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Kalasnikov AK103
For RN Urban Terror Squad related discussions.
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 3:20 pm    Post subject: Kalasnikov AK103 Reply with quote

Let's see some of the most important goals of UrbanTerror :

Quote from


# The weapons available are from real-life.
# The weapons have recoil.
# The weapons are less accurate when fired while moving (called movement penalty).

Now .... Kalasnikov AK103 is a very distrupting and letal weapon in real life and so in the game , but it can be successfully used only while assaulting a target in a low or very low distance ... and that's fucking true in real life since this weapon is also the preferred one by organized crime when they have to set an ambush in a "great style" and/or when they have to assault armoured vans .

And since UrbanTerror implementation of this weapon is realistic enough , the same conclusion can be applied to the game : it has a real efficacy _only_ on a low or very low range in auto mode ... for mid or high range it has a significantly reduced efficacy only if used in semi or burst mode ... it has a NULL efficacy in auto mode indeed.

So if u see a player that kill u so easily with such that weapon in auto mode and u only have heard that weapon sound , for sure he/she is using a cheat to artificially adjust the weapon aim .
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Happy Camper
Happy Camper

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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 9:11 pm    Post subject: Re: Kalasnikov AK103 Reply with quote

That's very Interesting because alot of people do use the AK103 at range, of course not all are using an aimbot as there is of course the element of jammyness in Urban Terror.

So would you say this is the ideal gun for rushes?
as I am rather fond of my LR300 lol, im not sure why though, perhaps it's the fire rate or just the way the gun feels.

One thing to take into consideration if anyone does get range whored by someone using either of the above guns is that yeah people get jammy sometimes, but it is a good way of messing with anyone using an SR8, instantly takes them out of scope when shot even the slightest.. i hate it when that happens to me lol

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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 10:44 pm    Post subject: Re: Kalasnikov AK103 Reply with quote

Well ... the AK103 uses 7.62 mm bullets , while the LR 300 uses 5.56 mm bullets .
So the LR 300 is much more accurate than the AK103 while the AK103 makes much more damages to enemies ... so the rifle accuracy is quite inversely proportional to the bullets dimension : much power = less accuracy and viceversa.

There's another famous assault rifle using 5.56 mm bullets : the M16.
It uses such small and penetrating bullets because its main target is not to kill enemies , but to stop them ( with one or more M16 bullets holes or with 2 or 3 bullets inside the body , the enemy is probably not letally vounded but for sure simply can't move ).

AK103 bullets in terms of damage given to enemy are much more letal than LR 300 ones but at mid or high range the rifle absolutely has not an acceptable efficacy if used in auto mode. ( U can try by yoursefl .... in the game of course :grin: )

In auto mode it has a significant recoil that makes its control and its accuracy acceptable only at low range.
At mid and high range u can control its aim ( but not so easily ) only at burst or semi mode.

The problem I've tried to spot is that if u see a player using AK103 at high/mid range in auto mode and with a high accuracy , he/she is cheating with a probability > 90 per cent .

U can see infos about the weapon used when u are vounded/killed so u can control the sequence of the attack and if the player has a score of 21 kills - 1 death , that means that he/she doesn't come so often - never ? - near the enemy and as a consequence he/she has an impossible - fake - aim.
If u hear also the AK103 sound and u clearly can hear that it's used in auto mode , for sure it is a case of cheating.
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