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Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas)
There are worlds waiting to be explored and objects to be made. Enjoy.
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Elite Haxor!
Elite Haxor!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:41 am    Post subject: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Several decades ago, a new virus had emerged essentially killing its victim in a matter of hours. Governments and countries soon began to blame one another for the creation of the virus. With this occurring, the state of the world soon began to fall into chaos. A large democratic-based country made the first move. This country launched nuclear missiles at their enemies. Other countries soon began to launch their nukes hours later.

A nuclear war had broken out. The motive for the war was to falsely accuse one another for the virus outbreak. Over the years many countries soon began to realize the reason for nuclear war had been a selfish reason. Qaurentine areas were soon set up to deal with those infected with the virus to prevent the spreading. Nuclear bombings continued as some countries failed to realize their mistake.

This in turn caused the remaining intelligent countries to start assassinating the brainless politicians and rulers of the selfish countries. Destabilization of the selfish countries soon became assimilated into one central government. Nuclear war soon began to subside from the world. The remaining governments swore to uphold and protect what life there was left on the planet.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:31 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

AD, I would really appreciate if you could somehow just extract the IRC log file from what I typed, mine got lost!!

Also, if you have started writing the basic story on what I wrote, could you please post the progress here, and not in the 'writers corner'?

thanks in advance darling..

- Carl Sandburg -

Nothing happens unless first we dream.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:37 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Oh, a nice starting point. Id like to se what wiz had in mind also. Mby i could contribute somehow. (hope there is no magic or goth stuff there coz i cant build upon that)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:49 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

I see a hospital. Someone is in a coma... dreaming of boobs... his war friends wake him up with the firing sound of a stationary MG planted on his night desk...

He screams in a hysteric high pitch voice during the whole credits... similar to the way people scream when they're boiled alive...

They need him for the mission... He's the pilot... and the chef...
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Elite Haxor!
Elite Haxor!

Joined: Aug 30, 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:49 pm    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

[05:53:09pm] <W1ZrD> There has been nuclear war, most people are dead...
[05:53:22pm] <W1ZrD> like on the lines of fallout
[05:53:29pm] <AllegedlyDead> Never played Fallout.........
[05:53:36pm] <W1ZrD> I played the first
[05:53:37pm] <AllegedlyDead> So lets not include game references here.
[05:53:47pm] <AllegedlyDead> Or you're gonna get me caught in a mindfuck.
[05:54:09pm] <vdfa> thats a visual I didnt need... :)
[05:54:17pm] <AllegedlyDead> lmfao
[05:54:22pm] <W1ZrD> hold on, i'll switch to another usb stick, have some reference pictures
[05:55:24pm] <AllegedlyDead> If you're going to send me pictures... Zip/7-Zip them up and send them.
[05:56:59pm] <W1ZrD> bah, haven't got that stick here..
[05:59:28pm] <W1ZrD> how about if I just write on random what I had in mind for the world?
[05:59:35pm] <W1ZrD> and see how it works..
[05:59:39pm] <AllegedlyDead> Write that.
[05:59:41pm] <AllegedlyDead> Then let me see it.
[05:59:59pm] <W1ZrD> I hate writing documents with long texts
[06:00:02pm] <W1ZrD> I can't do that :(
[06:00:10pm] <AllegedlyDead> I can think up of several ways we could go with a "Nuclear War" for a story.
[06:00:20pm] <AllegedlyDead> You're going to have to specify more.
[06:00:30pm] <W1ZrD> I need that kinf of "feedback" during writing as you would get in a face-to-face discussion
[06:01:01pm] <W1ZrD> first of all I thought it should be divided in to two major areas
[06:01:25pm] <W1ZrD> 1) wastelands, or shadowzones, where nomads and outcasts roam
[06:01:36pm] * AllegedlyDead coughs.
[06:01:38pm] <AllegedlyDead> STALKER much?
[06:01:43pm] <W1ZrD> never played
[06:02:13pm] <W1ZrD> I'm thinking "Mad Max beyond Thunderdome:ish"
[06:02:39pm] <AllegedlyDead> I couldn't even watch the first Mad Max movie because the only copies I could find were the horrible shitty re-dubs.
[06:02:47pm] <W1ZrD> anyways...first the 'deadzones' and then there are major city blocks which are self-contained
[06:03:15pm] <W1ZrD> I can't remember them properly, over 10 years ago since I saw any of them
[06:03:51pm] <W1ZrD> outside the major cities there is mainly deserted areas, jungles, deserts, craters and 'forbidden zones'
[06:04:19pm] <W1ZrD> them 'forbidden zones' are where mutated humans have evolved in symbiosis with animals, and mutated with them
[06:04:51pm] <W1ZrD> the reason for the nuclear war was to try and stop spreading of a virus...or so..
[06:04:55pm] <AllegedlyDead> Besides basic story, are we going to be making a single-player story?
[06:05:31pm] <W1ZrD> Would be interesting to make it, but the question is if there is an interest in doing it
[06:05:51pm] <W1ZrD> Personally I never play single-player games when there is an on-line choice
[06:06:08pm] <W1ZrD> I've never played OA or Q3 in single player for instance
[06:06:15pm] <AllegedlyDead> I'm sure I could alter my writing style to accomodate for a single-player story.
[06:06:38pm] <AllegedlyDead> I'm getting a basic idea, right now, for the basic story.
[06:06:49pm] <AllegedlyDead> More or like a narrative approach.
[06:06:54pm] <AllegedlyDead> So it'll read that way.
[06:07:05pm] <W1ZrD> yea, that is good
[06:07:40pm] <AllegedlyDead> But, I'm not gonna come up with any names.
[06:07:42pm] <W1ZrD> try to make it so that, when you play single-player (if we do that), so that the story-line is non-gender/non-character based somehow
[06:07:43pm] <AllegedlyDead> You're going to do that for me.
[06:07:54pm] <W1ZrD> I do names :)
[06:07:57pm] <AllegedlyDead> Good.
[06:08:05pm] <AllegedlyDead> Because I have the hardest trouble with it.
[06:08:12pm] <AllegedlyDead> Even on my original stuff.
[06:08:40pm] <W1ZrD> I thought, to create some atomsphere in the cities (as for story), it should be that it's mostly glass and contrecte structures
[06:08:50pm] <W1ZrD> and most of them are about 50+ stories high
[06:09:06pm] <AllegedlyDead> Something like the barrier cities from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?
[06:09:17pm] <W1ZrD> and in the cities there are different areas, or blocks
[06:09:19pm] <AllegedlyDead> brb/afk for a moment.
[06:09:23pm] <W1ZrD> no idea, I haven't played any games :s
[06:10:20pm] <W1ZrD> Closer to the 'city center' the blocks have more houses, and higher buildings, they range from 50 stories, up to 150-300 high..
[06:11:12pm] <W1ZrD> in the slum areas there is little police protection and massive gang-wars
[06:11:37pm] <W1ZrD> (now I'm thinking Escape from L.A) or whatever that Kurt Russel movie was..
[06:12:01pm] <W1ZrD> everything, except the slum areas, are controlled by the goverment
[06:12:11pm] <AllegedlyDead> Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a movie.
[06:12:26pm] <W1ZrD> ah
[06:12:36pm] <W1ZrD> oh..that one I saw some years ago I think
[06:12:59pm] <W1ZrD> Can't remember anything of it except that they did a few nice base-meshes and occulsion lightning
[06:13:04pm] <AllegedlyDead>
[06:13:07pm] <AllegedlyDead> Here, something like that.
[06:13:40pm] <W1ZrD> and the city is inside there?
[06:13:46pm] <AllegedlyDead> Yes.
[06:14:07pm] <W1ZrD> would make sense, wouldn't it? :)
[06:14:10pm] <AllegedlyDead> Yes.
[06:14:11pm] <AllegedlyDead> lol
[06:14:26pm] <W1ZrD> ok, something like that..
[06:14:32pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok.
[06:14:39pm] <W1ZrD> and there is no 'normal' food any longer
[06:14:56pm] <W1ZrD> only for the filthy rich people
[06:14:59pm] <AllegedlyDead> All syntheic?
[06:15:07pm] <AllegedlyDead> No idea how to spell the word.
[06:15:08pm] <W1ZrD> for 'normal' it's syntethic
[06:15:15pm] <W1ZrD> no idea either :)
[06:15:21pm] <AllegedlyDead> XD
[06:15:56pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok.
[06:16:02pm] <AllegedlyDead> Year time.
[06:16:06pm] <AllegedlyDead> Start of the nuclear war.
[06:16:11pm] <AllegedlyDead> And start of the actual story.
[06:16:20pm] <W1ZrD> and most cities have between 25-80 million people living there
[06:16:30pm] <AllegedlyDead> And how long the war lasted.
[06:16:53pm] <W1ZrD> "present day is 2079" or what did we say? can't remember :s
[06:17:02pm] <AllegedlyDead> o_O
[06:17:10pm] <W1ZrD> lol@my memory
[06:17:39pm] <AllegedlyDead> Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[06:18:57pm] <AllegedlyDead> Honestly dude.
[06:19:07pm] <AllegedlyDead> If you're going to do something this big, write this shit down.
[06:19:27pm] <W1ZrD> argh..
[06:20:01pm] <W1ZrD> I had 10-15 pages for A&D, so I was so proud of myself that I wrote that much
[06:20:18pm] <AllegedlyDead> I don't think A&D would have worked out for a game.
[06:20:20pm] <W1ZrD> I can't write, really :(
[06:20:36pm] <AllegedlyDead> We need something a little more sensible.
[06:20:44pm] <W1ZrD> Snoo showed me something towards A&D, built on the same ideas
[06:20:50pm] <AllegedlyDead> This nuclear war thing seems like a fair way to go.
[06:20:55pm] vdfa «» has Quit iRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:21:18pm] <W1ZrD> because of this nuclear war, the earth's resources are running low on everything
[06:21:31pm] * AllegedlyDead sighs.
[06:21:39pm] <W1ZrD> so space exploration is the way to find more 'stuff'
[06:21:49pm] <W1ZrD> I'll copy this to some text document or so..
[06:22:05pm] <AllegedlyDead> I'll copy this log to my docs so I know to review it.
[06:22:05pm] <W1ZrD> or actually..
[06:22:25pm] <W1ZrD> Should we go the other way around, so that the goverment is loosing more and more power, and more and more control
[06:22:49pm] <W1ZrD> so that individual corportations are the ones actually running the internal economic infrastructure
[06:23:12pm] <W1ZrD> Microsoft gives brainimplants to everyone, from birth
[06:23:15pm] <W1ZrD> -----
[06:23:47pm] <AllegedlyDead> .......................................
[06:23:48pm] <AllegedlyDead> You know what.
[06:24:02pm] <W1ZrD> It's only the rich people, the ones who made a fortune of out the war, who can affor their own space traveling
[06:24:04pm] <W1ZrD> nope?
[06:24:09pm] <AllegedlyDead> Leave me with some of this stuff.
[06:24:31pm] <W1ZrD> a little bit more ideas coming...
[06:24:38pm] <W1ZrD> A) there aren't many cities left
[06:25:06pm] <W1ZrD> only some of the largest cities around the world has managed to survive and they have grown 10-15 times bigger than they were, and then some
[06:25:21pm] <W1ZrD> so no more than 10-15 cities across the entire earth, or so..
[06:25:43pm] <W1ZrD> technological standards are very high, if you can afford it
[06:25:58pm] <W1ZrD> cybernetic implants are as common as taking a dump
[06:26:14pm] <AllegedlyDead> Check... Perfect idea.
[06:26:18pm] <W1ZrD> genetic implants are more rare but mainly used within the military
[06:26:19pm] <AllegedlyDead> Purists.
[06:26:41pm] <W1ZrD> yea, they are 'normal' humans who refuse to use technology, implants and other stuff..
[06:26:54pm] <W1ZrD> i.e it will be a basic human as a character choice
[06:27:33pm] <W1ZrD> as for police, that should be something which is still controlled by the goverment, but the police has more power at hand
[06:28:01pm] <AllegedlyDead> You're taking a lot of this stuff from current day events aren't you?
[06:28:28pm] <W1ZrD> basically like todays SWAT teams, but with artificial implants enhancing their abilities in civil wars, against poison gases and so..
[06:28:38pm] <W1ZrD> hmm, dunno, kinda mixing with whatever comes :)
[06:28:43pm] <W1ZrD> been thinking alot, and for long
[06:28:59pm] <W1ZrD> but as I've said, I really can't write and get it's all stuck in my head
[06:29:18pm] <W1ZrD> usually when there has been ideas like this, then we've been talking face-to-face
[06:29:19pm] beast ( has joined. «5 people»
[06:29:36pm] <AllegedlyDead> Yes.
[06:29:48pm] <W1ZrD> in every city there are thousands of outcasts hiding in secrecy from police and goverment
[06:30:08pm] <W1ZrD> they are poor and they usually do drug-trafficing and steal to survive
[06:30:15pm] <W1ZrD> outlaws basically
[06:30:26pm] <AllegedlyDead> Well, I can think of this... A lot of this stuff could be used for an intro.
[06:30:40pm] <W1ZrD> and the techology they have at hand are things they find, things they still and things they get over by killing richer people
[06:30:56pm] <W1ZrD> I am still hoping for my Maya license
[06:31:04pm] <W1ZrD> if I can get that, then I can model how I see it
[06:31:22pm] <W1ZrD> otherwise I'll use some learning edition, just to show what I have in my head
[06:31:31pm] <AllegedlyDead> Just pirate a copy.
[06:31:39pm] <W1ZrD> ...
[06:31:41pm] <W1ZrD> anyway...
[06:31:44pm] <AllegedlyDead> Yeah.
[06:31:53pm] <W1ZrD> in the cities there are also underground 'areas'
[06:32:08pm] <W1ZrD> places which these outlaws have built in order to avoid detection
[06:32:34pm] <W1ZrD> in the underground areas there is a simple way of life..survive
[06:33:13pm] <W1ZrD> some humans are mutated animals, so they can have human form, with dog ears and fangs
[06:33:45pm] <W1ZrD> these 'failed' humans are usually thrown down to the underground areas, or out in the 'forbidden zones'
[06:33:56pm] <AllegedlyDead> Genetic Manipulation.
[06:34:15pm] <W1ZrD> the forbidden zone's are places where all toxic, and possibly, dangerous material, alterations e.t.c is simply dumped from above
[06:34:25pm] <W1ZrD> yea, genetic experiments gone wrong
[06:34:56pm] <W1ZrD> there are gang-wars even underground, even more so than up in the cities
[06:35:21pm] <W1ZrD> these gang-wars can be religiosly related, hatred against mutants, black v.s white e.t.c
[06:35:56pm] <W1ZrD> people don't only use cybernetics and genetics, they also use robotics
[06:36:28pm] <W1ZrD> because now robotics have evolved to a level where the AI is good enough to create robots for the military in larger scales
[06:36:57pm] <W1ZrD> the robots are also used in construction, like building-robots e.t.c
[06:37:26pm] <W1ZrD> all cities have massive guard towers surrounding them
[06:37:38pm] <AllegedlyDead> This is really starting to sound like this could go in the direction of a FPS-RPG kind of thing.
[06:37:41pm] <W1ZrD> to prevent 'outcasts' from entering the cities
[06:38:02pm] <W1ZrD> dunno really :)
[06:38:22pm] <W1ZrD> I had this idea at first, but I don't think that the q3 engine would 'be enough'
[06:38:31pm] <AllegedlyDead> It won't be.
[06:38:32pm] <W1ZrD> but to use this scenario as I describe..
[06:38:40pm] <AllegedlyDead> Unless you manage to optimize the renderer quite a bit.
[06:38:43pm] <W1ZrD> make it in several sections
[06:38:51pm] <AllegedlyDead> To handle excessive amounts of polygons.
[06:39:04pm] <W1ZrD> you start playing it as an RTS with military units, police and what not...
[06:39:17pm] <W1ZrD> and then it later turns in to an FPS with the characters you have guided
[06:39:24pm] <AllegedlyDead> Because there is no way textures alone would be able to make this kind of idea look good.
[06:39:30pm] <W1ZrD> yea
[06:39:37pm] <W1ZrD> not with idtech3
[06:40:01pm] <W1ZrD> with mega-texturing, normal, bumps and per-pixel's, then it could be awesome
[06:40:50pm] <W1ZrD> anyway, back to my idea output :)
[06:40:52pm] <W1ZrD> the mutants...
[06:41:02pm] <W1ZrD> the goverment, and most people, dispise them
[06:41:07pm] <W1ZrD> (despice)?
[06:41:10pm] <W1ZrD> hate
[06:41:39pm] <W1ZrD> most mutants are thrown out of the cities, to walk the wastelands; killed on the spot, or driven down in the underground areas
[06:41:44pm] <beast> despise
[06:41:49pm] <W1ZrD> thanks
[06:42:04pm] <beast> np
[06:42:07pm] <AllegedlyDead> Gonna go ahead and start working on the narrative intro.
[06:42:09pm] <AllegedlyDead> Continue talking.
[06:42:14pm] <AllegedlyDead> I wanna see what I can come up with.
[06:42:39pm] <W1ZrD> not all, but a few, of the mutants not only have 'special physical' abilities, but also eh...
[06:42:45pm] <W1ZrD> psycokentic?
[06:43:04pm] <W1ZrD> they do things with their mind, controlling fire, water, telekinesis e.t.c
[06:43:23pm] <W1ZrD> no idea what that could be called :)
[06:43:59pm] <W1ZrD> some really rare mutants can read peoples minds, they can control thoughts, they can energize thoughts to energy released from their bodies
[06:44:31pm] <W1ZrD> they can combust themselves without dying, some are immune to fire, some have (geals?) ((what fish uses to breath under water)
[06:44:34pm] <AllegedlyDead> psychokinesis?
[06:44:39pm] <W1ZrD> dunno, maybe :)
[06:45:04pm] <W1ZrD> The goverment is supressing these mutants, killing them e.t.c because they are afraid of them
[06:45:18pm] <W1ZrD> because there is no way of telling what kind of powers the mutants have
[06:45:39pm] <W1ZrD> and that is the start of a 'civil war' or however we call it..
[06:46:17pm] <W1ZrD> that the mutants are planning to overthrow the goverment because they have been forced to live on nothing, treated as animals and sent to die
[06:46:44pm] <W1ZrD> of course the goverment has it's military, it's police and scientists...
[06:46:48pm] <AllegedlyDead> Heh, I can so work with this.
[06:47:08pm] <AllegedlyDead> All the areas of interest.
[06:47:15pm] <W1ZrD> but the mutants have their special powers, their knowledge of the cities darkests corners and their own scientists
[06:47:43pm] <W1ZrD> the wastelands are still highly radioactive, most of it anyway..
[06:48:14pm] <W1ZrD> so the 'outcast' mutants are even stronger than the ones in the cities because they have developed a stronger immunesystem
[06:48:36pm] <W1ZrD> this coudl be used in a mission....
[06:48:54pm] <W1ZrD> that both "camps" should try to find one of these 'outcasts'
[06:49:07pm] <W1ZrD> the mutants want him/her because he is powerful to have on their side
[06:49:33pm] <W1ZrD> the goverment want him/her to experiement and gene-alterate
[06:50:13pm] <W1ZrD> This whole thing should be dark, pessimistic and life is really hard as it is..
[06:50:17pm] <W1ZrD> people kill for survival
[06:50:50pm] <W1ZrD> There is almost no natural water left on the planet, it all dried out and it's only waste land left
[06:51:07pm] <W1ZrD> there are some places where there are forests, jungles and so, but extremely rare
[06:51:18pm] <W1ZrD> so oxygen levels are really low outside of the cities
[06:52:01pm] <W1ZrD> there are robots being sent out to the wasteland areas to investigate where there might be traces of water
[06:52:06pm] <W1ZrD> some of them don't return
[06:52:28pm] <W1ZrD> and the parts from these robots are then used by the habitants of these forbidden zones, or wasteland areas
[06:53:01pm] <W1ZrD> Inside the cities it's "standard blade runner"
[06:53:18pm] <W1ZrD> magnetic strips with train carts
[06:53:27pm] <W1ZrD> electric cars driven by computers
[06:53:34pm] <W1ZrD> neon-lights everywhere
[06:54:07pm] <W1ZrD> on the lower levels of the town, like 1-30 stories high, the air is so polluted so that it's foggy
[06:55:08pm] <W1ZrD> because the atmosphere? was destroyed after all the nuclear emmisions and pollution
[06:55:23pm] <W1ZrD> it does not offer any protection from the sun's rays any longer
[06:55:27pm] <AllegedlyDead> ok, going afk for who knows how long.
[06:55:35pm] <W1ZrD> so the cities have that 'bubble' with artificial skies
[06:55:37pm] <W1ZrD> kk..
[06:55:40pm] <W1ZrD> anyway..
[06:55:43pm] <W1ZrD> that's a bit
[06:55:54pm] <beast> cooooooool so far....
[06:56:08pm] <W1ZrD> You think this is something that can work?
[06:56:32pm] <W1ZrD> I'm thinking much towards character concepts, how we can make as much as possible in that area
[06:57:12pm] <W1ZrD> like now, we can have humans, military troopers, robots, mutants (in all flavours), SWAT troopers...
[06:57:46pm] <W1ZrD> beast: What do you think of the idea in introducting veichles to it?
[06:58:00pm] <beast> could be fun...
[06:58:20pm] <W1ZrD> on certain maps, in certain areas, that you can control a hoover-craft, motorcycle, spaceship e.t.c
[06:58:38pm] <W1ZrD> code-wise it shouldn't be that tricky to make, should it?
[06:58:59pm] <beast> errr, well, mmm... :)
[06:59:18pm] <W1ZrD> I have the source for Q3 rally, even though the site died
[06:59:21pm] <W1ZrD> and it's GPL
[06:59:29pm] <beast> sweet
[06:59:35pm] <W1ZrD> there you drive a car :)
[06:59:49pm] <beast> brb. gotta take my son over to the gym...
[06:59:57pm] <W1ZrD> ok, talk to you later..
[06:59:59pm] * beast is AFK, on another planet —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—
[07:26:14pm] <beast> back... (what the command for being back?)...
[07:33:42pm] <W1ZrD> /back
[07:33:47pm] <W1ZrD> and /away
[07:33:49pm] <W1ZrD> =)
[07:34:09pm] <AllegedlyDead> I'm back, but dunno for how long.
[07:36:14pm] <beast> I tried /back and it says unknown command :(
[07:36:19pm] <W1ZrD> Ẅhat do you think AD, should we try to have veichles?
[07:36:22pm] <W1ZrD> really?
[07:36:29pm] <AllegedlyDead> •beast• Right-click, away control, back.
[07:36:57pm] <W1ZrD> I just type /back here, on the same line as I type text
[07:37:04pm] ERROR > 421: Unknown command: BACK
[07:38:09pm] <beast> when i right click I only get 'set away' and 'view messages'
[07:38:15pm] * AllegedlyDead is AFK, on another planet
[07:38:17pm] <AllegedlyDead> Err.
[07:38:18pm] * AllegedlyDead is back from on another planet. I was gone for 3secs
[07:38:23pm] <AllegedlyDead> Type in /away again.
[07:38:30pm] * beast is back from on another planet. I was gone for 38mins —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—
[07:38:34pm] <beast> :)
[07:38:36pm] <AllegedlyDead> lol
[07:38:37pm] <W1ZrD> weeee
[07:39:29pm] <AllegedlyDead> What's the message length of this network?
[07:40:06pm] <W1ZrD> no idea
[07:40:26pm] <AllegedlyDead> Here, I'll post what I have on the forums.
[07:40:30pm] <AllegedlyDead> It's three "paragraphs"
[07:40:36pm] <AllegedlyDead> In memory warehouse.
[07:40:43pm] <W1ZrD> ok, nice...
[07:42:11pm] <AllegedlyDead>
[07:42:14pm] <W1ZrD> Did you post it?
[07:42:15pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok, go take a read.
[07:42:21pm] <W1ZrD> will do
[07:42:41pm] vdfa ( has joined but is a Clone of beast «6 people»
[07:42:47pm] beast «» has Quit iRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[07:42:51pm] vdfa ( is now known as beast
[07:43:01pm] <AllegedlyDead> It's probably not the best of things.
[07:43:08pm] <AllegedlyDead> But it's what I came up with as far as some kind of intro.
[07:43:52pm] <W1ZrD> it's a good start
[07:44:04pm] <W1ZrD> (now Jack can get his wish and shoot politicians)
[07:44:13pm] <AllegedlyDead> lmfao
[07:44:53pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok, here's something else to consider.
[07:45:19pm] <AllegedlyDead> If we're going to have an intro, we need to build the game's story-line to where the intro is completely optional.
[07:45:58pm] <AllegedlyDead> That means dialogue is going to have to be made in such a way where that is possible.
[07:46:06pm] <W1ZrD> yeah
[07:46:35pm] <W1ZrD> and I also want it to use one character as it's 'calling-card" (or whatever it's called)
[07:46:51pm] <W1ZrD> like Open Arena had with kyonshi, but then failed to care about
[07:46:57pm] <W1ZrD> like Q3 has with Sarge
[07:47:20pm] <W1ZrD> and I want, doesn't matter male or female, but him/her to have the Duke Nukem attitude
[07:47:31pm] <AllegedlyDead> OH GOD NO!
[07:47:34pm] * AllegedlyDead explodes.
[07:47:46pm] <W1ZrD> 'I need an alien toilet to park my bricks'
[07:47:50pm] <W1ZrD> it's so sweet :)
[07:47:57pm] <AllegedlyDead> nononononononononononononononononono
[07:48:01pm] <W1ZrD> hahha
[07:48:13pm] <W1ZrD> We need something with attitude
[07:48:23pm] <W1ZrD> someone who has been through rough times, been there; done that
[07:48:23pm] <AllegedlyDead> Well it's hell isn't going to be the main character.
[07:48:39pm] <AllegedlyDead> Just let it be a minor character.
[07:51:42pm] jack_thompson ( has joined. «6 people»
[07:51:50pm] <AllegedlyDead> You missed everything.
[07:52:08pm] <jack_thompson> what did i miss?
[07:52:09pm] <AllegedlyDead> I'll have to send you a log.
[07:52:26pm] <jack_thompson> ok
[07:52:27pm] <AllegedlyDead> We're discussing W1ZrD's basic story idea for the game.
[07:52:34pm] <jack_thompson> oh
[07:52:52pm] <AllegedlyDead> I made a quick post in Memory Warehouse of an intro.
[07:54:21pm] <W1ZrD> Actually...
[07:54:44pm] <W1ZrD> You mention nuclear more times than I could count :)
[07:54:50pm] <AllegedlyDead> lmfao
[07:55:28pm] <AllegedlyDead> OH COME ON!
[07:55:33pm] <AllegedlyDead> It's mentioned five times.
[07:55:35pm] <W1ZrD> Should I continue to blurt out what I had in mind?
[07:55:38pm] <W1ZrD> hahaha
[07:55:43pm] <W1ZrD> (he went and counted)
[07:55:53pm] * AllegedlyDead pounces W1ZrD
[07:56:27pm] <AllegedlyDead> •W1ZrD• You wouldn't be able to summarize what you had in mind.
[07:56:27pm] * W1ZrD is getting pounced
[07:56:35pm] <W1ZrD> argh...
[07:56:43pm] <W1ZrD> nuclear war, they die and live in cities
[07:56:50pm] <W1ZrD> and eat
[07:56:58pm] <W1ZrD> hmm...
[07:57:04pm] <AllegedlyDead> That's a broad simplifiscation of a rather stupidly-complex story.
[07:57:10pm] <AllegedlyDead> lol
[07:57:40pm] <jack_thompson> man.. on such a nuked world the high scores should count suicides...
[07:57:48pm] <W1ZrD> I love the logic adrian carmack came up with for early stages of quake
[07:58:14pm] <W1ZrD> 'if it moves, kill it' <-- need for more
[07:58:30pm] <AllegedlyDead> I do that all the time...
[07:58:38pm] <AllegedlyDead> Even in those games where you aren't suppose to.
[07:58:41pm] <AllegedlyDead> XD
[07:58:44pm] <W1ZrD> problem is that it fails to include campers
[07:58:49pm] <W1ZrD> they don't move
[07:59:04pm] <jack_thompson> you guys... i'll go to bed... i have only 4h of sleep left :(
[07:59:16pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok.
[07:59:19pm] <AllegedlyDead> G'night and best of dreams.
[07:59:27pm] <beast> nite
[07:59:27pm] <W1ZrD> ok, nite nite Jack...
[07:59:33pm] <W1ZrD> actually, about this:
[07:59:37pm] <W1ZrD> as for a start to the war
[07:59:52pm] <jack_thompson> ye... night AD... night W1ZrD and night beast... :)
[08:00:10pm] <W1ZrD> that it was actually a country who mistakenly launched nuclear warheads to them being programmed wrong
[08:00:25pm] <W1ZrD> bah...nevermind
[08:00:27pm] <W1ZrD> nite jack :)
[08:00:40pm] <AllegedlyDead> Yeah.
[08:00:43pm] <AllegedlyDead> Lets not do that.
[08:01:41pm] <W1ZrD> out in the wastelands, where radioactivity is so high, all sorts of creatuers have mutated also
[08:01:58pm] <W1ZrD> (in single-player/co-op(or whatever) they can become 'bosses'
[08:02:31pm] <jack_thompson> don't forget the boobies..
[08:02:48pm] jack_thompson ( is now known as jacky_afk
[08:03:56pm] <AllegedlyDead> •W1ZrD• Do this.
[08:04:22pm] <W1ZrD> mutants with titties on their heads?
[08:04:33pm] <AllegedlyDead> Make out a list of gameplay features, post them somewhere on the forums, and let us review it.
[08:04:47pm] <W1ZrD> I already did a few :s
[08:06:02pm] <AllegedlyDead> I could easily start a story based on what you have.
[08:06:15pm] <AllegedlyDead> But I doubt it would translate well into a game.
[08:07:28pm] <W1ZrD> Well I would love if you could try to get that idea to some sort of writing, just to give a really wide look on what type of world/setting it is..
[08:07:48pm] <W1ZrD> then we can hand that to Ericka (our concept artist) so she can start drawing based on that
[08:08:17pm] <W1ZrD> the characters, weapons, clothes, items will come eventually, but as for the 'overview of the world'
[08:08:56pm] <AllegedlyDead> •W1ZrD• Ok, before I start, can you start giving me names for people, places, cities, governments, countries?
[08:08:59pm] <W1ZrD> I've been trying to say it like: bladerunner/warhammer/madmax type of thing...but with drawings and concept it's better to visualise
[08:09:54pm] <W1ZrD> Don't write it like a 'book story' type now though, just very basic...lets assume now that there are 8 major cities in the world...
[08:10:53pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ehehe.
[08:11:03pm] <W1ZrD> three in USA, one in Brussels, on in Egypt, one in India, one in China and maybe one in Japan
[08:11:46pm] <W1ZrD> each of the cities have like 30-80 million inhabitants, but it's impossible to count
[08:11:57pm] <AllegedlyDead> Ok, lets change USA to North America
[08:12:02pm] <W1ZrD> hmm..or is that too much people?
[08:12:22pm] <AllegedlyDead> Well.
[08:12:32pm] <W1ZrD> the third world as we know it today is basically wiped out
[08:12:36pm] <AllegedlyDead> The cities are going to span many miles.....
[08:12:43pm] <AllegedlyDead> Many many many many many many many miles.
[08:12:47pm] <W1ZrD> they didn't have the economy to protect themselves during the wars
[08:13:47pm] <W1ZrD> probably 85% of the entire third-world was evaporated and the remaining ones took shelter in the nearby cities or started their lives in the wasteland areas
[08:15:29pm] <W1ZrD> the 'old' goverments fell apart during the wars because they lost confidence in the people and people lost confidence in them
[08:17:33pm] <W1ZrD> eventually one large goverment authortity was formed, which originated in the United Nations, but evolved to a corporate funded authority which is eventuallity controlled by the stock-holders...or so
[08:17:42pm] <W1ZrD> eventually I should stop writing eventually
[08:18:11pm] <AllegedlyDead> Well, you've gotten basically all that I need.
[08:18:51pm] <W1ZrD> the enviroment should be really weird, weird in the sense that climate change has turned things inside-out
[08:19:36pm] <W1ZrD> there are also ion-generators producing electricity, no coal plants
[08:20:02pm] <W1ZrD> nuclear weapons have all been disposed of, to save what's left of humankind
[08:20:20pm] <W1ZrD> but they are still kept in secrecy, both by corporations, and the goverment
[08:21:38pm] <AllegedlyDead> I probably won't start tonight on it, but I have an idea of how to incorperate some of this stuff.
[08:21:44pm] <AllegedlyDead> Won't be using the intro I made though.
[08:22:42pm] <W1ZrD> years and timeline is up to you if you want...
[08:24:53pm] <W1ZrD> I somehow think that the cities should be a bit like Blade Runner, the wasteland (forbidden zones) like Mad Max beyond thunderdome/Judge Dredd
[08:27:17pm] <W1ZrD> <-- that is a nice reference
[08:27:51pm] <W1ZrD> a 'normal' human in the slum area, that's where buildings aren't repaired due to lack of attention and funds
[08:31:41pm] <W1ZrD> Have you seen a movie called Vampire Hunter D?
[09:06:54pm] W1ZrD «» has Quit iRC (Remote closed the connection)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:53 pm    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Jack <3 -> <3 <3 <3

Snoo, no there is no goth or magic involved, there is how ever un-explainable powers by individual characters, but that will come more in details later.

Found the IRC log-file, it was hidden away, so here we go.
[edit: AD posted the same log, so I deleted mine]

- Carl Sandburg -

Nothing happens unless first we dream.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:53 pm    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Guys, i cant concentrate on the whole thing here. But i think I catch the drift.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:04 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

<Before the game starts, there'll be an option to enable a tutorial mode. This mode will work in sync with the game and will only be active for the first parts of the game. The tutorial will automatically deactivate once the main story kicks in.>
<A secondary option before the game will also be given about doing a freelancer mode. A mode where there is no storyline and you are free to move around the world without restrictions. The only exception to this would be storyline-only places which will not be allowed access.>

<Intro follows here>

In a massive fight for survival, humanity has forced itself into eight large barrier cities. These cities protect what are left of the human-race after the disasterous Nuclear War twenty years ago. Outside the cities are nothing but barren wastelands where mutated animals and humans live. A fruitless struggle of survival continues as the planet dies more and more each day.

Even within the cities, tyranny threatens the survival of lower-class. The lower-class humans are considered nothing more than expendables to further satisfy the tyranny set in place.


A lower-class citizen of [Name of East-Coast Barrier City] managed to sneak through security to get to the more higher-class areas. There, he stood out in broad daylight with the clothing he wore. Nothing more than worn and torn clothing gathered from the slums on the outskirts of the city. As the citizen walked the sidewalks, he became more fascinated and began to imagine what it would be like to live in such a place.

Then he came across a park where he found young children laughing and playing. He found himself a bench to sit down at and began to stare at the children. His thoughts began to race. Never being able to experience the fun and pleasure that the children are having in front of him. Just watching the children put him in a state of ecstasy. It didn't take long before the military police got a good look at the ragged citizen.

Three military police men stood in front of the citizen. The middle one, looked to be a captain, ordered the other two, "Grab him." As the citizen was grabbed he struggled, "Hey! What the hell?! Let me go! I did nothing wrong!" The captain punched the citizen in the stomach, "Tell me how did you bypass security." "Screw you! I know my rights!" "You are nothing but filthy scum here to dirty our pure society. Take him to be processed immediately."

The two men acknowlegded the order, "Yes, sir!" Suddenly out the midst, three rapid gunshots were heard. All three military police were killed instantly by head shots. A man in similar ragged cloths came running across the park holding a large pistol. This man grabbed the citizen as he continued running, "Head to the sewers before they call backup!" "Who are you?!" "Saving your sorry ass! Now move!"

The man let go of the citizen as a means of trust. The citizen ran slightly behind the man following him. The two turned into an alley where they found a large sewer grate. The man opened up the grate, "Quickly! Jump in!" The citizen jumped in landing in dangerous sewage waste. The man jumped in closing the grate. He pulled out a pair of tech glasses and handed them to the citizen, "Until you get the eye implants, you'll need these to monitor your health while down here."

<Camera shifts to FPS mode on the glasses. The man puts on the glasses starting the game.>

The man begins to walk down the sewers, "Keep up, we're going to trip about fifty sensors as we get to safety."

<Tutorial mode starts here. A message pops up explaining the hud, the mouse movement and keys. Game will pause for each message.>

<<HUD MESSAGE: This HUD can be changed later on in the game through the use of different Tech Glasses, or goggles, or through the use of Eye Implants. The HUD you see right now displays very minor information, such as health and the condition of the environment. Because you are wearing Tech Glasses, these can be removed into your inventory at any time. Be warned that you'll have no health status this way.>>

<<MOUSE LOOK: Use your mouse to look around the environment. While you look, make sure you pay attention to everything. You may find secrets and not even realize it.>>

<MOVEMENT KEYS: Use (KEY1)/FORWARD (KEY2)/BACKWARD (KEY3)/STRAFE LEFT (KEY4)/STRAFE RIGHT to move around the environment. Use these to get to the most of basic of places. Press FORWARD to follow the man who saved you.>>

The citizen followed the man looking at various human bones scattered throughout the pipes. The man spoke out calmly, "What's your name, kid?" "[Main First&Last]" "Oh crap, you're from that part of the city. Fucking typical." "What does it matter anyway?" "It's idiots like you that cause problems for the rest of us. The military police keep increasing in numbers as people like you give them reasons."

"Look, I'm sorry then. If I had known-" "Save your excuses. At least be grateful that I'm saving your sorry ass." "Can I at least have your name?" "[Sub-Main First]." "That's an unusual name." "It's way better than your common name. Do yourself a favor, get yourself a new name." "That's easy for you to say." "If you prove yourself, I'll take you to see someone about getting a new one if you can't come up with it yourself."

Coming across a fork in the pipes, [Sub-Main] stops turning to face [Main]. Faint gunfire could be heard in the left pipes echoing. [Sub-Main] gives [Main] a choice, "We can either get involved in the fight for the shortcut or we can go the long way. I'm going to be nice and let you choose."

<<CHOICES: As your progress through the story, you'll be given mostly basic choices on what to do. These choices can affect what happens to the world around you. Some choices may cause you to become enemies with specific factions while giving you friendly status to others. The following choices will not impact story and are here to give you an impression.>>

{1 - (LEFT PIPES) I started this mess, lets get involved in the action}
{2 - (RIGHT PIPES) Lets avoid the fighting. I'm not ready to fight yet.}

{1 - (LEFT PIPES) At least you'll face up to the consequences of your actions.}
{2 - (RIGHT PIPES) You're such a pussy. Lets go then.}

{Choice 1}
[MAIN] stood firmly, "I started this mess, lets get involved in the action." [SUBMAIN] smirked pulling out an extra gun handing it to [MAIN], "Here. It's already loaded. All you gotta do is pull the trigger." [MAIN] grabed the gun and notices an ammo counter come on the Tech Glasses, "It tells me how much ammo is left?" "Don't you just love technology? Keep close, we don't know who's fighting who."

Moving closer and closer to the gunfire, [MAIN] became rather nervous. His slight heavy breathing caught the attention of [SUBMAIN]. [SUBMAIN] stopped, "This is your first fight isn't it?" [MAIN] nods his head, "Yeah, I'm a bit nervous." "A bit of advice, keep calm. This is what kills most people in their first fight. Keep relaxed, point the gun at your target, then pull the trigger. Don't be alarmed when you feel the recoil. Be quick when firing."

Drawing ever so closer, they found some outlanders trying to fight off some Military Police squads.

<Fighting starts here. All outlanders are killed the moment the two gets a glimpse of them. Story continues after all military police are dead.>

[SUBMAIN] crouches over one of the outlanders, "Poor bastards. It's too late now." Standing up he continues, "Loot the bodies if you want, I'm taking whatever the MPs are carrying."

<At this point, you are able to loot bodies. Looting the bodies on CHOICE 1 have different objects than on CHOICE 2. Right now, the chances of rare items is set to zero to prevent gameplay from degrading. The MP bodies will display nothing on them except for a medkit or something.>

Taking whatever [MAIN] needed, he walks over to [SUBMAIN] standing by the exit, "I can't believe I survived that." "Survival of the fittest, kid. Seems you have a natural ability to survive. And shoot. Lets continue, there's going to be a nearby grate to get us to the underground."

[MAIN] looks at the right pipes, "Lets avoid the fighting. I'm not ready to fight yet." [SUBMAIN] scoffs, "You're such a pussy. Lets go then." Going down the right pipes, they began to encounter dead bodies of outlanders. "That's odd," [SUBMAIN] said looking at the wounds that killed them, "these look fresh. Ignore them, lets continue." Moving down the pipes they encountered several Military Police speaking to each other.

<The corpses of the outlander bodies can be looted but will have lesser objects from CHOICE 1. There will be no guns on them.>

[SUBMAIN] pulls [MAIN] into the shadows handing him a gun, "Do not waste your ammo. Pay attention to the ammo counter that appeared on the glasses." Speaking caught the attention of the Military Police. [SUBMAIN] began to shoot killing one of them getting to cover. [SUBMAIN] shouts out, "Shoot, dammit!"

<After killing the last of them, story continues.>

[SUBMAIN] walks over to the bodies and grabs all of the rifles strapping them to his back, "We need to continue. Take what you need from the MPs and hurry up." Taking what [MAIN] needed, he meets [SUBMAIN] by the exit, "Nice shooting back there, by the way. Lets continue, there's going to be a nearby grate to get us to the underground."

"It's that simple?" "No, we still have quite some ways to go. We'll encounter some of the outlanders selling equipment not too far from entering the grate."
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:54 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Are we going to go in the direction of higher class performing horrific tests in order to gain imunity to radiation and shit going on outside the city with the goal of eventualy creating humans adapted to the new inhospitable enviroment and our "hero" fighting suppression ends up screwing up any chance for humans to survive?

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:28 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

I want to revive this idea. Maybe get some feedback and move this to the public part of the forums so that everyone can see. Even though this was going to be W1ZrD's idea, I was hoping that we could possibly pick this up again.

It's been six months since the last reply. And I've been doing a bit of thinking the past couple of days. I know I haven't done anything with Writer's Corner section since that time either. But I want to become active again. Perhaps try and get something done for a change.

I can work on suggesting gameplay mechanics and writing the story, like I did above. All I'm going to need is input from everyone as I go along along with any form of criticism.

What does everyone have to say on the matter?
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:52 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Fine by me.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:19 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

I have no ideas in the matter of story and such...

Technically seen... I start to like sauerbraten (cube2) better and better... EVERYONE can do maps for/with it...

And I was thinking about taking glmaze and add libtorrent to it so torrent could be used to interchange maps between clients.. and the whole world would be a single map tiled together from small maps one downloads from other clients who are in the same tile...

idk if i'll ever do that... but you, AD, should have a try at doing maps with sauerbraten's in-game map editor... it rocks..

then... there are certain ways howto create a new game just by creating a single map... the placement of entities and hurdles all over the map can make a new game... like you can play most defrag maps in normal baseq3/vq3 mode... or rocket arena maps which are like 4 maps in one...
take a hugh map like CF or simpsons_q3 and think of ways to make people play it... and it only...


i think corkscrew needs a new bunch of maps.. maybe running a nicely configured (and populated) server for a game you like is the best alternative to having a own game that needs maintaining and work... i'm happy leilol does that boring work and if she messes it up i'll go for another game... like Q3A... or UrT... or QL... or sauer... or glmaze.. :D
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:15 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

I finally came up with something after thinking for a while. Mainly just intros for now before I even consider continuing what I already had done. Now, this is probably a bad idea but I wanted to get this out. I managed to make up three intros: two of which are done in a generic fashion; one is done from a semi-first person perspective.

Oh, and I tried to do a little bit of camera directing. It sucks, I know.


[Blank Screen - Subtitles Are Optional]
(Female Voice) Earth: [Slowly Fade In A Picture Of Earth] A beautiful blue planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It hold the species known as humans. A wonderful, most brilliant species. That is until they had driven themselves to their doom. [Change Earth's Primary Blue Colors To Toxic Brown/Green] The year is 2078, twenty years after a nuclear and biological toxic war. Humans have forced themselves into seven barrier cities trying to survive the harsh, toxic, planet.

[Begin To Zoom In On Toxic Earth On The North American Continent] The planet itself now suffers from the mistakes of the humans. Life outside of the barrier cities either no longer exist or have mutated into vicious beasts. [Zoom In On Barrier City In The Upper Part Of the North American Continent] This is just one of the seven barrier cities that exist. Each city is approimately populated with fifteen million humans.

[Change View To Each Of The Other Cities During This Next Dialouge Sequence] These barrier cities shield the humans from the radioactivity, mutated life, and outlaws that roam the lands. Humans think they are safe within their barrier cities. But one day, the barrier cities will fail them leaving the planet to kill them off one by one. Or change them into something else. [Camera Stops On A Barrier City In North American. Camera Zooms Into The City Following The Main Character]


[Fade From Black To A Shot of Wild Life][Burst Of White Light Occurs][White Light Covers Screen][Fade From White To A Shot Of Earth From Space][Nuclear Blasts Occuring All Around Earth] (Female Voice) The year is twenty thirty-two. Nuclear War has broken out between the super power nations of the world. A terrible, tragic war that would last for years to come. This war would soon take a turn for the worst. Dangerous biological weaponry would soon get tossed into the mix.

[Camera Zooms In To Polluted Wild Life With Animal Carcasses Lying Everywhere] Life that had been untouched by the nuclear bombs were soon affected by the toxicity of the biological weapons. It wasn't long before the fresh water supply became infected. Humans were forced to begin to take drastic measures.

[Change Shot To Partially Constructed Barrier City]Construction of eight barrier cities began in twenty fourty-five. These cities would be an effort to make survival of the species a neccessary task. Twenty fifty-five: three of the eight barrier cities have been completed. Humans that were not affected by the now harsh planet migrated to the cities. Three years later, the deadly war comes to an end. The remaining five have been completed within that time period.

[Show A Completed Barrier City]The year is now twenty seventy-eight. All stable human life now exists within the eight barrier cities. Any life outside of the city either is dead or has been mutated by radioactivity or by toxic agents poisoning the landscape. [Zoom Through Into The Barrier City]Now humans live their lives as if nothing had ever happened. They try to forget that they are living in a barrier city. [Zoom In On Main Character To Begin The Main Story Event]


[Blank Screen]
(Female Voice) It wasn't always like this. [Flash Small Video Of A Futuristic War] There was a time that this planet reigned supreme having the upmost beauty anyone could imagine. [Flash Another Video] But nothing could bring that back now. Humanity has finally driven itself to its doom. [Fade From Black To A Shot of A Toxic Landscape] This is the world that we now have to live in. [Show Mutated Wild Life Roaming By. Camera Follow Said Wild Life] What you just saw use to be wonderful animals. They are now nothing more than monsters.

The humans, you ask? Disgusting, selfish creatures. They have very little regard for those who have become something else. Living inside of their so-called safe barrier cities. [As The Camera Moves, Comes Across A Barrier City, Slows Then Stops Looking At It] That's a barrier city. One of the eight that house the last of the human race. Ah, but you want to know about those who survived outside the cities.

[Fades From Barrier City Shot To A Small Mutant Village] Those who survived were able to live in the harsh toxic environments. This is just one of many villages that are exist. But it is not always well. [Gunfire Is Heard In The Distance. Camera Moves Towards Gunfire. A Battle Between Men In Black Protective Suits And Mutants Takes Places] We are being hunted to extinction by the humans. [Fight Continues For Several Seconds Before Camera Fades To Black]

This world is slowly dying. There is no one who can help stop the humans from making it worse. [From Here, A Shot From Outer Space Shows Earth Being Completely Polluted. The Shot Then Fades To Inside A Barrier City Where It Follows The Main Character Starting The Main Story]
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:32 am    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

Jack we should move it to the appropriate section in the public forum, dont you think? Just say yes and I'll move it.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:27 pm    Post subject: Re: Nuclear War (Game Story Ideas) Reply with quote

(This is a very summarized version of the basic weapon concepts.)

Nuclear War - Weaponry Concepts

Weapons inside the game can mostly be divided into two categories: Ballistics and Energy

Ballistics, as one would think, involves physical ammo such as bullets. These types of weapons are still commonly used through out the world. Not all weapons that use physical ammo will have a gun powder igniter. Some weaponry takes advantage of caseless ammunition. However, weapons that use caseless ammo are generally regarded as having less stopping power and are not used as frequently.

Energy weapons are a new type of experimental weapon. These weapons require battery packs instead of clips. These weapons have a much more stopping power than Ballistic weaponry. The only drawback to energy weapon is finding battery packs for the weapon itself. Once a battery pack is drained, it cannot be used again. Recharable battery packs can only be found within weapon research facilities.

The different types of weapons can be split up like the following:

	 |---Physical (Almost anything in the world can be used as a melee weapon)
	 |---Energy	(Prods, Stun Sticks, Swords - Rare, ect, ect...)


Rifle----|---Gauss (Railgun type of weapon. Mainly for snipers)

RPG------|This can be easily seperated into many, MANY categories. See Grenades.

	 |---Explosive (Fragmentary, Cluster, Shrapnal)
Grenades-|---EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse - Destroys electronic equipment)
	 |---Gas (Knock out, Toxic)
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