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What is Trickjumping?

Trickjumping is the art of performing maneuvers in games. It started
as something you did to get advantages in deathmatch games and has now grown into it's own gametype(s).

What is Defrag?

Defrag is a mod created to Quake 3: Arena that adds alot of features
good for trickers and runners. With the mod came a new gametype called Defrag Runs. In runs you play to get as fast as you can from A to B.There are many different kinds of tricks that you got to learn to
become a good defrag player and I'll try to explain some of them below. There are both VQ3 and CPM physics avaible, but there are some maps that can only be played in CPM because of it's new movement possibilites.

What is Speedcapture and Fastcaps?

Speedcapture and Fastcaps are the same thing and it is the bigger
brother to Defrag Runs. Fastcaps is the art of capturing the flag on a
CTF map in the fastest time as possible. It can be played in many
different styles. Both CPM and VQ3 Physics are available.

* Style 1: You're not allowed to use any weapons, teleporters or pads.
Just pure strafejumping.
* Style 2: You're allowed to use weapons, teleporters and pads and of
course normal strafejumping too.
* Style 3: Non-competitive capturing to show off creative or funny
captures, closely related to Freestyle Trickjumping.

Where can I download Defrag?

Defrag Official Website
Direct download for the last version: HERE

How do I install Defrag?

Unzip it in your OpenArena or Quake 3: Arena directory and make sure it's contents are in a directory called "defrag/".

How do I watch demos?

Look for the "demos" folder in your Defrag directory. If there is no
folder called "demos" then create it.
Put the demos in that directory and load up the game and go to the
"Demos" menu.

*nix users might have some problems with viewing the demo directory ingame and that problem can be solved with using

df_demos_UICompatibility 1

If you want to view the demos in 1st person, then enter

df_demos_cameramode 8

What's the speed of rockets?

With VQ3 Physics: 900ups.
With CPM Phsyics: 1000ups.

What settings should I have when playing Defrag?

There are a few fundamental settings to get Defrag and OA/Q3 trickjumping in general working correctly. Any changes to these are considered cheating.

sv_fps 125
pmove_msec 8
g_gravity 800
g_speed 320
g_knockback 1000
timescale 1
fixedtime 0

When playing Offline you should be using this settings but also

g_synchronousclients 1
pmove_fixed 0

When playing Online you should be using

g_synchronousclients 0
pmove_fixed 1

How do I see the keypresses of a player in a demo or someone I spectate?

df_chs0_draw 1
df_chs0_displaytype 5 // Because of missing signs in OA

What is Savepos and how do I use it?

Savepos is a way to get back to a location quickly, really helpful when doing difficult tricks. Remember that cheats must be activated to use this function.
You need to bind two keys.

bind key1 "vstr pos1; set saveposname pos1" // vstr pos1 loads the position and set saveposname pos1 tells "savpos" which variable to save to.
bind key2 "savepos 0" // You can also try it with other numbers

What is an Overbounce and how do I make one?

First you got to find an overbounce height. That can be done with using the OB detector.

df_chs1_draw 1 // To active the Crosshair Status function
df_chs1_info1 56 // Put's "CHSINFO 56" at the crosshair.  CHSINFO 56 the most complete OB detector.

Walk around on a map and look at different heights.. If you did this right you will start noticing letters by the side of your crosshair.
The numbers represents the move you need to do to get create an overbounce on the surface you're looking at.

* G: Walk to the height.
* J: Jump to the height.
* R: Do a rocketjump, nadejump or bfgjump to the height.
* r: Just like R but without pressing your jumpkey.
* P: Do a plasmajump to the height.
* p: Just like P but without pressing your jumpkey.

You will also notice some S and Q's in the OB detector.
S stands for sticky and sticky is a bug that places the player a bit over the ground. To get sticky, walk up the first step of a staircase and walk down again or shoot with the plasmagun on the edge of your "shadow" (will be shown in the OB demo).

Q is for Quaded and QR is just what it looks like, Quaded Rocketjump. Do a rocketjump with the quad damage powerup. But those overbounces are overkill for now.

There are different kinds of Overbounces too and they're controlled by your speed that is counted in ups; units per second.

* VOB - Vertical Overbounce. Jump from an overbounce height and get 0 ups to perform an vertical overbounce, no keypresses needed. This will make you bounce up to the same height as where you came from.
* HOB - Horizontal Overbounce. Same as VOB, but this time you got to land on the ground with speed, this will give you a speed boost.
* DOB - Diagonal Overbounce. Alot harder than the other overbounces. Fall from an overbounce height, get 30-50 ups in one direction (i.e Forward) and then press the key to the opposite direction (Back in this case). This will make you fly diagonally forward and up.
* ZDOB / ZWOB - The newest find in overbounces. This can be done the hard way with falling 0 ups and just before you hit the ground press your walk key and the direction you want to go.
The easier method needs a key binded "+strafe". Fall at 0 ups and just as you're about to hit the ground hold +strafe and move your mouse the direction you want to go.

How do I jump faster, higher, better?

Check out this excellent guide by Ryom.
Strafe Jumping Tutorial
The demos in that article may be recorded on Quake 3 Arena maps, so watch out OA players :(

What's the speed of plasma projectiles?

It's the same in both physics: 2000 ups.

What does all those acronyms stand for?

* DF: Defrag
* FS: Freestyle
* FC: Fastcaps
* CPM: Challenge Promode
* VQ3: Vanilla Quake 3
* OB: Overbounce
* HOB: Horizontal Overbounce
* DOB: Diagonal Overbounce
* ZDOB: ZeroUPS Diagonal Overbounce. Same as ZWOB
* UPS: Units per seconds
* CJ: Circlejump
* HB: Halfbeat
* SJ: Strafejump
* RJ: Rocketjump
* PJ: Plasmajump
* GJ: Grenadejump
* FPS: Frames per seconds
* TR: Timer reset, considered cheating
* CHS: Crosshair status
* WR: World Record

How much height do I get from ... ?

Rocket/Grenade/BFG Jump: 391u
2 x Rocket jump: 1066u
3 x Rocket jump: 2076u

Plasma Jump: 78u

What's the speed of plasma projectiles?

Same for CPM and VQ3: 2000ups

What is step up / ramping?

Step up (/ ramping?) is the function that makes you able to walk up stairs. If the step up function wouldn't exist, you would stop if you jumped up a stair, just like in Quake 1.
If you jump to a higher level, the step up allows you to climb 18u more on an edge.

When strafejumping it's usually called ramping. It can help you gain more speed in each jump. It's generally performed by doing the circlejump as far away from the pad as you can, so you hit the first pad as high up on the side as possible.

To get to a height higher than a normal jump, max 66u, do the jump with some speed and make sure you're at the edge of the higher platform/surface in the highest point of your jump.

How can I change maps on the RN defrag servers?

On the vq3 and cpm run servers you can vote the map you want with

\callvote map "mapname"

On the freestyle servers you got to contact an admin to change map.
The admins of these servers are:

They should be available on IRC. Either use the applet on this site or join #rainbow on

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Defrag Documentation

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The VQ3 Rocket Speed is 800ups, as documented by myself years ago. :P

I don't know about cpm thou. (this is just semi-serious xD)

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still helpful tutorial :)

just installed ioquake3 + dfengine on win7 (64) again.

First interesting thing: the pak0.pk3 replacement we did for q3min is still floating in the web www.proinstaller.quake...n/pak0.pk3 (thx to AL!EN)

Second interesting thing: dfengine wouldn't work right until I found this folder:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ioquake3\defrag

and copied the "zz-defrag_WHATEVER_***pk3" files in there.
"Virtualstore" ? wth?
so this is a third game location, next to
C:\Program Files (x86)\ioquake3
didn't find that in any tutorials, so I hope this might save someone else some time .. =D

and thirdly, the automatic map download via defrag engine does not work anymore, until updated. see this thread for the new settings and the new link to the map database.

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just replace the dl_source in console

/dl_source ""

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