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Elite Haxor!
Elite Haxor!

Joined: Oct 23, 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:58 pm    Post subject: Re: pul4ctf Reply with quote

all of these replies are done with the changes from pul4ctf-n0 in mind.


i'm aware that the map looks the same in most of the places. i've been using quite few textures so far when mapping. of course i want it to look better and be easier to navigate. the plan is to add more textures and make the rooms and passages look different - but without making it look like an amusement park on LSD. i will focus more on this when the general layout has been more or less been completed.

it's of course not good that players get lost when returning home with the enemy flag. i've added coloured arrows in the latest version and when the rooms get more varied in style i hope it will get easier to find the right way. a big problem is also that most players want small maps with long railing distances where they can play instagib, it's just too annoying to learn a new map – quick frags ftw!

about the teleporters – i've now actually coloured them in red and blue and they are now crossed so that they lead to the other side of the room and the player has the same direction when exiting the teleporter as he had upon entering. we should test this and see if it works fine.

the center room is still a problem – imo it got better when i removed most of the pillars – but it's still not good. in the latest version (pul4ctf-n0) there's a lot more spawns in forward positions. i also removed a lot of defensive spawns to increase the odds of spawning in ”aggressive” positions. redesigning the center room will probably require a lot of work and i'll see if i can come up with some designi that works better. but i agree that the current room (while better) is still not good enough. imo there's not really any obvious places to have crates in the center room in the current design. The railgun position has been moved to the bottom floor in the middle. there's also the possibility of placing the rail on the middle level and have the quad at the bottom floor, i don't know if that would be better?


the map has 2 RA and 3 YA, do you think that's too much – what would be appropriate for a map with this size with the intended player numbers of 4vs4 or more? regarding the amount of health in the map see the entry above this – health has been added and redistributed. the YA in the base has been moved from the top floor to the lowest place (where there used to be a PG).

the center area not only looks unfinished – it feels like that too!

the map has been built with large differences in heights – and therefore either requires long stairs or jump pads. do you have any changes in mind that could help? – excess of jumppads are of course not ideal.

1 – these health bubbles have been moved around.
2 – i had a discussion with aclown and we decided that we could try to have this area flooded with some water to see what that turns out like (easily removed if it's a bad idea). we also decided to swap the YA from the higher level and the PG in this room.
3 – since this area now has a thin layer of water we'll see how good it is to sneak around here...
4 – the LGs in the upper passages has been removed and the PGs from the center room have been noved there instead. what jumppads, with the current layout), do you think is unnecessary?
5 – the height of the jump has been slightly changed for a longer air time. the flag has also been moved.
6 – changed – i hope it will be ok now!
7 – had a discussion with aclown and we decided to test what it would be without the thin floor above the shotgun.
8 – the railgun has been placed in the center room instead.
9 – the gaps are now closed and instead there's are two grates in the ceiling that are shoot-through (the texture is not finished yet though). the railgun has been moved here and the YA was placed at the top, suspended in air. if it's a bad idea and the amount of armour is enough that's easy to remove. let's test! :)
10 – about the long distance down... i've been thinking about lowering the top floor and raising the middle floor a bit. this together with some other changes are still just sketches... it's a lot of brush work to get that right.
11 – i love this image... should be rectified though! much more spawns in the middle of the map now. and fewer of them in the bases.

thank you both for the feedback! :D

barry white saved my life
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Elite Haxor!
Elite Haxor!

Joined: Oct 23, 2007
Posts: 167
Location: sweden

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:18 pm    Post subject: Re: pul4ctf Reply with quote

there's been som big changes in the middle room now. download (7.2mb)

as you can see there's not three levels anymore. there's one top floor and one lower passage with the rail. top floor has the quad or neutral flag for gametypes using that. hopefully the middle part should be less confusing now.

this room has also change a lot. should also be easier to grasp. it is slightly smaller and there are no crates anymore. the doorway to the plasma has moved.

simpler bottom floor and a clear view through the tunnel to the YA.

LG room without the passage below. that path with the jump pad has been removed.

bottom area in the middle room. rail location and two jump pads going up instead of the teleporters that used to be here. no more grate in the ceiling.


barry white saved my life
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Elite Haxor!
Elite Haxor!

Joined: Oct 23, 2007
Posts: 167
Location: sweden

PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:11 pm    Post subject: Re: pul4ctf Reply with quote

i've changed the edge near the jumppad to allow players to jump up from the other direction.

some of the old coloured markers are back again and should hopefully make it easier to find the flag bases.

all endcaps around jumppads are now tighter and should be easier to spot.

this version can be downloaded here -

barry white saved my life
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