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How to: Install GTK Radiant (Linux)
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:05 am    Post subject: How to: Install GTK Radiant (Linux) Reply with quote

[Original Author: TimeStar]

Many people are asking about GTK Radiant and the procedure of installing it, making it compatible with Open Arena. So I decided to write a tutorial which hopefully clarifies it a little.

I will teach you how to install it on a Ubuntu/Kubuntu system (feisty) in this tutorial, for a Windows instruction go here.

Make it easy for yourself, start with the latest version and compile it directly from the a version control system, or SVN to be precise. I hear you asking: What is SVN? Quote: SVN: It allows users to keep track of changes made to any type of electronic data, typically source code, web pages or design documents. We'll get back to that in just a moment, but lets just get started now then, shall we?


Before we try to compile and install GTK Radiant(or any other program for that matter), we need to ensure that we have all the packages needed for compiling. The best way to do this is to check them one-by-one. So, which ones do we need for GTK Radiant then?

* Enviroment
* libgcc1 >= version 3.1
* scons >= 0.96
* python >= 2.3.0,
* subversion >= 1.1
* Dependencies
* libgtk2.0-dev >= 2.4.0
* libgtkglext1-dev >= 1.0.0 (Requires OpenGL) [universe]
* libxml2-dev >= 2.0.0
* zlib1g-dev >= 1.2.0
* libpng12-dev >= 1.2.0
* libmhash-dev => 0.9.0

Additionally I would recommend the following package just to ensure a proper building environment:

* pkg-config

You might want to run:

sudo aptitude install build-essential

if you get errors about gcc, thanks pulchr for mentioning this.

Getting the source code

Ok, now we have the packages we need, all we need now is some files to work with (and some coffee).

As I mentioned earlier, we will grab all our files directly from the SVN, this is now child's play since we have subversion installed.

Simply type:

svn checkout ./GtkRadiant

in the directory where you want the files to be downloaded to, for the purpose of this tutorial I will use /home/user/GTKRadiant. Once that is done, then repeat the process by typing:

svn checkout ./GtkRadiant/games/Q3Pack

Now we have the latest version of GTK Radiant on our harddrive. Congratulations and well done!

Now what then? Well, now we need to get started with actually compiling the files and making them ready for use, this is where the interesting part starts

Compiling and installing

Enter the directory containing the SConscript file. If you follow this tutorial, that directory would be /home/user/GTKRadiant. Once you are there, type

scons SETUP=0

and it will start the building process. This may take a long time depending on your hardware.

NOTE: The process will most likely report a number of errors, of various kind, but ignore these unless they are fatal ones.

If the build stops giving errors, this is more times than not due to missing packages/dependencies, so make sure that you read the error messages as this usually reveals which package you are missing. You can then search for them here.

Once we have gotten to this point our GTK Radiant is properly built and ready for installation

To install GTK Radiant enter the base directory again and enter:

python ./

and seconds later you will have it installed. Remember that you need to run this every time you update from the SVN.

Now we are done, or are we? Lets try it and see how it works.

Tweaking for Open Arena mapping

Enter the /home/user/GTKRadiant/install directory then type:


and this will now launch our freshly installed GTK Radiant.

You will notice that the program is working as it should (if everything went well during installation) but you only have the option to choose 'Quake 3 Arena / Team Arena' and this is not what we want right now.

So, close down GTK Radiant again while we configure it for Open Arena, which we will do right away.

In your /home/user/GTKRadiant/install directory you should have a folder called

Now copy that folder by typing

cp -r

then enter the newly created folder and enter

mv baseq3 baseoa
Once that is copied and renamed we will head over to our /home/user/GTKRadiant/install/games folder and type


All that remains is to edit the contents of the file in /home/user/GTKRadiant/install/games, this needs to be configured according to your own system, this is how I would write it for this tutorial:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 name="Open Arena"
 enginepath_win32="C:/Program Files/Quake III Arena/"
 basegamename="Open Arena"
 knowngamename="Open Arena"
 unknowngamename="Custom Open Arena modification"
 texturetypes="tga jpg"
 modeltypes="md3 ase lwo obj 3ds picoterrain"
 entityclasstype="def xml"

Now save this file and go back to /home/user/GTKRadiant/install directory, type:


and you're in business baby! Happy mapping!

[ for all intentions and purposes, use this guide on your own risk ]
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:18 am    Post subject: Re: How to: Install GTK Radiant (Linux) Reply with quote

[Original Author: Skyonort]

doom3 mapping using gtkradiant

maps can be made for doom3 using gtkradiant. here's what you need to do...

-first you need to download the doom3 tools for gtkradiant from this page. put the files contained in the doom3 gamepack into the relevant places and edit the filepaths to point to your doom3 installation. run gtkradiant, select doom3 and build yourself a map. save the map as and exit gtkradiant.

-go into the doom3 folder ( /home/sykonort/.doom3/base ) and either make an autoexec.cfg or edit your existing one. add the following line...

set com_allowConsole "1" //allow console
...this will enable the console in doom3, which is needed to compile your map. now run doom3 and trigger the console by hitting the key below escape. then build the map with this command...

dmap myfirstmap
...and then run the map with this command...

map myfirstmap

...and you should now be running around in your doom3 map. enjoy.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 3:37 pm    Post subject: Re: How to: Install GTK Radiant (Linux) Reply with quote

jackthompson wrote:
[Original Author: TimeStar]


in the directory where you want the files to be downloaded to, for the purpose of this tutorial I will use /home/user/GTKRadiant. Once that is done, then repeat the process by typing:

svn checkout ./GtkRadiant/games/Q3Pack


According to what is written in this document , for the latest version of GtkRadiant ( 1.6.0 ) gamepack should be installed in ./GtkRadiant/install/installs
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