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#1: Modified Blender ase export script. Author: hyp3rfocusLocation: england PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:33 pm
I've been tinkering around with exporting ase models from Blender and I was getting tired of having to navigate to the correct folder before exporting and then having to edit the ase file to correct the texture references. Since I was constantly tweaking models, exporting them, building them into maps and checking them in the game this became very time consuming.To remedy this I modified the ase script so that the filename and texture path could be specified in the settings section (starting from line 79)...
#           Settings

OUTPUT_TEXTURE= 'models/mapobjects/blah/blah.tga'
OUTPUT_FILENAME is fairly straightforward, it's just the file you want your ase model exported to. OUTPUT_TEXTURE gets used for the ase model's MATERIAL_NAME and BITMAP settings, the ones you normally have to edit by hand to refer to the texture image. When you run the script it will show you a file browser (which should be set to the OUTPUT_FILENAME you specified), then the little pupblock should pop up looking like this...

...with OUTPUT_TEXTURE set as the texture reference. Simply click ok and you'll have an ase model file exported exactly where you want it without any editing needed. A huge time saver.

Here is the download for the export script.

Here is an example of the exported ase file.

I hope this is useful to someone. =D

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