

Strzelba:09-Aug-2008 16:42:06
not so bad but rail sound pissed me off

JockeTF:09-Aug-2008 03:31:20

gummi:09-Aug-2008 03:25:58
0.8.0 is out :D

jackthompson:09-Aug-2008 00:36:07
i'll update when i'm back... :D

JockeTF:08-Aug-2008 23:22:42

gummi:08-Aug-2008 22:30:45
Jocke do you have alpacas?

JockeTF:07-Aug-2008 20:23:25

Delucia:07-Aug-2008 08:50:42
me myself and defrag

anarchypower:06-Aug-2008 20:05:05
Me wants boobies

jackthompson:02-Aug-2008 23:17:08
nah i'm getting better at it... ...

chiquita:02-Aug-2008 22:52:16
that bad huh oO

jackthompson:02-Aug-2008 21:30:50
no.. but i defrag harder..

chiquita:02-Aug-2008 19:55:45
nothing much has changed.. any better at cpma jack?

chiquita:02-Aug-2008 19:55:14
mostly complaints.. and w1z making up for lost time

chiquita:02-Aug-2008 19:52:24
all but two forums are red :)

chiquita:02-Aug-2008 19:45:48

jackthompson:02-Aug-2008 19:34:50

jackthompson:02-Aug-2008 19:34:42
chiquita!!!!!!!!!! :D

jackthompson:31-Jul-2008 21:01:11
RN|CPM RUNS stats are online

SnooSnoo:31-Jul-2008 12:01:34
Derity o.O

kernel_panic:31-Jul-2008 11:55:23

JockeTF:29-Jul-2008 23:16:01

SnooSnoo:29-Jul-2008 21:15:32

Derity:29-Jul-2008 14:37:23
yo, iam back

-ME-:28-Jul-2008 12:20:34
no no no... LLAMAS!!! :P

JockeTF:28-Jul-2008 09:36:10

SnooSnoo:24-Jul-2008 18:08:36

AllegedlyDead:24-Jul-2008 16:22:26
W1ZrD, get your ass back in hte IRC channel.

W1ZrD:24-Jul-2008 15:52:44
so when you gonna go out for dinner with me then chic, been waiting for half a century already...

W1ZrD:24-Jul-2008 15:46:25
uhmm...sunshine anyone?

chiquita:24-Jul-2008 13:55:55
fuck it. damage done.

chiquita:24-Jul-2008 09:14:59
ive got to speak to clean hard now :(

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 18:48:32
She's awake!!! :O)

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 18:33:09

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:45:06
youtube sux

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:44:55
Ah, the one thats not available anymore?

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:44:00
it was here http://rainbow.fur ame=Forums&fil e=viewtopic&p= 6101#6101 second vid

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:42:18
sweet snoozie dreams!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:41:40
lol, see you round doll :X

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:41:05
AD might have missed my post.. tell him a hairdryer and remove the heat element will do the trick

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:41:02
nn darling!

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:40:15
i am fighting to stay awake. i bid you night nigt :(

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:39:34
where was it posted?

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:39:33
i think this could pwn a rick roll

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:39:12
jack help me find it

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:37:56

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:37:40
it shows a magic trick now

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:37:31
idk bout that, but my teeth are beautifull thanks.

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:36:59
wooohooo its 13.37 here :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:36:47
noo.. the teeth thing.. jack posted a response.. i updated the video by mistake

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:36:03
teeth haxx?

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:35:42
kidz haxors

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:35:36

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:35:23

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:35:10
i cant find that vid. of the guy with the teeth.. i usually go and copy paste the youtube tags cos im lazy

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:34:34
You came to chat when I woke up this morning :(

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:33:54
Plenty of them here, you should reconsider ...

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:33:34
Woohoo! Lets burn it all to the ground!!!

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:33:24
score? 10 points for a gypsy from 10 meters

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:33:06
ReignHard pwn harder, jack_thompson!!!!

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:32:31
i protest with you Snoo

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:32:29
But does it take score?

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:32:12

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:32:11

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:31:59

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:31:54
you are the 1000000 visitor to the shoutbox - you win a laptop :O)

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:31:37
we can do a military coup

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:31:27

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:29:34
my brother tells them im interested and gives them my address.. it makes him happy

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:28:22
i can hear ppl outside.. if its the jehovah witnesses will take the phone down stairs and fuck them over the head with it

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:26:27
Dont say I didnt say... :)

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:25:54
irfan is shit.. it doesnt support kernel updates :s

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:25:36
Jack will place a quota for us in the shoutbox :D

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:24:57
then shout!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:57
im better than that :)

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:24:38
Buissy Bee :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:34
realistically. if i dont swear.. i think i will cry.. and crying is lame

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:01
im sorry

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:23:39
I have not slept.. i have been up all night trying to upgrade the kernel.. now im trying to arrange a jet install from a US mirrror

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:23:37
and capital UCKED

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:23:07

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:22:43
no its fucked! FUCKED with a capital F

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:22:14
QL arenas?

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:22:11
q3eu doesent load :(

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:21:47
especially when i was kinda expecting the same response as you..

jackthompson:22-Jul-2008 11:21:33

jackthompson:22-Jul-2008 11:21:26
Tay Zonday FTW... bitches!!!!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:21:03
jacky!!!! i love the QL arenas!!! :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:20:56
i gave him shit.. his wife is the admin :D

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:19:01

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:18:41
I'd never thought you need help wanking! o.O

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:18:27
i was not happy with the language

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:18:06
lol je, its great prog. it can help u wanking, it can run command line based, it openes pak files, ave irfan!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:16:39

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:14:52

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:13:14
the thing you thought that wasnt as good as mspaint

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:12:39
i got some rather different feedback :s

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:12:35
Im at work till 16.00 CET, every day Mon-Fri :D What program?

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:10:30
snoo you know that program i recommended you were confused why i thought it could be of use

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:09:08
but you played yesterday

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:08:11
even leftfield hates it.. he said ex++ shotgun had dihoerrea

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:07:23
Omg! I'm at work, cant play now! And yes, if it doesent give you more wireless connections at least it makes a good hat! :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:05:21
a competition.. lets see whos the first to get in an excessive++ clan for a laugh

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:04:25
jack want a game of excessive + for a laugh..

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:03:15

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 10:20:53
look the video list is getting all kinky again. Railgun Whore! Arena Shaft and rocketing

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 10:18:44
that was tinfoil hats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 10:15:28
I couldev told you that ;P . Havent you seen the movie signs with Gibson and Phoenix? :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 07:39:24
didnt notice much difference

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 06:24:21
Good luck!

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 00:05:39
\:D/ Im excited. Away to get the tin foil out and wait for confirmation :)

sexylisa:21-Jul-2008 11:07:31
hehe nice :sexy:

SnooSnoo:21-Jul-2008 11:06:29
200th memeber sexylisa, congrats!!!

SnooSnoo:21-Jul-2008 11:02:50
I'm to sexy for my shirt.... :grin:

sexylisa:21-Jul-2008 10:48:30
heyho :)

Joki:21-Jul-2008 04:03:41
good morning monday, i mean... good night.. ;3

Joki:20-Jul-2008 05:00:53
good morning sunday. i mean.. good night.. ;3

gummi:18-Jul-2008 02:23:24
O KAI!!!!

SnooSnoo:17-Jul-2008 19:45:07

SnooSnoo:16-Jul-2008 17:53:46
DIY, lawl

JockeTF:16-Jul-2008 17:45:43
Nah. *Gives chiquita a do-it-yourself kit.*

chiquita:16-Jul-2008 17:25:31
JockeTF can you remove my 50 new pm's :) pleease

chiquita:16-Jul-2008 17:14:05
not you snoo :)

chiquita:16-Jul-2008 17:13:09
you got some explaining to do fuckhead

SnooSnoo:16-Jul-2008 13:35:20
You wish mofo!! :D

SnooSnoo:16-Jul-2008 12:25:20

chiquitas_husband:16-Jul-2008 11:40:17
oh no my wife will come more in here :/

SnooSnoo:16-Jul-2008 11:23:30
q3eu is gone again!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo

chiquita:15-Jul-2008 22:28:39
bloody pc shit. grr

chiquita:15-Jul-2008 20:17:54
you only know your a failure when you don't believe it will be alright in the end

SnooSnoo:15-Jul-2008 07:08:37
Its hot down here. :grr:

gummi:15-Jul-2008 01:09:58
Its warm and sunny here :)

Joki:14-Jul-2008 13:23:12
Not so lovely here... Its grey and shady, might as well go to bed again :P

Derity:14-Jul-2008 12:02:34
a lovely day has just begun

SnooSnoo:14-Jul-2008 07:51:45
olla muchacho caliente ;)

-ME-:14-Jul-2008 07:12:47
mornin' my friend!

SnooSnoo:14-Jul-2008 06:45:02

gummi:14-Jul-2008 05:28:24
Sharpflame! i told you to come here :D:D:D

Sharpflame:14-Jul-2008 05:24:17

gummi:14-Jul-2008 05:12:58

jackthompson:12-Jul-2008 18:36:45
I recommend IBM Intellistation PRO 6230...

jackthompson:12-Jul-2008 10:06:23
Updated: OA patch for missing textures

jackthompson:11-Jul-2008 12:23:26
i've seen him for a second... then he was gone again... :C

SnooSnoo:11-Jul-2008 12:21:38
F R I D A Y ! ! ! ! :O

kernel_panic:11-Jul-2008 10:39:53
where's hyp3rfocuzzzzzz?!

SnooSnoo:11-Jul-2008 10:02:58
Jack, I'm at work... later...

jackthompson:11-Jul-2008 08:36:35
come to irc! :/

SnooSnoo:11-Jul-2008 08:16:13
And I realy hoped to play.... :C

jackthompson:11-Jul-2008 06:06:09
hyperfocus!!!! omg... :D

chiquita:10-Jul-2008 22:20:36
NOOOO THAT SONG... its started up in my head without even hearing it1

jackthompson:10-Jul-2008 14:16:32
see you on the shiny new doom3 server bitches!!!

Derity:10-Jul-2008 11:32:43
at least you earn money :D

SnooSnoo:10-Jul-2008 10:43:02
Lazy hedonistic bastards!!! :rotfl: At least you have fun. (:(

chiquita:10-Jul-2008 10:29:43
i went to my bed again .. just woke up

jackthompson:10-Jul-2008 06:36:22
i was sleeping :D

chiquita:10-Jul-2008 06:31:07
yea funny

SnooSnoo:10-Jul-2008 06:26:59
H A I R * :D

SnooSnoo:10-Jul-2008 06:26:41
And, good morning! I bet your haid was done nicely. :)

SnooSnoo:10-Jul-2008 06:22:35
Hey chiq, edited your post a bit so the vid shows and not redirects. :D

Joki:10-Jul-2008 01:02:10
"Jack is back, and its gonna be trouble... naa naaa... JACK THOMPSON!"

jackthompson:09-Jul-2008 11:30:31

AllegedlyDead:09-Jul-2008 04:15:09
Oh my god, it's Inso! Stop by the IRC chan sometime soon!

jackthompson:08-Jul-2008 04:45:13
Insomn1a... I've seen you in the QL forum :D

Insomn1a:07-Jul-2008 21:05:59
Insomn1a!!!!!!! Naahh..that just doesnt sound right :P

JockeTF:07-Jul-2008 19:01:53
Furver is back, sorry for the downtime. :)

jackthompson:07-Jul-2008 07:20:56
neither.. i will fall asleep again... very soon

chiquita:07-Jul-2008 06:44:52
jack are you still up or havent been to bed yet?

chiquita:07-Jul-2008 06:42:57
might be my do i delete a rule?

jackthompson:07-Jul-2008 05:49:09

jackthompson:07-Jul-2008 05:43:04
chiquita... can't reach your ip... :O

jackthompson:07-Jul-2008 05:39:37
wtf... the server list is broken...

jackthompson:07-Jul-2008 05:26:45
nooooo... their admin probably changed their ports again...

Derity:07-Jul-2008 01:11:07
hey chick :)

chiquita:07-Jul-2008 01:07:37
my servers taken off the server list?

-ME-:05-Jul-2008 23:08:31
cuiquita, check ur PM so u can get the server pw. See ya there! (30 mins left)

chiquita:05-Jul-2008 22:08:38
ok ill try.. have guests in but should get rid of em soon :)

-ME-:05-Jul-2008 21:41:30
cuiquita, meet me on msn before the match (in 2 hours)

JockeTF:05-Jul-2008 21:12:52

-ME-:05-Jul-2008 15:23:23
Today.! Is the day...!! /V/ FTW!!! screenshots will be posted here :P

-ME-:04-Jul-2008 14:45:43
/V/ vs -X- match..!! tomorrow...!!! /V/ FTW!! =)

JockeTF:04-Jul-2008 14:00:19

SnooSnoo:04-Jul-2008 10:51:46

chiquita:04-Jul-2008 08:45:53
fri \:D/ day

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 18:01:22
all weaps player i think

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 17:56:30
one of my new comers has arrived :D anyone want to give a guided tour of RN servers?

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 16:47:12
nice one joki with your map reviews on 1v1 :D

SnooSnoo:03-Jul-2008 10:40:56
what pics, whre???? :O)

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 10:36:22
ello snoopoopy

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 10:35:18
aww jack has put the pics up \:D/

SnooSnoo:03-Jul-2008 10:32:43
:wink: ;)

chiquita:03-Jul-2008 06:40:10
*sigh* i have enough to go through :s

-ME-:03-Jul-2008 00:38:54
cHiQuItA!?!?! check ur PM's plz!! can u make it?!? PLZ???!!

-ME-:02-Jul-2008 15:00:36
mornin' ( though I want to go to bed again :( )

JockeTF:02-Jul-2008 13:45:31

Derity:02-Jul-2008 12:37:57

chiquita:02-Jul-2008 10:02:15

SnooSnoo:02-Jul-2008 07:36:23
Good mornin'.

chiquita:02-Jul-2008 03:33:27
its too late.. had been trying to get help for hours :s lost lots of stuff :(

jackthompson:01-Jul-2008 23:34:11
i just tried... i couldn't download zzzzzz-something.p k3

chiquita:01-Jul-2008 21:32:17
come to : for ass kicking

chiquita:01-Jul-2008 21:24:28
i had to visit the oa forum to look for some info.. couldnt help posting a really irritating response to raz3r while i was there :)

chiquita:01-Jul-2008 19:23:17
it cheered me up though.. very well thought of :)

chiquita:01-Jul-2008 19:21:31
HAHHAHAHAHA VERY FUNNY JockeTF!!!! I'll get you back ya wee rascal :)

JockeTF:01-Jul-2008 10:26:08
Meow! :D

Joki:01-Jul-2008 01:41:56

jackthompson:30-Jun-2008 15:37:34
i dont care :D

-ME-:30-Jun-2008 13:45:33
LOL...!! hahaha

kernel_panic:30-Jun-2008 12:47:09

SnooSnoo:29-Jun-2008 19:34:43

jackthompson:29-Jun-2008 06:15:22

jackthompson:29-Jun-2008 06:15:12
jack thompson

chiquita:27-Jun-2008 22:42:05
nono... he just flew past again.. thaddaway <-----

yotoon!:27-Jun-2008 20:38:10
yes, it went that way --> You can catch him by the right column if you'll hurry...

SnooSnoo:27-Jun-2008 12:25:02
Did you see a gorilla run by here?

gummi:26-Jun-2008 21:02:18
Hey me, too! :O)

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 15:43:03
new contact lenses!

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 15:42:46

Derity:26-Jun-2008 15:38:02

-ME-:26-Jun-2008 15:00:41
ME beat xhiquita and Tom Jackson! twice! lool

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 11:56:51
hehe i would not survive in this generation without

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 10:10:14
straight to my home.. spammers alley

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 10:05:22
aaah back in :D

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 03:37:08
jack beat me 3 x in a row.. i shall try reinstall

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 03:32:49

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 03:32:38
this site needs more bullet holes...

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 03:32:21

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 03:28:55

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 03:28:30
boo hoo

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 00:23:31
i'll send you the mumbo jumbo if you like but you always have something better :)

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 00:21:59
i just set it to the most important dancefloor :D

chiquita:26-Jun-2008 00:20:31
hahahah :D nope

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 00:17:04
the other server will be there tomorrow 7am

jackthompson:26-Jun-2008 00:16:52
your master does only protocol 68? huh? :D

SnooSnoo:25-Jun-2008 09:50:57
No worky today, independance day or sth \:P/

SnooSnoo:25-Jun-2008 09:50:13
Youre up early :P

SnooSnoo:25-Jun-2008 09:49:03
Heh, some idiots here digging to put water tubes hit the underground electric cable.

chiquita:25-Jun-2008 09:36:23
just up - and coffee time

chiquita:25-Jun-2008 03:53:49
jack is pissed with me - i can tell. hes removed the crappy stuff in protest :(

chiquita:25-Jun-2008 00:22:25
joki where is that minimizer thing

chiquita:24-Jun-2008 23:03:19
wonder if it'll show any Alpacas vids on the list

chiquita:24-Jun-2008 23:02:02
notice how the video feed seems to collect data from the site.. the keywords cant be coincidence :)

chiquita:24-Jun-2008 13:05:57
woops connection reset :(

jackthompson:24-Jun-2008 01:06:45
i use those crap icons when the image is still missing...

chiquita:23-Jun-2008 23:53:59
jack my gifs not good enough huh? you use crap ones instead.. that hurts :(

JockeTF:22-Jun-2008 13:27:18

aantipop:21-Jun-2008 15:30:20
its weeeeeekEND!!!!

SpliNg:20-Jun-2008 09:40:47
RNcomp: demos aren't accepted on sunday

-ME-:19-Jun-2008 14:43:31
W1zrd...!! PM remember..!!

Delucia:19-Jun-2008 12:28:53
where can i learn the world records of defrag cpm maps?

Derity:19-Jun-2008 11:44:59
good day

chiquita:19-Jun-2008 01:50:32
gn jack n jocke

gummi:19-Jun-2008 00:58:14

jackthompson:19-Jun-2008 00:52:13
gn jocke

chiquita:18-Jun-2008 23:32:17
w1z please come back - i didnt take a screenshot of that last game we played. honest :)

SnooSnoo:18-Jun-2008 17:07:35

W1ZrD:18-Jun-2008 16:06:59
Awwwwwwweeeehooo!! ! I miss youuuuuu

chiquita:18-Jun-2008 12:20:39
jack thanks for that stuff

jackthompson:18-Jun-2008 11:00:44
<--- !!!! \:D/

Delucia:17-Jun-2008 22:17:13

kernel_panic:17-Jun-2008 21:12:59
This church was so narow, so narrow, that jesus, instead of being crucified, was hanged.

-ME-:17-Jun-2008 20:34:56
N1 Kernel! hehe

hansomoto:17-Jun-2008 20:32:24
quad + rocket = vs snoo = :P!

SnooSnoo:17-Jun-2008 18:09:50

kernel_panic:17-Jun-2008 18:07:59
This church was so dark, so dark, that jesus, instead of being in the cross, was shit scared in a corner.

-ME-:17-Jun-2008 16:20:05
french exam tomorrow..! Havent studied a damn thing! :asg:

jackthompson:17-Jun-2008 10:23:21

SnooSnoo:16-Jun-2008 11:48:12

gummi:15-Jun-2008 20:28:02
あるぱか!= ALPACAS!

JockeTF:15-Jun-2008 14:05:35

Derity:15-Jun-2008 13:44:42
bitches & money

SpliNg:15-Jun-2008 09:31:40

SpliNg:14-Jun-2008 19:21:25
yotoon what about the clan name?

GrosBedo:14-Jun-2008 18:59:01
http://www.urbandi e.php?term=Sexlexi a

jackthompson:14-Jun-2008 17:54:39

Joki:14-Jun-2008 10:45:06
er... i thought that was the search-function :/

Joki:14-Jun-2008 10:44:53

SpliNg:13-Jun-2008 15:59:27
ye i think so :sexy:

chiquita:13-Jun-2008 15:07:34
oh so two days isnt so bad.. im sure thats enough time to get to the end

SpliNg:12-Jun-2008 18:41:42
check the topic about the CPM comp ! :)

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 14:10:25
the vid was played at gatecrasher night.

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 14:08:40
yotoons was on mtv

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 14:06:08
kurczAk rox

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 14:05:54

yotoon!:12-Jun-2008 13:59:50
awww, the script replaces double quotes... blah!

yotoon!:12-Jun-2008 13:58:33
"gownoglowyt& quot; - remove the 't' and it means "poo-head&quo t; :D

SnooSnoo:12-Jun-2008 13:42:08
hahah, govno means poo lol!

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 13:41:06

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 13:40:58

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 13:40:49

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 13:40:40

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 13:40:29
but jack tells me its a her

Derity:12-Jun-2008 12:40:47
heyho lets go

W1ZrD:12-Jun-2008 10:15:03
uhm, both me and leileilol are male so I'd rather stick with Snoo, I couldn't deal with two men at once..

SnooSnoo:12-Jun-2008 08:55:38
And guess who took that pic :D. Anyway, I dont do hermaphrodites.

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:53:30
the one where he is tying his shoe lace :)

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:53:04
W1ZrDs pic makes me smile without fail everytime it appears in the random section

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:48:42
he went to his teambuiding thing and realised all the girls were mingers :(

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:47:04
my mission, is to hook up snoo and leilol. I think they would make the ultimate couple

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:43:53
how come you managed to disconnect me too?

chiquita:12-Jun-2008 08:42:36

W1ZrD:12-Jun-2008 08:17:49
Snoo got no control of natural forces???! YOU SUCK...and I lurva ya

SnooSnoo:11-Jun-2008 20:34:52
A thunderstorm interrupted my connexhion.

chiquita:11-Jun-2008 18:44:12

SnooSnoo:11-Jun-2008 18:18:39
chiquita, dont you visit q3eu? or you dont want to answer :(

pulchr:11-Jun-2008 09:37:32
whines like a butch?

gummi:10-Jun-2008 22:11:18
Both :D

W1ZrD:10-Jun-2008 07:13:56
you count me as a girl only because I dress in dresses or because I whine like a b*tch?

Derity:10-Jun-2008 06:29:15
the beautiful girls

gummi:09-Jun-2008 23:49:02
Umm What??!

-ME-:09-Jun-2008 23:35:03
and in the farm was a lil' lion iaiaooo ! :wacko:

kernel_panic:09-Jun-2008 23:30:12
I had a farm in Africa...

gummi:09-Jun-2008 22:50:53
ThAt Is Teh Me!

-ME-:09-Jun-2008 22:35:08
lol hehe

SnooSnoo:09-Jun-2008 20:57:35
W1z is the God almighty, you dont see him but you believe he exists.

gummi:09-Jun-2008 19:42:56
The GrEaTeSt PlAyEr EvEr? I remember him vaguely from defrag, I think he was pretty good!

gummi:09-Jun-2008 18:27:19
Whos W1zRrD?

-ME-:09-Jun-2008 14:27:06
WIZ!!! Just come back once for all..!! We miss yo

JockeTF:09-Jun-2008 09:39:55
W1ZZIE! <3

W1ZrD:09-Jun-2008 08:32:25

gummi:09-Jun-2008 06:47:48
ugh :-(

-ME-:09-Jun-2008 04:14:54
So sad when I hope you to grow up... but NOT..! *DENIED*

JockeTF:08-Jun-2008 15:32:16
Yup, that sure looks a lot like a 19-year old, it might be from the future though. :)

aantipop:08-Jun-2008 14:13:53
http://www.alpacas es/Home/Resize of scan0002.jpg <- picture of JockeTF

JockeTF:08-Jun-2008 13:58:19

JockeTF:08-Jun-2008 13:57:22
Jak er en snel hest!

Derity:08-Jun-2008 13:47:20
holla die waldfee!

chiquita:08-Jun-2008 07:55:03
\:D/ pwned

-ME-:08-Jun-2008 03:21:02
I like ur insane, If u weren't mental u wouldnt be my friend..! K

gummi:07-Jun-2008 18:30:08
18+ player limit?

SnooSnoo:06-Jun-2008 12:42:20
What makes no sense?

-ME-:06-Jun-2008 12:26:52
PLZ!!! RN 18+ ONLY::!!! This has no sense...!

gummi:05-Jun-2008 19:43:48
and europe doesnt have many cars \:D/ hoora for 8 dollars a gallon

gummi:05-Jun-2008 19:43:19
alpacas we dont have them n america \:D/

chiquita:05-Jun-2008 15:48:22

JockeTF:05-Jun-2008 10:38:33
Alpacas! ^_^

SnooSnoo:05-Jun-2008 07:32:22

gummi:05-Jun-2008 06:26:02
NO I AM \:D/ [Quote]Till I come :P[/quote]

SnooSnoo:05-Jun-2008 06:18:45
Till I come :P

chiquita:05-Jun-2008 04:30:42
ill just stay on top \:D/

chiquita:05-Jun-2008 04:30:23
im just up. 0530am but im not gonna post :)

chiquita:05-Jun-2008 04:29:47
is that why you wanted to play me :)

Derity:05-Jun-2008 03:37:49
i m quite off these days

Derity:05-Jun-2008 03:36:11
bitchee bitchee ya ya ya - fuck friend

Delucia:04-Jun-2008 07:18:41
hey i am very angry bros....In Rn Cpma Server there are some kiddo who vote map in 2 minutes...(always nearly) and they also make kick vote for no reason so could you please help us for this issue thx ....

SnooSnoo:04-Jun-2008 06:39:07

gummi:04-Jun-2008 03:17:11
\:D/ top o the world :)

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 21:18:06
bah.. 116 it is

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 20:37:40
jokis online.. lets do lazer n saw :)

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 20:33:00
\:D/ top o the world :)

SnooSnoo:03-Jun-2008 18:21:46
Me want snu-snu!

-ME-:03-Jun-2008 13:17:16
W1zrd!!!! oh man!! nice to read you again..!!! My Master 's Back..!!! :harr:

SnooSnoo:03-Jun-2008 08:26:56
Awww, I'm allways late... :(

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 08:01:39
there will be strobe lights out the holes

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:59:52
golf and chess have now been GPL'd

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:59:19
youll need to ask one of the tree huggers. i got banned :(

W1ZrD:03-Jun-2008 07:57:18
Hoping to be back/around/talk/b itch & butch..well hope so ^^

W1ZrD:03-Jun-2008 07:56:14
Is it true that playing with a large joystick in 0.8 is a disadvantage?

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:56:12
is it just a flying visit? :(

W1ZrD:03-Jun-2008 07:54:48
I still luv ya!!!!!1111one

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:54:28
we call it a flying f*** :)

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:53:47
i am on of da bitches :)

chiquita:03-Jun-2008 07:53:07
\:D/ W11zzzZ

W1ZrD:03-Jun-2008 07:50:32
Booooooooooooooooo oooooo!! and damn it feels like I miss you guys...well, the ones not bitching that much the rest of you can take a flying leap :)

SnooSnoo:03-Jun-2008 06:12:18
Not! :P

gummi:03-Jun-2008 01:18:40
On Top Again \:D/

kernel_panic:02-Jun-2008 22:19:10

aantipop:02-Jun-2008 20:50:07

PopeJo:02-Jun-2008 18:19:37
hug al berry fin

Derity:02-Jun-2008 17:48:22

gummi:02-Jun-2008 14:17:50

SnooSnoo:02-Jun-2008 08:04:55
LOL! ofc I ment H U G...

SnooSnoo:02-Jun-2008 08:04:30
Hog jack_thompson!!!!

JockeTF:02-Jun-2008 07:18:24
Hug alpacas!

gummi:02-Jun-2008 06:40:15
Shout it out \:D/

GrosBedo:01-Jun-2008 21:17:42
Gratz -ME-, you're the 5000000th ! But you won't win a prize, sorry

-ME-:01-Jun-2008 17:52:48
Leilol is deleting my posts.!! Weeee!!!

SnooSnoo:01-Jun-2008 15:36:53
O, hai!

JockeTF:01-Jun-2008 11:07:29
Alpacas. :)

aantipop:01-Jun-2008 10:26:58

chiquita:01-Jun-2008 08:12:25
no your not :) na na na naa

gummi:01-Jun-2008 07:55:27
gummiis on top \:D/

chiquita:01-Jun-2008 06:55:19

-ME-:01-Jun-2008 06:43:26
I can control you, but u cant control ME, neither I can..! :/

Derity:01-Jun-2008 03:57:27
control me!

gummi:31-May-2008 21:36:01
confusion \:D/

jackthompson:31-May-2008 16:02:02
what... what?

chiquita:31-May-2008 14:58:29
well its not really a mod.. but got it to be used so its not seen as a mod, so you can put anything on top of it and most things Ive tried have been ok

chiquita:31-May-2008 14:48:39
you like my mod with noghost :)

chiquita:31-May-2008 14:48:12

jackthompson:31-May-2008 14:46:37
chiquita!!!! <3 \:D/

jackthompson:31-May-2008 14:44:40
any specific example of a missing map?

gummi:31-May-2008 07:11:30

gummi:31-May-2008 07:11:01
theyre not!!?

jackthompson:31-May-2008 06:31:56
no... they're not.. :|

gummi:31-May-2008 02:57:38
all the rn cpm defrag maps are gone! :O)

chiquita:30-May-2008 12:05:38
it is.. you have to login

SnooSnoo:30-May-2008 08:46:47
Btw, chiq, the forum is no-worky on q3eu...

SnooSnoo:30-May-2008 08:45:40
I'm all yours baby anyway, this is just to get the extra testosterone out. =D

chiquita:30-May-2008 07:48:25
hope ya score. if you dont.. youe mine... or moo's.. i mean the sheeps :)

chiquita:30-May-2008 07:47:50
you will love it snoo i'm sure. :)

SnooSnoo:30-May-2008 06:13:20
TEAMBUILDING SUCKS! if you dont score witha coleague chick ;)

gummi:30-May-2008 05:42:09
Weeeeeeeeeee! :grin:

chiquita:30-May-2008 01:48:06
i love it jocke.. thank you :)

Derity:29-May-2008 22:37:40
hi rn|teamspeak :D

SnooSnoo:29-May-2008 20:13:24
oh wont you take me to... funky town!

jackthompson:29-May-2008 10:26:33

chiquita:29-May-2008 09:00:02
how do i stop daddycool from playing in my head when i wake up ? :(

JockeTF:29-May-2008 01:22:17
I like alpacas. :)

chiquita:28-May-2008 23:43:10
You never know until you ask one

kernel_panic:28-May-2008 21:57:49
What is it like to be a bat?

jackthompson:28-May-2008 20:00:02
jack thompson!!!!

chiquita:28-May-2008 10:47:11
if jack is making my dreams im doomed

PopeJo:28-May-2008 10:32:08
the dream program? or the gymnastics program? :D

chiquita:28-May-2008 10:07:46
wow.. i use programs that were written by jack. :) i never realised

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:08:58
i think my dreams need calibrated :(

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:08:13
then tony blair comes in with a suit and starts working out on the rowing machine

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:06:46
that the oa lead dev is q3's answer to george bush, no matter where you go, every generation shall have one

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:05:12
i was in a gym. and this wrestler guy comes over to me and says..

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:04:13
it was strange and dont understand the significance although it is funny

chiquita:28-May-2008 09:03:15
i had a dream

SnooSnoo:28-May-2008 08:03:06

gummi:28-May-2008 01:56:04
;D :O) :grin: :hoho: :asg: :rotfl: :/ :| :argh: :eh: :ops: :wacko: |:| ;D :B ;P

chiquita:27-May-2008 23:43:25
Didnt you ever get told your face will stay like that if you keep doing that :)

chiquita:27-May-2008 23:42:53

SnooSnoo:27-May-2008 12:53:47
:waa: :s :eh: :omg: =| |:| ;D :wacko:

chiquita:27-May-2008 12:49:57
snoo hoooo

SnooSnoo:27-May-2008 12:48:35

chiquita:27-May-2008 07:32:26
ello Der :)

Derity:26-May-2008 22:51:48
hi chiq, i know you are there

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 15:55:26

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 15:55:14
return i was just picking on you a tad!

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 15:54:34
nasty bugger = shithead in chicq words :D

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 13:22:47
ask jack tompson!!!! :D

Delucia:26-May-2008 13:18:05
where is the rn/cpmrun servers?

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 12:12:50
Told ya.

chiquita:26-May-2008 12:00:40
yea your right. mondays are crap :(

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 11:27:23
chiqui!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! :P

chiquita:26-May-2008 09:00:57
I love em :) woohoo ITS MONDAY!!!

SnooSnoo:26-May-2008 07:54:25
I hate mundayz.. :|

SnooSnoo:25-May-2008 17:27:11
back in black!

-ME-:25-May-2008 16:42:31
ME is back, ME is back..!!!! XD

jackthompson:24-May-2008 14:29:01
\:D/ Thank You! <3

Derity:24-May-2008 12:59:48
dont make fun of jack !

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:34:45
and that.. will be the end of me. for now that is :) my driver is waiting

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:33:58
it kind of took me by surprise, almost like finding jack thompson on a killing spree

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:32:01
i would say that possibly could be a ban offense

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:31:05
That is indeed disturbing. =)

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:30:27
Time is fluid ... like a river with currents, eddies, backwash.. -- Spock, "The City on the Edge of Forever", stardate 3134.0

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:28:07
followed by... -- Kirk, "Space Seed", stardate 3141.9

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:27:45
it kicks off like this.. If I can have honesty, it's easier to overlook mistakes.

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:26:30
I'm off now, kissy kissy lil' missy! :P

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:25:05
oh not again

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:24:44
i got a very disturbing pm from Jock

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:24:12
Ill edit it right away with my superadmin powers!

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:24:07
ok.. i wont.. unless requested :)

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:22:37
hahah :P

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:22:20
snoo that last pm.. i feel its so bad i should post it here :)

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:20:07
no you dont know :D unless youve seen it in the pong map.. then you will realise my pain

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:19:10
ye, i kno

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:17:16
that f***&g thing oad/8.jpg

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:10:06

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:09:01
god i so know that moo mobile is gonna have an alpacas on it. that bloody thing is haunting me

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:08:24

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:07:08
ok. get the kebabs on :D

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:04:25
I have no defects, my pics prove it! ;)ž

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:03:32
you dont need to.. pretend you have some rare genetic problem.

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:03:07
Its warm here, you should come visit. =)

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 12:02:16
Im in the middle of loosing some weight.

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:01:59
im nice n warm with this wolly top.. but that alpa outside looks freeeezin :D

chiquita:24-May-2008 12:00:33
when there are less alpa things and we start putting on weight... that is when we should be concerned

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:58:44
to much fur

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:57:42
well thats what alpacus is here for (or am i supposed to keep this quiet)

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:56:10
need a snack b4 I can eat a real meal.

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:53:51
oh he wont be.

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:52:31
1 hot chicken soup please :D

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:50:06
he is not in the chatroom right now

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:49:40

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:49:36
and /V/ ME is on my shitlist BIG TIME

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:49:26
nah, youre to sexy for irc :)

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:49:13
ive had 3 hours sleep

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:48:48

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:48:36
im toooo sophisticated for irc, at this present moment

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:48:23
:(, you dont love me anymore

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:48:00

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:47:42
come to irc and talk to me baby! :x

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:47:15
ofc they do, sleep and party in12 hr shifts

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:46:33
I never realised people sleep at weekends :/

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:45:57
4 in irc

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:44:53
how many hours or minutes do i owe you?

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:44:36
not much

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:43:31
but you will learn the true meaning of multitasking. Can you sleep at work?

SnooSnoo:24-May-2008 11:10:55
chiq, you robbed me of my sleep. Only got 6 hrs of sleep.

chiquita:24-May-2008 11:08:17
May the alpacas be with you!

gummi:24-May-2008 03:56:41
misery is on m site...

Derity:24-May-2008 01:12:10
misery is the river of the world...

chiquita:23-May-2008 07:17:01
only jk... i repeat. just kiddin :)

chiquita:23-May-2008 07:15:56
Alpacas! .... with cheese! :)

kernel_panic:22-May-2008 12:47:54
It's all in your mind. What does make you believe I used it as a bad word? Perhaps I hate the freeze server and at last I can't join it anymore, so 'alpacas! 9; would mean 'hooray!' ;

Piddy:22-May-2008 11:12:45
I don't like how you use alpacas as a bad word! :O

PopeJo:20-May-2008 16:06:53
set cg_allowkernel_pan ic "1"

kernel_panic:20-May-2008 09:55:12
Alpacas! I can't join the freeze server anymore. Why?

chiquita:20-May-2008 09:08:06
they have little mouths

chiquita:20-May-2008 09:07:14
i like Alpaca Cuzco Peru

chiquita:20-May-2008 09:06:03

Derity:19-May-2008 16:12:53
hi frakkers

SnooSnoo:19-May-2008 12:51:15
jacky tore the forum so much apart, who can find anything here now?! :D

chiquita:19-May-2008 08:58:24
how do i forward my spam to Jack?

chiquita:19-May-2008 07:56:37
does your posts go missing too? :D i think 50% of mine were

chiquita:19-May-2008 07:51:42
was down in manchster last week..lots of fun.. not

SnooSnoo:19-May-2008 06:24:55
Chiiiiiiiiiiquiiii iiiiiiii

chiquita:18-May-2008 21:00:48

chiquita:18-May-2008 20:38:13

PopeJo:18-May-2008 19:34:55
greets from denmark =)

SnooSnoo:18-May-2008 17:20:00
purrr :)

gummi:18-May-2008 06:00:16
HeLLo EvErYoNe!!! :grin:

SnooSnoo:16-May-2008 07:08:38
Lazy frakker =p

jackthompson:16-May-2008 07:06:19
i dont care... i have a P4 now :D

SnooSnoo:16-May-2008 06:26:12
Jack please make a banner saying ONE VIDEO PER POST!!!

kernel_panic:14-May-2008 15:29:06
Snoo, I'll see if I can be online this afternoon.

SnooSnoo:13-May-2008 19:53:50
Welcome! :harr:

Darkal:13-May-2008 19:44:56
Hi all :)

JockeTF:10-May-2008 23:39:42
Thanks! :)

SnooSnoo:10-May-2008 16:50:47
Good job Jocke, as allways. :D

kernel_panic:10-May-2008 09:56:51
shhhhh! They're all around us...

SnooSnoo:10-May-2008 09:49:52
Yay for Jose! :D

SnooSnoo:10-May-2008 08:01:30
hello =)

gummi:10-May-2008 07:00:21

jackthompson:09-May-2008 15:37:29
i just found out that my copperhead i ripped in pieces WASN'T broken... :C

kernel_panic:09-May-2008 14:44:14
Hahah, really? We need speranto lessons now...

SnooSnoo:09-May-2008 13:21:47
kernel, I think sago ment "look at the 3rd post above your". Nobody understands eachother anymore. We should use another language. ;P

kernel_panic:09-May-2008 09:25:55
WTF? Playing Aggressor at 10 AM during the week?

SnooSnoo:09-May-2008 09:03:31
The booty song. Shake it baby! :O)

Derity:09-May-2008 08:55:11
what song? :)

chiquita:09-May-2008 00:59:28
derity you have started that song again

chiquita:09-May-2008 00:58:57

Derity:08-May-2008 23:52:48
Dexter is weird :)

chiquita:08-May-2008 23:37:59

Derity:08-May-2008 14:13:51
it was acceptable at this time

SnooSnoo:08-May-2008 12:44:48
(I need snoosnoo)

chiquita:08-May-2008 12:08:30
It was acceptable in the 80's

chiquita:08-May-2008 11:58:54
Snoo.. you can play Doom once we stop playing Doomed :)

SnooSnoo:08-May-2008 06:10:20
Doom 4 announced!!!

chiquita:08-May-2008 02:08:53
I love Flipendo

chiquita:08-May-2008 00:03:42
yes! The hippies.. da hippies move to anotha protocol. we be free from smell of pee

chiquita:07-May-2008 23:53:09
yummie yummie likkin lips :P

JockeTF:07-May-2008 23:52:16
I like alpacas!!

jackthompson:07-May-2008 22:54:43
your mother

SnooSnoo:07-May-2008 17:07:58
Who got shot?

jackthompson:07-May-2008 15:51:03
You dont shoot people in the forum... you shoot them in the game!

SnooSnoo:07-May-2008 10:22:31
Mine would be to after that reply on the oa board.

SnooSnoo:07-May-2008 06:19:30
Oh, I'm sorry to hear. It happens, but you have my full support!

chiquita:06-May-2008 23:57:33
my enthusism has been crushed

SnooSnoo:06-May-2008 20:13:50
chiqui, you never call anymore, not even for a saw thing :(

chiquita:06-May-2008 10:50:59
jack can you help me with excessive server

chiquita:06-May-2008 04:47:26

jackthompson:06-May-2008 03:41:14

link:06-May-2008 03:30:00
hello ppl!

jackthompson:06-May-2008 03:02:10

chiquita:05-May-2008 12:01:52
i will be cleaning hard this week

aantipop:04-May-2008 18:24:01
go irc!

aantipop:04-May-2008 18:23:54
xhixken?? 1.16 noghost ?

jackthompson:04-May-2008 04:20:07

Derity:04-May-2008 03:36:37
clean hard, aaaah

chiquita:03-May-2008 16:26:11

chiquita:03-May-2008 16:18:24
liebe grüße

jackthompson:03-May-2008 10:33:17
it's the 1.35 from the ioq3 svn with the oa patch... works...

chiquita:03-May-2008 07:11:53
wtf you updated all the servers to 1.35?

chiquita:03-May-2008 07:08:25
should have been countin the sheep! i need to goto the shops.. then ill get another couple of hours sleep

jackthompson:03-May-2008 06:00:52
i spend the whole night counting the hours till i could buy pain killers for my headache.. awesome..

jackthompson:03-May-2008 06:00:18
good morning, chiquita <3 !!!! :D

chiquita:03-May-2008 05:47:17
06:47 good morn

chiquita:03-May-2008 05:47:04

Derity:03-May-2008 00:46:18

chiquita:02-May-2008 22:01:13
where does odigo hang out

aantipop:02-May-2008 19:40:37
bad rconpassword

SnooSnoo:02-May-2008 16:57:55
The pass might be ok, but the band is lousy.

chiquita:02-May-2008 15:51:28
my passwords are pretty good :D

chiquita:02-May-2008 15:51:16
there is something you cant deny

Derity:02-May-2008 12:54:38
jump da fuck up

SnooSnoo:02-May-2008 09:10:19
Soulfly? I thought you had class...

chiquita:02-May-2008 07:42:02
ok rcon pass for ctf is : soulfly - please dont tell too many ppl

chiquita:02-May-2008 06:49:57
wtf jack has only 7 posts????????????? ???

chiquita:02-May-2008 06:48:00
i need an rn oa logo

Derity:02-May-2008 02:57:43
cute, i found some new minimal stuff :D

Derity:02-May-2008 02:46:30
frak these lazy admins

aantipop:01-May-2008 21:08:08
you do a great job! cheer up, nighty night

chiquita:01-May-2008 21:04:26
please delete :( i just got another night pwned off me. its these damn lazy admins

chiquita:01-May-2008 21:03:34

chiquita:01-May-2008 21:03:26
there is another.. and the reply was 'just upgrade'.... yea so i fucking will

chiquita:01-May-2008 21:02:07
you did ask :D

chiquita:01-May-2008 21:01:41
anti.. this post. http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=1740.msg1322 5#msg13225

Derity:01-May-2008 18:46:11
small talk, denn zwischen bar und toilette bleibt immer zeit für ein gespräch und platz für komplimente

Derity:01-May-2008 18:40:05
join irc !

chiquita:01-May-2008 18:36:41
aantipop is very sweet :)

Derity:01-May-2008 18:32:41

chiquita:01-May-2008 17:41:03
oh no.. i think its cool.. but i have an exclamation mark on my tab

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 17:04:51

chiquita:01-May-2008 17:03:23
someone has reported one of my sites grrrr.

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 17:01:15

chiquita:01-May-2008 16:45:35
hubub? :D

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 16:42:38
Whats all the hubub?

chiquita:01-May-2008 16:32:50
/mute Derity ; wait 50000; say wahahahaha Derity noob

Derity:01-May-2008 15:07:17
oooooooooooooooh crap

chiquita:01-May-2008 14:16:06
derity banned

Derity:01-May-2008 13:25:42
it may 1st

Derity:01-May-2008 13:25:22
calm down...

chiquita:01-May-2008 10:08:33
jack cant you go any faster?

chiquita:01-May-2008 10:08:11
LAZY ADMINS.. shoop shoop get to work

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 09:33:34

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 09:33:21
Did we say we want it private? No!

chiquita:01-May-2008 09:32:52
thats for noobs

aantipop:01-May-2008 09:32:12
why dont oyu use the IRC for chatting, you can go private there, imagine

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 09:29:17
Why, yes!

chiquita:01-May-2008 09:25:40
did you just say SEX?

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 07:20:53
If we cant have morning sex, we could have some morining lazering?

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 07:20:20
How would I know, I'm not his nanny. =)

chiquita:01-May-2008 07:09:27
where is jack

chiquita:01-May-2008 07:09:14

SnooSnoo:01-May-2008 06:58:11
Look who's up.

SnooSnoo:30-Apr-2008 18:10:02
Dodoing doing dooooing!

Derity:30-Apr-2008 16:05:58
goddamn they ruthless

Derity:30-Apr-2008 09:32:46
and then you say...

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 19:35:19
Answer. OO

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 12:42:46
please answer. i have my shoes on ready to go out. didnt have a nap :)

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 12:42:14

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 12:31:04
i demand a guided tour.... i have 5 - 10 mins now. im not particuarly my happy self. or wait til later

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 12:18:42
Am I the only one here with a steady job? I suck!

Derity:29-Apr-2008 11:40:44
what a dirrty chicken

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 10:21:25
ok im going to sleep soon.. with me cat

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 10:20:15
Im @ work every mon-fri from 8.00 CET till I0m home. :(

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 10:17:45
i didnt used to know what that meant.. and im glad my mum never either :)

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 10:10:40
wanna game mofo?

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 09:52:54

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:42:48
snoo.. i got a new avatar

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 09:32:27
OMG! I see chicks! :cool: :cool: :cool:

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:25:56
recommonded and endorsed by Jack Thompson

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:25:04
:blarg: <-- look at the cool things to do

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:23:37
much more fun than IRC.. this is pro-chat++

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:22:35
you are the 1000000 visitor to the shoutbox - you win a laptop

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 09:19:21
sometimes i feel like saying lord i just dont care

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 08:44:06
Sorry fo that, but also ROTFL!

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 08:22:32
Snoo I just missed you by seconds. I was a bit dissapointed when i seen who my opponent was, worst blind date ever

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 08:20:36
Hello nice lady :)

chiquita:29-Apr-2008 07:03:38
good morning ladies

SnooSnoo:29-Apr-2008 06:34:12

jackthompson:29-Apr-2008 06:33:56
good morning!!!!

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 18:12:15
Its impossible to arrange stuff like this, IRC is a good comm device.

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 18:11:10
chiq, I was there , played 10 games and no chiqui :(

chiquita:28-Apr-2008 18:06:53
lets go

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 17:25:58
be there or be []

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 17:23:04
chiq, up for some lazers?

jackthompson:28-Apr-2008 13:28:25
good morning!

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 13:05:51
The whole lot is here =)

SnooSnoo:28-Apr-2008 11:13:12
No, havent played Derity there yet. Was my first time yday. More fun than corky.

Derity:28-Apr-2008 11:10:24

chiquita:28-Apr-2008 08:46:04
DeadDREAMER is online... i guess we werent wrong about having a general crap section

chiquita:28-Apr-2008 08:42:22
JACKTHOMPSON is late this morning

chiquita:28-Apr-2008 08:38:19
or did derity beat you :/

chiquita:28-Apr-2008 08:36:11
no your not. if i can beat you at my age there's still hope for you yet sweetie :)

Derity:27-Apr-2008 23:11:32
good night :)

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2008 20:39:11
I'm getting to old for this. :omg:

aantipop:27-Apr-2008 20:36:18
what did happen :( ?

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2008 17:45:45
oh, sorry for the a word

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2008 17:45:24
are only assholes playing oa and q3a today?

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2008 17:44:30
thanks jacky luv! :D

jackthompson:27-Apr-2008 17:14:28

jackthompson:27-Apr-2008 16:48:04

SnooSnoo:27-Apr-2008 16:22:09
Jack, I want this sticky please: x.php?name=Forums& amp;file=viewtopic &t=70

Derity:27-Apr-2008 03:41:39
haha, bbq is on all day when the weather is hot :D

chiquita:26-Apr-2008 18:42:08
yummie yummie.. i smell alpacas. who has the bbq on? @)

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2008 18:27:38
chiq! NO! Never threaten to eat alpacas! Jocke she didnt mean that, squize her for she doesent know what she is saying, she is just a chicken. :d

chiquita:26-Apr-2008 18:22:33
i will have one alpacas burger with cheese please Jocke.

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2008 17:58:41
If that makes my viral infection go away, sure. =)

JockeTF:26-Apr-2008 17:51:51
SnooSnoo should hug alpacas.

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2008 17:41:56
Jack, we realy need to go to Japan!!!

SnooSnoo:26-Apr-2008 17:39:23
I'm alive! :D

jackthompson:26-Apr-2008 14:06:40
I'll do the full upgrade as soon as that players-stick-toge ther-when they-run-against-a nother bug was fixed in 0.7.7 or 0.8.0

aantipop:26-Apr-2008 10:25:01
PLEASE everybody update to 0.7.6 (im looking @ you, chiquita)

Derity:26-Apr-2008 04:16:37

chiquita:26-Apr-2008 03:13:34

jackthompson:26-Apr-2008 03:11:23

chiquita:25-Apr-2008 19:01:04
maybe my isp was the same too.. it was odd cos i never got that before

jackthompson:25-Apr-2008 18:21:25
nah.. it's definatly a problem with my isp..

chiquita:25-Apr-2008 18:16:25
but went away on q3

chiquita:25-Apr-2008 18:16:06
get it on rainbow and even my server.. all oa ones

chiquita:25-Apr-2008 18:15:40
i have that too

jackthompson:25-Apr-2008 18:02:27
chiquita!!!! baby!!!!

jackthompson:25-Apr-2008 14:08:19
my internet is still broken... continous-mini-tim eouts that make everything slow :C

Derity:25-Apr-2008 05:50:37
guess who. bitches (AD, #rainbow)

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 19:30:04
night luv, sleep sound

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 19:29:53
oh good! youll be better tomorrow... so thats good for me!

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 19:20:44
Good night! I'm taking the best advice ever, having a nice sleep. GN HF!

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 19:07:47
Sez "reducing symptoms", I only need them gone, nt reduced. :P

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 19:01:51
ooh maybe i had not seen this latest research : http://www.unmc.ed u/publicaffairs/ch ickensoup/newsrele ase.htm :) only trust it if its not american

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 19:01:12
I'll open a "bragging thread".

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 19:00:15
I'm drinking warm tea. The best for soothing my throat :)

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 19:00:07
yes its beatiful on the bonnie banks of loch lomond my dear

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:59:26
and if anyone goolges chicken soup and cold to post a link i kick their head in :) im aware of that 'remedy'

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:58:02
Ant the weather is getting realy nice. ust keep my hands off the ride this weekend!

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:56:48
ah so you work like poo now. crap timing :(

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:55:21
Ye, but I dint want to get paid less in the month I got a raise.

Derity:24-Apr-2008 18:54:30
i guess someone is stalking here :D

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:54:03
most workplaces ask ill people not to goto work if ill

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:52:04
Finaly someone is hidden and its not chiquita!

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:51:38
Ye, nice bmw btw :D

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:48:34
aarrghh... nooo. i used to be like that but fuc* that now :D

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:46:41
Thanks for the advice. The last time I went to work realy ill and rode my bike ill. (the lag was worth every second on the ride though)

Derity:24-Apr-2008 18:46:30
loading last working health config

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:44:20
its the quick recovery system. you let the last one lag... bad players have lag. You should have won the fight the last time ok

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:43:18
drink lots of water.. maybe glass of orange juice or a treat :) as long as you drink LOTS of water

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:41:23
the cold isnt half as bad if you get proper sleep.. its the best way for it to get it out immune system

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:40:15
continue taking them every 8 or 10 hours or so. stay in bed n sleep if poss

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:39:39
take a couple at night.. you will sleep like one of my rail victims

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:38:42
ok get a packet of night nurse .. look it up on google and see if you recognise it

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 18:36:39
Nah, I'm quite pissed at myself, 10 days ago I was home sick, and now I caught the cold again :s

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:15:03
Snoo you ok?

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:07:08
DERITY I WILL KILL YOU for that smart assed post!

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 18:05:34

jackthompson:24-Apr-2008 17:12:50

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 16:30:00
aww poor Snoo has the Sniffles :( i will check up on you from time to time and make sure your ok

chiquita:24-Apr-2008 16:20:54

Derity:24-Apr-2008 14:11:31
hello :D

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 13:13:24
lol, *frind*

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 13:13:01
Thankfu for be mi mrind.

anarchypower:24-Apr-2008 12:47:54
I wish you the best:) snoosnoo

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 12:14:26

jackthompson:24-Apr-2008 12:04:10
poor snoosnoo

jackthompson:24-Apr-2008 11:59:22

jackthompson:24-Apr-2008 11:58:14
<--!!!! \o/

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 11:27:43
Hi, caught a cold again :(

anarchypower:24-Apr-2008 11:18:38
Hi all, whats up?:)

Derity:24-Apr-2008 08:07:21
hey, i m up :)

SnooSnoo:24-Apr-2008 07:09:43
Good morning! (although would be better being free and bathing in the sun)

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:34:17
haha, fixed :D

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:33:31
derity.. im going to bed and its too dark for web cam.. nighty

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:32:49
02: Derity > My Private Messages

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:31:46
bed time guys. goodnight and have bundles of joy and fun :)

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:30:26
why doesnt jack talke to me :(

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:28:48
03: jackthompson > Home

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:23:58
voyager is poo.. dont waste your life in there. :( dont make that the highlight of your life to tell your grandchildren

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:20:55
on irc are the usual suspects

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:19:54
does AD come to the S

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:19:31
where.. the shout thing or irc thign. i dont see mant people beating me so i cant chat much

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:16:07
a lot of ppl online right now

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:13:57
03: jackthompson > The golden pot

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:11:13
a player? didnt see him for a while

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:09:22
who is jojo

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 23:03:26

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:00:53
you can enjoy the days without me :D

Derity:23-Apr-2008 23:00:19
i ll leave tomorrow, dont know how much inet i ll have

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 22:59:01
oh.. you feel good and smug as a bug in a rug... but..

Derity:23-Apr-2008 22:46:39
what have i done? maybe i can fix it :D

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 22:44:03
snoo. i feel so stupid.. that person i seen hidden has alwalys been me.. oh god i asked ppl about the hidden persoon. ban me now! :)

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 22:42:38
derity.. im soo gonna get you back for that

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 17:32:50
chiq! FINALY I SEE YOU!!!! :)

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 17:32:00
Thb, chiq, I tink thats the best idea there :D

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 17:06:55
he'll kill me :)

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 17:04:02
http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=1701.msg1289 8#msg12898

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 16:30:50
I was born in the 80's, the 80's.

Derity:23-Apr-2008 16:23:44
I've got hugs for you if you were born in the 80's, the 80's

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 16:06:57
1980 here, but, why?

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 15:47:55
lets say no more about it :)

chiquita:23-Apr-2008 15:46:38
there is someone that is permanently hidden.. i always thought it was some bot or deterrent

Derity:23-Apr-2008 15:40:48
I've got love for you if you were born in the 80's, the 80's

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 10:20:37

jackthompson:23-Apr-2008 07:22:55
jack tho... man that is way too early.. back to bed!

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 06:42:38
and you were not shown in who is where, just someone as hidden.

SnooSnoo:23-Apr-2008 06:35:21
ciq, I figured it shows you as hidden coz you were the only one writing in the shoutbox beside me the other day.

aantipop:22-Apr-2008 21:01:35
hahaha http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=1613

chiquita:22-Apr-2008 20:41:57
or just when im online?

chiquita:22-Apr-2008 20:41:47
but you are right.. is that hidden thing always there?

chiquita:22-Apr-2008 20:40:27
you need to click things to show on that list.. one time i noticed jack online and he told me never to look there again

SnooSnoo:22-Apr-2008 20:23:37
But somehow you are, nvm though. I like you the way you are :D

chiquita:22-Apr-2008 19:55:05
NO I'm never hidden!! I never will be, im too lazy to find out how to change it

SnooSnoo:22-Apr-2008 15:41:00
chikenz are shy creatures i guess

SnooSnoo:22-Apr-2008 15:38:46
chiq, your hidden again :/

chiquita:22-Apr-2008 15:37:19
hahahha.. nub

SnooSnoo:22-Apr-2008 09:25:42
Nice try D! :blarg:

Derity:22-Apr-2008 00:16:07
[url]Derity: http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=1698[/url]

Derity:22-Apr-2008 00:15:45
http://openarena.w s/board/index.php? topic=1698

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 23:30:39
wish w1z would come back :(

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 23:08:08
yea and SPAM

jackthompson:21-Apr-2008 21:47:07
Corkscrew has 100 different crosshairs to choose from now...

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 14:23:13
ye to the admin section

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2008 13:36:00
chiq, you asked last week to put you off the list, remember?

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 13:16:46
ye.. i think i always was/am

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2008 13:14:43
chiqui, can I put you back on the admin list?

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 12:47:01
*chicken passes Snoo a beautiful king size cookie while the irc channel only gets a sniff of it*

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 12:17:32
I wonder what all this good stuff is

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2008 08:31:21
-u :D

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2008 08:31:07
I miss you Houneybunny!

chiquita:21-Apr-2008 08:17:11
nice to know that im missed.

SnooSnoo:21-Apr-2008 07:14:45
I'm not even near a PC when not @ work!! It's spring!

AllegedlyDead:21-Apr-2008 04:15:26
SnooSnoo needs to come back to the channel. He's missing all the good stuff.

jackthompson:21-Apr-2008 00:49:59

TheLink:20-Apr-2008 23:04:39
hello :D

jackthompson:20-Apr-2008 12:25:30
<---- !!!! \o/

Derity:19-Apr-2008 21:13:13
FCB won the cup!

Derity:19-Apr-2008 17:59:29
god damn they ruthless

Derity:19-Apr-2008 17:59:17
and then you say ...

SnooSnoo:19-Apr-2008 16:56:55
Jacky, more vidfeos is overkill.

aantipop:19-Apr-2008 13:36:22
delete it

chiquita:19-Apr-2008 12:14:58
ah crap.. how do i get rid of my nooby double post :s

chiquita:19-Apr-2008 12:14:15
NoGhost Rail 1vs1 <-- from server list. noob admin on the loose

chiquita:19-Apr-2008 12:13:30
RN|NoGhost Rail 1vs1 <-- from server list. noob admin on the loose

chiquita:19-Apr-2008 12:05:08

jackthompson:19-Apr-2008 10:51:00

Derity:19-Apr-2008 03:31:39
good morning :/

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 21:23:32
that hidden entry is always there.. how long you been here? :)

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 21:23:00
no thats not me.. you are shown if you have clicked a link within a few mins

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 21:17:56
at least earlier this evening

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 21:17:31
chiq, in the section who is where, I never see your nick, but i see Hidden:1. And that was you.

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 20:01:31
i hope your not referring to me.. that would be a dream for most people I know :)

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 19:59:07
who hides?

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 19:37:11
lol @ D

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 19:13:11
Chocolate melts @ body temperature, thats hardly dangerous.

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 19:11:11
Id like to know why you keep in hiding

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 19:09:55
toblerones are bloody dangerous... what kind of evil person would make chocolate with pointy bits like a gauntlete

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 19:06:06
x rated hicken

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 18:51:06
Are you chicken?

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 18:50:43
And why would you hide?

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 18:50:05
I love those :D

chiquita:18-Apr-2008 18:49:21
i can run, but i can still hide. last seen in portal room on q3dm7 eating a toblerone

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 18:47:20
How can you hide chiq?

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 18:43:40
I met a few nioce guys on your q3a server today.

jackthompson:18-Apr-2008 17:11:12
i'm super angry with that piece of crap right now :C

jackthompson:18-Apr-2008 17:10:29
I'll keep playing quakeworld until i have a real PC...

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 07:48:08
Lets just say he's not round much. Mornin!

kernel_panic:18-Apr-2008 07:45:59
Snoo! Morning, man. What do you mean? He's left the boat?

SnooSnoo:18-Apr-2008 07:44:58
hyp3er is doing xreal and doom3 now :(

kernel_panic:18-Apr-2008 07:43:43
Where is Hyp34focus? I miss the old wolf...

z3r0:18-Apr-2008 07:35:05
it is :) thanx m8

SnooSnoo:17-Apr-2008 19:56:53
hyp3r ol house!

jackthompson:17-Apr-2008 19:50:49
fixed.. thanks :)

SnooSnoo:17-Apr-2008 19:43:24
odigo! \0/

SnooSnoo:17-Apr-2008 19:09:35
Hope thats okay now.

z3r0:17-Apr-2008 16:56:45
stats on corky is not updated for few days, please check it

SnooSnoo:17-Apr-2008 12:16:48

Derity:17-Apr-2008 11:24:36
this flashing gif was too ugly to keep it

SnooSnoo:17-Apr-2008 06:34:41
Your avatar is normal man!

Derity:17-Apr-2008 00:52:07
check my avatar :D

Derity:17-Apr-2008 00:51:52
did it for you :D

chiquita:16-Apr-2008 23:35:38
how do i make an animated gif flash pink and white very brightly :)

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 18:40:10
Must have been my isp. Its all normal now. But its wierd that it affected oa only not q3a.

jackthompson:16-Apr-2008 16:29:28
:D i don't know... maybe it will work later... could be your internet... i just checked and everuything was cool...

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 16:23:42
Bah! I'm gonna ditch oa completley.

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 16:22:15
But i was playing corky an hour b4 and it was all allrigt :(

jackthompson:16-Apr-2008 16:19:47
move your downloaded pk3's to another place and "go back to start"

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 16:07:08
I tried many servers on the list, and all of them have interruptions in 2Hz fequency (estimate)

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 16:04:45
has anyone lags in oa? I dont have them in q3a.

SnooSnoo:16-Apr-2008 14:26:35
home sweet home :)

chiquita:16-Apr-2008 09:16:37
my shouts are short. but they are loud as hell.. morning all

chiquita:16-Apr-2008 09:15:47
Your shout appears to be too short.

jackthompson:16-Apr-2008 01:47:41
i was tired... :C

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 23:39:29
thats easy i think Jack.. need any help gimme a shout. Dont go a quick fix using a iframe or something

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 18:32:35
hope that'll look good

jackthompson:15-Apr-2008 18:22:42
i'll find a solution to have (smaller) news and the forum together on the frontpage... when dragonfly has been updated

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 18:18:22
No more news :(

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 13:39:49
ye, that confused me seeing the junkyard :D

jackthompson:15-Apr-2008 13:10:47
well... the topics have been all moved to Main

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 13:06:02
well, wiz's policy is not to delete anything, rather to store it.

jackthompson:15-Apr-2008 13:04:28
ye... i wasn't sure if i could delete the old forums after moving the topics..

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 12:16:06
The junkyard is a mess, do you need help with it jack?

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 10:29:09
jack can you move the support thing to the top, just below the main menu

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 10:20:13
Jack, I miss the right-hand side menu with submit news, my private messages and so on. Please put it back. =)

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 09:50:56
jack.. i couldnt help it.. there is an animated gif of an envelope flashing gold and white. consider your LUCKY *I* never pressed it :)

SnooSnoo:15-Apr-2008 07:03:24
lawl :hoho:

jackthompson:15-Apr-2008 03:12:38
don't look at it! :D

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 03:09:30
it says that at staff online at bottom right hand side :)

jackthompson:15-Apr-2008 03:02:20
what do you want? :D

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 02:57:50
PM jackthompson

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 02:57:35
Staff Online:

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 00:21:53
heheheh.. the wonky legs :D

chiquita:15-Apr-2008 00:17:08
shit.. you found they pics of me :( no sharing please

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2008 16:56:57
chiq! I've got something for you! PM me please!! :)

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2008 16:54:57
Yay! Looks fine :D

jackthompson:14-Apr-2008 15:42:33
yes.. they're sticky and locked now

SnooSnoo:14-Apr-2008 15:37:13
Jacky, are you sure about not leaving Servers, Rules & Crew AKA separate?

chiquita:14-Apr-2008 10:49:29
Someone (jocke i think) has an old laptop you could use :

chiquita:14-Apr-2008 09:56:26
if you really did miss us you would make do with a piece of shit.. like ive done for the last 3 years

chiquita:14-Apr-2008 09:55:24

W1ZrD:14-Apr-2008 09:26:20
..and yes, I love you all and miss the hell out of you...If anyone wish to donate 15,000$ for a new PC: here is my bank-account: *********-****

W1ZrD:14-Apr-2008 09:24:09

chiquita:14-Apr-2008 07:01:12
good morning!! :D she shouts very loud. I love the little bunny icons

jackthompson:13-Apr-2008 23:01:53
? you can change maps and mode using callvote on RN|Tourney#2

pylong:13-Apr-2008 17:38:54
Please admins: change map and mode at rn|tourney 2 manualy... players didnt join

znejk:13-Apr-2008 17:36:07
luck > skill

chiquita:12-Apr-2008 18:44:26
if i recall correctly, you seem to hint it wasnt the first time it happpened :D just a normal day thing is it? :D

jackthompson:12-Apr-2008 14:36:25
note to self: don't talk to women who have cellphones or shoutblock access...

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 21:21:25
jack sat on pee

kernel_panic:11-Apr-2008 18:36:44

SnooSnoo:11-Apr-2008 17:38:24
Hehe, never underestimate the power of boycott.

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 16:54:15
gah! whos swapping the links around. confusing hell out of me

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 16:40:20
'everybody lie on the floor and keep calm'

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 16:39:49
we can do a military coup

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 16:37:05
i protest with you Snoo

SnooSnoo:11-Apr-2008 16:08:21
chiq, no soup for you! :P

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 14:43:03
/msg nickserv IDENTIFY SnooThePooo

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 14:36:09
haha jack. you get ass kicked?

SnooSnoo:11-Apr-2008 11:08:28
uh, i think im gonna do that to, but first i have to install my new gfx! yay! :D

jackthompson:11-Apr-2008 10:50:33
cpma depresses me... i move and aim like an asshole.. i'll play single player only until that has changed... :C

SnooSnoo:11-Apr-2008 10:31:57
Hi jack(er)! :P

chiquita:11-Apr-2008 08:01:17
pardon? :)

Derity:10-Apr-2008 12:59:05
you play 1on1 now?

chiquita:10-Apr-2008 11:07:16
i love all weapons now :)

Derity:08-Apr-2008 14:24:40
input/output i guess :)

chiquita:08-Apr-2008 14:22:58
what is an i/o? :)

jackthompson:08-Apr-2008 13:45:51
because the hdd i/o of the log parse can cause lag on a virtual server... and i don't trust highscore tools that connect via rcon...

chiquita:08-Apr-2008 07:03:53
why jack WHY! :)

chiquita:08-Apr-2008 07:03:34
For technical reasons the high scores will be updated only once a day (7am) < blah blah

Derity:07-Apr-2008 21:28:54
insomnia woke up from winter sleep?

SnooSnoo:07-Apr-2008 20:19:29

Insomn1a:07-Apr-2008 19:20:25
Just a quick shout to all my niggers...I mean noobs :D

jackthompson:07-Apr-2008 09:33:41
Needs to be fixed so the server doesn't upload OA pack's to Q3A clients...

Derity:06-Apr-2008 19:28:38
jack, whats up with map upload?

chiquita:06-Apr-2008 14:59:43

PopeJo:06-Apr-2008 11:34:42
0,13R0N|4P8o 3p11e12J6o - no colors in irc :s

jackthompson:03-Apr-2008 13:49:41
Agressor is now voteable on Tourney3 CPM (for OA and(!) Q3A players)

jackthompson:03-Apr-2008 13:05:52
What What In The Butt!!!!

jackthompson:01-Apr-2008 19:54:01
hey this grey layout isn't so bad...

yotoon!:01-Apr-2008 19:45:28
"grayscale images due to bandwidth shortage..." looool, lamest 1st april sentence evah! :P

PopeJo:01-Apr-2008 19:34:33
nice to see its back on. good work :)

JockeTF:01-Apr-2008 18:43:54
We are working on a new theme which contains no images, this will also make the site load faster for all of you.

JockeTF:01-Apr-2008 18:43:04
We decided to host the theme in grayscale becuase of our bandwidth shortage.

JockeTF:01-Apr-2008 18:41:50
Actually, it's because pictures in grayscale uses less bandwidth.

Derity:01-Apr-2008 18:40:44
it is because our shiny wizard is gone with the wind

Derity:01-Apr-2008 18:38:23
we are running out of colors, too much traffic

Derity:01-Apr-2008 17:23:29
its bacj!

z3r0:31-Mar-2008 12:05:33
thanx in advance jack

jackthompson:31-Mar-2008 11:42:27
i'll restore the stats as soon as the server is empty...

SnooSnoo:31-Mar-2008 10:34:45
z3r0: jack thompson!!!!

z3r0:31-Mar-2008 09:38:17
any1 know who reset corkscrew stats?

chiquita:30-Mar-2008 21:05:58
yotoon! thats what defrag to you.. everything shound have the right physics :)

yotoon!:30-Mar-2008 18:51:47
height of this shout is a bit to short, dont u think? :P

chiquita:29-Mar-2008 15:37:06
JockeTF is webpage admin i guess :s hmm. its always good to know these things :)

chiquita:29-Mar-2008 15:34:26
me too now :D

JockeTF:29-Mar-2008 13:08:18
I like alpacas. :)

chiquita:29-Mar-2008 12:08:53
i seen that but assumed thats the way players are just now :/

Derity:29-Mar-2008 01:19:38
i couldnt see them D:

Derity:29-Mar-2008 01:19:15
what mature players are you talking about?

chiquita:29-Mar-2008 00:58:36

W1ZrD:29-Mar-2008 00:56:56
I'm hiding...not really, still waiting for that piece of crap to return...oh, was wonderful to see how lame things have turned out with mature players :(

chiquita:29-Mar-2008 00:29:08

Derity:28-Mar-2008 23:50:06
obviously you are talking about rice

SnooSnoo:28-Mar-2008 21:20:11
we got mice?! where?

PopeJo:28-Mar-2008 19:36:00
snails on ice!

SnooSnoo:28-Mar-2008 18:19:34
slice and dice!

yotoon!:28-Mar-2008 17:43:27
silence! :P

jackthompson:28-Mar-2008 11:31:41
jack thompson!!!!

SnooSnoo:28-Mar-2008 09:55:50
Derity, uh, what?

Derity:28-Mar-2008 01:17:13
ok, the was still stored in the formula history...

Derity:28-Mar-2008 01:16:41
go, i ll make fried chicken :)

chiquita:27-Mar-2008 09:15:09
morning shitheads :)

Derity:26-Mar-2008 23:19:30
ne, bunnies :D

jackthompson:26-Mar-2008 23:17:54
da haste aber lange nach deinen eiern gesucht :D

Derity:26-Mar-2008 22:32:00
yay, back too :D

jackthompson:25-Mar-2008 00:23:45

rashdawg:24-Mar-2008 18:06:50
bunnies are not supposed to scare little kids :/

chiquita:23-Mar-2008 08:57:32
happy easter.. YES.. creme eggs will be on offer tomorrow

Derity:23-Mar-2008 03:10:57
happy easter...

Derity:22-Mar-2008 17:37:58
ok, shoutbox seems to be the replacement of irc :D

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:33:29
it was amazing to find commasnds and play at same time

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:33:03
i lost my joc cos of it

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:32:43
me too. you know how good that is

Derity:22-Mar-2008 17:31:31
i really need a frakkin laptop

Derity:22-Mar-2008 17:31:14
i m not at my comp... :/

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:28:35
blahblah.,. screenshots funnty ones.. cheer me uup

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:21:17
this is not real.. this is my lifeline.. the only thing that keeps me going

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:19:45
i seen something tognitht tho

chiquita:22-Mar-2008 17:19:42
i seen something tognitht

SnooSnoo:22-Mar-2008 17:13:21
chiq, you should learn to be more patient, i had to do something more important than chat.

Derity:22-Mar-2008 16:50:35

chiquita:21-Mar-2008 20:54:27
jack and w1z have changed their names.. i think.. because im so painfully annoying

chiquita:21-Mar-2008 18:57:34
who will i be able to abuse with my laser gun and saw thing?

chiquita:21-Mar-2008 18:56:46

Derity:21-Mar-2008 13:11:22
btw: i am quite off this weekend looking for some easter eggs :D i dont know when i am back... but i ll be

Derity:21-Mar-2008 12:59:56
haha, wasnt up this early for a month now

chiquita:21-Mar-2008 09:05:45
not anymore.. im up ! :D

Derity:20-Mar-2008 22:42:33
this is boring

Derity:20-Mar-2008 17:20:16
go, i ll make fried chicken :)

chiquita:20-Mar-2008 12:59:48
this is so embarrassing.. how long you two been at this.. ive slept, its another day..

PopeJo:20-Mar-2008 12:20:32
Where's the WhisperBlock? The SHoutBlock seems to seduce to violence :D

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:25:50
i never play with u for seriously - i dont play with germans pigs! but today is on of rare exception..I KICK UR ASS AND THAT IS THE FACT. Why did u dont want to see how its and? becouse of laca watching you?:) witness of ur humiliation?:)

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 11:24:29
haha wot do u want to prove with this msg dumbass?!!

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:22:14
muehehehehe u are glad that u are "[sXe]: that's why I feel to disconnect matches bcuz of ppl like u restarting the battle when loosing. So pathetic! " buehehehe u are sooo asshole!!!!!!!!!!! !!

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 11:20:02
I'm glad that ur happy now but as I told I don't care to disconnect u bcuz u r not a real opponent 4 me just a polish lamer like many else (btw console flooding is so useful for laming the match, eh=) =)

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:19:20 r/nqy - THERE, fucking shoutblock cut url

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:18:42 images//images/632 524Clipboard01.jpg

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:17:41
check that out -> from 5 min ago... -> http://img149.imag 865/clipboard01xy3 .jpg

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 11:14:48
muehehehehe i give u hot screenshot :) what did u do sxe?:D tell them..

pulchr:20-Mar-2008 11:12:27
hey trolls, don't feed each other! happy easter all :D

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 10:55:41
Haha...if u would disconnect u might be a clever but u always provoke a new match FINALLY senseless bcuz I'm the winner. Either win the match or accommodate your insults (yes so finally I'm the last who laughs smartly). No imagine of urself such a insane prick laughing filthy in front of ur fucked up pc O_o

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 10:43:35
why? It tipical behavior of admins. Since 4 months i telling you about that problem. SO, now its also yours problem snooooooooooooooo. Can u understand that BETTER NOW?! - lol nookie, u think that quiting disconnecting before game end is so pathetic?:) coool, becouse ppl think u are the king od disconnecters. Another ownself truth.

SnooSnoo:20-Mar-2008 10:39:25
This is not the place for such things, never was never will be. I dont care what your despute is about and who started it. Play it out but dont mess in here.

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 10:13:57
that's why I feel to disconnect matches bcuz of ppl like u restarting the battle when loosing. So pathetic! :/

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 10:07:03
jack, i just change my approach to him. instead of ignoring him i start to play in his mental level. The same game and rulez.. Its more funny:)

jackthompson:20-Mar-2008 02:23:56
i think you love each other... you should mate and have strong children...

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 00:52:54
lame is when polish quakers decrease their maxpackets in order to be a harder target for the opponent (sry this is the reality again. don't need date/time fucked up details for it) :/

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 00:39:32
wounder, how u mist in coping fucking date u lame :D

jackthompson:20-Mar-2008 00:27:17
jack thompson!!!!

[sXe]:20-Mar-2008 00:25:28
copy/paste rite into your fucking face!

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 00:06:06
that what was funy was write by sxe this words about ownself :) nice self opionion :) my congratulations. U stand face to face with truth:D

DeadDREAMER:20-Mar-2008 00:03:25
sxe u dick, admins got access to pm history, so bb sxe, lies are on your side... u are putrescent inside

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 23:04:19
sry but he started lies :/

Derity:19-Mar-2008 23:03:43
can you just stop posting pm here :)

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 23:03:36
DeadDREAMER To [sXe]: u german motherfucker go die to hell!

DeadDREAMER:19-Mar-2008 22:54:03
Inbox :: Message From: [sXe] To: DeadDREAMER Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:24 pm Subject: Look wot I hav found! wahahaha I hav found a pic from u suckdreamer. Many of ur polish bongholes look so retarted ;-/

SnooSnoo:19-Mar-2008 20:30:23
sxe and dreamer, this is the last time im warning you 2. Next flame and you both get banned.

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 20:24:39
you moron got mail!

chiquita:19-Mar-2008 18:21:08
its only fun until someone gets an eye out :)

DeadDREAMER:19-Mar-2008 16:07:51
sxe sand me another porno mail, like u always do, about that how u like to suck my dick.. im waiting my love;]

DeadDREAMER:19-Mar-2008 16:06:27
hehe team german suckers attack OA!! yeaaa suck me more

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 15:47:54
here I am!

Derity:19-Mar-2008 15:17:51
world best railer is wanted for deadly shootout on the noghost rail server

Derity:19-Mar-2008 15:09:23
oh, sweeeeeeeeet :D

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 14:21:37
I would save u from this insane guy :]

chiquita:19-Mar-2008 13:46:42
there will be big trouble if i get hit in the head by a swinging handbag standing in the middle :)

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 13:32:38
yes we luv each other doing cybersex via www every nite :D

chiquita:19-Mar-2008 13:30:22
looks like they are just flirting with each other :)

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 13:02:10
lol...u always restart the match against me if u feel spanked...again and again looser ur nothing better just worse bcuz u sucked from the beginning

DeadDREAMER:19-Mar-2008 12:58:58
the fact is - u are disconnecter. Buehehehe, there is no one on OA scene who dont notic that FACT. german SUCKEEErr..

[sXe]:19-Mar-2008 12:23:15
and I call u polish lamer like many others in the Q3 scene (that's the only fact here!) :)

DeadDREAMER:19-Mar-2008 11:41:09
naaah, i call u german dick sucker!

chiquita:19-Mar-2008 11:12:33
skanky posh lass enters the shoutbox seeks partner to kick shit out of someone with railgun.. you dont even need a GSOH

SnooSnoo:18-Mar-2008 21:46:11
And please dont call eachother noob or looser if the one called doesent like it.

jackthompson:18-Mar-2008 19:09:04
Please suggest maps for a custom DM server in "Leprechauns Inn"

[sXe]:18-Mar-2008 17:17:22
waahaha the looser called me noob wahahaa

DeadDREAMER:18-Mar-2008 17:14:59
no coz u noob

[sXe]:18-Mar-2008 16:06:56
already tired of two 1v1 server with overplayed Aggressor running...can we hav one Aggressor3 map again?

SnooSnoo:17-Mar-2008 13:14:57
Crappy|Denim!!!! :D

[sXe]:16-Mar-2008 14:35:40
your mommy! :-/

jackthompson:16-Mar-2008 14:21:45
jack thompson!!!!

JockeTF:16-Mar-2008 11:47:56

SnooSnoo:16-Mar-2008 10:34:20
Rainy frakkin sunday

Derity:15-Mar-2008 13:40:02
the sun is shining!!

[sXe]:14-Mar-2008 16:26:59
heÄS fuwefo

chiquita:14-Mar-2008 15:06:47
derity you dont look too happy about that :)

Derity:14-Mar-2008 13:21:23
:oO: oh Wiz is back, nice

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:24:44
Have fun! :D

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:23:43
gonna pop out for a coffee with a friend of mine, talk to you later darling

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:22:46
Sucks so hard that I have to send this PC back already

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:22:13
Yea, just read the thread briefly, if you felt it was right to lock, then it was

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:21:06
I also cant play, my mouse is frakkin up my day!

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:20:30
Damn! There's always something... :s

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:19:53
Dude, take a look at dairus thread. I locked it, tell me if its okay.

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:19:35
Gonna be off-line a bit again though, got the new pc y-day but motherboard has to be sent back..

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:19:18
Hear ya later on IRC.

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:18:44
Same here oz-dude!

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:17:44
missed ya, you ol' git

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:17:19

SnooSnoo:14-Mar-2008 10:16:53
Bout time, you ol frakker! :B

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 10:00:36
JACK THOMPSON!!! How are you all, missed you like mad..

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 09:58:11

W1ZrD:14-Mar-2008 09:56:48

chiquita:14-Mar-2008 04:49:52
i miss w1z :( im turning emo

Derity:14-Mar-2008 02:09:29
weeh, an emo... :[

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:38:51
fuck yeah... stories with emotions...

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:36:48
:ops: ... :argh: ... :rotfl:

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:34:33

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:33:47

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:32:32

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:30:25
no... 23:30!!!!

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:29:56

jackthompson:14-Mar-2008 00:20:28
recognize!!!! jack thompson!!!!

[sXe]:12-Mar-2008 15:54:56

SnooSnoo:12-Mar-2008 12:16:32
jacky!!!! :P

jackthompson:12-Mar-2008 12:15:39
ich werde nichts unternehmen was der politischen klasse in meinem land zusaetzliche fernseh minuten verschafft...

SnooSnoo:12-Mar-2008 10:14:41
Nein, ich glaube hier in kroatien. ;P

PopeJo:12-Mar-2008 09:22:42
hier in Finnland?

aantipop:12-Mar-2008 06:51:32
geh mal wieder auf die straße, geh mal wieder demonstriern

SnooSnoo:11-Mar-2008 12:28:43
I still dont need glasses

pulchr:11-Mar-2008 11:14:54
i'm nagless

chiquita:11-Mar-2008 05:40:49
i fell asleep with the doc

mrmoo:11-Mar-2008 02:00:59
im legless

[sXe]:10-Mar-2008 17:13:34
I'm lagless! :]

pulchr:10-Mar-2008 16:50:00
neither have i! :(

mrmoo:08-Mar-2008 02:56:52
bah ive not played oa for ages now... bah

rashdawg:08-Mar-2008 01:50:52
well you see reqkitchen does not work with ctf cuz it is asymmetric and has no flags to capture!!

SnooSnoo:07-Mar-2008 21:20:34
there is an ut derivate also

Derity:07-Mar-2008 21:10:44
i hate these map since i played them in cs some years ago

hyp3rfocus:07-Mar-2008 21:04:20
reqkitchen, yeah i love that map. the gameplay might not suit certain games, but it's a work of art.

kernel_panic:07-Mar-2008 11:12:35
Hahah, yeah, F2. Besides, the map rocks. Hyper, have you seen it?

SnooSnoo:07-Mar-2008 08:23:10

chiquita:07-Mar-2008 01:15:47
suicide man and linux dude always vote that on corkscew and its annoying. i dont even dl it. its 20mb or something

rashdawg:06-Mar-2008 22:24:53
why is reqkitchen on alt-fire when the server is a ctf one?!!!

Cabb0:06-Mar-2008 05:29:49
someone help me getting all the files ill need for the actual q3 defrag servers wont let me download them

jackthompson:06-Mar-2008 03:48:28
jack thompson!!!!

Cabb0:06-Mar-2008 03:40:51

SnooSnoo:05-Mar-2008 22:33:13
moonshineeeeeeeeee eeeeee :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

[sXe]:05-Mar-2008 15:57:46
m-m-m-mooooonsterk ill!

Derity:05-Mar-2008 15:21:52
prepare to fight!!!

chiquita:05-Mar-2008 10:43:14
morning shitheads :)

jackthompson:05-Mar-2008 10:42:31
good morning!!!! :D

jackthompson:04-Mar-2008 02:43:36
Ne... as soon as someone who you, maybe, dislike threatens to fork you'll be back and motivated by the competition...

dairu:04-Mar-2008 01:40:36
openarena is dead

chiquita:02-Mar-2008 23:27:09
have fun w1z. i will also be absent during the week. i am getting theropy treamment for q3configitis

W1ZrD:02-Mar-2008 19:16:15
honk honk...I've off to Sweden for a few days, talk to you muppets when I get back

Derity:01-Mar-2008 18:22:13
right, i told you some time ago to delete this map ;)

jackthompson:01-Mar-2008 14:43:49

PopeJo:01-Mar-2008 13:51:41
honk if you're horny

chiquita:01-Mar-2008 06:37:54
meep meep

W1ZrD:01-Mar-2008 06:32:04

Derity:01-Mar-2008 03:18:03
since you were not online at irc i thought this is fastest to reach you ;)

chiquita:29-Feb-2008 20:38:45
I have 2 second page delays in http requests I think. ive noticed on occasion that a 404 may come up because the game didnt give it a chance to get it. as with all servers, not every http request is isntant

chiquita:29-Feb-2008 20:36:01
do you really need to shout so loud :) We got it sorted, it was my fault as usual. :D also the web server isnt giving much of a chance because I have no option to have DDOS stuff enabled

Derity:29-Feb-2008 11:50:01
CHIQ: it doesnt work, 404 :/

chiquita:29-Feb-2008 11:11:29
-cant- i meant

chiquita:29-Feb-2008 11:11:08
i do sympathise :( you can use your computer because of lack of fresh air :)

W1ZrD:29-Feb-2008 10:59:48
A) I dropped a screwdriver in the damn thing. B) Why new computer has been F-CKING finally been shipped and is on it's way..

chiquita:27-Feb-2008 20:51:49
get off your ass and go get a new one.. i bet your trying to think of ways to fix it to save you money :)

SnooSnoo:27-Feb-2008 18:53:48
What the hell did you stick in it?

W1ZrD:27-Feb-2008 16:08:33
nah, it's the heating on mine. Two fan-blades broke on the CPU fan and I don't see any point in ordering a new one..

chiquita:27-Feb-2008 09:35:55
and a similar issue with pc. i bet its your power supply. if you have two drives and can unplug one try that

chiquita:27-Feb-2008 09:34:44
:( whats up? i got same problem with laptop

W1ZrD:27-Feb-2008 02:19:42
Well hun, at the moment I can barely have the computer on for 10 minutes before it shuts down, easy win for you :)

chiquita:27-Feb-2008 02:09:41
shurrup.. i will get ya

Derity:27-Feb-2008 00:50:37
muhahah, pwned!

Derity:27-Feb-2008 00:50:17
all your base are belong to us!

chiquita:26-Feb-2008 20:19:28
w1z.. pretend I'm a guy and dont be a big softie :) I fight with a passion.. i will even try and trick you to win the game hehe

chiquita:26-Feb-2008 20:17:13
come on you shitbags.. play me at 1v1!!! dont be afraid

W1ZrD:26-Feb-2008 15:45:31

Derity:26-Feb-2008 13:05:02

W1ZrD:26-Feb-2008 10:50:06
Tweet! I am in ur shadows stealing ur chicks!

SnooSnoo:26-Feb-2008 10:16:26
Where is wiz "the lovebird"?

jackthompson:26-Feb-2008 08:37:59
good morning everyone!!!!

jackthompson:26-Feb-2008 08:37:44

Derity:24-Feb-2008 20:00:37
jack thompson!!! <3

jackthompson:24-Feb-2008 18:09:41
jack thompson!!!! \o/

chiquita:24-Feb-2008 18:09:01
jack the mod whore strikes again. lets see :D

jackthompson:24-Feb-2008 18:04:21
checkout RN|AIRWAYS everyone... a preview of a new mod

W1ZrD:24-Feb-2008 09:05:04
n1 \o/

SnooSnoo:23-Feb-2008 22:18:02
First 150 kilometers, check! :)

chiquita:22-Feb-2008 19:31:16
great weather here too.. any warmer and i would be able to type without gloves :)

SnooSnoo:22-Feb-2008 13:34:28
Nice and sunny weather here. Above 15 degrees C. Gonna have a nice ride this weekend!

W1ZrD:22-Feb-2008 09:05:24
Snowstorm here again, never ends..

SnooSnoo:22-Feb-2008 08:59:41
good mornin :D

W1ZrD:22-Feb-2008 08:51:31
moin all..

jackthompson:22-Feb-2008 08:02:04
good morning!!!!

[sXe]:21-Feb-2008 19:24:22
yay and a new chance with EL3T4

Derity:21-Feb-2008 19:11:01
wow, still players on the 1on1 servers

W1ZrD:21-Feb-2008 17:37:34
They're shutting down the analoge network across the country on Saturday so it's required to have it now :(

SnooSnoo:21-Feb-2008 14:40:24
OH, sat reciever.

SnooSnoo:21-Feb-2008 14:35:44
sales pppl? ye, them murderors! btw, whatsa digibox?

W1ZrD:21-Feb-2008 14:34:38
Stupid sales-people, I had plans to buy a 50 euro digibox but I ended up with one for 350 euro instead :/

SnooSnoo:21-Feb-2008 10:21:41
Tom Jackson!!!!

W1ZrD:20-Feb-2008 16:46:01
maybe if you read this though: /do/newsStory?cId= 3166377

W1ZrD:20-Feb-2008 16:44:47
It will come as soon as id software gets the staff the need..

[sXe]:20-Feb-2008 16:04:43
Wot no actual news about the upcoming Quake Live? Wot a shame!

Derity:20-Feb-2008 09:50:16
moin moin

W1ZrD:20-Feb-2008 09:36:36

W1ZrD:20-Feb-2008 01:28:54

JockeTF:19-Feb-2008 14:05:55
Alpaca power!

SnooSnoo:19-Feb-2008 13:42:24

jackthompson:19-Feb-2008 07:04:47
qscore 0.8.0 has been released http://qscore.y7.a

[sXe]:18-Feb-2008 16:51:58
polski juice 4 all!

chiquita:18-Feb-2008 14:56:22
then what about swapping the java version for this, its a web based one

Jericho:18-Feb-2008 12:49:49
Same here

SnooSnoo:18-Feb-2008 11:30:42
Id like to use it from work, but its blocked :/

W1ZrD:18-Feb-2008 10:18:05
haha, welcome to IRC chiq, nice to see you online :)

chiquita:18-Feb-2008 10:06:57
i dont - you dont whos online/offline so i didnt even consider using it at all

W1ZrD:18-Feb-2008 09:35:18
Does anyone use that java-based IRC chat we have here?

[sXe]:17-Feb-2008 21:46:10
yes if only they wouldn't lag. But ok I keep on playing CPMA @ other german servers >_>

Derity:17-Feb-2008 21:41:00
these rainbow servers are good, especially for german players ;)

SnooSnoo:17-Feb-2008 21:30:24

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 21:29:46
same here, I rarely have network lag, not on the rainbow servers anyway..

chiquita:17-Feb-2008 20:51:42
i rarely have serious lag issues on any game. i do have an issue with fps which cause lag on my machine though.

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 20:07:05
delag takes away lag, makes it more even for high-ping (200+) players

[sXe]:17-Feb-2008 19:50:59
I would play u if the upcoming lag wouldn't screw it up :p

chiquita:17-Feb-2008 18:34:35
movemnt is so much better too

chiquita:17-Feb-2008 18:33:35
i love the delag :D come join me and get an asskicking :D

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 17:56:49
I put oa_dm4 on tourney#2 now because many OA players doesn't play anything but Aggressor

Derity:17-Feb-2008 17:41:58
nah, that would be possible on a 18+ server

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 13:03:08
21+ you mean with titties all across the walls and nude male statue in the hallways?

Derity:17-Feb-2008 12:34:26
then set up a server 21+ :D

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 12:05:02

W1ZrD:17-Feb-2008 11:34:12
I played a few matches today and now I realise why I am not playing any longer, I almost felt like making /bind say "grow up!"

W1ZrD:16-Feb-2008 09:48:09
ye, no need for d3t4l1s. This isn't what I need now, that much I know..

SnooSnoo:15-Feb-2008 20:36:25
Date!? Uh, ye Ill keep my experiences for myself, but I think youre aware of everything. Its just to early(trust me Im more evil)

W1ZrD:15-Feb-2008 17:37:10
women are can't live with them, nor without them...

W1ZrD:15-Feb-2008 17:36:36
Snoo, I went out on a date today even though I said to myself: no women right now thanks..

chiquita:15-Feb-2008 14:20:29
i dont know about the monkey. i liked the idea of chasing someone around with the saw thing on a unicycle :)

SnooSnoo:15-Feb-2008 10:56:18
W1ZrD, remind me to look for that trick demo in the afternoon if we see eachother on irc.

W1ZrD:15-Feb-2008 07:14:19
you mean like a little monkey?

chiquita:15-Feb-2008 04:14:33
why isnt there a model in oa with a unicycle ? :(

jackthompson:14-Feb-2008 11:59:15
come to IRC you freak!!!! :D

W1ZrD:14-Feb-2008 11:29:11
happppppy birthday, lovely valentines all of you (extra hug to chiq) and I am around but have 101 things to deal with irl.

SnooSnoo:14-Feb-2008 10:54:55
jacko, ye where iz my wiz? :(

jackthompson:14-Feb-2008 07:30:36
W1ZrD!!!! sup, man? come to IRC!!!!

Marvin:14-Feb-2008 03:59:48
chiquita, tnx for suggested map (xcm_Trick2) - it's great for CJs

chiquita:14-Feb-2008 01:17:11

SnooSnoo:13-Feb-2008 20:23:52
lemme do it again, HAPPY B-DAY HYP3RFOCUS!!!!

SnooSnoo:13-Feb-2008 20:23:01
uh "3" :s

SnooSnoo:13-Feb-2008 20:22:39

SnooSnoo:13-Feb-2008 08:53:48
JACK!!!! :D

jackthompson:13-Feb-2008 08:50:14

jackthompson:13-Feb-2008 08:49:46
W1ZrD, come to IRC some time... I have some good news...

W1ZrD:12-Feb-2008 20:52:14
I iz not like Winduuz now

W1ZrD:12-Feb-2008 17:56:45
I am in Windows at the moment, everything looks like s*!t

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 09:20:43
i'm hyper... bed time...

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 09:20:26
george takei wears a long haired wig and looks like a girl in the latest STNV episode..

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 09:19:33
when i'm awake... i'll be on irc and it will be ass kissing time...

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 06:31:32
check out the defrag high scores... it shows the map usage...

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 06:29:30
moin, W1ZrD!!!! :D

W1ZrD:12-Feb-2008 06:26:55
ty, I'll take a look later...or so

jackthompson:12-Feb-2008 06:00:36
MOD: vanilla_unlagged in Tech & Support :D

W1ZrD:12-Feb-2008 03:18:46
Snoo, don't know :( Google knows?

hansomoto:12-Feb-2008 00:37:08

hansomoto:12-Feb-2008 00:36:59
jocke is a bad camper!

jackthompson:11-Feb-2008 18:41:28
jack thompson!!!!

SnooSnoo:11-Feb-2008 12:59:53
w1zzy can you point me to a link or a forum where i can find manuals for my kawa

SnooSnoo:11-Feb-2008 08:53:40

W1ZrD:11-Feb-2008 08:38:05

SnooSnoo:10-Feb-2008 11:14:46
WB you silly ol' git!

W1ZrD:10-Feb-2008 09:26:07
finally have I read all messages <3

W1ZrD:10-Feb-2008 08:37:12
lol@2x's' ;

W1ZrD:10-Feb-2008 08:37:02

jackthompson:10-Feb-2008 08:28:21

W1ZrD:10-Feb-2008 08:13:40
my mailbox is full!!11oneone

chiquita:09-Feb-2008 16:24:23
jack thats dissapointing. You were hiding under your desk almost praying "please go away - i dont need this"

jackthompson:08-Feb-2008 20:26:05
i only looked 5 minutes away from the screen when you were on irc...

jackthompson:08-Feb-2008 20:13:19

chiquita:08-Feb-2008 19:40:00
Good Evening Sir!

jackthompson:08-Feb-2008 07:27:09
good morning!!!! :D

hyp3rfocus:06-Feb-2008 15:06:17
woot, i have gtkradiant again.

chiquita:05-Feb-2008 09:20:10
08:20 Tuesday 05th

PopeJo:04-Feb-2008 13:03:53
at 8 o'clock? o_O :D

jackthompson:04-Feb-2008 07:00:40

jackthompson:04-Feb-2008 07:00:01

jackthompson:04-Feb-2008 06:59:26
jack thompson!!!!

hyp3rfocus:31-Jan-2008 18:50:20
safely back in the uk and feeling a bit cold.

jackthompson:30-Jan-2008 15:14:16
with that new mouse i have to learn everything from start...

SnooSnoo:30-Jan-2008 09:12:29
Have a pleasent flight!

hyp3rfocus:30-Jan-2008 03:07:49
i'm at the airport, mellow and ready to fly.

mrmoo:30-Jan-2008 00:54:25
wake up chick im going to corkscrew

mrmoo:30-Jan-2008 00:35:57
if im old enuf to remember wimpy... so are u :P

chiquita:30-Jan-2008 00:01:43
ive found a multiplayer tetris game for nuke

chiquita:29-Jan-2008 23:58:20
your old enough to remember wimpy, thats the only thing thats true :D

mrmoo:29-Jan-2008 23:03:59
ps jack scares me too... and im a man not a wimpy woman ....;)

mrmoo:29-Jan-2008 23:02:59
ello... wiz where u been ???? :D

SnooSnoo:29-Jan-2008 20:44:21
Hi :grin:

Sascha:29-Jan-2008 17:36:42
A little simple *HELLO* @all :)

jackthompson:29-Jan-2008 05:11:49
it expresses the way i feel when i do strafejumping... the women on the left is the noob that i take to school...

hyp3rfocus:29-Jan-2008 05:09:07
nice avatar jack. :)

chiquita:28-Jan-2008 22:14:54
jack scares me :D

PopeJo:28-Jan-2008 21:27:55
jackthompson' s avatar!!! :D :rofl:

hyp3rfocus:28-Jan-2008 13:05:19
not till thursday mate.

SnooSnoo:28-Jan-2008 11:49:31
Hi darlings! Hyp3r, are you home yet?

W1ZrD:27-Jan-2008 17:15:48
seen you run, and seen you shoot; don't know which I prefer :) Thou shall not kill or thou shall not outrun your enemy, what sounds best?

chiquita:27-Jan-2008 14:17:58
it looks like its for decent players hehe.. and you have seen me try some runs :D

chiquita:27-Jan-2008 14:14:58
nope, i dont think i know any members there and i havent been able to connect these servers

W1ZrD:27-Jan-2008 10:17:42
chick, you involved in by the way?

W1ZrD:26-Jan-2008 12:30:45
yea, it's nice to have cel-shader for a change. Maybe that could have been an interesting art-direction for OA since they want to have anime style to the game.

[sXe]:26-Jan-2008 12:28:12
mjdm2 looks like a warsow map! :D

W1ZrD:26-Jan-2008 11:52:03
most of these maps, both from the 100 pack and the 15 pack, are in rotation on rn|corkscrew

PopeJo:26-Jan-2008 10:19:50
nice mappack!! :)

Derity:25-Jan-2008 15:30:31
only 5 min when the map is crowded :D

jackthompson:25-Jan-2008 14:58:11
Wiz, i thought you'd decrease the corkscrew fraglimit for large maps... not increase it for small maps... 45 will take forever...

jackthompson:25-Jan-2008 14:56:56
a fucking purepwnage news feed!!!!! :D ...what a beautiful idea!!!!!

[sXe]:25-Jan-2008 13:29:36
Afaik it's only possible to set colored crosshairs in mods like CPMA or OSP.

Derity:25-Jan-2008 13:28:53
handicap 50 solves, you have a yellow/red ch then :)

chiquita:25-Jan-2008 13:17:07
one thing i do think would *really* help. color crosshairs.. white isnt good. too many maps with light color sky etc

chiquita:25-Jan-2008 13:16:11
so instead of colors, i have an obsense looking enemy.

chiquita:25-Jan-2008 13:13:49
i even checked every model to see what had the loudest footsteps. i am a sneaky bitch, but an honest one :D

chiquita:25-Jan-2008 13:12:54
no. but i created models /head/feet etc

Jericho:25-Jan-2008 11:05:10
Thanks for the new maps =)

W1ZrD:24-Jan-2008 17:17:15
chick, does it work for you in Open Arena?

hyp3rfocus:24-Jan-2008 16:19:53
yeah, not much fun.

SnooSnoo:24-Jan-2008 11:29:18
Thats sad :oh:

hyp3rfocus:24-Jan-2008 11:06:28
ugh, got to go back to england next monday. really don't want to go. :(

SnooSnoo:24-Jan-2008 09:39:37
Why would you have 2 or more user accounts?

chiquita:24-Jan-2008 09:26:02
enemymodels works fine for me

W1ZrD:24-Jan-2008 07:25:40
mooo! you can get them in cpma, there it's cg_enemycolour and cg_enemymodel, basic play doesn't have them, not even r_fullbright..

mrmoo:23-Jan-2008 23:36:53
i want green enemies or eneies that stand out like a sore toe

W1ZrD:23-Jan-2008 23:29:06
I should sleep....really

W1ZrD:23-Jan-2008 14:44:26
cleaning is messy

W1ZrD:23-Jan-2008 04:10:14
most aimbots for q3 work in OA, keep that in mind.

jackthompson:22-Jan-2008 17:51:02
i am impressed by that blue-dut-name guy with the 350ms ping... winning 40:20 against him feels like losing...

SnooSnoo:21-Jan-2008 15:29:27
that was just for a few seconds

SnooSnoo:21-Jan-2008 15:28:55
uh? 150+ visitors???

jackthompson:21-Jan-2008 15:27:18
my ping is stable but about 10ms higher/slower on RN servers... i blame SUSE for those 10ms...

SnooSnoo:21-Jan-2008 15:24:15
try making new cfg's for our servers

[sXe]:21-Jan-2008 14:24:57
The lag comes all 12 s=5 times per min! I only hav it on RN server atm

W1ZrD:21-Jan-2008 04:58:48
Have you checked for client lag? From looking at statistics on the servers, they are all running fine.

W1ZrD:20-Jan-2008 19:53:25
We'll keep an eye on the servers again, would be good if you could record at what times the lags are, and for how long.

[sXe]:20-Jan-2008 15:34:07
Idk but even this morning the lag has still affect the playing

W1ZrD:20-Jan-2008 15:25:29
how can they lag for a few days when they were re-booted, re-made and re-configured yesterday?

[sXe]:20-Jan-2008 11:27:05
The RN Servers lag for a few days :-/

jackthompson:18-Jan-2008 09:49:33
man... still 1 1/2 weeks in this fucking course...

Derity:18-Jan-2008 09:34:44
moin jack, snoo, and wiz and ohter early up dudes :D

jackthompson:18-Jan-2008 09:34:18
moin snoo!!!!! :D

SnooSnoo:18-Jan-2008 09:09:40

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 22:36:01
should work in most cases, removing it is only necessary when it's not working

SnooSnoo:17-Jan-2008 20:45:46
I upgraded without having to delete 1.40

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 18:39:50
If they already have CPMA 1.40 or earlier, then they need to remove the old .pk3 files before connecting as CPMA is now running 1.44

jackthompson:17-Jan-2008 14:45:42
W1ZrD, people seem to have problems downloading the CPMA update and getting it to work... or so...

jackthompson:17-Jan-2008 11:04:02
Last thing I've heard is that he's become #2 in scientology... and he IS gay...

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 10:57:23
Tom Cruise who sued some poor poor pornstar for $100 million since he said that T.C was gay, he sure needed that money to stay with scientology.

jackthompson:17-Jan-2008 10:41:48
Dianetic is a waste of time... People who believe in Dianetik are a waste of time and food, energy and oxygen... Tom Cruise is a waste of silver screen space...

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 09:57:58
L. Ron Hubbard FTW, what a diamond :oO:

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 09:52:51

SnooSnoo:17-Jan-2008 09:37:22
Hey luv! It'l get there soon. :hihi:

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 09:33:08
Still no stupid gfx card, this really sucks :(

W1ZrD:17-Jan-2008 09:24:08
morning doodz

SnooSnoo:17-Jan-2008 09:12:56
Good morning Jacky boy :)

jackthompson:17-Jan-2008 09:07:11
good morning :D

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 17:07:20

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 15:35:40
dude... this craptastic (edited) filters "n a z i s" too but replaces my emoticons with the wrong images???? ... ???????

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 15:34:48
damn (edited) here... they work as admins now...

hyp3rfocus:16-Jan-2008 15:20:56
fight the power jack.

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 14:09:29
now that fucker is tracking which proxies i use and blocks them too.... gah...

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 12:30:06 i have to use a freaking proxy...

jackthompson:16-Jan-2008 12:29:31
that lame ass admin here is blocking this site :C

W1ZrD:16-Jan-2008 11:44:37
I hate stress :(

SnooSnoo:16-Jan-2008 10:31:11
W(ierd)B(utt) Piddy!!! :eh:

W1ZrD:16-Jan-2008 01:00:08
wb Piddy :)

Piddy:15-Jan-2008 18:07:26

hansomoto:15-Jan-2008 17:15:17

hansomoto:15-Jan-2008 17:15:07

hansomoto:15-Jan-2008 17:14:59
hi wiz

W1ZrD:14-Jan-2008 16:03:53
Jack, send me a PM when you are on IRC later..

W1ZrD:12-Jan-2008 21:59:27
CPMA should work now, enable downloads and connect. You might have to remove the old z-140.pk3 file before trying, but seems like players are able to connect now.

W1ZrD:12-Jan-2008 19:20:22
u hav to wait until it iz redyy!

SnooSnoo:12-Jan-2008 19:08:24
LINI! check your post again!!! :D

[sXe]:12-Jan-2008 18:30:26
u hav to set it properly for auto dl so ppl can join without installing it outside of the game

W1ZrD:12-Jan-2008 18:20:39
ok, CPMA 1.44 is up but it's still in test-phase, so don't expect too much from it right now

W1ZrD:12-Jan-2008 09:45:04
It's so frustrating not being able to be creative, I hate this!!

SnooSnoo:11-Jan-2008 19:05:25
hi hanso stranger :P

Derity:11-Jan-2008 11:39:08

SnooSnoo:11-Jan-2008 10:07:07
JACKY!!!! :D

jackthompson:11-Jan-2008 09:18:33
SNOO!!!! :D

SnooSnoo:11-Jan-2008 08:33:43

jackthompson:11-Jan-2008 08:07:42
moin! :D

W1ZrD:11-Jan-2008 06:47:01
Admins should read my post..

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 15:45:34
Jack, do you think you could take a look at the new code revision when you get time, mine breaks during compile now and simply stops. I'll try some more though, but if you dont have time to check, then I'll go to Mr. B for help.

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 15:42:11

SnooSnoo:10-Jan-2008 15:36:00
Ye. sorry for that :ops:

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 15:31:13

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 15:30:54
too late... i moved my junk to a new topic :/

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 15:14:03
Snoo, make a new thread if you wanna keep discussion, we're way off-topic :)

SnooSnoo:10-Jan-2008 14:25:52
Wiz check your maya post again

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 14:06:30
hahaha, you really didn't like him

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 14:05:09
yeah.. i liked to watch "unsere kleine farm" when i was little... but he became retarded and built altairs and shrines for god to cure his sick children.. and then later that "engel auf erden" (edited)... man... the chrisitans fucked that mind even harder than the scientologists fucked isaac hayes mind.. but chef was a terrbile loss... michael landon was just fucked up...

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 13:55:26
aah...THAT guy..

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 13:55:00
never heard of..

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 13:52:26
michael landon

W1ZrD:10-Jan-2008 13:36:53
Who is he?

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 13:34:28
omg... i was just so bored.. i checked the wiki page of michael landon to see if he really was such a church freak... this place is hell...

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 12:27:37
i'm so fucking tired.. still 3 hours until I can go home :C

SnooSnoo:10-Jan-2008 12:25:07

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 12:23:19

SnooSnoo:10-Jan-2008 12:22:54

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 12:16:50

jackthompson:10-Jan-2008 11:36:22
I need a nailgun and a proxmine...

hyp3rfocus:10-Jan-2008 02:25:47

SnooSnoo:09-Jan-2008 10:39:34
SnooSnooson! :P

jackthompson:09-Jan-2008 08:48:32
moin, moin, bitches!!!! :D

Piddy:07-Jan-2008 23:49:14
Good night:)

W1ZrD:07-Jan-2008 15:47:41
garfield is t3h sh!t!

jackthompson:07-Jan-2008 11:58:28
aww.. man... still 3 weeks in this retarded course... i#m reading garfield comics online here... GARFIELD(!)... :C

jackthompson:07-Jan-2008 10:48:00

SnooSnoo:07-Jan-2008 10:16:11
jacky!!!! :D

jackthompson:07-Jan-2008 09:00:44
breakfast time!!!! :D

[sXe]:06-Jan-2008 20:09:04
No way! Sry I meant no problem mate! ;)

jackthompson:06-Jan-2008 19:40:45
Yeah... that was my fauklt.. sha shouldn't download on 1v1 anymore.. asry :D

[sXe]:05-Jan-2008 19:54:42
Nah I still hav to avoid the shao.pk3 auto dl

W1ZrD:05-Jan-2008 16:15:10
We did a test with SHA and it didn't work as it should, it is already removed..

[sXe]:05-Jan-2008 15:13:08
Superheroes Arena? Wtf even worse than excessive mod O.o

[sXe]:05-Jan-2008 15:04:22
Why this sha0 @ 1on1#1? I couldn't start baseoa afterwards until I delete this crap :-/

hyp3rfocus:05-Jan-2008 14:28:19

sylvain:05-Jan-2008 11:57:06

W1ZrD:05-Jan-2008 03:43:39
I really can't figure out why it won't start under Open Arena....ANNOYING! !

jackthompson:04-Jan-2008 08:26:03
I'll have more time this weekend... You could try to start a server from the client and try use the resulting q3config.cfg with the dedicated server...

W1ZrD:03-Jan-2008 16:51:47
Jack, I took another look at the server and added -nosplash, but it still won't start

W1ZrD:02-Jan-2008 19:29:25
Have you ever been to myanus?

[sXe]:02-Jan-2008 12:43:24
Sum1 who lives in u'r"gay?

jackthompson:02-Jan-2008 12:35:03
jack thompson!!!!

hyp3rfocus:02-Jan-2008 10:07:54
i'm safely in adelaide now. i take back what i said about the singapore people being civilized. those savage took my nail clippers. :(

SpliNg:01-Jan-2008 14:18:10
Posted new demos, Go check them ! :asg:

Choubaka:01-Jan-2008 12:00:01
***Happy new year !*** :asg:

hyp3rfocus:01-Jan-2008 11:54:07
daaaamn, the locals are tiny!

hyp3rfocus:01-Jan-2008 11:48:24
hi. i'm in singapore now. damn civilized people, they've got free internet acces at the airport. :)

SpliNg:01-Jan-2008 00:40:09
Happy New Year :grin:

W1ZrD:31-Dec-2007 21:34:28
oi happy new year!!!

kernel_panic:31-Dec-2007 17:18:42
hyp3r! You're gonna deplete your batteries before getting on the plane!

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:10:33
i'll try and keep you informed of my progress. if it all goes quiet watch the news for stories about plane crashes. :s

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:09:24
now i just have to wait around for a few hours for my flight to frankfurt and i'm off.

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:08:36
(not that i have anything to hide on my laptop or drive)

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:08:08
i was worried they'd want to look through my laptop and usb drive, but the were more interested in my nail clippers. weird.

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:07:28
sorry, i meant to say i made it through customs. :)

hyp3rfocus:31-Dec-2007 17:05:00
make it through customs! :)

SnooSnoo:31-Dec-2007 16:28:44
Ive been out enough this week.

[sXe]:31-Dec-2007 13:51:09
Evil New Year's Eve and don't stay home alone my nerdies!

AllegedlyDead:31-Dec-2007 03:51:23
You all suck! kthxbai

hyp3rfocus:30-Dec-2007 18:28:50
last post!

SnooSnoo:26-Dec-2007 23:40:04
We miss you to mate! Best of wishes also to you and your loved ones! =D

-ME-:26-Dec-2007 22:08:45
I miss u my friends..!! lot of best wishes.. XD

JockeTF:26-Dec-2007 15:17:40
Merry Christmas!

SnooSnoo:25-Dec-2007 10:37:09
Merry Christmas! :grr:

W1ZrD:24-Dec-2007 21:58:46

SpliNg:24-Dec-2007 18:18:25

Sascha:24-Dec-2007 16:42:16
merry xmas at all :)

Derity:24-Dec-2007 16:01:01
nice xmas holidays!

W1ZrD:24-Dec-2007 14:10:50

SnooSnoo:24-Dec-2007 13:47:21
Not till tomorrow nordic pagans! :D

[sXe]:24-Dec-2007 11:41:12
Merry x-mas to all of ya out therr! x)

W1ZrD:24-Dec-2007 10:52:03
Merry Christmas everyone :)

jackthompson:24-Dec-2007 09:39:24
xmas, everyone!!!! :D

jackthompson:23-Dec-2007 12:07:44
i'd just put my old rage128 into my PC.. what an awesome responsiveness :D

[sXe]:23-Dec-2007 11:48:29
Muahr 2day I completed Q3A in Nightmare :D

W1ZrD:22-Dec-2007 05:47:19
trux, glad to hear that I inspired you. You know where we are whenever you need help :)

trux:22-Dec-2007 05:44:05
W1ZrD, thanks for the tips in OpenArena! You freed my mind!!

SnooSnoo:21-Dec-2007 08:33:47
Hehe, I luv ya!

W1ZrD:21-Dec-2007 04:10:17
Snoooooobaby...lov e me love me love me!!! I know you will...I'll tell you tomorrow what I've been up to :))))))))

W1ZrD:21-Dec-2007 01:06:00
they are kewl, Neil is da bomb

pulchr:20-Dec-2007 23:43:51
i told you a million times - DO NOT EXAGGERATE! (omg i love the young ones)

W1ZrD:20-Dec-2007 17:50:07

pulchr:20-Dec-2007 14:21:22
you have said it 500 million times!!!11

W1ZrD:20-Dec-2007 13:41:32

SnooSnoo:20-Dec-2007 11:29:52
Hello Jockezuna!

JockeTF:20-Dec-2007 11:27:47

SnooSnoo:20-Dec-2007 09:05:05

jackthompson:20-Dec-2007 06:24:46
I have catched like the worst cold ever... :C

[!]AnGeR[!]:19-Dec-2007 20:14:22
You have understand i want kick all players ... but no :s i said the fucking spammer

[!]AnGeR[!]:19-Dec-2007 20:13:18
Splin said me im not a admin :(

[!]AnGeR[!]:19-Dec-2007 20:10:19
Wiz ! :(

W1ZrD:19-Dec-2007 17:59:58
Can I write documents without having (edited) censored?

SnooSnoo:19-Dec-2007 15:36:01
Arigato gozaimas!

soder:19-Dec-2007 13:22:17
It's google.

SnooSnoo:19-Dec-2007 12:28:10
There is non-stop a visitor in the gallery. Is that a bot?

SnooSnoo:19-Dec-2007 12:23:36
Ah, nutin. At work...

Derity:19-Dec-2007 12:22:33
ye, sweethearts, sup?

SnooSnoo:19-Dec-2007 12:21:04
Darlings... :)

[sXe]:18-Dec-2007 20:20:07
hey where's the cpma server? ^^

jackthompson:18-Dec-2007 13:45:03
i saw you first!!!! hehehe... let's meet on irc later... i'm in a broing course right now :C

Insomn1a:18-Dec-2007 13:41:20
lmao...that was like warp 9.9 Tom :)

jackthompson:18-Dec-2007 13:40:53
INSO!!!! :D

Insomn1a:18-Dec-2007 13:40:28
noobs :D

W1ZrD:18-Dec-2007 13:11:59

SnooSnoo:18-Dec-2007 10:17:53
God Morgon!

soder:18-Dec-2007 10:11:09
Dobro jutro!

SnooSnoo:18-Dec-2007 09:38:16

jackthompson:18-Dec-2007 09:35:28

SnooSnoo:17-Dec-2007 17:04:08

W1ZrD:17-Dec-2007 16:57:18
Join TeamSpeak, Snoo is mental!

CarpeDiem:17-Dec-2007 15:35:43
Haha, those kitties xD

W1ZrD:17-Dec-2007 14:39:27
http://www.reuters .com/news/video?vi deoId=72669&vi deoChannel=1

SnooSnoo:17-Dec-2007 14:28:30
Wizzy gimme the link to the glow in the dark kitties!

jackthompson:17-Dec-2007 12:57:07
read my reply in Server Administration... it's set in includes/ p

W1ZrD:17-Dec-2007 12:43:47
I don't know where in the .php code it does the filter, it's something coded by default

jackthompson:17-Dec-2007 11:13:26
filtering is still on :C

jackthompson:17-Dec-2007 11:12:35

Sascha:17-Dec-2007 10:02:50
hello an have a nice day

jackthompson:17-Dec-2007 09:53:03
moin, moin! :D

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 17:59:54
Glad to hear that, just let us know if it is a problem again..

[sXe]:16-Dec-2007 15:55:01
problem left no lag on rn servers anymore ;)

Derity:16-Dec-2007 15:10:25
get back to work you slacker!

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 15:08:42
haha, the teamspeak is so fun!

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 14:21:34
Is the lag on all 'tourney' ; servers or only some of them?

[sXe]:16-Dec-2007 14:01:19
I stick to that there are server lags bcuz on another good located server my ping is stable as normal. Mayb I post a screenshot of my lag-o-meter if it won't change

CarpeDiem:16-Dec-2007 13:51:48
Hello again :)

jackthompson:16-Dec-2007 13:43:27
increased memory on #1 and #2... if that doesn't help i'd like to know...

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 13:32:24
sxe, me and jack tested but couldn't see any severe lag, we'll try to fix it anyway though

anarchypower:16-Dec-2007 13:28:48
myeah, it's me, CarpeDiem...I wanna change my name lol!

SnooSnoo:16-Dec-2007 13:25:26
Hi anarchypower, and welcome! =D

anarchypower:16-Dec-2007 13:22:46
Hi all :)

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 13:10:46
ok, I'll look in to it

[sXe]:16-Dec-2007 13:08:11
still the same lag problem :-/ Just check your lag-o-meter for a longer time!

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 12:56:29
Morning :)

[!]AnGeR[!]:16-Dec-2007 12:54:41

jackthompson:16-Dec-2007 12:44:45
I've restarted them...

[sXe]:16-Dec-2007 11:55:35
RN|1on1#1 causes strange lag :-/

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 05:08:31
added teamspeak, feel free to submit news about it: I'm off to bed

W1ZrD:16-Dec-2007 03:59:50
Anger, the vote is for Administrators only. They vote if you will be admin, or not.

hyp3rfocus:15-Dec-2007 21:43:27
anger. you need to load your avatar into gimp, scale it down to the required size and then save it with enough jpeg compression to get it down to the required file size.

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 20:09:35
Wiz where is the topic for the vote?

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 20:08:17

Derity:15-Dec-2007 20:05:54
go and rescale your image...

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 20:02:16

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:56:38
use one that is in the gallery :)

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:45:06
or too long :/

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:44:57
Wiz i want change my avatar but ALWAYS too larg

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:44:04
t'as pas msn?:s

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:40:29
c'est la 10eme que j'essaye :/

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:39:44
ouai ouai mais toutes mes image sont trop grandes :(

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:34:55
c'est bon t'as trouvé?

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:31:49
dans My Account et a gauche tu va dans avatar

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:31:14
javais mal chercher

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:31:07
merde dzl

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:30:50
c'est ou pour changer d'avatar ?

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:30:29
ok ^^

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:28:03

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:27:44
Spling t'es la ?

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:26:41

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:21:26
Anger, I will ask ALL our admins, just wait....

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:21:12 x.php?name=Forums

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:20:01
for me to be an admin :/

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:19:47
why i can't go on the golden pot?

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:19:04
I tell him what?

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:18:19
tell him :P

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:18:07

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:16:57
okok is SnooSnoo admin?

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:16:27
Anger, it is the forum

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:15:40
what is " golden pot " ??

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:13:12
Wizz :D

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 19:12:11
le hello

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:09:09
ya un truc ecrit en rouge

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:09:01
en dessou du truc ou je choisi europe

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:08:43
jvai ressayer mais bon -_-

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:07:20

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:05:40
mais j'arriv pas je sais pas ou est le pb

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:04:35
vien sur irc europe

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:04:19
sais pas

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:03:41
il est ou le topic?

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:03:22

SpliNg:15-Dec-2007 19:03:11

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 19:02:52
Yea but i can't talk :(

SnooSnoo:15-Dec-2007 18:48:31
Anger join the irc channel.

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 18:20:36

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 18:19:39

[!]AnGeR[!]:15-Dec-2007 18:19:32

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 03:51:22
good stuffz =)

pulchr:15-Dec-2007 02:12:05
omg! i managed to start my first evar openarena server :D

W1ZrD:15-Dec-2007 02:00:11
I am bored!!!

[sXe]:14-Dec-2007 15:46:22
I would be interested in Warsow with Painkiller movement ^_^

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2007 15:34:32
Warsow feels ok. Might try one server.

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2007 14:55:18
Idk even what it is. Checking now.

W1ZrD:14-Dec-2007 14:51:48
hmm...should we give Warsow a try guys, what do you think?

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2007 14:12:37
Im full, ate at work and even had a glass of wine and some cake. Now i can hardly breathe let alone work :hoho:

jackthompson:14-Dec-2007 14:11:55
Then setup a warsow trick server

pulchr:14-Dec-2007 14:11:48
so what? bored is my middle name

W1ZrD:14-Dec-2007 14:10:38

W1ZrD:14-Dec-2007 13:17:04
I'm bored!

W1ZrD:14-Dec-2007 09:26:56
I have a headache :(

SnooSnoo:14-Dec-2007 08:59:35

jackthompson:14-Dec-2007 08:49:31
omg it's friday :'-)

AllegedlyDead:14-Dec-2007 08:33:19
*falls over dead*

PopeJo:14-Dec-2007 07:51:36
moanin' *coffeedrinks

W1ZrD:13-Dec-2007 21:16:50
Because they have problems communitcating in english I guess

[sXe]:13-Dec-2007 20:02:01
Well I don't hav any prejudices against different cultures but how come that I experience that most time french speaking ppl are flaming when the got spanked by me? :]

Derity:13-Dec-2007 14:45:40
make a survey..

jackthompson:13-Dec-2007 13:31:52
Older than me?

W1ZrD:13-Dec-2007 12:59:58
Am I still the oldest one here? :s

pulchr:13-Dec-2007 11:22:51
i've been there for five months now, it's nothing to write home about... :/

W1ZrD:13-Dec-2007 08:52:42
wow...old snoo in da house!

SnooSnoo:13-Dec-2007 08:32:34
Wow, allready one month into the 27th yr :/

jackthompson:13-Dec-2007 08:08:18

W1ZrD:13-Dec-2007 08:03:16
Morning Ad

W1ZrD:13-Dec-2007 07:24:30

rashdawg:13-Dec-2007 04:37:48
RN Pro Mode is down? :(

AllegedlyDead:13-Dec-2007 03:10:43
Made a hud concept. Go check it out.

rifle:12-Dec-2007 22:02:30

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 16:44:39
me needs a sexy bathtub

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 14:12:04
hmm...ofc =)

PopeJo:12-Dec-2007 13:52:30
all at the same time??

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 13:50:10
Bathtubs are nice, I've also slept, had sex, eaten, spoken on the phone and even been drinking champagne there, has many purposes :)

jackthompson:12-Dec-2007 12:58:27
I've also slept in a bathtube once...

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 12:49:31
NO I dont it was just a wird suggestion

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 12:46:44
You sleep on the toilet? I'd rather use the the girl.

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 12:28:15
Or maybe the toilet?

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 12:00:33
Dude, the couch ain't no place to be, use the fridge...

jackthompson:12-Dec-2007 11:39:05
now i'm so tired i pass out when i don't move my head every 10 seconds...

jackthompson:12-Dec-2007 11:38:04
Damn... I spend last night on a couch again :/

Sascha:12-Dec-2007 11:37:42
Hello m8tes. A nice day from me too! was here at :grr:

Derity:12-Dec-2007 11:31:57
have a nice day

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 11:15:17
Bahahaha )(

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 11:13:59
I like big butts and I cannot lie!

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 09:34:36
Wogga Wogga Waahhooo!! This is a Magooo!

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 09:31:14

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 08:58:33

jackthompson:12-Dec-2007 08:36:04
<3 Good Morning! <3 :D

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 08:35:42
Jack Thompson!!!!

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 08:35:19
Morning darlings

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 08:33:38
Mornin darligz.

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 14:47:25
Think callvotes should be enabled on #2

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 14:44:01
it migt be already up there.. is callvote disabled on 1on1?

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 14:19:23
Probably not..Shouldn' t be a problem to throw it up and run it though, should it?

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 14:10:40
nope.. he means aggressor_experime ntal... you might not know it..

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 14:09:57
You mean the original Aggressor from Nexuiz?

[sXe]:11-Dec-2007 13:50:43
hey is it possible to run RN|1on1#2 with aggressor_experime ntal? I wanny check the new gameplay experience ^^

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 13:42:03
oooaoo ooappppaooo oooaaaa!

pulchr:11-Dec-2007 13:02:18
wiz, don't bother, i already did! <snicker>

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 12:12:32
..or so

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 12:04:50
(I should add myself there under Category: ape)

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 11:54:09
lawl...Jack, you poor bugger...pulchr, it's a wiki....add it yourself if you want =)

pulchr:11-Dec-2007 11:49:57
wiz: if you type an article just add stuff like "best in the universe" and similar under pulchr ;D

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 10:58:43
My mousewheel causes lag after I bought a new gfx card.. I can't believe how much PC gaming sucks...

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 10:32:01
what does pulchr mean? Jag förstår inte! :s

pulchr:11-Dec-2007 10:15:35
what does the wiki say the topic "pulchr" ?

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 10:05:38
We should have a wiki on how to use the wiki :s

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 08:47:16
ye, it suXx0rZ:!¤

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 08:45:08
Oh fark the censor.

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 08:44:57
G'night and best of dreams... ALL YE (edited)ES IN DA HOUSE! WOO!

SnooSnoo:11-Dec-2007 08:43:11
Good night man!

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 08:40:40
WIll be heading to bed shortly.

SnooSnoo:11-Dec-2007 08:34:19
AD, still up?

SnooSnoo:11-Dec-2007 08:34:02
Good, jack. Now go out and buy a propper razer mouse... :D

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 08:30:54
You're full of it.

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 08:30:18
"Several fars..." I liked where that story was going...

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 08:29:58
What mouse? I see no mouse.

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 08:29:11
Dude... it's the mouse...

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 08:28:52
Snoo!!!! :D

SnooSnoo:11-Dec-2007 08:28:02

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 08:23:29
My mousewheel causes input lag! ... I hate computers...

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 07:46:36
I would watch more, but then my boredom would increase after that.

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 07:23:59
A) Stop watching B) Watch more

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 07:15:47

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 06:08:57
Holy god. Everytime I finish watching an anime series I get really bored no matter what I do.

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 22:33:36
i cant belive you cracked first (CC)

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:27:42
tabbing her gently was productive aslong as my WEEEEEEELLLSHIIIII IE!!!!!

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 22:26:45
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong as my

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:25:48
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong as

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 22:25:38
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:24:38
Stabbing her gently was productive

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 22:24:12
Stabbing her gently was

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:23:37
Stabbing her gently

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 22:23:10
Stabbing her

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:22:14

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 22:22:00
do it here...THE WORD GAME....I word...

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:40:37
ARGH::...::..:.:.: .:.....<3 parsing!

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:40:22
oi, check this x.php?name=Forums& amp;file=viewtopic &p=2738#2738

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 19:07:21
cube2 engine is rather....full of it....and it writes it's screenshots to .bmp!?!

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 18:54:00
Sounds reasonable enough :)

jackthompson:28-Nov-2007 14:52:35
dude... i feel like a wheelchair driver poking people with a stick and ordering them using only this shoutblock instead of IRC...

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