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100 Map-pack
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:30 pm    Post subject: 100 Map-pack Reply with quote

This collection of maps contains no less than 100 unique maps for your enjoyment. They are all compatible with Open Arena 0.7.1 or later and should provide for many hours of gaming, and then some.

I can guarantee that all the CTF fans out there will find plenty of fun, and the same goes for dedicated hardcore 1on1 tourney fraggers or frantic DM fans.

I decided to make a mix of 1on1/DM/TDM/CTF maps and include only the best of the best, so here you have a map-pack, split in five sections, as a single .torrent file containing all the maps that are used on all the RAINBOW servers.

You download it here:

Please help and seed this!

If you would like to mirror these maps, feel free to do so. The more we are, the better it gets.

79drdm5_beta2 - 79DRDM5
79drgc2 - Concrete Salvation
aedesert - AEon's Desert
af3hex - The Stolatene Mine
alkdm13 - Butchered Creatures
alkdm14 - Journey
ame7q3tny1 - Take To The Sky (Tornado)
apocalyptica - Apocalyptica
bal3dm3 - Disinformation
bal3dm4 - Scrap Metal ][
bal3dm5 - Junk Data
bal3void1 - Peaceful Holidays in Egypt
bal3void2 - Malfunct Nano-Constructor
bastir - La Bastille [CTF]
dk_ib - Icon Basilica
estatica - Estatica
kellblack - Black Belvedere [CTF]
scorpion - Scorpion
scorpiontourney - Scorpion (Tourney Remix)
TeamTemple_q3a - Egypt Team Temple [CTF]

boxen - Bouncing 'Tween Da Boxen
coloncancer - Coloncancer
dantesca - Dantesca Book One
darkmeat - Darkmeat
deadmeat - Deadmeat
distonic_small - Distonic
gon2 - Back to Navarone
klcurves - Kleskonian Curves
meatpatty - Meatpatty
moonstone - Moonstone [CTF]
opc1 - Pro-trick jumping
platypus - Platypus
plutonians - Flying Plutonians
pukka3dm2 - Fascinating Senselessness
qbeast - Qbeast
quintdm3 - The Wisdom Machine
redmeat - Redmeat
rjlctf2 - Concrete Void [CTF]
whitemeat - Whitemeat
woa - War Of Angels

alpha3d - Alphanoid 3D
charon3dm13 - 5Quid
cpm1-dm5 - Take To The Sky
cpm1-dm6 - DSI:4.7
el3dm1 - Evil Space
gaeldm1 - Ascension
geo-core - The Geo Core
hal_palindrome - Palindrome [CTF]
HandsOfGod - Hands Of God
ik3dm2 - Meatball Grinder
jaxtourney2 - The Tangled Webs We Weave
klzegypt - Tomb Of Necrobiosis
letgo_01 - Remake Of Spyglass 2 [CTF]
letgo_02 - Remake Of WTF-Q3-08 [CTF]
minima - Minima
monolith - Monolith
pom - Pyramid Of The Magician
qfraggel3ffa - Swiss Cheese Trickster
qfraggel3tdm - Swiss Cheese Trickster
sparth - Sparth
ut_subway - Subway [CTF]

batcula - Batcula
dubneoc - Neorganic Epiphany
geo2_ad5 - Don't shoot your eye out!
gibtech - GiBTecH
hindustry - Heavy Industries
lsdm3_v1 - Ethernal Blue
mictourney1a - Camo-retro
mythology - The Return Of The Mythology
plduel1 - A Man Called Sun
post - Post
pukka3dm1 - The Hot Place
q3dade12 - Kill You by dAde
quimera - Quimera
rota3dm2 - KARIN
stralegeo1v2 - Janus
tanq3a_dm1 - Crescents
trajectory - Trajectory
wvwq3dm4 - Geometrica
wvwq3dm7 - Decidia
yog3dm2 - Reloaded

0ups_beta2a - Trickjumping Extreme
13vast - The Vast And Furious 13th RMX [CTF]
aqua - Aqua Arena
blacktown - Black Town
bubctf1 - The Vast and Furious [CTF]
cf - Citadel Fantasia
hibernia - Platform M26, Hibernia
jaxdm9 - Invalid Transmission
leafland - Leafland aka. Midnight Grotto [CTF]
nook3dm2pro - exit the proFa[tory
pukka3tourney2 - Evolution
q3arc1 - Lune-Base
q3shw19 - Time to die
reqkitchen - Nu Clear Lunch Time Time
shad3dm2 - Deep Freeze
sokar3d - Dimension Of The Doomed
sokar3dm5 - Ice Storm
summer - Sommergewitter
sy3dm1 - Far and Away
winter - Winternacht

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