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chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:25:54
irfan is shit.. it doesnt support kernel updates :s

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:25:36
Jack will place a quota for us in the shoutbox :D

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:24:57
then shout!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:57
im better than that :)

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:24:38
Buissy Bee :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:34
realistically. if i dont swear.. i think i will cry.. and crying is lame

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:24:01
im sorry

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:23:39
I have not slept.. i have been up all night trying to upgrade the kernel.. now im trying to arrange a jet install from a US mirrror

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:23:37
and capital UCKED

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:23:07

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:22:43
no its fucked! FUCKED with a capital F

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:22:14
QL arenas?

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:22:11
q3eu doesent load :(

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:21:47
especially when i was kinda expecting the same response as you..

jackthompson:22-Jul-2008 11:21:33

jackthompson:22-Jul-2008 11:21:26
Tay Zonday FTW... bitches!!!!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:21:03
jacky!!!! i love the QL arenas!!! :D

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:20:56
i gave him shit.. his wife is the admin :D

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:19:01

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:18:41
I'd never thought you need help wanking! o.O

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:18:27
i was not happy with the language

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:18:06
lol je, its great prog. it can help u wanking, it can run command line based, it openes pak files, ave irfan!

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:16:39

SnooSnoo:22-Jul-2008 11:14:52

chiquita:22-Jul-2008 11:13:14
the thing you thought that wasnt as good as mspaint

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