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Players: 2 / 24
W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 06:23:59
A) Stop watching B) Watch more

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 06:15:47

AllegedlyDead:11-Dec-2007 05:08:57
Holy god. Everytime I finish watching an anime series I get really bored no matter what I do.

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 21:33:36
i cant belive you cracked first (CC)

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:27:42
tabbing her gently was productive aslong as my WEEEEEEELLLSHIIIII IE!!!!!

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 21:26:45
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong as my

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:25:48
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong as

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 21:25:38
Stabbing her gently was productive aslong

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:24:38
Stabbing her gently was productive

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 21:24:12
Stabbing her gently was

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:23:37
Stabbing her gently

SnooSnoo:10-Dec-2007 21:23:10
Stabbing her

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:22:14

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 21:22:00
do it here...THE WORD GAME....I word...

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 20:40:37
ARGH::...::..:.:.: .:.....<3 parsing!

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 20:40:22
oi, check this x.php?name=Forums& amp;file=viewtopic &p=2738#2738

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 18:07:21
cube2 engine is rather....full of it....and it writes it's screenshots to .bmp!?!

W1ZrD:10-Dec-2007 17:54:00
Sounds reasonable enough :)

jackthompson:28-Nov-2007 13:52:35
dude... i feel like a wheelchair driver poking people with a stick and ordering them using only this shoutblock instead of IRC...

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