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Zombie Game Concept
There are worlds waiting to be explored and objects to be made. Enjoy.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:24 pm    Post subject: Zombie Game Concept Reply with quote

[Working] Title - Infectious Apocalypse

Type - First Person, Zombie

Genre - Shooter, Action, Suspense, Thriller, Horror

- Conceptual Details -
This game is meant for a slower pace than most First Person games. This isn't one of those games where you rush from start to finish. It is one of those games of which allows one to revisit the past of dead survivors. This concept allows indepth story to further the game and bring attention to the player.

In gameplay aspects, the dead survivor acts as sort of a catalyst to trigger the past to be viewed from the eyes of the player. The events which are shown are limited to a specific boundry and cannot be exceeded. These boundries are generally cleverly placed objects which tells the player that he or she cannot go that way.

Some events that are triggered take away the ability to move. Such events are being viewed through the eyes of another survivor or of a nearby infected which had killed them. Such events are meant to put pressure on the player to pay attention. These types of events generally have some sort of shooting gameplay afterwards.

- Gameplay Details -
Objects which have this sort of steady pulsating red glow will be indicated that they can be triggered to cause a past event to occur. These are considered crucial to the story and must be triggered to continue.

Objects which have a solid blue glow indicate items of which can be used or picked up. Most of these objects are generally optional and can be skipped.

Objects which pulsate yellow indicate optional event triggers. These events are minor to the story or part of a subplot which does not fully contribute to the main story.

All triggered events can be skipped by going into the main menu and pressing the skip button. A confirmation will ask if you wish to skip. Select "Yes' to skip the event.

Survival gameplay consists of the following: The items of which you start with at the beginning of the game are enough to keep you alive all the way to the end. If played right, you will never have to pick up a single item not pertinent to the advancing the game.

Weapons, such as guns, melee, and explosives, can be found through out the game in great quantities where there are a lot of dead survivors. This, however, does not mean you can carry it all.

Stamina will serve as your health bar. This is a pseduo-progressive health bar based completely on how much you are carrying. Carrying too much means you'll have a less chance of survival if attacke. Your stamina bar will be decreased and can be decreased to a small sliver of one percent of total health. Opting to "rest" will allow the stamina bar to recover by a small portion, but will decrease slowly after you stop resting.

Carrying fewer items means you'll have more stamina to deal with and less chance of being killed if attacked. This also means you'll be more likely to scounge for supplies when you run out. This increases your chance of being attacked over all.

Careful planning of items of which are require and ammo conservation will allow the player to play through the game without having to worry too much about health.

Higher difficulties will decrease stamina and make enemies tougher to kill. This, however, does not mean the default starting items aren't enough. You will still be able to play through the game with them on higher difficulties.

A sort of "Hell" difficulty will be available for hardcore gamers where all you'll have is default equipment. All optional items are disabled from being picked up. Once you run out of equipment, you are fucked.

Adrenaline will be available as a rare usable "powerup" item which will prevent your stamina from dropping past a specfic percentage. The added effect will show up as a different color on your stamina bar. This item cannot heal you if you are being attacked by an enemy. This item will only gradually increase your stamina after fifteen seconds of being used.

Shooting gameplay is pretty straight forward. You have a gun, some ammo, and you shoot it. There is a small difference with reloading. The player can opt for either a tactical (realistic) reload or a FPS-style reload.

Tactically reloading means the ammo from that magazine will not magically fill your other magazine. Whatever ammo you didn't use in that magazine will stay with that magazine. This adds two new gameplay functions. The first function is the ability to check the ammo in all the magazines for the current weapon. The second is the ability to stop and refill your other magazines.

FPS-Style reloading means you can just reload whenever the hell you want and not have to worry about how much ammo is left in each mag. This gameplay style will disable the two additions mentioned for tactical reloading.

Melee combat will be available with either actual melee weaponry (blades, blunts, ect.) or with the gun you are holding. Using your gun as a melee object means that after a while, the gun itself will eventually break and become useless. The same goes for all objects which can be used as melee weapons. Each weapon will have its own strength and weaknesses.

Enemies in the game will vary from the infected to survivors guarding their turf. Most enemies encountered will be the infected, mainly of those who were once survivors.

Most of the infected encounters will be from the slow moving type of infected. These are the most common of enemies throughout the game. These will always travel in packs of two or more. It will be rare to find a slow-type infected by itself. These are among the easiest to kill.

Another type is a faster moving infected. These types always travel in pairs no matter what. Their appearences can be deceiving and generally will stalk the player from afar almost always out of sight. They will never take the initiative to attack head on. Instead, they'll just wait until the player is within their range to attack. Fast-type infecteds are easy to kill from a long distance. Melee weaponry is gnerally recommended for these types.

[Insert about twenty other enemy types here.]

For gameplay aesthetics, you cannot become one of the infected. However, your stamina bar can be greatly altered into a "poison" state from "infection". Whenever you are bitten or have blood sprayed all over you, the infection takes anywhere between one and ten seconds to occur. This infection slowly drains away your stamina. The infection can kill you if you have too little stamina. Also, your aim is drastically affected while infected. The infection can last between fifteen to fourty-five seconds.

The player will have access to a weight-based inventory system. As mentioned before, weight will drastically affect how much stamina you will have. The inventory screen will be completely grid-based and items can be sorted in any fashion possible. Items in the inventory will not take up a single grid-space, but rather multi spaces depending on the item.

The inventory screen will have various categories to filter your items by: weapons, ammo, melee, essentials, misc. These categories will not affect the "All" category if you attempt to sort items in their respective categories.

On "Hell" difficulty, the inventory screen is disabled. It will never be needed while playing on "Hell".

Starting items will consist of the following:
Colt M4A1 - Loaded with a 43/50 Round Magazine
Three 5.56x45mm NATO 50 Round Magazines

Glock 34 - Loaded with a 17/17 Round magazine
Six 9x19mm Parabellum 17 Round Magazines

Combat Knife

Standard Law Enforcement Ballistic Vest
Gas Mask

Night Vision Goggles
LED Flashlight
Six AA Batteries

Quarter empty One Liter Bottle of Water
Four Nutrition Bars

The player will be able to travel within the bounderies of the specific area that he is in. You will be able to either travel via a vehicle, run/walk on foot, or use a fast travel system for those who do not wish to explore the area they are within. There will be several areas to go to and explore. Each unique from the other. These areas will become available as the game progresses.

In the case the player does not wish to play the single-player campaign, an "open single player" will be available with all areas accessible. All events and triggers will be disabled allowing full roam of each area. Items will be randomly generated one time only for each area in OSP. You will also encounter generic NPCs which you can recruit to gather supplies or just go on the hunt. Each area will have at least two to three safe locations to go to.

The game will not be completely devoid of all life and survivors. There will be NPCs of which you can interact with. Some NPCs will affect how the game will continue. For example: You find a dying survivor - You can either leave him there, talk to him, help him, or kill him. Killing some NPCs will activate a optional event. These events, if triggered, can lead to either hidden areas or cause a whole slew of zombies to attack or nothing at all..

All interaction through NPCs is done with dialogue choices. The player does not speak once in the entire game. (Think of games like Star Wars KOTOR 1&2, Dragon Age Origins) There will be NPCs within the game, depending on what you tell them, that can completely change the way the game ends. These NPCs are generally look extremely unimportant and don't stand out. Leaders of the survivors tend to put the ones looking up to them first before anything else. These NPCs will be the hardest to deal with.

There can be NPCs which you can trade with, although it'll be limited. They'll ask the player to either do some random task or seek something of which they want. Some rewards from these NPCs are pointless while others can lead to very powerful items and weapons. These NPCs will be disabled in "Hell" difficulty and have their dialogue replaced or just won't be able to interact with them.

NPCs will not be available for recruitment in the single-player campaign. They will, as mentioned above, be available in open single-player. Each NPC that can be recruited will have their own advantages and disadvantages. Their equipment will also vary based on preference. This will also dictate what they will pick up when searching for supplies and loot.

Multiplayer for a game like like will be the absolute thing done. This won't be one of those "infected vs. survivors" like the "Left 4 Dead" games. It will act more like an MMO where you and other survivors (players) pair up to just survive the infected wasteland from infected, survivors NPCs, or other survivors.

Items in multiplayer will randomly generated by the server and item placement on the server for each area is saved. These items, per area, must be deleted to an extent before that area begins item generation again. Server hosts and owners can force an area to regen the items only if the area is currently empty of players.

Infected type monsters can vary based on server settings. There can be gigantic hordes of them (which is most likely suicidal) to none. Various settings for the infected will allow customization of how server hoster perfers it.

Additional features such as allowing "infection" to "complete" on a survivor will turn that player into an infected. This is generally short lived if your team mates happen to kill you quickly (Deja Vu Resident Evil Outbreak). What type of infected you will become will be entirely based on a percentage chance and from what type of infected you were infected from.

First Example Scenario -

Player arrives at a grocery super-center in a Jeep vehicle. It looks recently deserted with fresh blood on the ground. Player gets out of the Jeep looking around making sure there isn't any infected to ambush him. Everything around Player seemed quiet and ordinary. He decides to go inside the store to find it trashed. The bodies of the recently dead laid on the ground with dead eyes.

A nearby body began glowing this bright deep red. Player approaches the body, examining it. A flashback of events began to play. Player can see and hear the ones around him, but they cannot see him. He listens in to the conversation. It only appears the men were just having a friendly talk with each other. Then one of them speaks about how there were hectic messages coming on the Civilian Band frequencies.

One of the others assures the other it couldn't be that bad out there. One of the men says he has to go check on something and begins to walk away. The flashback ends bringing the player back to the present. The examined body is now missing. Triggering the event must have caused a sudden change to occur. Some of the surroundings too also seem different. Player seems pressed to move forward and discover what else has changed.

[Edit #1]Updated the concept with more stuff. Basically the type of travel, NPCs, and multiplayer.
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