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Your guide to textures
3d, Photoshop, GIMP or pen & paper, this is where you find it all.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:20 pm    Post subject: Your guide to textures Reply with quote
Over 1GB of texture packs and collections. Mostly from quake / unreal artists and mappers. Some backups of dead sites

Large public libraries of textures. Mostly high-res. (not much variety) (Some variety of close-up photo references, none is ready to use) (Textures and photographs licensed under creative commons) (Accepts submissions) (Accepts submissions) (Free low res textures. Paid users get high res textures) (Most of the photos need heavy post processing) (Despite the name there are no normal or displacement maps here), just photo textures) (most are rather small, but there is a huge variety) (Very good photos with no obvious shadows, overbright or angles) (Plethora of high res photo sources, but many were taken at angle)

www.lapicesdecolores.c...turas.html (What the name says) (Just 24 small images) (Don't be fooled by its name, all textures are photo sources) (must register) (must register) (some tileable)

www.texturewarehouse.c.../index.php (another source with a great variety of textures) (As the name says, amazing! Proper, not angled, photos. Most are clean with no light flashes, shadows or overbrightness) (Not really THE KING, nonetheless it's very good) (some tileable) (many modern world facade photos) (photos of bricks, stones, asphalt, etc) (was unreachable when I first saw it, don't know why) (Highly recommended) (Highly recommended) (Highly recommended) (Mostly small tiles) (Highly recommended) (Metal, rust, oxidized, dirty, mud, dust, old, etc) (Seems that they were a paid site sometime ago, but now everything is free to download)

www.pixelperfectdigita...hp/cat/506 (blender texture CD) (Some high quality photographed textures)


Tileable / seamless (low res) (as above) (14 1024 x 1024 base textures. Have links to other sites) (High resolution photographic textures) (as above) (both seamless and photo reference) (a few photoedited seamless) (many wallpapers and ornamental patterns) (Very good source of tileable background patterns) (Same as above) (tileable patterns in a wide range of colors) (Has some low res textures) (all tiles are low res)

Non english resources

Misc & Reference (Architecture and interior design reference) (as above)

australiasevereweather...index.html (amazing collection of reference pictures of skies in different weather conditions) (Ever watched Saw horror movies? This is a lot like Saw I) (Modern Ruins) (abandoned, decayed buildings) (Dedicated to mines and miners) (Bunkers around the world) (German. Pictures of decayed buildings and structures) (Has a database of panoramic images) (Russian. Another source of abandoned structures) (Pictures of decayed structures) (More decayed...) (Pictures of geological formations around the world. Integrated with google Earth) (Both textures and professional quality pictures of various places, and concept art) (As above) (Excellent reference for interiors and exteriors, all categorized in sections such as bathrooms, living rooms, castles, rivers, etc.) (A wiki dedicated to archive game content that the author's has released under GPL) (Similar to the above)

Photos (super reference, highly recommended) (Must register) (Some very high res textures and many photographs) (many real marble references) (as above, but for bricks)

Planets, stars and galaxies


Materials for 3D modelling softwares

Texture maps (how to "take pictures" of normal maps) (this tool is capable of generating normal maps out of photographs) (Some tutorials about texturing for games)

Procedural / Synthetic (Photoshop plugin) (procedural texture generator) (as above, but it's GPL) (Similar to the above) (Need to buy to have access to all features) (one click seamless texture generator) (GPL library)

All in one tutorial index sites (most tutorials are found in all of those) (Free video tutorials of pretty much any subject) (Plethora of good tutorials hosted on a forum scheme)

Gimp & Others (Free vector drawing software) (pixel art) (Drawing art) (what the URL says) (more drawings) (Paint Shop Pro) (Texture theory)

Photoshop (Mostly dedicated to photograph editing) (Index page is offline or forbidden,uh??) (Mostly dedicated to digital artists in general) (Does not cover painting or drawing techniques. It covers some effecst from burning texts to emboss, from photo retouching to some filter effects),8,3.html (Some video tutorials) (Swendish) (The of f icial adobe resource site) (Highly recommended, very well written, step by step) (quick reference to all tools)

The path tool


The history brush tool


Selection and masks

Drawing & Painting (Real painting, not digital art) (mostly dedicated to Design & Creativity process) (dedicated to manga, anime drawing)

Adjustment layers (extremely powerful feature)


Histograms and channels (extremely useful for fine tuning)

www.luminous-landscape...rams.shtml (Covers levels) (covers exposure and color)



High pass & Low pass filter (covers how to elimitate high frequency or low frequency "noises" from textures) (covers one use of the high pass filter)



Brush tools (learn those!) (handy description of dodge, smudge, burn and sponge. All in one easy reading photo retouching guide) (Short description of dodge and burn tools)

www . (as above) (very short description of dodge, burn, gradient, fill, and paint brush) (More dodge and burn) (Smudge) (Smudge. From photo to paint) (Simple guide that shows how to create a simple painting using the regular brushes tools)

Blending modes / Blend rages / Blend if (This + brushes = dreams come true. All descriptions from all sites are virtually the same) (A simple example of how to blend many images together to form unusual textures),65a.html (Blend if gives you complete control of what blend and what does not) (This is a photographers technique of blending photos at different exposures)

Eraser tools (Magic eraser and bacground eraser)


Art history brush and history brush


This resource has EVERYTHING about color adjustments, contrast, brightness and pretty much all things about photo / image adjusting and treament

www.cambridgeincolour....orials.htm (This is all about lighting in real world) (This is more about rendering)

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