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CRC32: 0xe94a40ef, ver: 46, Archive: xpress.pk3
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[+] Textures/Shaders
RankFastest Run CPMTopSpeed
1.RN|STALKER 2958 days ago    4.5121259 ups
2.[NOOB]STALKER 2838 days ago    4.5601164 ups
3.betA,Metal 2964 days ago    4.688
4.ColD 2838 days ago    4.7601297 ups
5.betA,DaywalkeR* 2964 days ago    6.384
6. WB =SamSpeed! 2958 days ago    6.5361417 ups
7.W.B=TINY 2958 days ago    7.072
8.RN|Toxicity 2964 days ago    7.680
9.cisso 2982 days ago    8.032
10.[GT]V!pe 2964 days ago    9.560
11.R|p 2964 days ago    9.848
12.Armi 2869 days ago    10.560
13.Crystal 2964 days ago    21.384

RankTopSpeed CPM(ups)
WB =SamSpeed!1417 ups
ColD1297 ups
RN|STALKER1259 ups
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