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Map: overkill
Players: 2 / 18
Sascha:12-Dec-2007 10:37:42
Hello m8tes. A nice day from me too! was here at :grr:

Derity:12-Dec-2007 10:31:57
have a nice day

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 10:15:17
Bahahaha )(

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 10:13:59
I like big butts and I cannot lie!

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 08:34:36
Wogga Wogga Waahhooo!! This is a Magooo!

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 08:31:14

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 07:58:33

jackthompson:12-Dec-2007 07:36:04
<3 Good Morning! <3 :D

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 07:35:42
Jack Thompson!!!!

W1ZrD:12-Dec-2007 07:35:19
Morning darlings

SnooSnoo:12-Dec-2007 07:33:38
Mornin darligz.

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 13:47:25
Think callvotes should be enabled on #2

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 13:44:01
it migt be already up there.. is callvote disabled on 1on1?

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 13:19:23
Probably not..Shouldn' t be a problem to throw it up and run it though, should it?

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 13:10:40
nope.. he means aggressor_experime ntal... you might not know it..

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 13:09:57
You mean the original Aggressor from Nexuiz?

[sXe]:11-Dec-2007 12:50:43
hey is it possible to run RN|1on1#2 with aggressor_experime ntal? I wanny check the new gameplay experience ^^

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 12:42:03
oooaoo ooappppaooo oooaaaa!

pulchr:11-Dec-2007 12:02:18
wiz, don't bother, i already did! <snicker>

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 11:12:32
..or so

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 11:04:50
(I should add myself there under Category: ape)

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 10:54:09
lawl...Jack, you poor bugger...pulchr, it's a wiki....add it yourself if you want =)

pulchr:11-Dec-2007 10:49:57
wiz: if you type an article just add stuff like "best in the universe" and similar under pulchr ;D

jackthompson:11-Dec-2007 09:58:43
My mousewheel causes lag after I bought a new gfx card.. I can't believe how much PC gaming sucks...

W1ZrD:11-Dec-2007 09:32:01
what does pulchr mean? Jag förstår inte! :s

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